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MARTINI, C. D. A. Ueber die Einführung der Christlichen Religion

als Staatsreligion im Romischen Reiche durch den Kaiser Constan

tin. 1813. 48 p. See Koen. Baier. Ak. Reden, v. 4. MARTINIUS, Mathias. Lexicon Philologicum præcipuè etymologicum,

in quo latinæ et a latinis auctoribus usurpatæ tum puræ tum barbaræ voces ex originibus declarantur, comparatione linguarum....

Bremæ, 1623. fo. MARTINUS, Johannes. Geestelycke Hert-sterckinge...Xv praedicatien.

Groningen, 1647. 18o. MARTIUST, Dr. C. Fr. Ph. v. Wegweiser für die Besucher des K. Bo

tanischen Gartens in München. München, 1852. 169 p. & plan. 12o. [MARTYNT, Benj.). See Impartial Inquiry, 1741; Account showing

...Colony of Georgia. 1741. MARTYRS to the Revolution in the British prison ships in the Wallabout

Bay. New-York, 1855. 64 p. 8o. [MARVELL, Andrew). See Smirke (Mr.) on the Divine in mode, 1676. MARVIN, Dan. Utility of the Legal profession. Address. . Law School

of the Univ. of Albany, 1857. Albany, 1857. 8o. Pam. v. 514. MARYLANDT: AGRICULTURE. Third Report of J. Higgins, Baltimore,

1853. 8o. Pam. v. 273.— Sixth Report of J. Higgins...Annapolis, 1858. 96, xxii p. 8o. Pam v. 461. -: BALTIMORE. Report of the Committee of grievances and Courts of justice of the House of Delegates of Maryland, on the subject of the recent mobs and riots in the city of Baltimore ; together with the depositions taken before the Committee. Annapolis, J. Green, 1813. 8o. - : EDUCATION. Documents accompanying the Governor's Message of the 9th Dec. 1822, respecting the proceedings of several States, upon the subject of appropriating public lands for the support of schools. Annapolis, 1823. 8o. Pam. v. 279.

: PENITENTIARY. Rules and Regulations. Baltimore, 1847. 8o.

-Enlarged edition. Baltimore, 1853. 30 p. 8o. Pam. v. 538. - : POTOMAC RIVER. Report of the Commissioners appointed to

survey the River Potomac. Annapolis, 1822. 8o. Pam. v. 273. MARYLAND ACADEMY OF SCIENCE AND LITERATURE : Transactions.

Vol. 1. Baltimore...1837. 190 p. 8o. MARYLANDI HOSPITAL for the Insane. Report of the Board of Visi

tors of : for the year 1852. Baltimore. 8o. Pam. v. 201. MARYLAND INSTITUTE for the Promotion of the mechanic arts. Charter, Constitution, f.c. Baltimore, 1854. 8o. Pam. v. 275.

Reports of the Board of Managers and Treasurer, 4th to the 11th. Baltimore, 1852–59. In 3 v.go. - Book of the Exhibition : 3d, 6th, 8th, 10th, 1850–57. Baltimore.

2. v. 8o.- 10th and 11th Exhibitions, 1857, 59. See in, Reports. MARYLAND REGISTER, for 1860–61 : A Legal, Political and Business

manual by James Wingate, containing the State and county officers ...Baltimore, 1860. 12o.


1835.- Sixth Ann. meeting. Baltimore, 1838. 8o. Pam. v. 462. Mason, Charles. Discourse, St. Peter's Church, Salem...on the Death

of the Rt. Rev. Alexander V. Griswold, D.D., Bishop of the Eastern

Diocese, &c... . Salem, 1843. 8o. Pam. v. 214. Mason, Prof. Cyrus. Oration, 13th Anniversary, American Institute.

New-York, 1840. 8°. Pam. v. 518. Mason, Rev. D. H. An Essay on human depravity : to which is added

a list of Old-school errors.....Philadelphia, 1846. 48 p. 8o. Pam.

v. 295. MASON (Erskine), D.D. Subject and Spirit of the Ministry : A Ser.

mon, Synod of New York, Newburgh, Oct. 16th, 1838. New York, 1838. go. Pam. v. 94.

