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The last edition of this work was issued in 1895. Since that time many new and important questions have arisen and have been referred to the Judge-Advocate-General's Office. For the purpose of incorporating the opinions on these questions, as well as to verify and, where necessary, revise the syllabi of the last edition, omitting such as are not applicable to existing conditions, it has been deemed advisable to issue this revised edition. While the text does not include opinions subsequent to January 1, 1901, necessary additions to the footnotes have been made to cover the time the work has been passing through

the press.

WASHINGTON, D. C., April 30, 1901.

The references or citations in the text refer to the records of the Bureau, consisting of permanent folios, press books, and record cards. The volumes of the permanent folios are designated in Roman numerals, those of the press books in Arabic, and the cards by number. The month and year printed in italics after a citation refer to the time when the opinion was given.



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