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LEFEVRE, Mr. J. G. Shaw (Secretary | Local Government Supplemental Bill

to the Board of Trade), Reading
Imperial Gas, Consid. 1786
Married Women's Property, 2R. 779
Regulation of Railways Act Amendment,
Leave, 24

[blocks in formation]

Life Assurance Companies Bill

(Mr. S. Cave, Mr. Bazley, Mr. Russell Gurney)
c. Read 20 April 7


(Mr. Knatchbull-Hugessen, Mr. Secretary Bruce)
c. Ordered; read 1o* April 21 [Bill 90]
Read 20 April 22

Local Officers Superannuation (Ireland)
Bill (Mr. Pim, Sir John Gray)
c. Ordered; read 1°* April 20

Local Taxation

[Bill 87]

Question, Sir George Jenkinson; Answer, Mr.
Goschen April 8, 358; Question, Observa-
tions, Sir George Jenkinson; Answer, Mr.
Gladstone April 16, 977; short debate

LOCH, Mr. G., Wick, &c.

Game Laws (Scotland). Motion for a Commit-
tee, 1713, 1728; Address for a Commission,

Park Lane and Piccadilly Thoroughfare, Mo-
tion for Papers, 756

LOCKE, Mr. J., Southwark

Courts of Justice, New, Res. 1252
Endowed Schools, Comm. 125
Imperial Gas, Consid. 1784, 1795
Inclosure of Lands, 3R. 556
Sunday Trading, Comm. 799, 800
Valuation of Property (Metropolis), 2R. 21
Wisley Common, Motion for a Committee, 127

Lodgers Property Protection Bill [E.L.]
(The Marquess Townshend)

1. Presented; read 1a* April 20

LONDON, Bishop of

Increase of the Episcopate, 2R. 1347

LOPES, Sir M., Devonshire, S.
Bishops, Retirement of, 581

LOPES, Mr. H. C., Launceston

(No. 65)

Evidence Amendment, 2R. 1809
Married Women's Property, 2R. Amendt. 774,




(No. 37)

[32 Vict. c. 3]


Committee; Report April 8

Life Peerages Bill

(The Earl Russell)

[Bill 35]

1. Presented; read 1a, after debate April 9, 452
Moved, "That the Eill be now read 2"
April 27, 1648

After debate, Amendt. to leave out ("now")
and insert ("this day six months") (Lord
Denman); after further short debate, on
Question, That ("now,") &c.; resolved in
the affirmative; Bill read 2a (No. 49)

LIFFORD, Viscount

Ireland-Mayor of Cork-Assassinations, 1948


Militia, Comm. 1847

LISMORE, Viscount

Ireland-Agrarian Outrages, 1533

Lord Napier's Salary Bill
(The Duke of Argyll)

7. Read 1a* April 5
Read 2 April 6
Committee; Report April 8
Read 3 April 9
Royal Assent April 19

LowE, Right Hon. R. (see CHANCELLOR

LOWTHER, Mr. J., York City

Endowed Schools, Comm. Amendt. 124
Navy-African Squadron, Motion for Returns,

LOWTHER, Mr. W., Westmoreland
British Museum-Temple Collection, 1579



Parliament House of Commons Arrange-
ments, Res. 271

(The Earl of Camperdown)


April 5

Read 2 April 6

Committee; Report April 8
April 9

Read 3

Royal Assent April 19


[32 Vict. c. 5]

Parochial Schools (Scotland), 567

Marriage Law Commission Report
Question, Observations, Lord Chelmsford; Re-
ply, The Lord Chancellor April 5, 135

Marriage with a Deceased Wife's Sister

Bill (Mr. Thomas Chambers, Mr. Morley)
c. Moved, "That the Bill be now read 20"
April 21, 1288
Amendt. to leave out "now," and add "upon
this day six months" (Mr. Sclater-Booth);
after debate, Question put, •That' now
&c.;" A. 243, N. 144; M. 99; Bill read 2o
Division List, Ayes and Noes, 1325

