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[blocks in formation]

Trades Unions, &c. Bill

(Mr. Thomas Hughes, Mr. Mundella)
c. Ordered; read 1o* April 9

Greenwich Sixpence, 1853
Navy Estimates-Salaries, 65

SYKES, Mr. C., Yorkshire, E. R.

Sea Birds Preservation, Consid. add. cl. 557

SYNAN, Mr. E. J., Limerick Co.

Irish Church, Comm. cl. 2, 1041; cl. 14, 1150;
cl. 15, 1400; cl. 25, 1615

Poor Law (Ireland) Act Amendment, 2R. 321

TALBOT, Mr. J. G., Kent, W.

Poor Law-Kensington Sick Asylum District,

TAYLOR, Mr. P. A., Leicester

Army-Lunatics-Murder of Sergeant Barnes,
&c. 1576

Conviction of three Children at Salisbury, 675
Game Laws (Scotland), Motion for a Com-
mittee, 1730

Sunday Trading, Comm. 799, 802

Telegraphs Bill

Question, Mr. Baines; Answer, The Marquess
of Hartington April 15, 845

Tenure (Ireland) Bill [H.L.]

(The Marquess of Clanricorde)

(No. 36)

1. Presented; read 1a* April 5
Moved, "That the Bill be now read 2"
April 20, 1157; Bill read 2a, after debate
Moved, "That the House do now resolve itself
into a Committee" April 26, 1536; after
long debate, Motion withdrawn

THYNNE, Lord H. F., Wiltshire, S.

Corrupt Practices Commissions, 1975
Episcopal Clergy, Disabilities of the, 1466

TITE, Mr. W., Bath

Courts of Justice, New, Res. 1245
Parliament House of Commons Arrangements,
Res. 273, 279, 302

Thames Embankment-South Side, 1464

[Bill 68]

TRELAWNY, Sir J. G. S., Cornwall, E.
Sunday Trading, Comm. 805

TREVELYAN, Mr. G. O. (Lord of the Ad-
miralty), Hawick, &c.
Greenwich Hospital, Leave, 1701
Navy Estimates-New Works, 212

TREVOR, Lord A. E. HILL- Downshire
Ireland-Cashel Election, 976


Army-Military Force of the Kingdom, 1461

Turkey-Cretan Insurgents

Question, Mr. Monk; Answer, Mr. Otway
April 19, 1099

Turnpike Acts Continuance

Select Committee nominated April 2

United States-The Hog Cholera
Question, Earl Cowper; Answer, Earl De Grey
and Ripon April 16, 942
(See Post Office)

Vaccination Amendment Bill [H.L.]
(The Marquess Townshend)

1. Presented; read 1a* April 29

(No. 85)

Valuation of Property (Metropolis) Bill
Rateable Property (Metropolis) Bill

(Mr. Goschen, Mr. Arthur Peel, Mr. Ayrton)

c. Moved, "That the Bill be now read 20"
April 1, 17; after short debate, Bill read 2°
Question, Mr. Liddell; Answer, Mr. Goschen
April 8, 359
Committee; Report April 30

[Bill 12]

VANCE, Mr. J., Armagh City


Beverley Election, Motion for an Address, 565
Ireland-Cashel Election, 1935

Hackney Carriages in Dublin, 583
Prisons, 1855

Irish Church, Comm. cl. 12, 1112; cl. 16,
Amendt. 1409, 1410; cl. 25, 1606; cl. 26,
1627; cl. 29, Motion for reporting Progress,


VERNER, Mr. E. Wingfield, Lisburn
Irish Church, Comm. 910; cl. 12, 1118; cl. 15,

VERNER, Mr. W., Armagh Co.

Irish Church, Comm. cl. 26, 1625

VERNEY, Sir H., Buckingham

Ancient Monuments, Preservation of, 27

VIVIAN, Hon. Captain J. C. W. (Lord
of the Treasury), Truro
Militia, Comm. 1419

VIVIAN, Mr. H. Hussey, Glamorganshire
Navy-North Country Coal, Use of, 1354

WALKER, Major G. G., Dumfriesshire
Army-Militia and Reserve Forces, Motion for
Returns, 1759, 1763
Militia, Comm. 1418

WALPOLE, Right Hon. S. H., Cambridge

British Museum-Temple Collection, 1579
Financial Statement, 584

Irish Church, Comm. cl. 2, 1015; cl. 10, 1108;
cl. 12, 1110; cl. 14, 1371, 1372 ; cl. 17, 1411,
1412; ol. 20, 1503; cl. 27, 1634