Sermon, Signs of the Times, For. Miss. Soc. of N.Y. and Brook. lyn. And Report. New-York, 1850. 8o. Pam. v. 525. Mason, George C. The Application of Art to manufactures. With 150

illustrations. New-York, 1858. 344 p. 12o. Mason, G. H. Life with the Zulus of Natal, South Africa. By G. H.

Mason of Sidney, Sussex College, Cambridge, and Pieter Maritzberg,

Natal. London, 1855. 12°. Masont, Rev. John. Self Knowledge : a Treatise shewing the nature

and benefit of that important science, and the way to attain it..... (1745). Philadelphia...1801. 18o.

Sermon, Fast, Duty in public danger : Ps. xlvi, 10. London, 1756.— Letter to a Friend upon his entrance on the ministerial of

fice. London, 1753. Pam. v. 370. Masont (John M.), D.D. Brief Outline of the mode of instruction

pursued by : in the Theological Seminary lately under his care...

By a Student of said Seminary. New-York, 1828. 8o. Pam. v. 279. Mason, Lowell. See Church Psalmody.

- The Modern Psalmist, a collection of church music.... Boston,

1839. ob. 8o. Mason, Susanna. Selections from the Letters and Manuscripts of....

with a brief memoir...Philadelphia, 1836. 312 p. 12o. Masont, William. Elegies. 2d edition. London, 1763. 22 p. 4o. Pam.

v. 1012.— With MS. notes. MASON, William. Spiritual Treasury. In 2 v. No. 1. N.York, 1831.

Portrait. 8o. Pam. v. 471. MASONIC MIRROR and MECHANICS' INTELLIGENCER. Weekly. Vol.

1, No 13, 1825, to Vol. 2, Dec. 23, 1826. Boston. 2 v. fo & 4o. MASSACHUSETTST : Colony. See Plymouth Colony, Records.

- Extracts from the late Provincial Congress held at Cambridge in the months of Oct., Nov. and Dec. 1774. Also .... Feb.

A.D. 1775. Boston, Edes & Gill, 1775. 14 p. 12o. -: AGRICULTURE. First, Second, Third, and Fourth Reports on the Agriculture of Massachusetts. By Henry Colman, Commissioner for the Agricultural Survey of the State. Legis. Docts. Boston, 1838, 39, 40, 41, 4 v. 8o. Contents :

1st Report, County of Essex; 2d Report, County of Berkshire; 3d Report,

On wheat and silk; 4th and last, Counties of Franklin and Middlesex. -:— 3d Ann. Report of the Sec. of the Board .... Boston, 1856. 149, xxxviii p.— 4th Report, 1857. 323, xxviii, 471 p. 5th Report...with, Abstracts of the returns of the Agric. Society, 1857. Boston, 1858. 278, li, 367 p.— 3 v. 8°. - : ANATOMY. Report of the Select Committee of the House of Representatives of Massachusetts, on so much of the Governor's the June session, 1830, as relates to legalizing the study of anatomy. New Haven, 1833. Pam. v. 271. -: BANKS. Annual Report of the Bank Commissioners, December 1856. Boston, 1856. Pam. v. 252.— The same, Dec. 1855 ; Sept. 18, 1857. Boston, 1856, 57. 8o. Pam. v. 464.

- Abstract, exhibiting the condition of the Banks... Aug. Ephraim M. Wright, Sec. Boston, 1855.- The same for 1855, 1856. 8°. Pam. v. 252. - : CAPE COD HARBOR. Report of the Committee on. Boston, 1857. 26 p. 8o. Pam. v. 273, 529. -: CENSUS. Abstract 1855. With remarks on the same... Boston, 1857. xiii, 252 p. 8o. -: CONSTITUTION. Constitution.....of 1853. Off. copy. Boston, 1853. 46 p. 8o. Pam. v. 527.

