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More Marvellous than the First.

Entered at Stationers Hall.


I'rmied by Merchant and GaUbin, Ingram-Court; and sold by W. Tozeb, Cbapcl-Place, Duke-Street, Westminster-Road, Soutbwark ; alto by W. SraoifDt, Gandy-Lane, and the Miss EvELiions, St. Sidwell's, Eicter; S. Hibst, Leeds; VV. Wumtx, Vurk; James Li Out, CoventrySand, Stourbridge; Edmund Eakir, Urninsler; C. Bradley, Digbetl), Birmingham; 11. Goldsmith, Gravcscnd; and T. Turpin, Greenwich


(Price Tuo .Shillings and Six-Pence.)

My last Book was a Wonder to Men, and such as strangers could not understand; as all names were concealed; but, as I told them the next would be a greater wonder, it certainly will to the believers, when they know what has been revealed to me since the 12th of September. For I may say with David—

"The dawn of each returning <lay
Fresh beams of knowledge brings,

And from the dark returns of night
Divine instruction springs."

Since this powerful visitation of the Lord came to me, like that in ninety-two, I have fresh things revealed to me every day. I am awaked every morning between three and four o'clock; I sit up in my bed till the day breaks; and have communications given to me as soon as I awake. When the day breaks I rise and go down into the dining-room by myself; the moment I enter the room, 1 feel as though I was surrounded with angels; feeling a heavenly joy which I cannot describe, and which has taken from me my natural appetite; for three weeks past, I could not take any breakfast, had no appetite to my dinner; neither could I drink my tea in the afternoun, and had no appetite for my supper; yet I feel no want of food.—As soon as I had finished my last Book, new things were revealed to me; and I was ordered to have seven respectable friends to meet together at four o'clock on Thursday afternoon, September 23d, to hear read what had been revealed to me, and what I was directed to do; that they might be witnesses. However contrary to our judgment;

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