British India, Its Races and Its History Considered with Reference to the Mutinies of 1857: A Series of Lectures Addressed to the Students of the Working Men's College, Volumen2


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Página 25 - I take this fitting occasion of recording my strong and deliberate opinion, that in the exercise of a wise and sound policy the British Government is bound not to put aside or neglect such rightful opportunities of acquiring territory or revenue as may from time to time present themselves...
Página 7 - Have you not been just describing to me a number of murders?" "Yes; but do you suppose I could have committed them. Is any man killed from man's killing? ... Is it not the hand of God that kills him?
Página 8 - The English are the inhabitants of a small and remote island. What business have they to come in ships from so great a distance, to dethrone kings, and take possession of countries they have no right to ? They contrive to conquer and govern the black foreigners, the people of castes, who have puny frames, and no courage. They have never yet fought with so strong and brave a people as the Burmas, skilled in the use of the sword and spear.
Página 15 - The welfare of our possessions in the East requires that we should have on our western frontier an ally who is interested in resisting aggression, and establishing tranquillity, in the place of chiefs ranging themselves in subservience to a hostile power, and seeking to promote schemes of conquest and aggrandizement.
Página 33 - Fancy, if you can, a widow lady with a houseful of mutinous servants who turn out and attack the police. The police knock them on the head, walk into the house, and kindly volunteer to protect the mistress against any violence on their part. A quarrel again breaks out, the truncheons are again successful, and the inspector now politely informs the lady that her house and the estate on which it stands are no longer her own, but will be retained in fee...
Página 149 - Mohammedans, who are intermixed with them, but generally live in separate communities ; the former are gentle, benevolent, more susceptible of gratitude for kindness shown them than prompted to vengeance for wrongs inflicted, and as exempt from the worst propensities of human passion as any people upon the face of the earth...
Página 25 - I venture to think, be a source of strength; for adding to the resources of the public treasury; and for extending the uniform application of our system of government to those whose best interests we...

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