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"Prepare to meet thy God, 0 Israel; and answer for thyself to the Laws of Moses."

Deuteronomy xxviii.

"Now let them be strict to observe all the Laws which I gave to Moses, if they expect deliverance from them; and let them Took to the sixteen verses, and see all the curses which Moses pronounced again&t them, if they departed from his commandments.

"So if they will be judged by the Laws of Motes, then by his LaVs they shall be judged. For, if they had their houses full of {old and silver, they shall never be restored to the promised land, without they keep every command of Moses perfectly.


Come to their other Prophets.

Imiah I'm. 16.
"The Lord bath laid on him the iniquities of us all."

Zcchariuh xii. 10.

"They ihall look upon Me whom they have pierced."

"Thus are Two Things set before the Hebrews; let them choose which they will; either to keep the Commandments of Moses perfectly; or To Acknowledge Their Transgressions, * spoken by the Prophets.

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I SHALL begin this Book with the following, which' was inserted in the Observer Newspaper of Aprils, 1814.

Questions put to the professors of religion, who hare condemned Joanna Southcott's last Book.

I am informed, from my lust publication, announciug the coming of Shiloh, to gather the Jews and restore them to the promised land, by a Second Son being born, by the power of the Most High, that it is by some called blasphemy; that others say, it makes Jesus Chkist an insufficient Saviour, and that .they want no more Saviours; and that others say, the doctrine of the Millennium is doubtful.

As to these people I am answered, that it is for want of understanding the true meaning of the Scriptures, that such wrong judgment is drawn by them; therefore they are referred to the following passages in die Gospel:—

John, ii. 19—21. "Jesus answered and said onto them, destroy this temple, and in three days I will raise it up.—He spake of the temple of hi* body."

John, x. 17—18. "I lay down my life, that I might take it again. I have power to lay it down, and I have power to take it again."

u Now let those who reprove answer, from the words of the Jews, Matthew, xxvii. 4/>~-47, Mow I can come down from the cross, to do away the shame that was cast upon Me, being condemned is a guilty malefactor. Can I prove the poarr, *hich I said, in the day* of the flesh, i had got, *» being the Son of Go Dt before I have shewed that power, in raising up a Body uv the hkenes* that I iaid down

"Let this be answered by the sons of men,

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