Married Women's Property Bill
(Mr. Russell Gurney, Mr. Headlam, Mr. Jacob

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c. Moved, "That the Bill be now read 20"
April 14, 760

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Amendt. to leave out "now," and add " upon
this day six months" (Mr. Lopes); Question
proposed, That now,' &c. ;" after debate,
Amendt. withdrawn; Bill read 2o, and com-
mitted to a Select Committee; List of the
Committee, 798

MARTIN, Mr. C. Wykeham, Newport,
Isle of Wight

Army Estimates-Buildings and Repairs, 669

MARTIN, Mr. P. Wykeham, Rochester
Hospitals, &c. Rating Exemption, 2R. 1816
Irish Church, Comm. cl. 27, 1641

MELLY, Mr. G., Stoke-upon-Trent

Ways and Means-Financial Statement, 420

Merchant Shipping (Colonial), 1869, Bill
[H.L.] (The Earl Granville)


Read 2* April 15


LUSK, Mr. Alderman A., Finsbury

Army Estimates-Martial Law, 666

Military Stores, 668

Bankruptcy, 2R. 167

Imperial Gas, Consid. 1797

Navy Estimates-Coastguard Service, 90
Naval Stores, 193

Salaries, 61

Victualling Yards, &c. 181, 184

Ways and Means, Res. (Corn, &c.), 623

Wisley Common, Motion for a Committee, 129


Increase of the Episcopate, 2R. 1329, 1350


Government of India Act Amendment, 1R.
1085; 2R. 1832

MACFIE, Mr. R. A., Leith, &c.

Financial Statement-Corn Duty, 479

Game Laws (Scotland), Motion for a Committee,

Irish Church, Comm. cl. 18, Amendt. 1479
Post Office-Inland Postage, Res. 244
Ways and Means-Financial Statement, 429

McLAGAN, Mr. P., Linlithgowshire

Agricultural Returns, Res. Motion for Adjourn-
ment, 755

Game Laws (Scotland), Motion for a Com-
mittee, 1725; Address for a Commission,

Pharmacy Act Amendment, Comm. 1934

MCLAREN, Mr. D., Edinburgh

Hospitals, &c. Rating Exemption, 2R. 1815
Irish Church, Comm. cl. 26, 1626

Ways and Means-Financial Statement, 421
Ways and Means, Res. (Corn, &c.), 619, 640

MCMAHON, Mr. P., New Ross

Imprisonment for Debt, 2R. 174
Irish Church, Comm. cl. 26, 1623
Poor Law (Ireland) Amendment, 2R. 309

MAGUIRE, Mr. J. F., Cork City
Ireland-Cork, Mayor of, 359
State of, 2041

Ireland-Irish Society, Motion for a Commis-
sion, 680, 726

Navy Estimates-New Works, 210, 212
Poor Law (Ireland) Act Amendment, 2R. 336
Ways and Means, Res. (Corn, &c.), 624


MANNERS, Right hon. Lord J. J. R.-cont.
Metropolis-Public Offices, Concentration of,

Marine Mutiny Bill

1. Read 1

Ireland-Agrarian Outrages, 1535
Life Peerages, 2R. 1666

MANNERS, Right Hon. Lord J. J. R., 1. Presented; read 1* April 13

Leicestershire, N.

Courts of Justice, New, Res. 1247, 1249, 1269
Inclosure of Lands, 3R. 554

Ireland-Agrarian Outrages, 1850

State of, 2017

Irish Church, Comm. cl. 10, 1107; cl. 15,

1404; cl. 18, 1415; cl. 22. 1512, 1515; cl. 25,
1614; cl. 27, 1858, 1880; cl. 19, 1932


