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BANK CONVENTION, N.Y. Report of the Delegates of the Banks of

the City of New-York. New York, 1837. 8o. Pam. v. 252. BANK OF ENGLAND. Account of Bills of Exchange, 1796. Parl. paper.

Feb. 14, 1797. 1 p. f'. Pam. v. 1103. BANK OF MARYLAND. Correspondence relating to the Affairs of the Bank of Maryland. Baltimore, 1834. 51 p. 8". Pam. v. 463.

Extracts from the Correspondence .... of the Trustees of the Bank of Maryland, published by J. B. Morris and R. W. Gill, two

of the trustees.... Baltimore, 1835. 65 p. 8o. Pam. v. 463. BANK OF TENNESSEE. Report, Oct. 1855. Nashville. 8o. Pam. v. 464. *BANK OF THE INTERIOR, Albany. Articles of Association, 1857. Pam.

v. 463. BANK OF THE UNITED STATES. An Act to incorporate the Subscribers

to the Bank of the United States. Philadelphia, 1816. 18o. 56 p. With, Proceedings of the Stockholders ... 28th Oct. 1816 and 6th Jan. 17. Published by order of the stockholders. Philadelphia, 1817. 12 p. And, Rules and Regulations for the government of...

Philadelphia, 1817. 18o. 16 p. In 1 v. 18o. - Assignment of 7th June 1841 ; Auditor's Report .. 1848; Di

stribution, May 1852. Philadelphia, 1852. Pam. v. 463. - BALTIMORE Branch. An Exhibit of the losses sustained at the Office of discount and deposit, Baltimore .... To which is added a Report of the conspiracy cases.... Baltimore, 1823. 28, xix, 280,

128 p. 8o. BANKER'S ALMANAC for 1851. J. Smith Homans. Boston. 89 p. 8o.


Homans. Volume the 12th, or Vol. 7th, New series, July 1857 – June 1858.– Vol. 13, or v. 8, new series, to June 1859. New-York.

2 v. 8o. BANKS ( N. P.), jr. Speech, U.S. H. of R., on Army officers in national

armories, 1854. 16 p. 8o. Pam. v. 487. - Questions propounded to the Candidates for Speaker, and their

responses : U.S. H. of R., Jan. 21, 1856. 8 p. 8o. Pam. v.537. BANNABDT, Rev. William. Moral Aspect and Destitution of the City

of New York : A Discourse at the opening of the Presbytery of

New-York, Oct. 13, 1851. New-York, 1851. 8o. Pam. v. 238, 270. BANNISTER, Rev. Henry. Sermon, preached before the Madison County

X.Y. Bible Society, Cazenovia, Jan. 28, 1845. 8o. New-York, 1845.

Pam. v. 270. [BANNISTER, John W.]. See Sketches ... for settling Canada, 1822. BANSORBIS, Amanda. The Female Land Pirate... Cincinnati, 1847,

32 p. 8o. BANvard's Painting of the Holy Land : Description. N.York, 1852.

49. Pam. v. 1015. BAPTISMAL BONDS renewed : Being some Meditations upon Ps. 1, 5.

By O[liver] Heywood), Minister of the Gospel. London, 1687. 328 p. 12o.

BAPTIST ALMANAC. ( Amer.) Bapt. Pub. Society, Philadelphia, 1846,

'48, Alm. v.48; 1851, Alm, v. 15; 1852, 54, 58, 59, Alm. v. 36;

1854, Alm. y. 32. BAPTIST CHURCHES. General Association of the Baptists of Missouri.

Minutes of the 19th Annual meeting, 1858. St. Louis. Pam. v. 465. Baptist| EDUCATION SOCIETY of the State of New York. 39th An

nual Meeting, with reports, 1856. Hamilton, 1856. Pam. v. 277.— 40th Anniversary, 1857. Utica, N.Y. 1857 ; 41st Anniversary, 1858.

Hamilton, N.Y. 1858. Pam. v. 465. BAPTIST GENERAL CONVENTION. Baptist Missionary Magazine, Vol.

