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THE titles of books will be found under the name of the author, state, society, convention, etc., publishing them, the names being arranged alphabetically. Stato Documents being in the Law Library, reports to governments by individuals are occasionally excepted from the rule.-Surnames of foreign authors preceded by De, Li, Les, Du, or Des, are entered under those prefixes.- Anonymous books, are inserted in the samo alphabetical order with the names of authors, under the first word of the title page not an article or a preposition. Anonymous biographies are placed under the name of the individual treated of.-Periodicals are recorded under their specific names, or those of the society publishing them. Town and state directories, etc., are under the name of the town or state.

Subject - Index.-In the Index following the catalogue, the subjects of the books are arranged alphabetically, and abbreviated titles of all the books and pamphlets placed under the subject. Topics, which from their nature are already indexed by the hoading in the catalogue, are not usually repeated in the Index. The Catalogues, Dictionaries, Encyclopædias, Newspapers, Periodicals, Society Transactions, etc., recorded in the catalogue, are grouped together under those names in the Index. Cross-references to cognato subjects, and from the popular to the scientific name, and vice versa, are constantly made.


Italics in the body of a title are additions by the editor; as are also the names of authors of anonymous publications when in similar type.

..... indicate omissions made in the title. Omissions in titles of discourses and reports are indicated merely by commas.

[ ] Brackets enclosing a heading indicate that the edition of which the title follows was published anonymously. Brackets enclosing titles indicate that the volume was collected and its title prepared in the Library. Brackets enclosing a cross-reference indicate, that the reference made is to an anonymous book.

† An obelisk after a heading indicates that the same heading or name may be found in the Catalogue of 1855.

F°, 8°, 12°, etc., refer to the apparent size of a volume, and not to the absolute folding of the sheets.

v. Volume or volumes.

p. follows numbers, representing the number of pages of which a work or a volume is composed.

Alm., Čat., Pam., indicate the collections of volumes of Almanacs, Catalogues and Pamphlets.

W. C., Warden Collection; B. C., Bleecker Collection.





A B C (The), or Alphabetical Railway Guide : showing at a glance

how and when you can go from London...and return...and a new
map of the railways and telegraphs of Great Britain. Feb. 1854.

London, 130 p. 12o.- For 1853. Pam. v. 230.
A., M. See Letter to R. Peel on the Church. 1832.
A., P. See Strictures on Count Dal Pozzo's Italians. 1834.
AALST, Gerardus van. De Parabel van de zaajer ... Predikatien.

Amsterdam, 1748. 18o.
- Geestlyke mengelstoffen. Amsterdam, 1754. 2 v. in 1. 18o.
ABBOTT (Abiel), D.D. Letters written in the interior of Cuba, between

the mountains of Arcana to the East, and Cusco, to the West. ...

1823. Boston, 1829. 8°.
ABBOT, George, Archbp. A Briefe description of the whole world....

Written by the Right Reverend..George, late Archbishop of Can-

terburie. London, 1635. 355 p. 18o.
ABBOTT, C. M. Tolls on railroads : Speech, N.Y. Assem. Albany,

1858. 8o. Pam. v. 546.
ABBOTT (Henry), M.D. Catalogue of a Collection of Egyptian Anti-

quities, the property of : now exhibiting at the Stuyvesant Insti-

tute. New-York, 1853. 72 p. 8o. Pam. v. 227, 489.
ABBOTTT, Jacob. The importance of sympathy between the Mother

and the Child : An address delivered before the N.Y. Maternal

Association. 12 p. 12°. Pam. v. 491.
ABBOTTT, John S. C. Napoleon at St. Helena ; or interesting anecdotes.

and remarkable conversations of the Emperor during the five and a
half years of his captivity, collected from the memorials of Las
Casas, O'Meara, Montholon, Antommarchi, and others. With illu-
strations... New-York, Harper & Brothers, 1855. 8o.
— History of King Philip, Sovereign Chief of the Wampanoags ;
including the early history of the settlers of New-England. With
engravings. New-York, Harper & Brothers, 1857. 410 p. 12o.

ABDY, John C. Sermon, Death of Mr. J. Meymott : Lu, xii, 37, 38.

London, 1820. 8o. Pam. v. 382.
ABERNETHY, Rev. John. Sermon, Religious obedience : Rom. xiv,

19; at Belfast. London, 1820. 8o. Pam. v. 367.
ABIEZER. A Letter in reply to some remarks on “Soul, spirit and

mind”.... London, 1845. 45 p. 12o. Pam. v. 306.
ABINGTON BAPTIST ASSOCIATION : Minutes, 1811, 15, 17, 20, 26, 27,

28, 29. Printed at Bethany, Dundaff, Wilkesbarre, etc. Pam. v. 466.
ABOAB, David. A short... Introduction to Christianity... Published

first at Venice in Arabic and Italian... Translated into English by
D. Aboab, lately converted from Judaism... London, 1750. 30 p. 8°.

Pam, v. 321.
· ABOUT, Edmond. The Roman Question. Trans. by Mrs. A. T. Wood.

Ed. with an Introd. by E. N. Kirk, D.D. Boston, 1859. 308 p. 12o.
ABRABANEL, Solomon, Pseud. The Complaint of the Children of

Israel ; representing their grievances under the penal laws... 4th

ed. Satire on the dissenters. London, 1736. 39 p. 8o. Pam. v. 321.
ABRÉGÉ DE L'HISTOIRE ANCIENNE... À l'usage des élèves de l'École

militaire. Bruxelles, 1825. 189 p. 18°— Abrégé de la Fable, à
l'usage de l'École militaire. Par le Père Jouvency. Bruxelles, 1821.