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Battersea Park, Question, Mr. Peek; Answer,
Mr. Layard April 15, 843
Metropolitan Board of Works-Report, 1868,
Question, Mr. A. Johnston; Answer, Mr.
Knatchbull-Jugessen April 13, 674
Night Houses, Question, Viscount Enfield;
Answer, Mr. Bruce April 29, 1852
Park Lane and Piccadilly Thoroughfare,
Moved, "That there be laid before this
House, a Copy of all Correspondence which

MILLS, Mr. C. H., Kent, W.
Navy-Barnes, Mr. W., Case of, 842
Mines Regulation Bill (Mr. Secretary Bruce,
Mr. Knatchbull-Hugessen)

c. Ordered; read 1o * April 15

MINTO, Earl of

[Bill 84]

Scotland-Courts of Law Commission, 1575

has passed since the month of February 1865, Mr. Murphy's Lectures—Mayor of Tyne-

inclusive, between the Lords of the Trea-
sury, the First Commissioner of Works, the
Commissioners of Woods and Forests, and
the Metropolitan Board of Works, on the
subject of any proposed thoroughfare between
Park Lane and Piccadilly (in continuation of
Parliamentary Paper, No. 132, of Session
1865)" (Mr. Loch) April 13, 756; after
short debate, Motion withdrawn ; Question,

Mr. C. B. Denison; Answer, Mr. Layard
April 30, 1973
Police Interference with Passengers, Question,
Mr. Eaton; Answer, Mr. Bruce April 9,

Public Offices, Concentration, Question, Lord
J. Manners; Answer, Mr. Layard April 13,

Public Offices, Great George Street, Question,
Mr. W. H. Smith; Answer, Mr. Layard
April 30, 1973


[blocks in formation]

St. Luke's Hospital, Question, Colonel Bart- MONSELL, Right Hon. W. (Under Secre

telot; Answer, Mr. Bruce April 13, 677
Thames Embankment (South Side), Question,
Mr. Guest; Answer, Mr. Tite April 23, 1464

[blocks in formation]

tary of State for the Colonies),
Limerick Co.

Bahamas-Ecclesiastical Grant, 581
Canada-Dockyard Emigrants, 1698
Emigration Commission, 580
Fenianism in Australia, 31
Hudson's Bay Company, 583, 680
New Zealand-Imperial Troops in the Colony,


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"Crocodile" Transport, Question, Mr. Stac-
poole; Answer, Mr. Grant Duff April 20,

Dockyard Distress, Question, Sir J. Elphin-
stone; Answer, Mr. Childers April 2, 47
Dockyard Emigrants to Canada, Question, Mr.
Kinnaird; Answer, Mr. Monsell April 27,

Government Reductions and Emigration, Ob-
servations, Sir James Elphinstone; Reply,
Mr. Cardwell April 16, 991
Greenwich Hospital-The Greenwich Sixpence,
Question, Colonel Sykes; Answer, Mr.
Childers April 29, 1853
Malta-New Port and Docks, Question, Mr.
Onslow; Answer, Mr. Childers April 27,


Moorings in Dover Harbour, Question, Major
Dickson; Answer, Mr. Childers April 26,




[blocks in formation]


Ecclesiastical Courts, &c., Nomination of Com-
mittee, 1535

Increase of the Episcopate, 2R. 1342
St. Katherine's Hospital, 1945


[blocks in formation]

New Members Sworn

April 2-Major George Gustavus Walker, Dum-
fries County

April 5-Colonel Edward Clive, and Chandos
Wren Hoskyns, esquire, Hereford

April 6-Henry Master Feilden, esquire, and
Edward Kenworthy Hornby, es-
quire, Blackburn

April 13-John Samuel Wanley Sawbridge
Erle Drax, esquire, Wareham
April 19-The Earl of March, Sussex (Western |

April 27-Lord Hyde, Brecknock Borough

Newspapers, &c. Bill

(Mr. Ayrton, Mr. Chancellor of the Exchequer)

c. Ordered; read 1°* April 8


Read 20 April 15

[Bill 66]


Committee; Report April 22, 1416
Considered April 23

Read 3°* April 26

1. Read 1* (The Marquess of Lansdowne) April 27

(No. 80)

New Zealand-Withdrawal of the Imperial

Question, Mr. Sartoris; Answer, Mr. Monsell
April 13, 675

Norfolk Island Bishopric Bill [H.L.]

