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The second Advertisement, in the Morning Herald, November 9th, 1813.


AS the Public say that the Bishops will not give themselves the trouble of searching whether my Visitation is of God, or not, the following answer was given to me by the Spirit:—

"If they go on according to the judgment of men, and thou art confined one year in this house, as a prisoner, through their neglect, then in one year I will cut them all off, like the three signs I have mentioned. Know I told thee I should begin at the sanctuary."

The first sign was of the Bishop's death, in 1796, which was put in the hand of the Rev. Mr. Pomeroy. The second sign was in 1801 ; as the Bishop of Exeter refused to hear of the Visitation, I was ordered to come to London, and St. Peter's bell should toll for the Bishop when I returned to Exeter again, and this was fulfilled in 1805. The other was the threatening to the Bishop of London, in 1804, as he refused to hear of the Visitation, when applied to. And, as the Lord fulfilled his word with them, I am answered, that he will fulfil his word with all, if they do not exert the power they are invested with. And this I am strictly commanded to put in the newspaper.

And now I am called back, to my former writings, where it is said, "One month you'll see your destiny, what will befall your land •" so this month fixes the destiny for the ensuing year, either for blessings or judgments. If the Bishops keep silence till this month of November is over, then they may keep silence until next November, 1814. For I am answered, that now the time is come of the fulfilment of a letter I sent to the Rev. Mr. Pomeroy, in 1796 :—" Awake, my Shepherds, saith the Lord, lest I kindle a fire in mine anger, and a wrath in my fury, that shall burn to the nethermost hell. But if ye awake, O Zion, and put on your beautiful garments, O Jerusalem, then shall your light break forth as the morning, and your righteousness appear as the noon-day sun; and God, even our God, will give us his blessing.

These are the promises, these are the threatenings, which I was ordered to send to him, in 1796; and now I am answered, that the Lord will fulfil them one way or other, according as the command is obeyed or disobeyed. The Bishops are now called upon to judge between the Shepherd and the Sheep, from a book lately published, entitled, "The Second Book of Wonders."


%* The Book alluded to is sold at M. Jones's, No. 5, Newgate-Street.

In consequence of the last-mentioned advertisement, many persons applied to the bookseller for the book therein pointed out; but when the "Second Book of Wonders" was offered to them as such; they all refused taking it, saying that they wanted the Warning to the Bishops; and nothing that was said could induce any one to take the book. In consequence of such a misconception, more copies of the «' Second Book of Wonders" were sent to the bookseller, with the following words written on the title page of each :—

This is the " Second Book Of Wonders," mentioned in the newspaper, that the Bishops are applied to for to judge between the Rev. Mr. Pomeroy and me, from the letters which passed between us in 1804. See 31st page.

The first wonder is, that Joanna Southcott hath

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]ived more than sixty years in the world, yet unknown to the world, that she still stands a wonder to mankind. Secondly, the world is a wonder to her, that she lives in a world unknown to her, and she to them. So here stand the livo wonders, the Man and Woman wondering at each other; but whence more wonders appear, then all their wonders may cease.

Joanna Southcott.

This requires some explanation, why I say I have lived more than sixty years in the world, and yet unknown to the world: it is because they know not in what manner the Lord drew my heart to him in my early age; neither do they know what strength of faith the Lord gave me to rely upon the promises of God, which stand on record—that the gates of hell should never prevail against a true believer in Christ: for he that believeth in the Son, must believe in the Father also. This is unknown to the world—the strength of faith that the Lord hath given me, to believe and rely upon all his promises, before I was visited by the Spirit of Prophecies; and how the Lord made himself known to me by small things, before he called me to great ones. Therefore they know not the manner of. my Visitation: for this is unknown to the world—they know not the Master, nor the Servant: they know not the Father nor the Child: neither do they know the days of their own Visitation.

So here I stand unknown to man,

And to the world unknown;
And though believers I have some,

The world from them is gone.

As they are gone from the wisdom of the world, through faith, which the worldly wisdom cannot join in; because the world by wisdom knoweth not God: and if believers are joined with unbelievers, they think they are mad.

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Now I shall come to the other observation, why I live in the world unknown to me: it is because I have been deceived by professors of religion of all sects and parties 1 have found men professing to be my friend one day, and my enemy the next; I have found men professing a true belief in the Scriptures, but when put to the trial of their faith, I 6nd they are weighed in the balance and found wanting. I have heard many from their pulpit preach the truth of the Gospel; but when I have brought them to their own doctrine, they have denied in conversation the very things they had been preaching. And this I have experienced among all sects and parties of religion; so that I may say, I live in a world that I know not what religion they are of; for when put to the trial, they deny the very things they profess to believe. This is one reason why I say I live in the world unknow to me; another reason is the different principles I have met with in mankind, from the sincere friendship I have met with in some, and the ingratitude and cruelty I have met with in others: and from my general observations of the world, from the different conduct I see in men, it makes me at a loss to account for it; as I have seen as much difference in mankind, as there is between the angels of glory and the angels that fell. Thus the world has been a wonder to me all the days of my life; but now it is revealed to me why this difference is in men, which causes all my wonder to cease.

The following Letters, sent to the ministers at Exeter, I was ordered to take out of my writings, opened at the Neckinger, and lay them before the public.

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A Letter, which I sent to the Rev. Mr. Pomeroy, July 11 th, 1796.

Rev. Sir,

I will now give you the meaning of the mystery I told you of, in as small a compass as possible. You may think me simple in my manner; but the wisdom of God is foolishness with man; and the wisdom of man is foolishness with God: for as high as the heavens are from the earth, so are God's ways above man's ways, and his thoughts above man's thoughts; therefore we must become fools for Christ, if we will win souls to Christ, as counted fools, but making many wise in our foolishness, is the wisdom of God made manifest.

You may remember that I told you, my Fatlicra House was a Type of the Nation; and in what manner I was sent to it. As I told you the particulars I need not enlarge, but come to the purpose. The Lord will cut short his work in righteousness, and make bare his arm on his holy mountain; he will come as a refining fire, and as a fuller's soap; he will go on conquering and to conquer, till he hath put all his enemies under his feet: every proud heart must become humble, and every lofty look become low; for the lion and the lamb must lie down together: and till this is accomplished there will be wars and fighting among us. We are threatened with the sword, plague, aud famine, that those who have shewed no mercy may have judgments without mercy: mercy is God's darling attribute, but judgments are his strange work: and strange are all his works here; for his wisdom is hid in the great deep, and his paths are past man's finding out. Be not faithless, but believe; for the heavens are gathering blackness; the thunder bolt of God's word is threatened us: the harvest of the

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