The High School Quarterly, Volumen10

University of Georgia, 1922

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Página 73 - Consequently, education in a democracy, both within and without the school, should develop in each individual the knowledge, interests, ideals, habits, and powers whereby he will find his place and use that place to shape both himself and society toward ever nobler ends .... This commission, therefore, regards the following as the main objectives of education: 1.
Página 237 - Both looked at war. as a means to an end, and not as an end in itself, and frankly called those who fell, fools for their pains.
Página 17 - A unit represents a year's study in any subject in a secondary school, constituting approximately a quarter of a full year's work.
Página 128 - The time for which schools are accredited shall be limited to one year, dating from the time of the adoption of the list by the Association.
Página 206 - A college should have a live, well distributed, professionally administered library of at least 8,000 volumes, exclusive of public documents, bearing specifically upon the subjects taught, and with a definite annual appropriation for the purchase of new books.
Página 254 - We reaffirm our sincere, devoted, and unqualified support of Federal aid and Federal recognition of public education, without Federal interference in any way with State and local control, as they are embodied in the Towner-Sterling bill now pending in the 67th Congress.
Página 103 - The training of the members of the faculty of professorial rank should include at least two years of study in their respective fields of teaching in a recognized graduate school. It is desirable that the training of the head of a department should be equivalent to that required for the doctor's degree, or should represent a corresponding professional or technical training. A...
Página 54 - Students should not be admitted to the library when there is no one in charge of it. 3. Scientific selection and care of books. — Greater care should be exercised in the selection of books for a small library than for a large one. It is difficult to select the few best books out of a multitude of really good books.
Página 53 - The desk should have drawers on either side of the opening in front and a vertical file below, with drawers on one side. It should be placed near the exit, so that borrowers must pass by the librarian's desk. There should be free access to the shelves. A regular library charging outfit should also be provided. There should be provided also a standard catalog case (3-inch by 5-inch cards), the number of drawers depending on the number of books in the collection.
Página 104 - The location and construction of the buildings, the lighting, heating, and ventilation of the rooms, the nature of the lavatories, corridors, closets, water supply, school furniture, apparatus, and methods of cleaning shall be such as to insure hygienic conditions for both pupils and teachers.

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