25, 26. Boston, 1845, 46. 2 v. 8o. BAPTIST MISSIONARY CONVENTION of the State of New-York. Mi

nutes, 11th, 12th, 13th, Rome, 1832 : Utica, 1833, 34. 8o. Pam. v. 465.— 45th Annual Report, Brooklyn, 1852. Albany, 1852. Pam.

v. 232. BAPTIST MISSIONARY SOCIETY. Brief View of the Baptist Missions

and Serampore. London, 1815. 8o. Pam. v. 314. BARBADOES. A Report of a Comm. of the Council of .... the actual

condition of the slaves in this island, with a view to refute certain

calumnies... London, 1824. 127 p. 8o. Pam. v. 436. [ BARBAULDT, Anna L.). See Sins of the Government, 1793. - Remarks on Mr. Wakefield's Enquiry into the expediency and

propriety of public or social worship. 3d edition. London, 1792. 76

p. 8o. Pam. y. 302. BARBÉDIENNE (F.) et Cie..... Bronzes d’Art : Collection des chefs• d'ouvre de la statuaire.... Prices. Paris. 36 p. 8o. Pam. v. 499. BARBERT, John W. Views in New Haven and its vicinity, with a

particular description to each view. Drawn and engraved by ....

New-Haven, 1825. 11 p. and 6 plates. 18o. BARBER, Joseph. Sermon, Death of Rev. N. Trotman : Heb. xiii, 7.

Address at the interment, by T. Towle ... London, 1793. 8o. Pam.

v. 381. BARBICAN SUNDAY SCHOOL : Rules. Lond. 1836. 120. Pam. v. 289. BARBIER, Antoine A. Dictionnaire des Ouvrages anonymes et pseu

donymes composés, traduits ou publiés en français et en latin, avec les noms des auteurs, traducteurs et éditeurs ; accompagné de notes historiques et critiques... 2e édition augmentée. Paris, 1822 – 27.

4 v. 8°. BARBIER, Stephen. An Expedient to pay the Publick Debts, with a

Letter to the King .... London, 1719. Fr., Eng. d. Lat. 24 p. 8o.

Pam. v. 408. BARBOSA-MACHADO, Diego. Summario da Bibliotheca Luzitana. Tomo

1-3.— With Bibliotheca Luzitana Escolhida. 1 v. Lisboa, 1786, 87. 4 v.18o. An Abridgement from Barbosa-Machado's Catalogue, in 4 y. fo, prepared

by B. J. De Souza Farinha.

BARBOUR, B.J. Address.. Literary Societies of the Virginia Military

Institute at Lexington, 4th July 1854.... Richmond, 1854. 32 p. 80. Pam. v. 532.

BARCLAY (J. T.), M.D. The City of the Great King; or Jerusalem

as it was, as it is, and as it is to be ... Philadelphia, 1858. xxii,

627 p. 8o. BARCLAYİ, Robert. The Anarchy of the Rapters, and other Liber

tines : the Hierarchy of the Romanists, and other pretended churches, equally refused and refuted, in a twofold apology for the church and people of God, called, in derision, Quakers. Wherein,

etc.... Wilmington, Del. 1783. 111 p. 8o. BARCLAY, Sidney. Personal Recollections of the American Revolution.

A private journal, prepared from authentic domestic records... Ed.

by. New-York, 1859. 251 p. 18o. BARDI, L. ... Galleria Pitti illustrata... Firenze, 1838. 8o. Pam: v.

499. BARDIN's Dictionnaire de l'Armée de Terre. Paris, 1844. Prospectus,

etc. 8o. Pam. v. 102. BARDONNET DES MARTELS, Dr. Zootechnie : Traité des maniements,

des épreuves, et des moyens de contention et de gouverne qu'on emploie sur les espèces domestiques chevaline, bovine, ovine et porcine.... Paris, 1854. 463 p. 12o.

