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sole and strengthen us by his Spirit to confess his holy name with all boldness before our adversaries. Whilst we were in this holy contemplation, the jailer, accompanied by the Provost's Lieutenant, entered, and opening the doors of the dungeon, conducted me to the bar, and speaking to 'the official' and many persons of consequence who were there present; the official then asked my name, I replied, Peter Ecrivain. Q. What is your vocation ?

A. I am a student.

Q. Whence do you come?

A. From the territory of the lords of Berne.
Q. From what city?

A. From Lausanne.

Q. What were you doing there?

A. I studied the word of God.

Q. How do you know that they held the word of God?

A. For a long time I have studied there, and been present at sermons, assemblies, and the daily congregations; I have seen and heard that they preach only the pure word of God, and believe it also, for the Holy Spirit assures me of it.

The official then said, will you live and hold their law?

A. Yes, Sir, inasmuch as it is the word of God. Q. Do you believe that the body of Jesus Christ is in the Sacrament of the Altar?

A. No, Sir, for that is contrary to the article of our faith, which tells us that he is seated at the right hand of God the Father Almighty, from whence he will not depart until the day of judgment. As for his divinity 1 confess that he is every where, but that you

may not think that I deny the holy sacrament instituted by Jesus Christ, I believe and confess the sacrament of the holy Supper, in which I receive and eat the body of Jesus Christ, and drink his blood, not carnally as the Capernaites and papists imagine ; but I believe that in receiving the bread and wine of the holy Supper I receive by faith the body and blood of Jesus Christ, and that by faith I eat his flesh and drink his blood.

Then Monsieur, the Proctor official, a man of great knowledge (as I have since heard) whom they called Mons. Clepier, who was near the official, asked me,

You say that in receiving the bread and the wine of the Supper you receive the body of Jesus Christ and his blood?' 'Yes, Sir, spiritually by faith, and not carnally; for as he is on high where I seek him by faith always by virtue of the holy Spirit, he nourishes, he feeds, he strengthens our souls by the body and blood of Jesus Christ in an admirable and incomprehensible way, and it makes us members of his body, bone of his bone, and flesh of his flesh.'

Q. Do you believe that there is a Purgatory in which souls will be purged and purified, and that we must pray to God for their souls?

A. I believe that the blood of Jesus Christ cleanses and purifies us from all our sins, and I neither believe or receive any other purgatory. Scripture also shews us that there are but two ways; the way to life, into which after death all those who believe on Jesus Christ go, and the road to death and eternal damnation, into which all those go who do not believe on Jesus Christ. For it is written, "He who believeth on the Son of God hath eternal life, and is passed from

death unto life; but he who believeth not the Son of God is condemned already, for the wrath of God abideth on him." Therefore we must not pray for the dead; for if they are in Paradise prayers cannot profit them, seeing that they are partakers of the gospel promises. If they are condemned prayer can profit them nothing.

Q. Do you think that you must confess to your priest?

A. I think we must confess to God only, as David says in many of his Psalms, and particularly in the 32nd, "I said, I will confess my sins unto the Lord, and thou forgavest the iniquity of my sin." There is true confession, and there is immediate absolution.

Q. Do you think that you must pray to the Virgin Mary, and to the male and female saints of paradise, and that they are our advocates?

A. I believe that there is but one advocate whe intercedes and prays for us with God the Father, which is Jesus Christ, in whose name we are promised that God will hear our prayers. I believe also that he is our only Mediator between God and us, as says the holy Apostle, 1 Tim. ii. 5, and that there is no other. As for the Virgin I believe that she is blessed among women, because she believed, Luke i. 45, and that she bore the Lord Jesus. I believe that we should imitate her in faith and conduct, in worshipping and adoring one God after her example, as she has shewn us in her canticle. I believe also that the saints are blessed; that we must imitate them, that we must praise God in them, and for his mercies to them; but that we must neither invoke or adore them, for they themselves wished it not, on the eonrary they forbid it.

He was sent back to prison during the following days. He was subjected to many interrogations, and of all he says, 'I assure you, my brethren and sisters, that in disputing with those unhappy ones, I was light and joyful. I replied to them peacefully, and with gentleness; they on the contrary were astonished, some hung down their heads, others ground their teeth.'

To be continued.


-THEN walk about our Sion, and mark well her bulwarks, and tell the towers thereof. Compare her with other Churches, and if amongst all the daughters who have reformed, and done wisely, our Church, upon comparison, appears not to excell them all; if any of them can contend with her in the beauty of her holiness, and her resemblance to the primitive, "choose this day whom you will serve." Go over to that Church, and declare yourselves of her communion. But if we find, upon enquiry, that, as to the Articles of our Church, her foundations are upon the holy hills, and that the word of the Lord himself hath tried her. If she is Apostolical in her government, and significant in her ceremonies, let us approve as lawful, let us reverence as holy, let us observe as necessary the ordinances she enjoins us. Let us hold fast the profession of our faith without wavering, and behave ourselves like men, for the house of our God, and for the officers thereof.

We have before us at this time as fair a field for

action as ever was engaged in. We have as great occasion and employment for all our skill and courage as ever was remembered.

The enemies of Jerusalem are come up against her on every side; not an Article of her faith, not a Sacrament, no discipline, scarce one ceremony in her worship, but some or other have insulted it.

In so unnatural a defection, when so many of her disciples steal away and walk no more with her, may not our Church bespeak us, as our Saviour did to the twelve, Will ye also go away? To whom, holy mother, and whither shall we go? Thou hast the words of eternal life.

Thy doctrine is the truth; all is comely in thy worship and salutary in thy discipline. Though we should die in thy defence, yet never will we betray thee. Though all men should forsake thee, yet will not we forsake thee; but with our work in our hand, and our weapon in the other, we will rebuild thy walls, and defend thy bulwarks, and repel with our last vigour the schisms and the heresies that shall offer to invade thee.

And now, O Lord God, if there be any such thing, any one thing of those many in the constitution of our Church, which her adversaries have accused her of; if any wickedness or uncharitableness in the terms of her communion; yea, if her arms are not open to all, even to those who without cause are her enemies, then let the enemy persecute our Church and take it; let him tread her altars down upon the earth, and lay her honour in the dust.

But if she preaches no other word, save only that which thou, O Lord, hast taught her; if she lays

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