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Illustrated Presentation Edition.

A Handsome Quarto Volume on fine tinted paper, with twentyeight (28) illustrations by Paton, Hay, Palmer, and other eminent artists.

Cloth, full gilt, $3.50. Morocco Antique, $6.00.

Diamond Edition.

Containing all the Poems, Essays on The Poetic Principle," Memoir, and Vindication.

Square 16mo, cloth, $1.00.

Blue and Gold Edition.

Comprising all the Poems, “The Poetic Principle” and Memoir, with steel portrait and autograph.

32mo, cloth, blue and gold, $1.00.

Gill's Life of Poe.

A complete and authentic biography of Edgar A. Poe, with a Vindication from the Aspersions of R. W. Griswold and others. By Wm. F. Gill. Portrait, numerous illustrations and fac-similes.

12mo, cloth, $1.75.

* The various editions of Edgar A. Poe's writings, as advertised in this volume, may be had from all the principal Booksellers throughout the country, or will be sent by mail, post-paid upon receipt of price by the publisher.

W.J. WIDDLETON, Publisher, 714 Broadway, New York.






(Thomas Ingoldsby).

With 16 Illustrations by LEECI and CRUIKSHANK, and a memoir of the author.

A handsome Library Edition, in two volumes crown 8vo, on toned paper, cloth, $3 50; half calf, $7.



16mo. Cloth, $2 25; half calf, $4.

“Versified legends, marked by quaint humor, satirical power, and curiously ingenious management of rhythm and rhyme. The illustrations are from designs by two of the greatest masters of caricature England has produced. The legends have secured a permanent place in literature, and have served as models for many recent productions."

“These inimitable volumes of rollicking fun must remain standard works as long as there is any appreciation of mirth. The English edition has reached a sale of 54,000 copies, and a recent illustrated edition, not complete, was subscribed for to the extent of 10,000 copies before publication."

For sale at principal Bookstores throughout the country, and mailed by Publisher, on receipt of price.

W. J. WIDDLETON, Publisher, 714 Broadway, N. Y.


The Noctes Ambrosianæ, by Professor Wilson, J. G. Lockhart, James Hogg and Dr. Maginn. A revised edition, with steel Portraits, and Memoirs of the authors, and the entire works copiously annotated by R. Shelton Mackenzie, D.C.L. 5 vols., crown 8vo.

Briefly, the 'Noctes Ambrosianæ' constitute the most unique and piquant collection of original literature, in the English, and indeed, in any language. Their very power and wondersul variety, making them inimitable, will probably constitute a sufficient reason why no future attempt should be made in a like department."

“The pages of 'Blackwood' which, for fifty years have glowed with the brightest gems of British literature, can boast no prouder names than Wilson, Lockhart, Hoyg and Maginn, whose writings are lustrous with genius."

"And here we have the immortal ‘remains of the dear old man, in six handsome volumes, edited by a loving disciple (Dr. R. Shelton Mackenzie), and published in a style worthy of the work."—New York Evening Post.


A Memoir of Prof. Wilson, from Family Papers and Other Sources. By his Daughter, Mrs. Gordon. Uniform with the “Noctes Ambrosianæ.” With eight illustrations in wood, and a new steel portrait (the last one) of Wilson at the age of 60. 1 vol. Crown 8vo, cloth.

$1.50 Half calf.


Uniform sets of “Noctes” and “ North,” 6 vols. in box,

cloth, $9.00; half calf, $18.00.

For sale at principal Bookstores, and mailed by Publisher on receipt of price.

W.J.WIDDLETON, Publisher, 714 Broadway, New York.

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