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ever since we came into the world we have run upon the score with God. Our debts are more than our moments have been. The imagination of the thoughts of our hearts have been only evil, and that continually. 'We have left undone,' &c. Debtors' memories are often short, but creditors never so; all these are noted in the debt book of God's remembrance the least debt without forgiveness must be paid in the infernal prison of hell. St. Matthew v. 26. Debts how to be paid off, not by what we can do--not by what we can suffer--both due-both short-forgiveness free to us, but not so in respect of Christ-purchased by his perfect satisfaction. Pardon of sin. "As we forgive." Not as if our forgiving others could deserve pardon for us, but to shew that those who ask forgiveness of 10,000 talents can with no conscience do it whilst they refuse to forgive 100 pence. As a plea-if we who are evil are able to forgive, then much more God who is good, &c. That we should forgive as God forgives-inwardly in our hearts outwardly on application, Matth. xviii. 22, fully and finally-implies not that we seek not satisfaction in a lawful way, and on a lawful, i. c. sufficient occasion, much less that we injuriously forgive; that is, without marking our hatred of sin whilst we shew love to the sinner.



GOD delights to have his people beg great things of him, to implore the performance of "exceeding great and precious promises;" to pray for a share in the

"unsearchable riches of Christ; to know things which pass knowledge, and to be filled with the fulness of God; to ask things which "eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, nor hath entered into the heart of man to conceive;" to ask not as beggars only for alms, but as children for an inheritance; not to ask something, or a few things, but in every thing to let our requests be made known unto God; because with Christ he giveth us freely all things, even all things richly to enjoy. God allows his children a spiritual and heavenly ambition to covet earnestly the best gifts; to aspire unto a kingdom; and accordingly to put up great and honourable requests unto him; to think what great things Christ hath purchased, what great things God hath promised and proposed to us; and to regulate our prayers more by the merits and riches of Christ, and by the greatness of God's mercies, than by those apprehensions which we cannot but have of our own unworthiness.



'O may I love my Bible more,
And take a fresh delight,

By day to read those wonders o'er,
And meditate by night!'

AN interesting Meeting of the friends of The British and Foreign Bible Society' was held in our town on Friday evening last. It must have been truly gratifying to every lover of the Scriptures of truth to have beheld so numerous an assembly met together for the noble and hallowed purpose of advancing the Redeemer's kingdom, by the circulation of the Holy Bible. The Report gave the delightful intelligence of an increase in the funds of the Society, and also an increased desire in the neighbouring villages to possess a copy of the Scriptures. The deputation, —to whom in by-gone days we have listened with similar pleasure, told the pleasing tale of an anxious desire throughout the world for a supply of the word of life, which, through the liberality of British Christians, the Society was enabled to accomplish. We heard, with the highest satisfaction, the interesting details which fell from the lips of the deputation, whilst by contrast he led us to discern the "finger of God" in the operations of the Society; and could not help rejoicing with him that the little bubbling stream, which took its rise about thirty-six years since, has now grown to a mighty river, "the streams whereof make glad the city of God." And whilst we followed him a little down the river, and beheld its length, and breadth, and depth, our hearts were filled with gratitude to the Father of mercies for his guiding and protecting hand. It was also a cause for thankfulness that we were not now compelled to travel a distance of eight miles to read a portion of that blessed book, but that all may now possess that inestimable treasure, and read for themselves in their own tongue the wonders of redeeming love, through the mercy of

a Saviour. We were also permitted to behold a copy of the Scriptures printed in the New Zealand language, and another in the language of the South Sea Islanders, by Mr. John Williams, the martyred Missionary, who has laboured with so much success in those Islands. And to what must we attribute their happy change, from barbarism, superstition, and woe? but to the introduction of the gospel of peace, the effect of which has

'Sooth'd e'en the savage to mercy and love:'

And similar instances have followed the circulation of the Scriptures throughout the world. And surely it is our duty, yea privilege, to endeavour to extend that blessed book wherever a country or even a village is destitute of it; and in this evil day to endeavour to place a copy of the Scriptures, not only in the hands of every householder, but that each inhabitant may possess a Bible. So great a blessing, under God, would prove a mighty barrier to the evils which hang over our heads from mis-called Socialism on the one hand and Popery on the other, which are making rapid inroads amongst us. Yes, Popery again threatens to disturb our peace and happiness! Her form truly is now as an angel of light, but if permitted to increase and gain strength, we shall experience that she can "sting like a serpent, and bite like an adder." Her existence commenced, and can exist only in darkness; even her own imperfect version of the Scriptures she is afraid to circulate. Let it then be the aim of every Christian to circulate the Scriptures of truth, which may prove as an antidote against Popery, and one and all exclaim No peace with Rome!'

Socialism, yea devilism, propagates tenets of the most disgusting and awful tendency, and wherever embraced overturns the peace and comfort of the domestic circle. We here insert the following paragraph on the frightful consequences of Socialism,' that our readers may have a faint idea of its hideousness.

[Our correspondent must pardon us, but fully as we believe the appalling statement, we cannot make up our minds to pollute our pages with its mention, especially as our ultima Thule (and we have many reasons to bless God that it is an ultima Thule) is not yet, we trust, infected with that abomination of abominations.]

Such, then, is a slight sketch of misery and woe which Socialism introduces amongst us. We would no longer dwell on so mournful a picture, but would contrast their miserable condition with that peace and happiness which the truths of the Bible are calculated to produce, when received into the heart by faith. There is a family which has been rescued from its evils, where poverty and every evil formerly existed. Approach the dwelling. The voice of blasphemy is exchanged for the accents of prayer; the hall of science has been abandoned for communion with the people of God; the children are decently attired, who previously were in rags; peace and joy reign within. And to what are we to attribute this happy change? To the Bible! The Bible (through the instrumentality of the Spirit of God) has shewn him his error, and he has fled for refuge to the Saviour, and has found pardon, peace, and joy in the Holy Ghost. We would not close this paper without

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