119 p. 18o. Pam. v. 625.
ABRÉGÉ DE L'HISTOIRE DE LA PATRIE, par demandes et par réponses.

Traduit du Hollandois. Amsterdam, 1759. 208 p. 18o.
ABULFEDÆ ANNALES MUSLEMICI, arabice et latine. Opera et studiis

I. I. Reiskii...nunc primum edidit I. G. C. Adler. Hafniæ, 1789-

1792. 4 v. 4o.

Codex, etc.
ACADEMIA LUGDUNO - BATAVA. Museum Anatomicum Academiæ

Lugduno-Batavæ, descriptum ab Edwardo Sandifort. Vol. I, II,
III, IV. Lugduni-Batavorum, apud S. et J. Luchtmans, Academiæ

typographos, 1793 – 1827. 4 v. imp. fol.
ACADEMIA SPECULUM; the history and mystery of Mr. Sparewater.

London, Palmer, 1830. 64 p. 8°. Pam. v. 314.
ACADEMICIAN (The), periodical. Containing the elements of scholastic

science and the outlines of philosophic education, predicated on the

analysis of the human mind, and exhibiting the improved methods
· of instruction. By Albert Picket...and John W. Picket. ... ***

New-York, Vol. I, Feb. 7, 1818 – Jan. 29, 1820. 1 v. roy. 8°. .
ACADÉMIE DE L'INDUSTRIE. Exposition ... Catalogue des produits

admis ... Paris, 1836. 114 p. 18o. Pam. v. 615.
ACADÉMIE DES SCIENCES, France. See Institut de France.

ET ARTS de Lyon : Classe des sciences. Nouvelle série. Tome I -

IV. Lyon, 1851 - 56. 6 v. 8°.

Arts de Belgique : Annuaire, 1853, 1854. Bruxelles. 2 v. 12o.
--- t. Mémoires. Tome 27, 30. Bruxelles, 1853, 57. 2 v. 4".


ARTS de Belgique : Mémoires couronnés. Tome 27, 28. Bruxelles, 1855, 56. 2 v. 4o.

t. Bulletins. Vol. 19, part 3 ; vol. 20, parts 1, 2, 3 ; v. 21, p. 1; v. 22, p. 2; v. 23, p. 1, 2. 1852 - 56. 8 v.-Annexe aux Bulletins,

1853 - 54. 1v. — 9 v. 8°. ACADEMY. See Institut; Kaiserliche; Koninklijke, etc. ACADEMY OF NATURAL SCIENCES of Philadelphia. Act of incorporation and by-laws; and members. Philadelphia, 1857. 38 p. 8°.

Proceedings. Vol. 7, 8, 9, 10 : 1854 to 1858. Philadelphia .. 1856 – 59. 4 y. 8°.

- Journal. Vol. III, 2d series. Philadelphia, 1855 – 58. 381 p. • 4°, and plates.

- Catalogue of Human Crania, in the collection of the Academy; based upon the third edition of Dr. Morton's "Catalogue of Sculls," &c. By. J. Aitken Meigs, M.D., Librarian ... *** Philadelphia,

1857. 112 p. 8o. Account of Carolina, by S. Wilson, 1682. See Carroll's Hist. Coll. ACCOUNT (An) of all the manors, messuages, lands, tenements, and

hereditaments in the different counties of England and Wales, held by lease from the Crown ... with the names of the lessees ... To which is added an Appendix never before printed, containing an abstract...of the land revenue of the Crown in Queen Mary's time, with a compendium of the whole revenues and profits of the Crown in the reign of Queen Elizabeth. As also a Calendar to the surveys of the estates of King Charles the 1st, his Queen and the Prince of

Wales... London, 1787. 89 p. ob. fol. ACCOCNT (An) of memorials presented to Congress ... praying that

mails may not be transported, nor post-offices kept open on the

Sabbath. Boston, 1829. 32 p. 8o. Pam. v. 490. ACCOUNT (An) of several late voyages and discoveries : I, Sir John

Narborough's voyage to the South Sea ; II, Captain Tasman's...; III, Captain Wood's...; IV, F. Marten's voyage to Spitzbergen and Greenland ... To which are added a large introduction and supplement, containing short abstracts of other voyages into those parts. Illustrated with exact charts and curious figures. The second

edition. London, 1724. xxxvi, 191, 224 p. 1 y. 8°.. Account (An) of the growth of Deism in England. ...By Rev. Wil.

liam Stephens. London, 1696. 32 p. 4o. Pam. v. 358. Account of the misfortunes of the Dauphin. See Normandie, Duke of. Account (An) shewing the progress of the Colony of Georgia in Ame

rica, from its first establishment : Signed, Benj. Martyn, By order, foc. London, printed in the year 1741. 71 p. f". Also in Georgia

Hist. Soc. Coll., v. 2; and Force's Tracts, v. 1. Achilles Tatius : Clitopho and Leucippe. See Heliodorus. ACKLAND, G. T. Sermon, Univ. of Camb.: Rom. i, 29. Camb. 1829.

8. Pam. v. 377. ACKLAND, T. D. Oratio numismate annuo Peeliano dignata, et in

Scholæ Harroviensis auditorio recitata. .1826... London, 1826. 8o. Pam. v. 395.

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