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LIBERATOR (The). Vol. 23 : Mar. 4, 18, 25; Ap. 8, 15, 29; May 6,

13, 27; June 3, 24, 1853. W.L. Garrison, Ed. Boston. fo. Newsp.

v. 16. LIBERIAN COLONIZATION :... By an Abolitionist and Colonizationist.

New-York, 1857. 31 p. 12°. Pam. v. 462. LIBERTY NORMAL INSTITUTE, Sullivan co., N.Y. 8°. Pam. v. 456. LIBERTY (The) of the Human Will; or Salvation attainable by all

within the sound of the Gospel... By the author of Simple Truth..

London, Buckland (1790 ?). 69 p. 8°. Pam. v. 301. LIBERTY, the support of Truth... A Letter to the Abp. of Canterbury,

concerning persecution for religion and freedom of debate. By He

siod Cooke. London, 1732. 56 p. 8o. Pam. v. 318. LIBRARY COMPANY of Philadelphia. Catalogue of the Books belong

ing to the Library. Vol. III, containing the Titles added from 1835 to 1856; together with an alphabetical index to the whole. Philadelphia, 1856. 8o. - Importation of Books for the Library Company of Philadelphia, Jan. 1849 to Sep. 1853. Pam. v. 170.– From 1854 to 1855. Pam. v. 209.- List of books added to Oct. 1856, Ap. 1857, Sept. 1857,

June 1858. Pam. v. 276.— Books added Jan. 1859. Pam. v. 470. LIBRARY OF FICTION, No.II. London, Chapman and Hall. 12°. Pam.

v. 497. LIBRARY (The) REPORTER and Book-Buyer's Guide : a quarterly re

cord...Jan. 1854, No. 1. Boston, 1854. 8o. Pam. v. 170. [LIBRI, Guglielmo). Catalogue de la Bibliothèque de M. L****, dont

la vente se fera le Lundi 28 Juin 1847. Paris, 1817.— With prices in MS. • - Catalogue of the Collection of.... .splendid manuscripts chiefly vellum....formed by G. Libri....which will be sold by auction by Messrs. Sotheby & Wilkinson, 29th March 1859... London. xxxix,

260 p. roy. 8°, with 37 plates of fac similes. LICHTENBERGER, Prof. Johannes Fridericus. Initia Typographica.

Argentorati, 1811. 260 p. 4o. - Histoire de l'Invention de l'Imprimerie, pour servir de défense à la ville de Strasbourg contre les prétentions de Harlem. Avec une Préface de M. J. G. Schweighaeuser... Accompagnée d'un portrait

de Gutenberg et de huit planches...Strasbourg, 1825. 100 p. 8o. LIDDELL, Daniel. The Practicability of improving the condition of

the working classes... Newcastle-upon-Tyne, 1836. 12 p.— Suggestions relative to the best means for diffusing knowledge among the

miners in the N. of England. 1836. 8 p. 8o. Pam. v. 429. LIDDELL, H. T. Speech, H. of Commons, 1840, Ecclesiastical duties

and revenues bill...Durham. 8o. Pam. v. 330. LIDDELL, Rob. Sermon, Durham Assize : Ps. lviii, 10. Lond. 1835.

8o. Pam. v.377. LIDDON, John. Dissenters in England defended, a Sermon : Acts xxvi,

1, 2. London, 1793. 8o. Pam. v. 374.

LIEBERT, O. M. Translator. See Woehler, F., Analytical Chemist's

Assistant. LIEBIGŤ, B1. Justus von. Researches on the Motion of the juices in the

animal body, and the effect of evaporation in plants ; together with the... potato disease. ... Ed.... by William Gregory. Philadelphia, 1850. 10, 47 p. 8o. Pam. v. 551. - Letters on Modern Agriculture. Ed. by J. Blyth, M.D. New

York, 1859. xxvi, 233 p. 12o. LIFE (The) AND TIMES OF Sam, written by himself ***. Claremont,

N.H. 1855. 32 p. 8o. Pam. v. 534. LIFE INSURANCE, its nature, origin and progress : a plain exposition

of the principles of life insurance... Compiled from the best autho

rities. New-York, C. B. Norton, 1852. 99 p. 12o. LIGHTFOOT, J. Joannis Lightfootii... Opera Omnia....Roterodami,

