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BARRET John. The Evil and Remedy of Scandal : A Practical Dis

course on Ps. cxix, 145. London, 1711. 8o. Pam. v. 365. BARRETT, Mr. Speeches of Mr. Barrett and Mr. Burge, at a general

meeting of planters... interested in the W.I. colonies. Lond. 1833.

114 p. 8o. Pam. v. 438. BARRETT, J. T. Library of .... for sale. London, 1851. Cat. v. 46. [ BARRINGTON, J. Shute, Lord ]. See Interest of England, 1703.

1- ). A Letter from a Layman .... to the .. Bishop of - 2d

edition. With a Postscript, shewing how far the bill to prevent the

growth of schism, f.c... London, 1714. 36 p. 89. Pam. v. 358. BARRINGTON, Bp. Shute. Sermon, 1775. See Soc. Prop. Gospel.

The Grounds on which the Church of England separated from the Church of Rome reconsidered .... London, 1809. 46 p. Pam.

v. 344. BARRISTER (The); or Strictures on the Education proper for the Bar.

Most of these papers appeared occasionally in the World, during the year 1791. Some others are now added, with an introduction by the

author. Dublin .. 1792. 12o. BARROIS, J. Bibliothèque Protypographique ; ou Librairies des fils

du Roi Jean, Charles V, Jean de Berri, Philippe de Bourgogne, et

les siens. De l’Imprimerie de Crapelet. À Paris, 1830. 346 p. 4o. BARROS, Giovanni di. L'Asia del S. Giovanni di Barros.... de' fatti

de' Portoghesi nello scoprimento & conquista de' mari & terre di Oriente. Nella quale .... si ha piena cognitione di tutte le Città, Monti & Fiumi delle Parti orientali, con la descrittione de' Paesi ...Nuouamente di lingua Portoghese tradotta dal S. Alfonso Ulloa ... In Venetia . . 1562. 401 p. sm. 4°. With, Dell' Asia, La Seconda Deca.... Nella quale seguendo la materia della prima decà si trattano de le guerre fatte da' Portoghese co i Principi orientali

.. Trad...dal S. X. Ulloa . . . Venetia. . 1562. 465 p. In 1 v. sm. 4o. BARROWT, Isaac. The Doctrine of the Sacraments. Philadelphia, 1829.

12°. Pam. y. 295. Barrowt (John), F.R.S. Some Account of the Public Life, and a

Selection from the unpublished writings of the Earl of Macartney.

... London, 1807. 2 v. 4o. Barrows, Rev. W. Shall we legislate ? Alcohol and the Common

wealth... Boston, 1851. 42 p. 8o. Pam. v. 292. BARRY, James. The Works of James Barry, esq., historical painter;

... containing his Correspondence from France and Italy, with Mr. Burke ; His Lectures on painting, delivered at the Royal Academy; Observations on different works of art in Italy and France ; Critical Remarks on the principal paintings of the Orleans gallery ; Essay on the subject of Pandora ...: His Inquiry into the causes which have obstructed the progress of the fine arts in England .... To which is prefixed some account of the life and writings of the author.

London, 1809. 2 v. 8o. BARRY, John. The Philadelphia Spelling-book, arranged upon a plan

entirely new.... 8th edition. Philadelphia. .1814. 18o.

BARRYT, John Stetson. The History of Massachusetts. Vol. II, The

Provincial Period; Vol. III, The Commonwealth Period. Boston,

1856, 57. 2 v. 8°. BARTH, Henry. Travels and Discoveries in North and Central Africa ;

being a Journal of an Expedition undertaken under the auspices of H.B.M.'s Government, in the years 1819-55... London, 1857, 58.

5 v.8o. BARTHE, J. G. Le Canada reconquis par la France... Suivi de Pièces

justificatives... *** Paris, Ledoyen..1855. 8°. BARTHOLOMEW, Red. Andrew. A Dissertation on the qualifications

necessary to a lawful profession, and enjoying special ordinances ; . and also, On the Atonement of Jesus Christ. Hartford (1769). 47

p. 12°. Pam. v. 603. BARTHROP, William. Last Will and Testament of: .. of Kinderhook,

N.Y. Albany, 1852. 15 p. 8'. Pam. v. 492. BARTLETT and WELFORD's Catalogue of Books for sale. New York,

1841, 154 pp. L.L. ; 1814, 3 parts, Cat. v.5; 1846, Cat. v. 163

1847, Cat. v. 20. BARTLETT ( Elisha), M.D. A Discourse on the Times, Character and

Writings of Hippocrates. New-York, 1852. 8o. Pam. v. 271. • BARTLETT, Rev. John. Preaching Christ in Love : A Discourse, Se

cond Congregational Church and Society in Marblehead, Feb. 27,

1825. Salem, 1825. 8°. Pam. v. 105. BARTLETT, John. A Collection of familiar quotations, with complete

indices of authors and subjects. 3d edition, with supplement. Cam

bridge, 1858. 446 p. 18o. BARTLETTÍ, John R. A Dictionary of Americanisms : A Glossary of

words and phrases usually regarded as peculiar to the U.S....2d ed.