- The Constitutional Propositions adopted by the Convention of 1853.....and submitted to the people for their ratification. With an Address... Boston, 1853. 50 p. 8o. Pam. v. 527. -:- Discussions on the Constitution proposed to the people of Massachusetts by the Convention of 1853. Boston, 1854. 306 p. 8o. Unofficial Letters or Addresses by Curtis, Hillard, Hoar, Morton, Adams

and Palfrey. -: EDUCATION. Fourth Ann. Rep. of the Board of Education, together with the Fourth Annual Report of the Secretary of the Board. Boston, 1811. 8o. Pam. v. 250.– 17th, 18th, 19th, 20th Reports.

1854-57. In 2 v. 8o. — :— Abstract of School Returns, 1832. 8o. Pam. v. 279. - :- A Statement of the apportionment of the School Fund.

1838. Leg. Doct. 31 p. 8o. Pam. v. 553. -:- State Normal School for female teachers. Salem, 1858. Pam. v. 279. -:— Course of Training, &c., at the State Normal School, . West-Newton; being the substance of the last two Reports of the Principal, July 1851. 8o. Pam. v. 190. -:— Report of Committee on petitions of Tufts College, Wesleyan Academy and... Harvard University...and on the Museum of Natural History. Sen. Doct. March 7, 1859. 8°. Pam. v.551. . — : ELECTIONS. Reports of Contested Elections, in the H. of R. "

...for 1815. Dedham, 1816. 14 p. 8o. Pam. v. 526. - : EMBARGO. Address to the People of Massachusetts. Adopted by the Legislature, March, 1809. 27 p. 8°. Pam. v. 197. [ SUPPL.]


MASSACHUSETTS (continued):

: EMIGRATION. Report of the Commissioners of Alien passengers and foreign paupers, Jan. 1852....20 p. 8o. Pam. v. 492. -: Fish PROPAGATION. Report of Commissioners...concerning

the artificial propagation of fish.. Boston, 1857. 8o. Pam. v. 275. - : FOREIGN RELATIONS. Important Report of a joint committee

..on the subject of the foreign relations of the United States. NewYork, 1810. 16 p. 8o. Pam. v.526. -: GEOLOGICAL SURVEY. Report of E. Hitchcock. Leg. Doc. 1853. 44 p. 8o. Pam. v. 551. -:- Ichnology of New England : A Report on the sandstone of the Connecticut valley, especially its fossil footmarks....By Ed.

Hitchcock. Boston, 1858. 220 p., 60 plates. 4o. - : HOSPITAL, at Rainsford Island. Third Ann. Rep. of the Inspectors, Jan. 27, 1857. 8o. Pam. v. 243.

: IDIOTIC AND FEEBLE-MINDED YOUTH. Constitution and ByLaws of the School. Boston, 1851. 8o. Pam. v. 166.

- Third and Final Report on the Experimental school for teaching and training idiotic children: also, the first report of the trustees of the Massachusetts school for :.... Cambridge, 1852. 8o. Pam. v. 218.- Fifth Report, 1853. Pam. v. 218.- Report, Ap. 12, 1856. Pam. v. 235. -: INDIANS. Report on the Memorials of the Seneca Indians... Boston, 1840. 28 p. 8°. Pam. v. 508. - : INDUSTRIAL SCHOOL FOR GIRLS. Proceedings at the Inauguration..with addresses by H. B. Rogers, G.S. Boutwell, etc. Boston, 1856.— 2d Report. .Lancaster. Boston, 1857. 8o. Pam. y. 509. -: INSANE. Report on Insanity and Idiocy in Massachusetts, by the Commission on lunacy... Boston, 1855. Pam. v. 201.

- By-Laws established by the Trustees of the State Lunatic Hospital, in Worcester, 1848. Boston, 1848. Pam. v. 201.- 17th Annual Report, 1819. Pam. v. 165.— 21st, 22d Report, 1853, 54. Boston, 1854, 55. Pam. v. 201.— 24th Report, Dec. 1856. Boston, 1857. Pam. v. 243.

