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thy writings in hand, to bring them oat to the world, they may judge those threatening* stand still against him, without discerning that he vent through all his otrlce at the first; and though I have tried him every way, by ordering thee to reprove him, and thy friends also, and, as he complains, wearied him out with letters; yet know be hath never acted as a Judas to betray thee in that letter, which no man could understand till now; tor though he wrote to thy 'friends that it was a farago of sense and nonsense; yet be never brought forward that communication, to prove his assertion, as a man of a wicked and malicious heart migh have done, to condemn thee.. and confound all thy friends; as no one could answer to it. But know, I have tried him every way, by public letters, and by a private interview; tlierefore, I ordered thee to send Hows unto him; buj as be did not bring it forward against thee, I have notjnrdered thee to bring it forward agjfnlt him, wb^Tather to justify him. If he acknowledges the tntfh of wiA I have said, then know I tohL standing against him * him and by him, till the wj| went' o«^ for'

others to judge for thcirselvwaij^^ke the cause in hand; but no man could d£^~a oftr judgment, to explarff that letter of 1797, %Rl now; for what title had I to entrust to any man, to raise him high'at that time? Neither could this be done; however high I had raised thee in the world, the tide could not torn* that way; but here is the title that I have told thee of— the Comforter's co which is the Prince Of Peace, which 1 have shewn thee, throughout the scripture, how the Child is spoken ot by the Prophet'', and how I spuke or" him in my Gospel —a Son to be revealed in the end, to have power and great glorv. Then know, the title that is given to the Child must be entrusted to the adopted Father of the Child; because he is entrusted to stand in my stead. But now I ask mankind how any one can prove his judgment clear, to say that a marriage is thieatened to a man in this prophecy, to bring him low, when I have said that it is to raise him high and give him a title he had not before? Thus none discerned what they read, to judge that the threatenings were for his danger to disgrace himself and family, if he came into the mock marriage here mentioned; and now I tell thee, in like manner, that thousands may read this letter at first, and judge it stood as he judged, without observing what they reatl: just so do men read the scriptures ; and therefore I said, my people perish for want of knowledge ;and itisfor wantof knowledge of the scriptures, the way and manner they must be worked round to be fulfilled, and the strange events that must take place in the end, beforejmen can prove the Scriptures true, or prove my Gospel true; it is for want of this knowledge of men's not seeing what they read, to understand it aright, that makes u^^Jby all is finished, because I said it is finishes* vuen I was on me cross to give up my life for the ttgwgqrftton of man: for then men nor devils coiflRgp fro further; they had gone to the extent of aft their malice, and completely finished ft. But know, I told them I should come again, like the father who made the marriage for his -son." Here I shall leave the reader to draw their judgment from this book.


From Joanna"*southcott. Monday, July 11 tit, 1314.


IVmed by W. Mahohant, Ingram-Court; and sold by T. HtrsTt.iT,

Uttke-Sirect, Gtujvenor-Suuare; VV. Tozr.K, Chapel-Place, DukeStrcet, Wi-srmin-ter-Roaii, Soutliwark; also by tfie MmRvti.ticri!, Si. Sidnell'a, Exeter; S. iitsari Leeds; W. Waskan, York; James Lioht, Coventry-Sueei. Stourbridge; Edmund Baker, Uinmitcr; C. b .\m.; v, \>. ii. i i, Birmingham ; Jons Ne*sit, GraveMnd | ''.u '' i . npin, UretuwicU.

(Price Sixpence.)

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to which are added



THIS collection has been made at the desire of many of the friends, and the object aimed at has been to bring together the most prominent passages which foretel the birth of the Prince of Peace, under his various scriptural appellations, and which, at the same time, could bear no other explanation, though they may have been read over and over again by the believers in the mission of Joanna, without understanding that such a miracle was to be the result and fulfilment of her mission, until the Third Book of Wonders made its appearance; but, on becoming possessed of this key to her prophecies and to the scriptures, every one became surprised at his own blindness as to things then appearing so very plain.

Brevity being requisite for this plan, a great variety of passages have therefore been "omitted, which, having the key before mentioned, may now

W. MaRomNt. Printer, logram-Couit, Loudon.

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