Newspapers, &c. Comm. 1417

WALSH, Hon. A., Radnorshire
Inclosure of Commons, 976

WALTER, Mr. J., Berkshire

Irish Church, Comm. cl. 14, 1151; c. 18,

1475, 1484


House of Commons Arrange-

ments, Res. 299

Water Supply Bill

(Mr. Biddulph, Mr. Goldney, Colonel Napier
Sturt, Marquess of Lorne)
c. Ordered; read 1o* April 15

[Bill 83]

Considered in Committee April 8, 363-
Financial Statement of The Chancellor of the
Exchequer on moving the First Resolution,
"That, towards raising the Supply granted to
Her Majesty, the Duty of Customs now
charged on Tea shall continue to be levied
and charged on and after the 1st day of
August 1869 until the 1st day of August 1870,
on the importation thereof into Great Britain
and Ireland: viz.-Tea. . . the lb. Os. 6d;"
after long debate, Motion agreed to


Ways and Means-cont.

Resolutions reported, and agreed to:-Bill
ordered (Mr. Dodson, Mr. Chancellor of the
Exchequer, Mr. Ayrton) April 9, 566
Considered in Committee April 12, 585
Moved, "That the Duties of Customs charge-
able upon the articles under-mentioned, im-
ported into Great Britain and Ireland, shall
cease and determine, viz. :- Corn, Grain,
Meal, and Flour, and articles of the like
character, viz. :—

[Then the articles are set forth.]

After debate, Resolution withdrawn; other
Resolutions agreed to; Resolutions reported
April 13


Assessed Taxes, Question, Mr. Barnett; An-
swer, Mr. Ayrton April 9, 478

Excise Licence on Horses, Question, Sir Henry
Hoare; Answer, Mr. Scourfield April 19,

License Duties on Servants, Question, Mr. W.
H. Smith; Answer, The Chancellor of the
Exchequer April 29, 1849

Payment of Income Tax, &c., Question, Mr.
Walpole; Answer, The Chancellor of the
Exchequer April 12, 584; Question, Mr.
Neville-Grenville; Answer, The Chancellor
of the Exchequer April 15, 843

Stamp Duties Exemptions, Question, Mr.
Alderman Salomons; Answer, The Chan-
cellor of the Exchequer April 29, 1849
The Duty on Corn, Question, Mr. Macfie;
Answer, Mr. Gladstone April 9, 479; Ques-
tion, Mr. Pim; Answer, The Chancellor of
the Exchequer April 12, 584; Question, Mr.
A. Johnston; Answer, The Chancellor of the
Exchequer April 15, 844

[blocks in formation]

WHALLEY, Mr. G. H., Peterborough

Irish Church, Comm. 894; cl. 2, 1037; cl. 12,
1118; cl. 18, 1488; cl. 25, 1616

O'Farrell Papers, 1757

Pharmacy Act Amendment, Comm. 1934

WHATMAN, Mr. J., Maidstone
Army-West Kent Militia, 678

WHEELHOUSE, Mr. W. St. John, Leeds
Courts of Justice, New, Res. 1245
Evidence Amendment, 2R. 1807
Hospitals, &c. Rating Exemption, 2R. 1814

WHITBREAD, Mr. S., Bedford

Army Estimates-Buildings and Repairs, 669

WHITE, Mr. J., Brighton
Official Salaries, 27

WINGFIELD, Sir C. J., Gravesend
Gravesend County Court, 1579

Wisley Common

Moved, "That a Select Committee be appointed
to consider the proposed Inclosure of Wisley


WYNDHAM, Hon. P. S., Cumberland, W.
Irish Church, Comm. 890; cl. 23, 1580

YORK, Archbishop of

Ecclesiastical Dilapidations, 2R. 1818, 1820
Increase of the Episcopate, 2R. 1338, 1340

Youghal Election

Moved, "That Mr. Speaker do issue his War-
rant to the Clerk of the Crown in Ireland to
make out a new Writ for the electing of a
Burgess to serve in this present Parliament
for the Borough of Youghal, in the room of
Christopher Weguelin, esquire, whose Elec-
tion has been determined to be void” (Mr.
Glyn) April 30, 2068

Amendt. to leave out from "That," and add
"the issuing of a new Writ for Youghal be
postponed until the Minutes of Evidence
taken on the Election Petition be printed "
(Mr. Collins); after short debate, Question
put, "That the words, &c. ;" A. 102, N. 70;
M. 32; main Question put, and agreed to

YOUNG, Mr. A. W., Helston
Imperial Gas, Consid. 1790

Common" (Mr. Knatchbull-Hugessen) April 2, YOUNG, Mr. G., Wigton, &c.

125; after short debate, A. 43, N. 22 ; M. 21;
List of the Committee, 130

Post Office-Communication with Australia,


Page 788, line 4, for Mr. C. O. Morgan read Mr. G. O. Morgan.

SESSION 1868-9.


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