(The Earl Granville)

7. Presented; read 1* April 23

(No. 73)

Read 2* April 26

Committee ; Report April 27
Read 3* April 29

NORTH, Colonel J. S., Oxfordshire
Army Estimates-Martial Law, 661, 663

NORTHBROOK, Lord (Under Secretary of
State for War)

Army-Military Force of the Kingdom, 1436,
1448, 1451, 1462

Militia, Comm. 1847

O'BRIEN, Sir P., King's Co.

Army Estimates-Military Stores, 669
Irish Church, Comm. cl. 12, 1120

O'CONOR DON, The, Roscommon Co.
Irish Church, Comm. cl. 18, 1486; cl. 27, 1872

O'DONOGHUE, The, Tralee
Ireland-State of, 2035

O'Farrell Papers, The

Question, Mr. Newdegate; Answer, Mr. Mon-
sell April 2, 30; Question, Mr. Newdegate;
Answer, Mr. Gladstone April 23, 1468;
April 26, 1584

Order [6th April] for Address for Return rela-
tive to O'Farrell's crime read April 27, 1741 ;
Moved, "That the said Order be discharged"
(Mr. Monsell); after short debate, Question
put; A. 123, N. 15; M. 108; Question, Mr.
Newdegate; Answer, Mr. Gladstone April 29,
1854 Question, Mr. Newdegate; Answer,
Mr. Gladstone; long debate thereon April 30,

O'LOGHLEN, Right Hon. Sir C. M. (Judge
Advocate General), Clare Co.
Army-Branding in the, 574

O'NEILL, Hon. E., Antrim Co.
Irish Church, Comm. cl. 14, 1377

ONSLOW, Mr. G., Guildford
Malta- New Port and Docks, 1695

O'REILLY, Mr. M. W., Longford Co.
India-Banda and Kirwee Prize Money, 1580
Ireland-Dublin Election, Motion for a Com-
mission, 1270, 1273

Ireland-Jury Panel, Monaghan Assizes, 506
Irish Church, Comm. cl. 27, 1868

Marriage with a Deceased Wife's Sister, 2R,
1301, 1315

Parliament-Business of the House, 847

NORTHCOTE, Right Hon. Sir S. H., OTWAY, Mr. A. J. (Under Secretary of

Devonshire, N.

India-Muscat and Zanzibar, 1580

Irish Church, Comm. cl. 10, 1107; cl. 13, 1125;

cl. 14, 1371; cl. 18, 1480; cl. 25, 1608;
cl. 27, 1631

Ways and Means, Res. (Corn, &c.), 632


Army-Military Force of the Kingdom, 1448

Norwich Election

Moved, "That an humble Address, &c." (Mr.
Attorney General) Mar 12; debate resumed ;
after short debate, Question put, and agreed
to; Message to the Lords thereon April 1, 2

State for Foreign Affairs), Chatham
Army Estimates-Martial Law, 664, 665
China-Hostilities to Foreigners, 578

Relations with, 1855

Mexico-Diplomatic Relations with, 845
Turkey-Cretan Insurgents, 1099


Pauperism and Emigration, 958

OXFORD, Bishop of

Ecclesiastical Dilapidations, 2R. 1820

NORWOOD, Mr. C. M., Kingston-upon- Oyster and Mussel Fisheries Supple-


Bankruptcy, 2R. 142

Imprisonment for Debt, 2R. 173

Ways and Means-Financial Statement, 424
Ways and Means, Res. (Corn, &c.), 622

mental Bill

(Mr. Lefevre, Mr. John Bright)

[Bill 76]

c. Ordered; read 1°* April 13
Read 20* April 19, and referred to a Select

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