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be easily judged to apply to the miraculous Birth, though not to be previously discovered. Of such a description are many allusions under the following heads:

Where the Bridegroom and Brkle are only mentioned—Where the marriage of the Lamb occurs only generally—The like with respect to heirs and joint heirs—The bone not to be broken— The good fruit—Born of the Spirit—Second Birth or New Birth—Christ in the Woman's form—The Woman made to complete the happiness of man—The standard, or ensign—Sun of Righteousness—The Prince of Peace—The sword left to guard the tree of life, being the promise made to the woman, for her seed to bruise the head of the serpent—The promise made to the woman to complete the happiness of man.

All generally under the above heads, we may now understand as exclusively applying to the subject of this collection j but as they appeared too mysterious heretofore, to say how they could be fulfilled, they have been mostly excluded, excepting in some instances where the context pointed out their application to the Child in a more particular manner.




Back to the church, the standard, all must come;

For in the altar I was seen at first,

And in the altar did the grory burst,

Where Simeon did the holy Child behold:

And in the altar are the plates of gold. S. E. of Faith, 9

I'll bring a Mystery in the end,

That shall lor ever last. S. E. of F. 14.

To fulfil all righteousness, the Womax must be a helpmate for Man, to complete his happiness—

Your captain too shall quickly come
And bring all to an end,

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And fix liis gloriou,s empire o'er

The wise whose hearts will bend:
As in a humble manger here

Kings did their sovereign see,
So my low handmaid doth appear

To all a mystery. S. E.ofF. 16.

Wha-t good news the angels bring!

What glad tidings of our king!

Christ descending from his throne

To bring his Fathers glory down;

Saints shall see it and rejoice,

Hell shall tremble at his voice—

Jews and Gentiles shall agree,

Join in Christian unity;

Heathens, coming from afar;

Worship at the glorious Star. S. E. of F. 32.

. —To the Fuln Ess it cannot come, / Until the Bride be found: '/ Out of her closet she must go, 'With jewels deckt around; S.E.of F. 50.

For here's the pearl of great price,

And unto thee 'tis given.— S. E. of F. 40.

"When the fulness of the time was come, God 6ent his Son made of a woman, made under the law,"—a mystery which no man can explain. If it began with the woman at first, it must end with her at last; and now I must stand the trial of what I say, as I am ordered to put in print, that the woman in the xii of Rev. is myself. Therefore, it was written by Isaiah, "Rejoice, thou barren, that dost not bear."—S. E. of F. 42, 102, 151.

Had you ne'er stoop'd to eat the fruit at first,
You never should have stooped at the last;
But now my flock I'll lead them by a Child,
Till all like lambs are brought into my fold. S. E. of F. 51.
—When he. in the temple came,

Simeon the Child did know.—
Now to the prophet thou must turn,

To discern the mystery—
"Oh, thou desire of nations come,"

Is now fuliill'd in thee. ..V. E. of F. 57.

Woman by the Holy Ghost shall come
To full perfection, equal with the Man;

Bone of his bone, and flesh like his become,

Dividing substance, but in heart as one;

The Seed that's planted in the virgin's womb,

Not of herself, doth to perfection come. S, E. ofF. 88.

Bring now the woman, let her come,

That writes or acts as thou hast done;

Then an impostor thou shalt be,

And say another acts like thee:

No woman ever did assume'

Tosay a Child was ever born.

As Mary did the Son <>f God—

Now where's the woman will appear

To shew herself the Bride so clear I S. E. of F. 92.

Did I not tell you, in the end,

The mysteries would be great i
The Prophet's word is on record—

A Child should lead you alL S. E. of F. 112.

If I bring them to the manger,

Will they now the Babe despise?
If thay do not, I do tell them,

All by their forefathers done
I wilj blot out of my memory,

If they to the purpose come. S. E. of F. 119.