9. 12. BARENTSZ (Zibrant), Waterdrincker. Journael.. van de voooraemste

gheschiedenissen ter zee, onder het beleyt vanden cloeckmoedigen Zee-helt Marten H. Tromp... 't zedert den Ap. 29, 1639 tot den 28

Oct....1639. C. van der Pas. 18 p. & 2 maps. sm. 4o. BARFORD, William. Oratio in funere..G. George, Oct. 7, 1756. Can

tabrigiæ, 1756. 4o. Pam. v. 362. BARGÈS, Abbé J.J.L. Mémoire sur le Sarcophage et l'inscription

funéraire d'Eschmounazar, roi de Sidon. Paris, 1856. 41 p. 4o. BARKER (B. Fordyce), M.D. Remarks on Puerperal Fever. From the

American Med. Monthly for Nov. 1857. New-York, 1857. 8o. Pam.

v.271. BARKER, Charles. Sermon, 1 Cor. iii, 10 : Consecration of C. Moss,

Feb. 1, 1807, at Lambeth. London. 4°. Pam. v. 1009. BARKER, John. Sermon : Death of Benj. Grosvenor, D.D. Ps. xxiii, 4.

1758. London. 8o. Pam. v. 381. Barlowt, Joel. The Hasty-Pudding: a Poem, in three cantos. Writ

ten at Chambery, in Savoy, January 1793, by Joel Barlow... With a Memoir on maize, or Indian corn, compiled by D. J. Browne.... New-York, 1847. 56 p. 12o. Also Pam. v. 620.

Advice to the Privileged Orders, in the several States of Europe, resulting from the necessity and propriety of a general revolution in the principle of government. Part 1. London : Repr. New-York,

1792. 118 p. 89. Pam. v. 220. - Letters from Paris to the Citizens of the U.S. of A. on... Com

mercial intercourse with England & France. Lond. 1800. 116 p. 89. BARLOW, Rer. John. On Man's power over himself to prevent or con

trol insanity. Communicated to the members at the Royal Institu

tion of Great Britain....May 26, 1843. London, 1843. 68 p. 18o. BARNARDT, Daniel D. Oration ... Albany, 4th July, 1835. Albany,

1835. 51 p. 8o. Pam. v. 532.

BARNARD, Daniel D. : — Speech, U.S.H. of R., on the Tariff, May 14, 1844.— Sptech on the destruction of the Caroline, Aug. 31, 1841. Pam. v.193.

Political Aspects and Prospects in Europe : A Lecture, Young Men's Association, Albany, Jan. 31, 1854. Albany, 1854. 8o. Pam.

v. 100. - Letter to J. A. Hamilton, Albany, July 14, 1856. See Hunt, W. - Letter to E. Brooks, 1857. See Trinity Church Pam. v. 4. BARNARD, Sir F. A. Bibliothecæ Regiæ Catalogus. See George III. BARNARD, George. The Theory and Practice of Landscape Painting

in water colors : Illustrated by a series of twenty-four designs....

London, 1855. 176 p. 4°. Barnardt (Henry), LL.D. Legal Provision respecting the education

and employment of children in factories, &c. .... Education and Labor,... and its connection with insanity and crime. Hartford, 1842. 52, 32 p. 8o. Pam. v. 229.

National Education in Europe : being an Account of the organization, administration, instruction and statistics of public institutions of different grades in the principal States. 2d ed. New York, 1851. 8°.

School Architecture; or Contributions to the improvement of school-houses in the United States. Fifth ed. New-York, 1854. 8o.

Biographical Sketch of Ezekiel Cheever, with Notes on the free schools and early school-books of N.England. (Reprinted....from

Am. Jour. of Education, 1856). Hartford, Conn. 8o. - List of Books on Education. See Barnard's School Arch.

See Rhode Island - Public Schools, 1845. BARNARD, Sir John. A Defence of several proposals for raising of

3,000,000 for the service of the government for 1746.... With a

postscript ... on public credit. London, 1746. 77 p. Pam. v. 427. BARNARDÍ, Rev. John. Two Discourses addressed to Young Persons.

To which is added : A Sermon occasioned by the Earthquake....

Boston, 17:27. 95 p. 12o. BARNARDT, Maj. J.G. The Dangers and Defences of New-York....