R. Leers, 1686, 7. 2 v. fo. LIGHTFOOT, Robert. Sermon, Visitation at Bedford, April 22, 1707 :

Acts xx, 28. London. 8o. Pam. v. 364. LILLE, France. Exposition du Procès des Ordres du clergé et de la

noblesse des états de la province de Lille, contre les baillifs, etc...

de la même province. Lille, 1757. 113 p. 4o. - Catalogue de la Bibliothèque de la ville..théologie. Lille, 1859.

ccxcii, 728 p. 8o. The Preface is an “Essai historique et critique sur l'invention de l'impri

merie,” by Ch. Pacille, the Librarian. LILLO, George. The London Merchant ; or the History of George

Barnwell...12th edition. Glasgow, 1761. 12o. Pam. v. 621. LILLY'S (J.) Catalogues ; including books for sale, printed for the Ab

botsford, Bannatyne, Maitland and Roxburghe clubs, at Strawberry hill, Lee Priory press, early typography, and from W. Upcott's

library. London, 1848, 49. Cat. v. 32, etc. LILLY, John. The Dramatic Works of :.. (the Euphuist). With notes

and some account of his life and writings, by F. W. Fairholt.....

London, J. R. Smith, 1858. 2 v. 18o. LILLY, William. An Introduction to Astrology ; with a Grammar of

Astrology... by Zadkiel. London, Bohn, 1852. 12o. LILY, William. A Short Introduction of Grammar, generally to be attain the knowledge of the latine tongue. . Oxford, 1673. With, Brevissima Institutio seu ratio grammatices cognoscendæ... quam solam regia majestas in omnibus scholis docendam præcipit. Oxonii, 1672. În 1 v. 18o.

Short Introduction of Grammar to the Latin.. With Lilly's rules construed : whereunto are added Tho. Robinson's heteroclites, the

Latin syntaxis... London, 1760. 18o. Imperfect. LIMAGNE, E. De. Manuel du Service sanitaire : Recueil des réglements

et instructions sur la Police sanitaire en France et en Algérie. 2e

édition. Paris, 1858. 119 p. 18o. LINCOLN ( Abraham), of Ill. Speech, U.S. H. of R., on the Civil and

Diplomatic appropriation bill, June 20, 1848. 8o. Pam. v. 193.

LINCOLN ( Fred. W.), jr. Inaugural Address, 1858. See Boston. [LINCOLN, Enoch]. The Village : a Poem ; with an appendix. Port

land, Me. 1816. 180 p. 18°. LINCOLN (W. S.) & Son. Catalogue of Coins and Medals....offered ' for sale by : London, 1856. 60 p. 12o. LINCOLN'S INN. A Catalogue of the printed books. To which is pre

fixed a short account of the manuscripts. London, 1835. 215 p. 8o. LIND, M'lle Jenny. Programme of Grand Concert, N.Y. Pam. v. 266. [LIND, John). See Remarks on the principal acts of the 13th Parlia

ment. LIND UNIVERSITY, at Chicago; Medical Department : 1st Ann. An

nouncement. Chicago, 1859. 8o. Pam, v.517. LINDEN, Jean Antonides van der. Life of. Pam. v. 1016. LINDSAYT, Lord A. W.C. A Brief Analysis of the doctrine and argu

ment in the case of Gorham v. the Bp. of Exeter....London, 1850.

56 p. 8o. Pam. v. 330. . - Letters on Egypt, Edom and the Holy Land. 5th ed. London,

Bohn, 1858. 12o.
LINDSEYT ( Theophilus). [Writings of ] : in 1 v. 8o. Contents :

A Farewell Address to the parishioners of Catterick. London, 1774. 23 p.
A Liturgy on the universal principles of religion and morality, with psalms.

London, 1776. xii, 121 p. Anon.
Vindiciæ Priestleianæ : An address to the students of Oxford and Cam-

bridge; occasioned by a letter to Dr. Priestley, from....Dr. Horne..

