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PAKINGTON, Right Hon. Sir J. S., | Parochial Schoolmasters (Scotland) Bill
(Mr. M'Laren, Sir Edward Colebroɔke,
Mr. Fordyce)


Army Estimates-Military Stores, 669
Navy Estimates-Salaries, 76
Steam Machinery, 202

PALK, Sir L., Devonshire, S.

Beverley Election, Motion for an Address, 561
Ireland-Church Leaseholds, 1096
Irish Church, Comm. cl. 25, 1612

PALMER, Sir R., Richmond

Courts of Justice, New, Res. Amendt. 1216,

Irish Church, Comm. cl. 2, 1011, 1022; cl. 10, PATTEN, Right Hon. Colonel J. W.,

Amendt. 1106, 1108; cl. 13, 1125, 1126;
cl. 14, 1139; Amendt. 1365, 1367, 1877,
1380, 1381; Amendt. 1383, 1385, 1401;
cl. 23, 1525; cl. 25, 1600; cl. 27, 1632,
1880; cl. 29, 1886, 1910

[blocks in formation]

Business of the House-The Irish Church Bill,
Observations, Mr. Gladstone April 15, 846 ;
April 23, 1470

The Irish Church Bill


Morning Sitting,
Notice, Mr. Gladstone April 29, 1856
Morning Sittings, Question, Lord Claud Hamil-
ton; Answer, Mr. Gladstone April 30, 1975
Resolutions moved (Mr. Gladstone) and
agreed to

Crypt under St. Stephen's Chapel, Question, Mr.
W. Egerton; Answer, Mr. Layard April 13,

Disability of the Episcopal Clergy to sit in Par-
liament, Question, Lord Henry Thynne; An-
swer, Mr. Gladstone April 23, 1466
House of Commons Arrangements, Moved,
"That this House, agreeing in substance
with the Report of the Select Committee
of the year 1868 concerning House of
Commons Arrangements, recommends the
same for the consideration of Her Majesty's
Government" (Mr. Headlam) April 6, 258
After short debate, Amendt. to leave out
"agreeing in substance with," and insert
"refers" (Viscount Bury), 278; Question pro-
posed, "That the words, &c. ;" after further
debate, Amendt. and Motion withdrawn
Question, Mr. Headlam; Answer, Mr. Layard
April 23, 1467


c. Ordered; read 1°* April 12

[Bill 72]

Parochial Schools (Scotland) Bill—Peti-

Observations, The Duke of Marlborough; Re-
ply, The Duke of Argyll; short debate
thereon April 12, 567; Question, Observa-
tions, The Duke of Richmond, Lord Cairns ;
Reply, The Duke of Argyll April 26, 1574

Lancashire, N.

Army Estimates-Martial Law, 664, 665
Court of Common Pleas (County Palatine of
Lancaster), Comm. 221

Irish Church, Comm. cl. 13, 1125

PEEK, Mr. H. W., Surrey, Mid.
Bankruptcy, 2R. 165, 166
Metropolis-Battersea Park, 843

PEEL, Right Hon. Sir R., Tamworth
Parliament-Morning Sittings, 1979, 1980

PELL, Mr. A., Leicestershire, S.

Agricultural Returns, Res. 753

Contagious Diseases (Animals) (No. 2), 2R.

PEMBERTON, Mr. E. L., Kent, E.
Ireland-Maynooth College, 361

Pharmacy Act (1868) Amendment Bill
(Lord Robert Montagu, Sir Graham Montgomery)
c. Read 20* April 12
[Bill 37]
Order for Committee read; Moved, "That Mr.
Speaker do now leave the Chair" April 29,

Amendt. to leave out from "That," and add
"this House will, upon this day six months,
resolve itself into the said Committee " (Dr.
Brewer); Question proposed, "That the
words, &c.;" after short debate, Amendt.
withdrawn; Committee; Report [Bill 99]

PIM, Mr. J., Dublin City

Corn, Duty on, 584

Irish Church, Comm. cl. 2, 1031; cl. 14, 1149;
Amendt. 1368, 1377, 1378; cl. 15, Amendt.
1386, 1403; cl. 16, Amendt. 1407, 1409;
cl. 17, Amendt. 1411; cl. 20, 1499; cl. 25,
Amendt. 1602, 1613

Scotland-Portpatrick Harbour, 991
Ways and Means, Res. (Corn, &c.), 593, 624

POCHIN, Mr. H. D., Stafford Bo.

