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the said ship, and the subsequent voyage of part of the crew, in th: ship's boat, from Tofoa, one of the Friendly islands, to Timor, il Dutch settlement in the East Indies. The whole illustrated with

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Climatology of the United States, and of the temperate latitudes of the North-American continent... with isothermal and rain charts

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for promoting christian knowledge has upon the liberality of churchmen : A Sermon, Aylesbury. London, 1815. 8'. Pam. v. 472. - A Reference to Jewish Tradition necessary to an interpreter ei the New Testament : A Sermon .... Cambridge, 1817. 8°. Pani.

v. 313. — Charge to the Clergy of Chester, 1825. Lond. 4°. Pam. v. 1009.

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historical and philosophical, on a plan entirely new. Bungay, Eng.

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droit en Holland, et sur les garanties d'instruction juridique exigée dans ce pays, des aspirantes à certaines fonctions .... Paris, 1816.

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und Stettin, Halle, 18:24, 27, 30, 36. 4 v. 18o. Contents :

Vol. I : Archive, Bibliotheken und Inschriften in den Sardinischen und

Esterreichischen Provinzen.
VOL. II : Archive, Bibliotheken und Inschriften in Parma, Modena, Massa,

Lucca, Toscana, dem Kirchenstaat und S. Marino.
Vol. III : Archive, Bibliotheken und Inschriften in der Stadt Rom.
Vol. IV : Konigreich Neapel; nebst Nachträgen und Registern zu allen

vier bänden, und zur Bibliotheca Librorum MSS. Italica.
- Bibliotheca Librorum Manuscriptorum Italica.. In Supplemen-

tum Itineris Italici congessit... Gottingæ, 1834. 272 p. 12. BLUMHOF, J. G. L. Bibliotheca Ferri ; seu Collectio librorum scrip

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Bluntt, Edmund M. The American Coast Pilot; containing the

courses and distances... from Passammaquoddy through the Gulph
of Florida...By Capt. Lawrence Furlong. Corrected and improved
by the most experienced pilots in the United States... 7th edition.

New-York (1812). 311 p., and appendix of laws, 63 p. 8o.
Blunt, Rev. J.J. An Introduction to a Course of Lectures on the

early fathers... Cambridge, 1840. 51 p. 8o. Pam. v. 306.
BLYTHE, Stephen C. An Apology for the Conversion of Stephen C.

Blythe to the faith of the .... Roman church.... Montreal, 1815. 55 p. Pam. y. 482.

- Translation. See Edgeworth de Firmont, H. E. BOADEN, James. Memoirs of Mrs. Siddons, interspersed with anecdotes

of authors and actors. London, 1827. 2 v. 8°.

Ann. Report of the General Agent : Cincinnati, 1848; Cleveland,
1852 ; Hartford, 1854, 55, 57. Pam. v. 279.- 1st Report also in
Pam. v. 250.
- 2d, 3d, 4th, 8th, 9th, 10th Ann. Report : Cleveland, Hartford,
1849 – 57. 8o. Pam. v. 491.- 6th Report, Cleveland, 1853. Pam.

v. 217.
BOARDMANT (Henry A.), D.D. Address, 1853. See Merchant's Fund.

Discourse on the Life and Character of Daniel Webster. Philadelphia, 1852. 8o. Pam. v. 268. - A Quarter-century Discourse... 10th Presbyterian church, Philadelphia. Philadelphia, 1858. 106 p. 12o. - Not “ This or that,” but “ This and that.” The Union principle, though undenominational, not anti-denominational. Phila,

1858. 16 p. 8o. Pam. v. 289. BOBIERRE, Adolphe. Considérations théoriques et pratiques sur l'ac

tion des en_rais. Paris, 1854. 63 p. 8o. Pam. v. 233. Boccaccio, Giovanni. Decamerone di Messer Giovanni Boccaccio.***

Edilion of Ugo Foscolo. Londra, Pickering, 1825. 3 v. 8".

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Bock, C. P. Lettres à Monsieur L. Bethmann sur un manuscrit de la

Bibliothèque de Bourgogne, intitulé : Liber Guidonis.*** With,

Notice of an Elegy by A. Van Hasselt. Bruxelles, 1850. 183 p. 18o. BODDY ( William B.), Surg. Diet and Cholera ; showing the vital

importance of wholesome diet .... London, 1818. 40 p. 8o. Pam.

