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Could'st thou hate man? as tliou'st discem'd.

In grief they stood thy friends;
In thy distress they calm'd thy breast,

And every aid did lend
To calm thy grief, and give relief:

Their friendship every way
By foes was tried—the field is wide;

And now like thee I say:
Though it not clear to thee appears

How foes the victory got;
But I shall further answer here,

And tell thee it was not
The foes that won: I shall begin—

Ne'er gain'd the heart of thee;
But to thy friends thou must discern,

(The way thy friends didst see
To shine more bright before thy sight,)

That men thou could'st not hate;'
Thy enemies did make them bright,

And love in thee create.

"Now see the way men got the day:

Thy pondering deep I know; Because thou'st ponder'd every way,- • I

How men their love did shew.
To make it clear that thou must err,

For to condemn mankind,
When Satan strong in man appear'd

In malice to combine,
With arts and lies, (like men grow wise,)

With all the. rage of hell.
Thou knowest thy foes did thee despise,

Which made thy friends to swell
In love the same, who knew thy name.

And took thy every part:
Then against man how can I come

With an unfeeling heart?
The thoughts of thee mankind must see;

For I shall answer here,
This pcriect likeness is in Mi:

My Bible so I'll clear.
Because their love I sure can pro»e.

In every age that's pa-t.
It bath been seen so strong ii

From enemies that burst
So all the Prophets call to mil

How men their love d Tbomgh Satan's Jury they d

In man to bring a blow


Upon the head where man obey'd;

Yet they did not tarn back,
But still went on, as I command;

Then can my love be slack,
Not to regard, nor yet reward

The love in man to Me?
Which I have prov'd from those who lov'd,

By their great enemy.
And to my Gospel now I'll come:

The love in man was great
When Satan's fury it was strong,

The rage of hell did heat
The pride of man: I tell thee plain

He work'd it every way:
To make men judge Me poor and mean,

Know what my foes did say—
A poor man I must surely be;

My parents they did know.
So here's the pride in men, you sec,

When I appear'd so low j
But then in man the love did come*

And my Disciples see,
How they in love to Mb did burn,

Despis'd by enemies;
A fiery zeal did they reveal,

What were their hearts and thoughts.
Did Peter then his love conceal ?—

"Let fire from heaven be brought," Was spoke by he, you all may see.

For to destroy my foes.
And though they were reprov'd by Mb.

Yet still their love, thou knovrst,
It did go on the same to burn,

Till they died for my sake.
Then now to men I thus shall come,

Their cause I'll undertake:
For just like thee, they all shall see,

I cannot now bate man:
The foes have got the victory,

To make M B love more strong.
For though the words, which I have spoke.

To theu they are not clear,
How they should gain the victory,

Thy pondering thoughts appear:
Twas from thy foes, thou well dost know.

That made men brighter shine, This way to gain the heart of thee;

Thy ponderings call to mind.

"Then see it clear, the victory her«

Came from thy deadly foes; Because that I shall call thee back,

The mysteries deep unclose. Call thou to mind when all unkind

Were sickly and lukewarm; I ask thee what inveterate foe

That thou could'st then discern? For ninety-two bring to thy view.

When all appear'd as friends;
And out of love pretended so,

Satan would gain his ends;
If thou'dst go on, as thou'dst begun,

The small still voice to hear.
They told thee dangers would come on,

And thou hadst room to fear.
So thus in love thy friends did prove

Twas done in love to thee.
Thy former writings now call back,

Then sick of men to be;
Sick of them all, thou know'st the call,

Thou surely wast at first;
For now I ask thee, wherc's the man

On whom thy iove was plac'd?
Thou answerest none; then now discern

The way I'm warning here: Thou'dst not one friend for to depend

That thou could'st trust, be clear;
Nor yet a foe, thou well dost know,

That did in anger burst.
They judg'd in folly ihou didst go,

And so their words were plac'd;
Sp sickly here did all appear,

And thou grew'st sick of men; And thou roay'st easy see it here,

Judge from thy written hand:
The world adieu ! thou well dost know,

In heart was spoke by thee:
Sick of mankind was then thy mind—

In checker'd lines thou'dst see
The hearts of all, when 1 did call.

And warn'd thee at the first;
In black and white, thou'dst judge anghl.

For so mankind did burst,
And so went on, 'tis known to meu,

Till thou grew'st sick of all j
But trusted in Me thy guide to be.

And so to judge thy call: If 'twas of God, it would be known;


Thy reasoning thoughts went deep-;
But sick of men thou sure wast come,

As they were ail asleep.
Because no love they there did prove.

To say, "we'll judge the sound,
"And wait awhile who way beguile,

"The truth may soon be found,
*^ As years roll on." Did they begin

This way their reason ruie?
No : well thou know'st it was not so;

But love thou saw'st grow cold,
Till Pomcroy came: behold the man;

He work'd thy passions high;
Because thou know'si the way he went

The spirits for/to try-
But I'll end here, and say no more,

But to the purpose come;
And, from the pondering heart of thee,

I'll shew the state of man.

"Now I shall begin from tby youth, where thou sayest thou regardedst men, as they regarded thee. This I shall bring back to the Creation. For, though Adam fell, I pitied the man; because he repented of what he had clone. And from Abel ye may discern, that the Lord was not forgotten by them; for as thou sayest thou hast met with a mixture in mankind, some shewing their love and friendship, while others were enemies; thou must condemn the innocent with the guilty, if thou condemnest all men, because of some, who were thy enemies, if thou dost forget thy friends. This was my feeling for man, in the first age of the world. But now I sliall come to the deluge, and come to thy pondering thoughts: when all men forsook thee, that thou hadst not amongst thy religious acquaintance any man that seemed to concern himself about thee, all become cold and lukewarm; then thou saidst thou wouldest bid the world adieu, and bid adieu to men. In this state the w-orld was come, when the Lord said it repented him that he had made man; that he Would destroy man whom he had created; so there was but a Noah found to build the ark; and he, like thee, was judged a fool; but now I ask thee, where will you find, from Scripture,that men rose to be warm and zealous with him, while others were against him? This discord did not arise, in the latter years of Noah's warning; therefore, I tell thee, they became perfectly like the men to thee, regardless of the warning, judging him a fool, as men judge thee..

"This was the state of man, when the world was drowned, in the perfect state thou foundest men, when in thy heart thou despisedst them all. But thou sayest, that thou didst not despise them; though thou wast wearied out with their conduct, and wishedst to forsake them, as thou sawest they had forsaken thee. Then I tell thee thou despisedst their conduct, if thou didst not despise the men, and wert weary of them, as I was weary of the world, when 1 destroyed it. So now judge from thy own feelings, what was the state of mankind, when I forsook them all, and brought the deluge upon them. Yet know, at that time I had a Noah to build the ark, that by obedience man might be preserved and tried again. Here^ in the likeness with thee, to have one man that I directed thee to, was the beginning after the flood; then look to the Scriptures through, and discern the ages back. I had some men warm with the prophets, to fear my threatenings, to fear my judgments; so that all men did not come like the antediluvian world, for Me to have no man to regard my name; and yet, I tell thee, in a dead state were the Jews become, when I took man's nature upon Me; and yet, in that dead state, there were many, as well as Simeon, who were waiting for my coming. Then now discern in my Gospel: though my enemies were furious, as Satan's M'orking was strong in man i yet, on the


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