Pharmacy Act Amendment, Comm. Motion for
reporting Progress, 1934
Trade Returns, 575

Ways and Means-Financial Statement, 422
4 B

two ounces, and that the postage on news.
papers should be likewise reduced to one
halfpenny" (Mr. Graves) April 6, 233; after
short debate, Previous Question put (Mr.
Chancellor of the Exchequer); A. 62, N. 229;
M. 167

New York Mails-The Bremen Company, Ques
tion, Mr. Eastwick; Answer, The Marquess
of Hartington April 26, 1583
North German Confederation, The, Question,
Mr. Hardcastle; Answer, The Marquess of
Hartington April 26, 1584

Portpatrick Harbour, Question, Sir Frederick
W. Heygate; Answer, Mr. Bright April 8,
360; Observations, Mr. W. Johnston; Reply,
Mr. Ayrton; short debate thereon April 16,

West India Mails-Falmouth and Plymouth,
Question, Mr. R. Fowler; Answer, The
Marquess of Hartington April 12, 574-Sort-
ing Letters, Question, Mr. Candlish; An-
swer, The Marquess of Hartington April 15,


Post Office Savings Banks Bill
(The Marquess of Hartington, Mr. Chancellor
of the Exchequer, Mr. Stansfeld)
c. Ordered; read 1°* April 9

POTTER, Mr. E., Carlisle

[Bill 69]

Lord Lieutenant (Cumberland and Westmore-
land), Motion for an Address, 747

Public Departments-Concentration of
Question, Lord John Manners; Answer, Mr.
Layard April 13, 677

Public Offices, Great George Street, Question,
Mr. W. H. Smith; Answer, Mr. Layard
April 30, 1973

RAIKES, Mr. H. C., Chester

Irish Church, Comm. 917; cl. 25, 1601 ; el. 27,
Parliament-Youghal Election, New Writ,



Police Interference with Passengers-(Me- POST OFFICE-Cont.

Question, Mr. Eaton; Answer, Mr. Bruce
April 9, 477

Police Superannuations

Question, Sir Michael Hicks-Beach; Answer,
Mr. Bruce April 27, 1695

meath Co.

Irish Church, Comm. cl. 26, 1620


Gilbert Unions, Questions, Sir Michael Hicks-
Beach, Colonel Bourne ; Answers, Mr.
Goschen April 20, 1195

Kensington Sick Asylum District, Question,
Mr. J. G. Talbot; Answer, Mr. Goschen
April 15, 841

Metropolitan Lunatic Asylums, Question, Mr.
M'Cullagh Torrens; Answer, Mr. Goschen
April 22, 1354

Orphan Pauper Children, Question, Mr. Rath-
bone; Answer, Mr. Goschen April 16, 971
Pauperism and Emigration, Observations, Lord
Houghton; Reply, Earl Granville; debate
thereon April 16, 943

Rating of Mines, Question, Colonel Duncombe;
Answer, Mr. Bruce April 26, 1582
Vagrancy, Question, Mr. Hunt; Answer, Mr.
Goschen April 19, 1096

Poor Law (Ireland) Amendment Bill
(Mr. M'Mahon, Mr. Blake, Mr. Downing,
Mr. Stacpoole)

c. Moved, "That the Bill be now read 20" April 7,

Amendt. to leave out "now," and add " upon
this day six months" (Mr. Bruen); Question
proposed, "That now,' &c.; " after short
debate, Debate adjourned

Poor Law (Scotland) Act (1845) Amend-
ment Bill (The Lord Advocate, Mr. Secre-
tary Bruce, Mr. Adam)

c. Motion for Leave (The Lord Advocate) April 13,
756; Bill ordered; read 1°* April 14
Read 20 April 22


[Bill 80]

Railway Construction Facilities Act
(1864) Amendment Bill
(Mr. Whalley, Mr. M'Mahon)
c. Ordered; read 1°* April 22
[Bill 94]

Representative Peers for Scotland and Ireland, RAILWAYS

2R. 1680

Tenure (Ireland), Comm. 1572


Ecclesiastical Dilapidations, 2R. 1820
Increase of the Episcopate, 2R. Amendt. 1335


