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.'I SHALL begin this book with my observations on the weather, which I was ordered to jnark, from Christmas-day till the New Year's day, old stile.'

December 25.—Christmas-day was mild, father heavy, rained a little jn the afternoon.

Sunday, the 2o\—The weather was remarkably line; the sun shone beautifully.

27.—The weather was much changed; the frost came in, and a thick heavy fog, which increased so much towards the evening, that even torches were not sufficient to travel with in safety.

, The fog continued till January the Sd. It lasted eight days; many accidents happened, and some lives were lost, people not being able to see their way, or the dangers that were before them, from the darkness occasioned by the fog. So the

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Coated by W Maecuant, Ingram Court,

year ended and the new year began during the* continuation of the fog.

Now I shall come to the last day of the year, old stile, Wednesday, January 12th. The sun set very brilliantly, with a bright sparkling lustre, too dazzling for my eyes to look at.

The first day of the new year, old sflle, the sun shone very bright; and though the frost continued, yet it was a very fine, clear day; the weather contiuues very cold; and several people have lost their lives, from the severity of the frost.

The Answer of the Spirit.

"I shall answer thee from the weather. As the old year ended and the new year began with men, according to the new stile which they have made; so they will find new things come upon them, which their dark benighted minds have no knowledge of; and through unbelief they are so blinded, and their understanding so darkened, that they neither discern what they are doing, nor where they are going; for, as the old stile is altered by men, just so is my Bible altered by men; because they have all placed it another way, not discerning its fulfilment, in what manner I have spoken of the end. Therefore they do not see the days of their visitation, because their wisdom hath placed my Bible wrong. And let men see in what manner I ordered thee to put in the paper the Scripture prophecies, which I told thee I should go oh to fulfil, which they no more discerned, in what manner I spoke of them, to compare them to the days that are come, than they discerned in what manner I have spoken to thee; for both alike is darkness to them, that in seeing they cannot see, nor -in''hearing can they understand* and as the darkness of-their minds, * so the year ended, and the new began, by the

'wisdom of men. But now come to the old stile, which I told thee I should always go to; for this I shall bring to thee and the believers. So as the year ended to thee, with a sparkling lustre round the sun, too bright for thy eyes to look into; and as the sun arose again the next morning, with a sparkling lustre of light; perfectly so thou wilt find (he event of this year will happen to thee and true believers: though the year ended in a cloud to thy mind, because thou canst riot look into the depth of my wisdom, in the way I have directed thee, in the year that is past; this is too bright for thy understanding;; it takes thy senses, as the sparkling lustre of the sun, took thy sight, so that thou couldest not look at it \ perfectly so I now tell thee, if .thou wouldest call back the strength of thy faith, when the visitation of my Spirit was so strong upon thee, all appeared to thee like a bright sparkling lustre of my ways, of my wisdom, and the fulfilment of my decrees; that now thy light shall break forth as the morning, and thy righteousness appear as the noon-day sun, that I shall make bare my arm amongst mankind, and prove that thy visitation was from Me the living Lord, by the light of my Spirit breaking out upon men, and the power of my Spirit to awaken them. This was thy faith, that I should fulfil the vision I shewed thee—arise, shine; for the light is come, and the glory of the Lord i risen: therefore arise, and shine, O Zion; put on thy beautiful garments, O Jerusalem. Thest things appeared to thee, by an eye though they were done; yet still over thy mind, from the wisdoi had ordered thee to give the w tign before them; but this sign. ended in clouds and thick da light appeared to men; neitlu thee; because the ways of men


mind, and darkened thy understanding, perfectly like the weather, of the ending and the beginning of the )rear, placed by men's wisdom in one likeness. And know I told thee that this would be the state of men, till I began to work in their hearts; and then the truth of my words would break out, like the sparkliug lustre of the sun. For they will see, in the ensuing year, the truth of the sign, which I told thee in the year that is past; and therefore I shewed thee that sparkling lustre in the sun, when the year ended, by my stile, as I had told thee before. Now, let the worldly-wise men answer, how there came to be so great a difference in the sunshine and the weather, of the ending and the beginning of the year, of the new stile placed by the wisdom of men, and the old stile that I told thee I should go to, for days and for years; and that ended and began, perfectly as I told thee I should work round, to bring the sparkling sun to light, like the noon-day sun before them.

"Here let men discern in what manner I spoke of the sign; and to shew thee that that sign should be fulfilled, I shewed thee the brightness of the sun in the end. Here let men of wisdom answer, how this should come to pass, for thee to bring out such a likeness to men, to compare the darkness of the weather to the darkness of their understanding, as the year is placed by them; and to bring the light like the light of my word, from the sign of the ending of the year as placed by Me. Do men simply suppose, that if thou hadst set a sign from thyself, or from a wrong spirit", whieh is not of God, that I should work a way round to shew thee that that sign should be fulfilled, by the sign I had set in the heavens, of the setting and rising sun, when it came to my appointed time? This no man of learning who believes that my eye is every where present, that nothing can be

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