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By J. Wright, Co. 20, Denmark-Eourt, Strand,

And published by VERNOR and HOOD, in the Poultry;

Sold, also, by all the Booksellers in

the United Kingdom.

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43 Glasgow.....

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WE may say of this Work that "vires acquirit cundo,” and we may say, also, of the Proprietors, that the grateful sense they have of the public favour is quickened by the continued partiality which is shewn to their labours.

It would be unjust to the liberality of the enlightened Statesman who now guides the helm of public affairs, not to acknowledge the infinite assistance which literature has received at his hands, in consequence of the abolition of the heavy duty on paper. We trust that the cause of Letters, which has been thus so eminently promoted, will be still further strengthened, by the removal of an obstruction recently interposed by the Stamp Office, which prevents the Reviewer from mentioning the price, or the publisher of the work of whose merits he ventures to form a judgment. This is a petty and disgraceful clog upon literature, and indirectly affects the liberty of the press. The trifling sum which may accrue to the revenue from the measure, will afford a pitiful counterbalance for the inconvenience, difficulties, and frauds it will occasion to persons who, residing at a distance from the Metropolis, are desirous of furnishing themselves with the publications of the day.



"Se lamentar au


Vol. XIII. p. 344, for Sebamentar jangelli,” read gelli." Same page Jast line but one of the Sonnet, for "those eyes," read "these eyes."


P. 372, 1. 26, in the Memoir of Mr. Lofft, for "Tancred," read "Craven Scholarship."

In the Sonnet by the Author of the Series, inserted in this Number, for "scornful," read "insulting view.”

ttt The Acco unt of Mrs. Glover in our next.

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