Communication with Australia, Question, Mr.
Young; Answer, Mr. Monsell April 5, 140—
South Wales, Question, Mr. Jones; Answer,
The Marquess of Hartington April 26, 1582
Inland Postage on Printed Matter, Moved,
"That, in the opinion of this House, it is
expedient to reduce the rate of Inland Post-
age on printed matter to one halfpenny for


Communication on Railways, Question, Mr.
Palmer; Answer, Mr. Bright April 2, 29
Railway Companies, Ordered, That in all cases
in which Railway Bills of this Session shall
(in accordance with the provisions of the
Act 31st and 32d Victoria, cap. 119) have
been submitted to a meeting of the pro-
prietors of any company in respect of ad-
ditional powers conferred on such company,
and shall have been approved at such meet-
ing, it shall not be necessary to submit the
Bill to a meeting of such company to be held
in accordance with Standing Order No. 185,
unless any of the powers specified in such
Order shall have been inserted or materially
altered in the House of Commons" (The
Chairman of Committees) April 16, 942


[blocks in formation]

SALISBURY, Marquess of

Government of India Act Amendment, 222;
1R. 1080; 2R. 1841

Habitual Criminals, Comm. cl. 10, 225, 226;
cl. 12, 228

Life Peerages, 1R. 461; 2R. 1656
Railway Companies Meetings, Comm. 671
Representative Peers for Scotland and Ireland,
2R. 1688, 1690

Tenure (Ireland), 2R. 1182

Salmon Fisheries (Ireland) Bill
(Mr. Attorney General for Ireland, Mr. Chichester

1. Presented; read 1a, after short debate April 9,
(No. 50)
Moved, "That the Bill be now read 2"
April 27, 1677
Amendt. to leave out from ("that") and insert
("a Select Committee be appointed to con-
sider the state of the Representative Peerage
of Scotland and Ireland, and the laws relat-
ing thereto") (The Duke of Buccleuch); after
short debate, on Question, "Whether the
words proposed to be left out, &c.," Cont. 32,
Not-Cont. 77; M. 45; Division List, Cont..
and Not-Cont. 1693; resolved in the nega.
tive; Motion, as amended, agreed to; Com-
mittee appointed accordingly; List of the
Committee, 1694

c. Considered April 6

Read 3° April 7

[Bill 56]

Read 1a* (The Lord Dufferin) April 8 (No. 43)
Moved, "That the Bill be now read 2a"
April 12, 571; Bill read 2a, after short debate
Committee; Report April 15
Read 3 April 16


Salmon Fishery Laws


Question, Sir Herbert Croft; Answer, Mr.
Knatchbull-Hugessen April 16, 975

[blocks in formation]

SAUNDERSON, Mr. E. J., Cavan Co.

Irish Church, Comm. cl. 14, 1377; cl. 19, SHAFTESBURY, Earl of


Savings Banks

Questions, Mr. Cawley, Mr. Hibbert; An-
swers, The Chancellor of the Exchequer
April 26, 1581

SCLATER-BOOTH, Mr. G., Hampshire, N.
Hospitals, &c. Rating Exemption, 2R. 1817
Marriage with a Deceased Wife's Sister, 2R.
Amendt. 1298

Supply-Civil Service Estimates, Vote on Ac-
count, 537

Ways and Means-Financial Statement, 417


Courts of Law Commission, Question, The Earl SHERRIFF, Mr. A. C., Worcester (City)

of Minto; Answer, The Earl of Morley
April 26, 1575

Portpatrick Harbour, Question, Sir Frederick
W. Heygate; Answer, Mr. Bright April 8,
360; Observations, Mr. W. Johnston; Reply,
Mr. Ayrton; short debate thereon April 16,


Salmon Fisheries, Question, Mr. Fordyce;
Answer, Mr. Bruce April 20, 1196

(See Game Laws (Scotland)

SCOTT, Lord H. J. M. D., Hampshire, S.
Irish Church, Comm. 921

SCOURFIELD, Mr. J. H., Pembrokeshire
Criminal Law-Liberation of Sir E. Wilmot,

Horses, Tax on, 1097
Irish Church, Comm. 910

Sea Birds Preservation Bill

(Mr. Sykes, Mr. Clay, Mr. Ward Jackson)
c. Considered April 9, 557
[Bill 59]

