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From 1796 to 1800,



Put in the Newspapers in 1813.



Printed by Marchant and Galibin, Ingram-Court; and sold by W. Tojeu,
Chapel-Place, Duke-Street, We&tniiiutci-Road, Southwark; alio by
the Miss Eveleighs, St. Sidwell's, Exeter; S. Hirst, Leeds; VV.
'Vioaiv, Yurkj; James Light, Coventry-Street, Stourbridge; Edmund
Baker, Iluiinster; C. Bradley, Digbeth, Birmingham; John Nesbit,
Graresend; and T. Tubus, Greenwich.



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I SHALL begin this Book with the Prophecies, which I was ordered to put into the newspapers, as they may otherwise be lost.

The first advertisement, in the Times paper, Oct. 28, 1813:

Joanna SouthcolCs Letter to the Nation.

I, Joanna Southcott, have been more than twelve years publicly warning the nation of what the Lord hath revealed unto me he will do upon the earth; and the events have been daily fulfilling abroad and at home, which causes some to believe the Visitation to be from the Lord; while others, with the most infamous abuse and falsehood, have publicly declared me to be an Impostor; and others, with the same ignorance and folly, say that my Writings are from the devil, full of blasphemy, and wondered that the Bishops should have suffered me to go on in this manner. I have borne the mockery and abuse of men ; but now let all their wonder cease; for I shall return to mock them, as they have mocked me, and prove it is the devil, in the form of men, from whence all this malice and persecution proceed.

And now I shall say with David, "If I have been vile, I will still be viler:" and if I have been bold, I will be bolder.—To my other Prophecies I have added two Books, lately published, entitled, " Book of Wonders;" and five more will appear hereafter, which I defy all the Bishops in England, the Members of Parliament, and all the Judges in the land, with all the judgment they can form together, to be able to prove these two books of Wonders, with the other Prophecies, were ever brought round by the wisdom and knowledge of the devil, or by the wisdom and knowledge of an Impostor.

Let the Bishops come forward with the Rev. Mr. Pomeroy, and I will soon convince them that I could as soon make the world, as I could make my writings, and bring them round in the manner, they have been brought round to be fulfilled. I am not so wise as the world makes me; therefore, I shall give-unto the Lord the honour and glory that is due unto his name: and those that say they are from the devil, I shall turn their blasphemy upon their own heads; because it is blasphemy to say, that such wisdom, knowledge, and power, can be in the devil. And I was answered this morning, that if men went on in this way, and the Bishops did not awaken, to prove the calling is from on high, to stop this blasphemy in men, that awful judgments should now come on, upon them and upon the nation: for these are the words said unto me:—

"I will laugh at their calamity; I will mock "when their fear cometh: when your fear cometh "as desolation, and your destruction cometh as a u whirlwind: when distress and anguish come "upon you; then shall they call upon Me, but I "will not answer; they shall seek me early, but "they shall not find me: for I have looked and "there is none to help ; and I wondered that there "was none to uphold; therefore mine own arm "brought salvation unto Me; and my fury upheld "me; and I will tread down the people in mine "anger, and make them drunk in my fury; I will "bring down their strength to the earth."

This is the voice of the Lord unto me, from the scripture Prophecies.—" The watchmen are blind; M they are all ignorant; they are all dumb dogs "that cannot bark, sleeping, laying down to "slumber."—But this is the answer of the Lord to me—" They shall be visited of the Lord of hosts "with thunder and with earthquake, and great "noise, with storms and tempests, and the name "of devouring fire. Stay yourselves and wonder, u cry ye out, and cry, they are drunken, but not "with wine; they are staggered, but not with "strong drink. The Lord shall go forth as a "mighty man; he shall stir up jealousy as a man "of war; he shall cry, yea, roar ; he shall prevail "against his enemies.—I have long time holden "my peace; I have been still and refrained my". self; now will I cry like a travailing woman: I "will destroy and devour at once."

Here are the threatenings, that I am now ordered to bring out to the Nation, of the Scriptures that the Lord will fulfil, if men now carelessly sleep, after This Warning; but if they awake as men out of sleep, and obey the call; then they may look to the Promises in the following chapters: Isaiah 1—8, 9, chapter xlvi. chapter Ixv. and chapter lxvi.

This I am ordered to put in the public papers; and if I have no one to come forward to plead my cause for me, the Lord is working a way for me to plead it myself, and shame all that shamed me, and confound all that confounded me.

Now as Rowland Hill called my friends threeand-twenty mad fools, for believing that my Visitation was from the Lord; let him bring forward three-and-twenty mad fools to prove these Two Books, which I have lately published, with my other Prophecies, were ever brought round by the wisdom of a woman, or the wisdom of the devil; then they must be mad fools indeed, if they attempt it; for it has been none but mad fools that have written a book against me yet, by Satan's forming himself in them; and that their publications have proved.


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