Clavis synoptica hymenomycetum Europaeorum, conjunctis studiis

Hardwicke & Bogue, 1878 - 240 páginas

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Página 21 - WT, BA THE FLORA OF MIDDLESEX: A Topographical and Historical Account of the Plants found in the County. With Sketches of its Physical Geography and Climate, and of the Progress of Middlesex Botany during the last Three Centuries. With a Map of Botanical Districts. Crown 8vo, 12s.
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Página 20 - MUSHROOMS AND TOADSTOOLS: How to Distinguish easily the Difference between Edible and Poisonous Fungi. Two large Sheets, containing Figures of 29 Edible and 31 Poisonous Species, drawn the natural size, and Coloured from Living Specimens. With descriptive letterpress, 6s. ; on canvas, in cloth case for pocket, los.
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Página 23 - Ireland, and gives a brief notice of the Descent, Birth, Marriage, Education, and Appointments of each Person, his Heir Apparent or Presumptive, a Record of the Offices which he has held, together with his Town Address and Country Residences.

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