V. 405, BODONI, G. Manuale Tipographico de Cavaliere Giambattista Bodoni.

Volume primo, secondo. Parma, presso la vedova, 1818. lxxii p.,

267, 297 leaves, roy. 8°. BOECLER, J. H. Oratio de Typographiæ....1640. See Schmidt, J. BOEHMER, G. R. .... Bibliotheca Scriptorum Historiæ naturalis,

economiæ, aliarumque artium ac scientiarum ad illam pertinentium realis systematica. Lipsiæ, 1785 – 89.5 parts bound in 8 v. 89:Contents : PARS 1, Vol. 1, Sec. 1 : Litterarii, Commendatores; 2, Descriptores, Ich

nograpbi, Systematici, Physici; 3, Biblici et Critici; 4, Microscopici;

5, Muscographi; 6, Topographici. PARS 1, Vol. II, Sec. 7 : Medici; 8, Pharmaceutici; 9, Chymici; 10, Die

tetici; 11, (Economici; 12, Technologici. PARS II, Zoologi : Vol. 1, Sec. 1, Universales; 2, Particulares : De Mam

malibus, Mastologi, etc. PARS 11, Vol. II : De avibus, amphibiis, piscibus, insectis, vermibus, etc. PARS III, Phytologi : Vol. 1, Universales: Economici, agri- prati- sylvi

horticultura, stercoratio, etc. Pars III, Vol. 2, Speciales : Monographi; Appendix de Pice. Pars IV, Mineralogi : Vol. 1, Universales, ut Pars 11. Pars IV, Vol. 2, Particulares; Vol. 3, Miscellanei. PARS V, Hydrologi : See. 1, Litterarii et Ilistorici; 2, Aqua; 3, Ros; 4,

Fontes; 5, Mare et Flumina; 6, Balneæ; 7, Thermæ et Acidulæ. BOELES ( P.) junior. Het Tweehonderd-vijftig jarig bestaan der Her

vormde Gemeente te Noorddijk; gevierd op den gedenkdag der Hervoorming, 2 Nov. 1815. ... Leerrede met aanteekeningen, bij-

lagen en eene plaat. Groningen. .1846. 104 p. 8o. BOERHAAVE, Marcus. Noodige Vernederinge des Menschen.. Gestelt

tegen de Pelagiaensche Weder-dooperen... Amsterdam, 1661.-ByFoegsel. Tegen allerley gewelt der Mennoniten. . Amsterdam, 1660.

699, 272 p. 8o. BOGART, David S. A Discourse : 1 Cor. xv, 33, at Hempstead Har

bor, Queens County, Long-Island, 6th April, 1814 ... New York,

1814. 8°. Pam. v. 288. BOGATZKY, C. H. V. A Golden Treasury for the Children of God...

New-York, 299 Broadway, 1797. ob. 18o. BOGCE (David), and BENNETT, James. History of Dissenters from

the Revolution in 1688 to..1808. London, 1808 – 12. 4 v. 8'. Bogte, David. Sermon, Rel. Tract Soc. : Ps. xliii, 3. London, 1800.

8". Pam. v.375. Bohnt, Henry G. A Guide to the Knowledge of Pottery, Porcelain,

and other objects of vertu ; comprising an illustrated catalogue of the Bernal collection of works of art, with the prices... Essay on pottery and porcelain, and an engraved list of marks and monograms. London, 1857. 12o.

Bonn, Henry G.:

- The Question of Unreciprocated Foreign Copy-right in Great Britain : A Report of the speeches and proceedings at a public meeting .... Sir E. B. Lytton in the chair ; with notes by H. G. Bohn. London, 1851. viii, 68 p. 8o. Pam. v. 313. – A Polyglott of Foreign Proverbs ; with English translations. London, 1857. 12o.

Catalogue of 1856. Cat. v. 83 ; 1843, etc. Cat. v. 6, 21, 71, 89. Bohn, James. Catalogue of Books of : Auction, Ap. 20, 1855. Lon

don. 58 p. 8o. Cat. v. 94. Bohn, John. A Catalogue...of books printed by the family of Aldus

Manutius, from 1194 to 1597...on sale by ... with price. London,

22 p. 8o. Bonun, E. The Diary and Autobiography of Edmund Bohun, esq...

Licenser of the press in the reign of William and Mary, and subsequently Chief Justice of South-Carolina ; with an introductory memoir, notes and illustrations by S. Wilton Rix...*** Privately

printed at Beccles ( Eng.), by Read Crisp, 1853. xxxiv, 148 p. 4°. BOIES, Patrick. Oration. . Blandford, Mass., 4th July 1814..Spring

field. 18 p. 8o. Pam. v. 532. BOILEAU, Abbé Jacques. Historia Flagellantium. See De Lolme's

Paraphrase, etc. BOILEAUT-DESPRÉAUX, N. Euvres Poétiques de Boileau Despréaux,

avec une notice biographique et littéraire et des notes par E. Ge- .

ruzez. Paris, 1857. 319 p. 12o. [ Bois, Rev. L. E.] See Sarrasin, M., Notes biographiques ; Sillery,

Chev., Biographie. BOISSEREE, Sulpiz. Denkmale der Baukunst vom 7ten bis zum 13ten

