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I'll moke- the water run, like thee;

The cob can never hurt
If all is gone—1 see my land

As empty doth appear,
So perfect like thy Father's house—

What furniture is here
That I can hurt? 'tis mire and dirt

Appear in every mind!
And perfect Kke thy Father's house

I now do see my land;
Then 111 go on as thou didst begin,

Till I have join'd the two;
And both together they must hang,

The Gentiles and the Jews;
Therr at their feet (the mystery's great)

The nations afl must come.

Here I shall give the meaning of ray Father's house: As he lived by himself, I made it a custom to go in the summer to make his house thoroughly clean and wash the floors: the glass was broken, but the landlady would not mend it; so it was stopped up with rags, which I pulled out to dry the floors. I was answered as follows:

"The windows I shall all unhang,

As thou has now begun;
And through the glass you all may sea

The days are hastening on:
For as the squares of glass aro broke.

And rags do so appear,
The paper is cling'd to keep the stroke

When winter doth appear.
So now this thing 1 shall explain.

And to the nation come:
The quarrels they are broken out,

I say, in every land;
And, like these windows arc patch'd up

With rags and paper here;
But like thy pen, I say, must drop,

When winter doth appear;
Because the glass it is not whole.

The rags will tumble down;
When thunder sounds from pole to polo

No safety can be found.
So with the land 'tis just the same;

Tke/ve like tby Father done;

They patch ray people up with liw

For to keep out the sun. , .
For as thou sayest thou canst not sec.

Because the place is dark;
Just so, 1 say, my people be—

But now come to the mark:
Take all the.rags and stuff away,

And thou wilt see more clear;
Nor .through a glass 'twont darkly be,

Because they are broken there;
And then the sunshine thou must see,

Or feel the piercing wind.
I tell thee plain's the mystery;

Tis perfect like mankind:
lor by roy House they've done the same,

And darken'd every mind; Patch'd up the Law and Gospel too, „'. '. -* ..To,begnar all mankind;

For as thy tather s house appear d

So beggarly to man, ■• '■ J Justfso my honour must appear,

..' <-."' The way that they go on/'

'The former words I could not understand, and I was answered in the followinar manner:

* o

"What, is thy head so very weak

In things that arc so plain?
I'll tell thee all the mystery,

And all the rags I mean;
The quarrels broke you well do know,

To every nation come;
The way they mend it all with rags

It must'to thee be known;
They've patch'd it up with broken laws,

That from their garments come; *
And weak as paper all hath been,
, To bring my land to shame.

Are not the windows all broke down,

As those do now appear?
And where's the glazier that is found

To mend the glass that's here?
But in thy heart thou say'st there's none;

And I may say the same;
For who my Gospel now doth mend,

To say my words are come;
And that the truth is verified

My Gospel to fulfil r
No; this the wise men have denied;

Their ragged garments still

Arc patch'd and stuff'd in every hole,

To darken all mankind; Because their purse they all would save,

And darken every mmd; t ..

Give me the rent! is every cry —

But whu allow repair?
For perfect like this landlady

Are all the wise men here;
And if this way they do go on>

My anger fast will smoke;
For I shall to the purpose come,

And down the rags shall drop;
Fll pull them out as thou hast done,

My floors for to make dry;
In every step I'll act like thee

Now in this house of clay;
My Father's laws Fll now maintain,

And vindicate his cause;
My anger itshtiil rise like thine,

To vindicate his laws.
I'm wearied out, as thou hast been,

To hear their foolish tales;
But to the purpose let them come,

If I their wounds do heal.
\Vrong in their work do all men go,'

And every man doth err; They cut the fuel high, 1 know,

And spoil the vineyards here;
Close to the root doth no man go—:

To reason I'll begin;
But as their weakness I do know,

I shall explain the thing:
For like thy Father all have done,
, To cot my Bible high,
So that the stubble still doth stand—

And here's the mystery:
Another after him did come

To cut the fuel low,
Because thy Father's labour's gone,

And all did own 'twas so;
Then own your labour all is gone,

And now your weakness see;
Then to my Holy Hills I'll come,

And cut the stumps away;
Close to the root I'll sorely go,

Till I have made it plam;
The barren wilderness iyou'll see,

That man could never ptfune; -■

Weak ns thy Father all are come;

For here my words go deep—
The branch cut off and stumps remain,

If I like roan should sleep."

The Valley of Jehoshaphat, a communication given in 1796".

"For to the valley all Bust come

That will be sons of light;
A valley's low, you all shall know.

And lowly all must come,
When that I do begin to plead,

And rescue every man;
For when the battles I have fought*

And every victory won,
I'll bring them in the valley low,

And reason then with men. .
The vallies low, I'll let them know.

It must be in the heart;
Together every man shall come

And know how I did smart,
And what I sufler"d to this day, .

As I for man do feel; ,

The marks can ne'er be done away—

My side is open still
A doubting Thomas to receive,

A persecuting Paul;
The trembling jailors I will free,

And men shall kuow ME-all,
That in the valley now will come,

As doves begin to fly.
The valley must be in the heart—

The battle's drawing nigh;
Imperfect is thy Father's house;

Imperfect's every land;
Then trust to Me for victory,

If ye are imperfect men.
As to perfection I see none—

1 he perfect ones are gone;
Sickly and wounded all by sin,

I see, is every one. . .

I said thy Father's house, like nine,

Was now to ruin come;
Therefore I see 'tis time for Me

To come and make an end.—
'Tis deeper than philosophy

The lines that thou hast penu'd. ,

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»ow let the learned men appear

Their Bibles to explain,
And tell Me how they think 'twill ba

That I shall call them in;
What signs or wonders will they see,

That I have not foretold;
Or how do they expect 'twill be,

My Bible all untold r
If they will say they can explain,

And shew their judgment clear;
I say that they arc more than men—

A Peter roust be here;
For flesh and blood can never know,

The way I shall proceed.
Tis words must try the hearts of men,

Or they will never bleed;
For signs or wonders will not do,

'Tis words do try the heart:
And words shall bring all to their view

Why I for man did smart.
So now if man will humbly coma

Thy written hand to see,
And own thou art a simple worm,

My Spirit sure 't must bo,
And from the Spirit wish to know,

And honour the Most High;
Then sure my Spirit they shall know,

And so Jnay prophesy."

"Know what I told thee of thy father'* house, which I compared to the Shepherds, and the likeness of your nation: and this I ordered thee to bring forward to join together, that they may see how many years are past and gone, since I told thee all went wrong in their labour; that they cut my Bible high; that they cut off the branches, and let the stumps remain; that men were come as weak as thy father; because their labour is gone, that they have neithet power to cut off the stumps; neither have they wisdom to discern my Bible how it stands, or how my Gospel stands; neither do they understand the Revelatious, that when they break, the end is at hand; therefore I said unto thee—

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