New-York, 1859. 62 p. 89. Pam. v. 521. BARNARDT ( Thomas), D.D. Salem. Sermon delivered before the Con

gregational Ministers of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, at their Annual Convention in Boston, May 30, 1793. Boston, 1793. 8o. Pam. v. 105. - A Sermon delivered on the day of National Thanksgiving, Feb. 19, 1795. Salem, 1795. 8o. Pam. v. 105. - Sermon delivered on the day of Annual Thanksgiving, Dec. 15, 1796. Salem, 1796. 8°. Pam. v. 105.

A Sermon, delivered at Salem, on March 31, 1796, the day of general fasting. Salem, 1796. 8o. Pam. v. 105.

A Sermon preached before the Salem Female Charitable Society, Salem, 1803. 80. Pam. v.105.

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BARNE ( Miles), D.D. Two Sermons, University of Cambridge, Christ's

Ķingdom. Cambridge, 1682. 4o. Pam. v. 360. - Sermon, University of Cambridge, Thanksgiving, Sept. 9, 1683.

Cambridge. 8°. Pam. v. 360. BARNES, Albert. The Supremacy of the Laws.... A Sermon : Rom.

xiii, 1-7. From National Preacher. N.York, 1838. 8'. Pam. v. 557. – The Position of the Evangelical Party in the Episcopal Church. 4th edition. Philadelphia, 1814. 72 p. 18o. — Reply to a Review of the Tract on The Position, etc. contained in the Episcopal Recorder. ... Philadelphia, 1844. 143 p. 18o. Pam. v. 6:22. - An Inquiry into the Scriptural Views of Slavery. Philadelphia, 1846. 384 p. 12o.

Sermon, American Home Missionary Society. New-York, 1849. 8. Pam. v. 238, 267, 521. - The Facts of the Case of the Rev. Albert Barnes fairly stated, addressed to the ministers, elders and people of the Presb. Churches. .... By members of the Presbytery and Synod of Philadelphia.

Philadelphia, 1836. 20 p. 8o. Pam. v. 536. Barnest, William. A Philological Grammar, grounded upon English

and formed from a comparison of more than sixty languages. Lon

don, 1854. 12o. . BARNETT, John. Systems and Singing Masters : An analytical com

ment upon the Wilhelm System....with remarks ...upon Hullah's

Manual.... London, 1842. 60 p. 8o. Pam. v. 460. BARNEY, Wm. B. Par of Weights...of foreign commercial countries,

and those of the United States. . . . Baltimore, 1829. 64 p. 8°. . BARNEY, Wm. C. The Ocean Monopoly and Commercial Suicide. To

...Congress.... New York, 1855. 16 p. 8o. Pam. v. 529. BARONIUS, Robertus. Disputatio theologica : de vero discrimine peccati

mortalis & venialis... Londini, 1658. 18°. See Baronius, Cat. 1855. BARRAND, Benj. The Entrance and Abolition of Death: A poem. Lon

don, 1827. 12 p. 12°. Pam. v. 397. BARRAC, Th. H. Législation de l'instruction publique, contenant les

lois...en vigueur...Paris, 1853. 555 p. 8o. - Conseils sur l'Éducation dans la famille et au collége. Paris, Hachette, 1852. 8o.

Conseils aux Ouvriers ou explication sur leurs devoirs, sur leurs droits,..sur l'hygiène qui leur convient.. 2de éd. Paris, Hachette, 1855. 372 p. 12o.

Direction morale pour les instituteurs. 5me éd. Paris, 1855. 12o.
Nouvelles Lois sur l'Enseignement... Paris, 1857. 18o.

Des Devoirs des Enfants envers leurs parents... Nouv. édition. Paris, Hachette, 1:57. 100 p. 18o. - Du Role de la Famille dans l'éducation, ou Théorie de l'éduca

tion publique et privée... Paris, 1857. 374 p. 8°. - Livre de Morale pratique...destiné à la lecture courante. Paris, Hachette, 1828. 472 p. 12°.

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