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Rule 41. Two copies of the appellant's the first day of the term at which the cause
brief shall be served upon the appellee as is regularly noticed for hearing (or within
soon as printed, and at least twenty days | ten days after service of the printed record
before the first day of the terdi at which the by appellant, if the same is not served at
cause is regularly noticed for hearing. Two least twenty-five days before the first day
copies of the appellee's brief shall be served of the term); and the appellant's brief shall
upon the appellant as soon as printed and be served at least five days before the first
at least five days before the first day of the day of the term (or within ten days after the
term at which the cause is regularly noticed service of complainant's brief). The briefs
for bearing. Provided, however, that if the above mentioned shall fairly present the
printed record and appellant's brief shall be cause each side. Supplemental briefs
served thirty days before the first day of the may be printed and served at any time be-
term, the appellee's brief shall be served at fore the cause is placed upon the call for
least fifteen days before the first day of the argument, but subsequently by special per-
term. In chancery appeals, when the com- mission of the court only. If the brief of
plainant is also appellant, or when the de- either party is not served within the time
fendant appeals from an order overruling a above required, the opposite party may, at
denurter, the foregoing shall apply. In oth- his option, on the first day of the term, have
er chancery appeals heard on pleadings or the cause placed at the foot of the calendar,
on pleadings and proofs, when the complain. or continued, and the court may in proper
ant is appellee, his brief shall be served up- cases order the payment of a counsel fee
on the defendant at least fifteen days before by the party in default.
1 As originally adopted, see 68 N. W. viii.

As amended May 12, 1902.


Rule 46. (a) Circuit courts shall have juris- / writs of certiorari in all cases where they
diction, within their respective counties, in may now be issued by the supreme court to
al mandamus or prohibition proceedings, in- probate courts, circuit court commissioners
rolving the action or nonaction of any offi- and justices of the peace, or any corporate
cer of board of any county, township, city, body or board or officer thereof. Writs of
village or school district, or of the common certiorari and orders to show cause in cases
council of any city or village, and the ac- of mandamus and prohibition shall be made
tior or ponaction of any private corporation returnable and service thereof made within
of officer or board thereof. Said circuit such time as the circuit courts shall upon
courts shall also have jurisdiction to issue each occasion direct.
"As amended April 26, 1901, see 86 N. W. v.

As amended May 12, 1902. 90 N.W.







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