Moved, "That the Bill be re-committed for the
purpose of excluding Scotland from its ope-
ration" (Mr. Fordyce); Motion negatived
Read 30 April 12

1. Read 1

April 12

(The Duke of Northumberland)

Read 2* April 26

Sea Fishing Boats

(No. 54)

Question, Sir Herbert Croft; Answer, Mr.
Bright April 23, 1464

Sea, Rule of the Road at

Question, Sir John Hay; Answer, Mr. Bright
April 23, 1465

Beerhouses, &c. 2R. 1763

SEYMOUR, Rear-Admiral G. H., Antrim

Navy Estimates-Dockyards, &c. 120
Steam Machinery, 209
Scotland-Portpatrick Harbour, 986

China-Missionaries in, 135

Ecclesiastical Courts, 2R. 808, 840; Nomina-
tion of Committee, 1353

Habitual Criminals, Comm. cl. 12, Amendt.
227, 228

SHAW, Mr. R., Burnley

Army-Concentration of Army Offices, 1577
St. James and St. Paul's, Lancashire, 576

SHERIDAN, Mr. H. B., Dudley
Fire Insurances, Res. 305, 307, 308
Mexico-Diplomatic Relations with, 845

Judicial Commission, The, 975

Sheriffs (York County) Bill
(Mr. Knatchbull-Hugessen, Mr. Secretary Bruce)
c. Ordered* April 29

SHERLOCK, Mr. D., King's Co.

Ireland-Dublin Election, Motion for a Com-
mission, 1277

Irish Church, Comm. cl. 20, Amendt. 1497,
1506; cl. 26, 1624

SIMON, Mr. Serjeant J., Dewsbury
Bankruptcy, 2R. 157

Court of Common Pleas (County Palatine of
Lancaster), Comm. Amendt. 217, 221
Imprisonment for Debt, 2R. 176

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Observations, The Marquess of Clanricarde;
Reply, The Earl of Clarendon April 8, 353

SPEAKER, The (Right Hon. J. E. DENI-
SON) Nottinghamshire, N.

Game Laws (Scotland), Motion for a Committee,

Ireland-Dublin Election, Motion for a Com-
mission, 1273
Ireland-State of, 2008

Irish Church, Comm. Instruction, 847, 877,
878, 879

Parliament-Morning Sittings, Res. 1981

STACPOOLE, Mr. W., Ennis

Militia, Comm. 1417

Navy" Crocodile " Transport, 1197

Stamp Acts-Consolidation of the
Question, Mr. Crawford; Answer, The Chan-
cellor of the Exchequer April 2, 30

(Mr. Henry B. Sheridan, Mr. Vickers,
Mr. Brady)

Resolution in Committee; Resolution re-
ported; Bill ordered; read 10* April 7
[Bill 64]

SULLIVAN, Right Hon. E. (Attorney
General for Ireland), Mallow

Ireland-Questions, &c.

Cashel Election, 977, 1935

Election Petitions, 1096

Incumbered Estates Court-Earl of Lanes-

borough's Estate, 520

Jury Panel, Monaghan Assizes, 503
Youghal Election, New Writ, 2069

Ireland-Dublin Election, Motion for a Com-
mission, 1278, 1283

Ireland-Sligo Election, Motion for an Address,


Irish Church, Comm. cl. 2, 1017, 1022; cl. 7,
1100; cl. 10, 1103, 1107; cl. 13, 1125, 1126,
1136; cl. 14, 1142, 1365, 1372, 1382, 1384;
cl. 16, Amendt. 1404, 1406, 1407, 1410;
cl. 18, 1413, 1479, 1480; cl. 19, 1493; cl. 20,
1502; cl. 22, 1508; cl. 23, 1524; cl. 25, 1602,
1610; cl. 26, 1622, 1625; Amendt. 1627,
1628; cl. 27, 1638, 1880; cl. 28, Amendt.
1881; d. 29, 1914

Sunday and Ragged Schools Bill
(Mr. Charles Reed, Mr. Bazley, Mr. Graves,
Mr. M'Arthur)

c. Ordered; read 1°* April 8

Sunday Trading Bill

[Bill 67]

(Mr. Thomas Hughes, Lord Claud Hamilton)
c. Committee-R.P. April 14, 799 [Bill 5]

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