London, 1788. xx, 343 p. On Prayer, a Sermon : Phil. iv, 6. London, 1793. LINDSLEY, Aaron L. National Righteousness and National Sin..dis.

course, South-Salem, N.Y. : Prov. xiii, 34. N.York, 1857. 8o. Pam.

v. 557. LINDSLEY, J. Berrien. On Medical Colleges... Lecture, Med. depart

ment, Univ. of Nashville. Nashville, 1858. 8o. Pam. v. 516. LINGUARUM ORIENTALIUM, 1636. See Vitray, A. LINGUET, S. N. H. Political and Philosophical Speculations on the

distinguishing characteristics of the present century..with occasional reflections on the probable effects of American independence...... London, 1778. 152 p. 18o. Trans. from Annales Politiques, Civiles

et Littéraires du 18me siécle. LINN (E. A.), and N. SARGENT. The Life and Public Services of Dr.

Lewis F. Linn, for ten years a senator of the United States from

the State of Missouri. New-York, 1857. 441 p. 8o. Linnt, John Blair. The Powers of Genius : A Poem in three parts.

...2d edition. Philadelphia, 1802. 191 p. 18o. Linnt, William. The Life of Thomas Jefferson... Mobile, Alabama,

1835. 12o. LINNEANT SOCIETY of London. Transactions : Vol. 20, including part 1,

1846 ; part 2, 1847 ; part 3, 1851. 1 v. 4°.

LINSLEY, Rev. Joel H. Lectures on the Relations and duties of the

middle-aged. Hartford, 1828. 180 p. 12o. LINTON, Charles. The Healing of the Nations. With an introduction

and appendix by Nathaniel P. Tallmadge...***. 4th edition. Now

York, 1858. 537 p. 8o. LINWOOD, Rev. William. A Lexicon to Aeschylus .... London, 1847.

380 p. 8o. LIPOWSKY, Anton Johann. Von dem Nützen der Geschichte, und

Kenntniss der Geschichtschreiber, 28 Merz 1775. München. See

Koen. Baier. Ak. Reden, v. 3. LIPPERT, J.T. Catalogue d'une Collection précieuse de

plus offrant à Halle le 16 Avril 1816, par : .. 402 p. 8o. Cat. v. 14. [L'Isla, Father J. F. De]. See Gerund, Friar. LISLE, E. Du Suicide : Statistique, médecine, histoire et législation..

Paris, 1856. 488 p. 8o. LISLE, H. M. Oration, February 22, 1800, on Washington. Boston,

1800. 8o. Pam. v. 47. LISLE (Samuel), Bp. Sermon, House of Lords, Dec. 18, 1745, Fast

day : Rev. ii, 5. London. 4°. Pam. v. 1006. List, Frederick. National System of Political Economy. Trans. from

the German by G. A. Matile; including the notes of the French translation by Henri Richelot.. With a preliminary essay and notes,

by Stephen Colwell. Philadelphia, 1856. Ixxxiv, 497 p. 8o. LISTE CHRONOLOGIQUE des Évêques et des Prêtres tant seculiers que

reguliers, employés au service de l'église du Canada depuis l'établissement de ce pays, et aussi la liste des évêques des autres possessions britanniques de l'Amérique du Nord. Revue au Secrétariat

de l'Evéché de Québec. Québec, 1834. 52 p. 8o. LISTER, Thomas. Opposition Dangerous. Lond. 1798. 39 p. 8o. Pam. • v. 221. — Speech, Auxiliary British and For. Bible Society, April 8, 1812.

Stafford. 23 p. 8o. Pam v. 219. LITCHFIELD, Francis. Sermon, Distressed Peasantry in Ireland : 1

Kings xvii, 12. 1822. London. 8o. Pam. v. 376. LITERARISCHE ANNALEN DER GESAMMTEN HEILKUNDE. In Verbin

dung mit mehreren Gelehrten. Herausgegeben von Dr. J. F. C. Hecker...1-16 Band. Berlin und Landsberg a. d. W. 1825 - 1830.