- Report of the Trustees of the State Lunatic Hospital, at Northampton, Decem. 24, 1856. Pam. v. 243. - — By-Laws of the State Lunatic Hospital, at Taunton, Mass. Taunton, 1854.- 1st Report of the Trustees, Nov. 30, 1854. Pam. v. 201.— 4th Report of Trustees, 1854. Pam. v. 510. -: INSURANCE. Returns and Statements of Foreign Insurance Companies, 1854. Boston, 1855. 51, xv p. 8o. Pam. v.511.–2d Ann. Report, Dec. 1856. Boston, 1857. Pam. v. 239. -: LIBRARY. Annual Reports of the Librarian to the Legislature, Jan. 1852, 53, 54. Pam. v. 170.- Reports, Jan. 1855, 56, 57. Pam. v. 275.

- Catalogue... Boston, 1858. 338 p. 8o. - : E.G. LORING. Report of Joint Standing Committee on Federal relations....on the case of Edward G. Loring in the A. Burns affair..House Doct. 1855. 38 p. 8o. Pam. v. 560.

-: MILITIA. Adjutant-General's Report, Dec. 31, 1854. Boston, 1855. 55 p. 8o. Pam. v. 521. - : PERSONAL LIBERTY BILL. Report of Joint Standing Committee on Federal relations, on..trial by jury and the writ of habeas corpus... Senate Doct. Ap. 25, 1855. 21 p. 8o. Pam. v.560. -: Poor. Report of the Commissioners appointed ..... Feb. 29, 1832, on the subject of the pauper system of Mass. Boston, 1833. 97 p. 8o. Pam. v. 535. - -- Returns relating to the Poor. .Nov. 1, 1852. 20 p. Pam. v. 535.

Abstract of the Returns of the Overseers of the Poor... Nov.1, 1850, 51, 56. Pam. v. 243.

- First, Second, Fourth, Report of the Inspectors of the State Alms-house at Bridgewater, 1854, 55, 57. Boston, 1855, 56, 57. Pam. v. 535.- Third Report, 1856. Boston, 1857. Pam. v. 243. -: By-Laws for the Government of the State Alms-houses, together with the statute laws establishing the same. Lowell, 1854. Pam. v. 218.

- First Report of the Inspectors of the State Alms-house, at Monson, for the year ending Dec. 31, 1854. Boston, 1855. Pam. v. 218, 535.— Third Report, Dec. 1856. Boston, 1857. Pam. v. 243. - Fourth Report, Oct. 1857. Boston, 1857. Pam. v.535. - - First Report of the Inspectors of the State Alms-house, at Tewksbury, Dec. 1854. Boston, 1855. Pam. v. 218, 535.- Third Report, Dec. 1856. Boston, 1856. Pam. v. 243. -: PRISONS. Abstract of Returns of the Keepers of jails and Overseers of the houses of correction for the year ending Nov. 1, 1850, 1851, 1852. By the Sec. of State. Boston, 1850, 51, 53. 8o. Pam. v. 162.— The same for 1848, 1851, 1854, 1856. Pam. v. 245.The same for the year ending Nov. 1, 1853. Boston, 1854. Pam. v. 191.

- Annual Report of the Attorney-General, of crimes, Feb. 1855. Boston, 1855. 48 p. 8o. Pam. v.538.

- Abstract of Returns of Criminal Cases tried before justices of the peace and police courts throughout the Commonwealth, for the year ending Dec. 1855. Prepared by Francis Dewitt, Secretary of State. Boston, 1856. Pam. v. 245.The same, Dec. 1856, Sept. 1857. Boston, 1856, 57. Pam. v. 538.

. — Laws...of the Massachusetts State Prison... Oct. 1829. Charleston, 1830. 112 p. 8o. Pam. v. 538.

:- The Joint Standing Committee on inquire what change is necessary, if any, in the discipline at the State prison H. of R. May 16, 1857. 26 p. 8o. Pam. v. 538. - - Annual Report of the Board of Inspectors of the Massachusetts State prison, Sept. 30, 1851, together with the Annual reports of the officers of the institution. Boston, 1852. Pam. y. 162.The same for Oct. 1, 1853, 1854, 1856. Boston, 1854, 55, 57. Pam. v. 245.The same for Oct. 1, 1856, 1857. 8°. Pam. v. 538. -: RAILROADS. Report of the Board of Directors of internal improvements, on the practicability and expediency of a railroad from Boston to the Hudson river, and from Boston to Providence... with plans and profiles. Boston, 1829. 8o. Pam. v.147.

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