'Twas the Two Lights that Simeon be did see,

The Jews and Gentiles, glorious lights to be;

And why so glorious did these two appear?

Because the Virgin did the Saviour bear;

And to the Gentiles thou must surely come.

The Prophet's words must unto all be known:

"Rejoice, Thou Barren! Thou Who Dost Wot Bear,

"Break forth in singing, thy Deliverer's near.

S. E.qf F. 121.

I have chosen me a Shepherd, in whom I findno fault j if you choose him, I will choose you.

S. E. of F. 134.

There is one that cometh after me, that is preferred before me.—S. E. of F. 132.

Do my shepherds see no danger near?

Nor my Bible yet discern?
They mistake the Heavknly Stranger,

In what way he meant to come. S. E. of Ft 141.

—The mysteries 1 shall clear;
For then the Woman all will free,
And of the earth judges must be.

So here's the judgment-day for man,

To free the Woman, or condemn,

For saying I Am In Her Form,

And prove the Fulness now is come. S.E. of F. 175.

—From the Gentiles now the Heir must come;
And let the generations to appear:
The third and fourth are pronounced here.—
For all will find the Heiress now is come—
Look to my Gospel, and you may discern
The Barren Womb doth to you all appear.—
—Here's a Hannah that obtain'd by prayer,
And for the Gentiles now has gut an II: Ik.
For to possess the Promise that first was made—
The Woman's Seed to bruise the serpent's head.

S. E. of F. 214.
Men are stumbled—

To find me present in the Woman's Form;
The lime nor fulness no man doth discern. S. E. of F. 220.

Then here's the Evening Star—

But 'tis the Morning Star must in her rise.

S. E. of F. 22*

For men and devils thou wilt laugh to scorn,
When once thou find'st the Man-child is but born.1— -
Then Satan's malice it may rage in vain,
And thou wilt smile at all the sons of men. .:t rrift

So love and anger will together burn;
And 'tis for men alone that thou wilt mourn;
For thou'lt rejoice to see the Man-child born.

S. E. of P. 225.

Christ is compared to the second Adam; then there must come a second Eve, to bring the GodHead and Manhood to a perfect likeness. For as the Bone was taken from MAN, and made Woman, in man's likeness; then Christ, who is the second Adam, must have a Bone taken from him also, to fulfil the law of God and the Gospel of Christ. S. E. of F. 277.

But by my Bone I'll prove it here,

I am the living head. S. E. of F. 278.

I bid you persevere—
So cast on M E your destiny,
To give the Woman here j

Improve Jouf call, I tell you alf,

I'll act like Satan there.
Who claim'd my word, condemn'd his Lord,

For to bring on the fall;
For Man must die was his reply.

And Death was pass'd on all;
Then now 'lis Life brings on the strife-
Behold an Infant cry,
The mother's pain doth all remain,

When it is brought so nigh.
Ye sons of men, could you discern

The lines that here go deep.
You'd see what Birth must bring you forth,

And all like children weep.—
But now be wise betimes to rise,

The Fulness now is come,
That in di- guise, before your eyes,

I'm in the Woman's Form. S. E. of F. 080.

I ask, when was this vision seen, of the Woman* .travailing in birth and crying to be delivered? Was it before our Saviour was born, or since? Your answer must be, since. Then I ask, if Satan could appear in heaven, to Christ, to destroy him there, or the Virgin Mary could be travailing with child after Christ ascended into glory, and all was finished? Then, if you cannot make it good that it is past, it must be to come. You will then be ready to ask me, who is the Man-child that is to rule all nations with a rod of iron?


—In the Woman I stand here:

So with the Woman let them stand,

And every promise now command:

For every mystery I shall clear,

And place them in the seven here;

It is the Mother and the Son,

And Abel's vengeance now must come;

And Abraham's promise must appear,

And Isaac next—

To raise a fallen David's throne. S.E. of F.Continuationfit.

Men now as gods they may appear;
But I shall fully answer here,

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