16 y. 8°. LITERARISCHE VEREIN in Nürnberg. Jahres-Bericht des Literarischen

Vereins in Nürnberg, 1841–2, 43. From 1844 called, Album des

Lit. etc. Nürnberg, 1843 -48, 50 – 53, 55 – 59. 14.v. 8o. LITERARY AND PHILOSOPHICAL SOCIETY, New-York. Charter, Laws

and Regulations; with a list of the officers and members. New-York,

1818. 80. Pam. v. 195. LITERARY (The) BLUE BOOK, or Kalendar of Literature, Science and

Art. For 1830. London. 200 p. 18o. LITERARY GAZETTE, 1852, 53, 54, 55, 56, 57. 5 v.– Vol. 1, 2. New

series. July 3, 1858–June 1859. London. 7 v. 4°.

LITERARY (The) UNION : a Journal of progress in literature and edu

cation, religion and politics, science and agriculture....J. M. Winchell, James Johonnot, editors. Vol. 1. Syracuse, April 7, 1849 – Dec. 29, 1819. 4° — New series, Vol. 1. 1850. Monthly. Jan.-July.

8o — 2 v. LITTELL'S LIVING AGE. Conducted by E. Littell. Weekly. Vol. 23.

Oct. 1849 to Vol. 61, June 1859. Boston. 39 v. 8°. LITTELL, William. Political Transactions in and concerning Kentucky,

from the first settlement thereof until it became an independent

State. .Frankfort, 1806. vi, 81, 66 p. 8°. LITTLE, John A. The Autobiography of a New Churchman ; or Inci

dents and observations connected with the life of John A. Little.

Philadelphia, 1952. 258 p. 12o. LITTLE (John P.), M.D. Richmond, the Capital of Virginia : its his

tory. From South. Lit. Mess. enlarged. Richmond, 1851. 102 p. 8o. LITTLE Falls. An Act reincorporating the village of Little Falls by

the name of Rockton. Rockton, 1850. 22 p.— The same as amended.

Little-Falls, 1855. 24 p. 8o. Pam. v. 530. LITTLE FALLS (N.Y.) ACADEMY. Catalogue 1845. Pam. v. 456 ; 1858.


Report, Jan. 11, 1858. Philadelphia, 1858. 8o. Pam. v. 281. LITTLER, John. Visitation Sermon : 2 Tim. ii, 2. 1847. Battle, Eng.

8o.— Sermon, National Schools : Is. xxxii, 8. 1848. Battle. 8o.

Pam. v. 378. LITURGY and other Divine offices of the Church. Apostolic. London,

Bosworth & Harrison, 1856. 603 p. 12o. LIVERPOOL (R. B. Jenkinson), Earl of Speech, H. of Lords, Feb.

26, 1822, on the agricultural distress of the country. London. 8o.

Pam. v. 439. - Speech, H. of Lords, May 26, 1820, on the Foreign trade of the

country. London. 8o. Pam. v. 439. LIVERPOOL MUSICAL FESTIVAL. Sept., Oct. 1823; Oct. 1827 ; Sept.

1829; Oct. 1830 ; Oct. 1833; Oct. 1836. 8o. Pam. v. 400. LIVES (The) and CHARACTERS of the English dramatic poets : with an

account of all the plays. Printed to the year 1698. See Langbaine. LIVES ( The) of (68) Eminent and Remarkable characters born or long

resident in the counties of Essex, Suffolk and Norfolk. Embellished with 68 portraits. London. Longman, etc., 1820. 8°.

Lives of the English Saints. Ed. by J. H. Newman. London, 1844,

45. In 5 v. 180. Contents : Vol. 1. The Cistercian Saints : St.Stephen (Harding), 187 p.; St. Augus

tine of Canterbury, 266 p.- Vol. 2. Family of St. Richard, King, 112 p.; Hermit Saints, 152 p.; St.Wulstan, Bp. 65, x p.— Vol. 3. Saints Paulinus, Edwin, Ethelburga, Oswald, Oswin, Ebba, Adamnan, Bega, 187 p.; St.Gilbert, 133 p.; St. Wilfrid, 209 p.– Vol. 4. St.German, Bp. 308 p.; Stephen Langton, Abp. 129 p.- Vol. 5. St.Aelred, 146 p.; St.Ninian, Bp. 148 p.; St. Edmund, Abp. 91 p.; St.Richard, Bp. 120 p.; St. Waltheof, St.Robert, 54 p.

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