Jahrhundert am Nieder-Rhein .... Zweite mit Zusätzen versehene

ausgabe. München, 1844. Text 28 p. & 72 plates. fo. BOITET, Amédée. Mise en Valeur des terres pauvres par le pin mari

time...suivi d'un appendice sur les taupes, les marais des landes

et des vignes de Cap-Breton. 2e édition. Paris, 1857. 244 p. 8o. Bokumf, Rev. Hermann. A Discourse on the State of the German

Population in the United States.. New-York, 1836. 8o. Pam. v. 267. BOLHUIS, Lambertus Van. Beknopte Nederduitsche Spraakkunst, op

gesteld door.. in het jaar 1792... Uitgegeven door de Maatschappij

Tot nut van't Algemeen. Te Leyden....1793. 12o. BOLIVAR, Simon. Proyecto de Constitucion para la Republica de

Bolivia, y discurso del Libertador. Buenos-Aires, 1826. 17, 32 p.

8". W. C. 632. BOLLES, Rer. James A. The Episcopal Church Defended : Claims of

Methodist Episcopacy ... Letters addressed to Rev. A. Steele, with his replies...Batavia, N.Y. 1813. 198 p. 12o. Pam. v. 543. - Preaching the Kingdom of God: Discourse, Diocese of Western N.Y. New-York, 1817. 8°. Pamy. v. 559. - Pastoral Letter to Trinity Church... Cleveland, O. 1855. 15 p. 8o. Pam. v. 513.

BOLLEY (P. A.). & Paul, Benj. H. Manual of Technical Analysis :

a Guide for the testing and valuation of the various natural and artificial substances employed in the arts and in domestic economy

.... London, Bohn, 1857. 12o. Bologna ACADEMY. See Istituto Nazionale Italiano. BOYBAY TRACT and Book SOCIETY. Honesty ; Catechism ; Poor

Sarah [3 Tracts in Marathi language). 1853, 54. 18o. Pam. v. 609. - First Book for Children [ Tract in Gujarati language). 18o.

Pam. F. 609. Bonhoff, D. A New Dictionary of the English and Dutch language.

Part 1, English and Dutch ; Part Ii, Dutch f. English. Nijme

gen, 1851. 1256, 1055 p. 2 v. 18o. Bon HARBOR. An Account of Bon Harbor, in the State of Kentucky

... possessing extensive coal mines... London, 1849. 39 p. 8o. Pam.

v. 520. Box (Le) JARDINIER ALMANACK pour l'année 1856. Contenant les

principes genéraux de culture ; l'indication, mois par mois, des travaux à faire dans les jardins, etc....Par Vilmorin, Decaisne,

Neumann et Pepin... Naudin. Paris. 1564 p. 12o. BONAPARTE (Louis), Ex-King of Holland. Historical Documents and

Reflections on the Government of Holland... *** London, 1820.

3 v. 8o. BONAPARTET, Louis Napoléon. Euvres de Louis-Napoléon Bonaparte,

publiées par M. Charles-Edward Temblaire. Paris, Librairie Napoléonienne...1848. 3 v. 8°. - Euvres de Napoléon III, Tome 1 – IV. Paris....1854 – 56. 4

v. 8o. BONAPARTEI, Lucien Charlemagne ; ou l'Église délivrée. Poème

épique, en vingt-quatre chants. Par Lucien Bonaparte... Tome 1,

II. Londres, 1814. 392, 419 p. 2 v. 4o. - Réponse de Lucien Bonaparte, Prince de Canino, aux Mémoires

du Général Lamarque. Londres, 1835. 83 p. 8o. Pam. v. 393. BONAPARTET, Napoléon. The Confidential Correspondence of Napoleon

Bonaparte with his brother Joseph, sometime King of Spain. Selected and translated, with explanatory notes from the “Mimoires

du Roi Joseph.” Vol: 1, II. London, 1855. 2 v. 8". . Boxar, Rer. Andrew A. Memoir of the late Rev. Robert M.M.

Cheyne. From 17th Edinburgh edition. New-York, 1817. 8". Bond (Senators), FULLER, Coffin and BOKEE. “The Spirit of the

Age"; its tendencies to a change that is not reforin. Speeches of State Senate. Albany, 1849. 39 p. 8°. Pam. v. 539. Bond, George P. An Account of Donati's Comet of 1858. .Ex. from

the Math. Monthly ; with two...plates and 21 cuts. Cambridge,

1858. t". BoxD (Henry), M.D. Family Memorials.- Genealogies of the fami

lies and descendants of the early settlers of Watertown, Massachusetts, including Waltham and Weston ; to which is appended the early history of the town. With illustrations, maps and notes. Vol. 1, Genealogies ; Vol. 11, Additions, corrections and early history. Boston, 1855. 2 v. in 1. 8".

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