...enlarged. Boston, 1859. xxxii, 524 p. 8°. BARTLETT, Joseph. Aphorisms on Men, Manners, Principles and

Things.*** By Joseph Bartlett ... Portsmouth. For the Author, 1810. 148 p.— With, Physiognomy, a Poem : By Joseph Bartlett.

Portsmouth, 1810. 19 p. În 1 v. 18o. BARTLETT, W.H. Walks about the City and Environs of Jerusalem.

London, A. Hall, Virtue & Co. roy. 8°. BARTLEY (James Avis), Orange Co. Va. Lays of Ancient Virginia,

and other poems. Richmond, 1855. 18o. BARTOLT, Cyrus A. The Cure : A Sermon, Fast Day. Jer. viii, 22.

Boston, 1851. 8o. Pam. v. 558.
- The Voice of Twenty Years : A Discourse. Gen. xxxi, 38. Bos.

ton, 1857. 8'. Pam. v. 558. BARTOLIT, Padre Daniello. History of the Life and Institute of St.

Ignatius De Loyola, founder of the Society of Jesus... Translated by the Author of Life in Mexico. Vol. 1, II. New-York, 1855. 2

v. 1:2 BARTOLOCCI, Jul. Bibliotheca Magna Rabbinica, de Scriptoribus &

Scriptis Hebraicis, ordine alphabetico Hebraicé & Latin digestis. Pars prima, secunda tertia, quarta....Post eius obitum absoluta, [Suppl.]

aucta & in lucem edita a D. Carolo Joseph Imbonato Mediolanensi. Praeter indices.... huic quadripartito operi accedit Tomus alter, nempé, Bibliotheca Latino-Hebraica, sive de Scriptoribus Latinis, qui...contra Judæos, vel de re Hebraica utcumque scripsere.... Loco coronidis, Adventus Messiæ à Judæorum blasphemiis ac hæreticorum calumniis... vindicatus... una cum Chronotaxi totius Sacrae Scripturæ. Opera et studio ejusdem D. Caroli Joseph Im

bonati. Romæ, 1775 – 93, 94. 5 v. f'. BARTON (David), Missouri. Speech, U.S. Sen., Upon the power of the · President to remove Federal officers. Washington, 1830. 28 p.

Pam. v. 487. BARtont ( Edward H.), M.D. Report to the Louisiana State Medical

Society, on the meteorology, vital statistics and hygiene of the State of Louisiana. With an Appendix, showing the experience of Life Insurance Companies in Louisiana... Also, the Experience of the London Life Insurance Companies, &c. By W. G. Heartt, Actuary... New-Orleans, 1851. 65 p. 8o. & tables. Pam. v 89. - An Address before Louisiana State Medical Society, by the late President of the Society, &c. &c. (On retiring from the Chair.) New-Orleans, 1852 ? 16 p. 8o. Pam. v. 89. - The Cause and Prevention of Yellow Fever at New-Orleans and other cities in America. . *** 3d edition ; with the addition of upwards of seventy pages of “Prefatory Remarks," and a Supple

ment. New-York, 1857. 8o. BARTON (Rev. J. Graeff), A.M. An Outline of the General Principles

of Grammar. With a brief exposition of the chief idiomatic pecu

liarities of the English language. New-York, 1855. 18o. BARTON ( Rev. Philip), LL.D. Sermon, Fast, before House of Com

mons : 2 Chron. xx, 3 Jan. 9, 1739. London, 4o. Pam. v. 1006. - Sermon, Consecration of T. Hayter, 1749 : 1 Cor. xiv, 12. Oxford, 1750. 4°. Pam. v. 1006.

Sermon, Consecration of St. George's Chapel : Lu. vii, 5. Oxford, 1755. 8o. Pam. v. 370. -- Firmitas prophetici sermonis, Concio...coram Acad. Oxon....

Oxonii, 1757. 8o. Pam. v. 371. BARTONT, William P.C. A Treatise containing a Plan for...Marine

Hospitals in the United States; together with...the Medical de

partment of the navy. Philadelphia, 1814. xxvi, 244 p. 8°. Basan, Pierre François. Dictionnaire des Graveurs anciens et mod

ernes depuis l'origine de la gravure ; avec une notice des principales estampes qu'ils ont gravées. Suivi des catalogues des CÈuvres de Jacques Jordans et de Corneille Visscher. Par F. Basan, graveur ...Paris. .1767 3 v. 18o. - The Same : Seconde édition, mise par ordre alphabétique, considérablement augmentée et ornée de cinquante estampes par différ

entes artistes célebres.... Paris, 1789. 2 v. 12o. BASIL, St. The Catholic Faith : a Sermon by St. Basil : Translated

from the Greek. To which is added a brief refutation of Popery from the writings of the fathers. By H. S. Boyd, esq. London, 1825. 70 p. 8o. Pam. v. 307.

BASIRE ( Isaac), D.D. The Correspondence of Isaac Basire, D.D.,

Archdeacon of Northumberland and Prebendary of Durham, in the reigns of Charles I and Charles II, with a memoir of his life. By

W. H. Darnell, B.D. London, 1831. 394 p. 8°. BASKETT, John. A Previous View of the Case between John Baskett,

esq., one of His Majesty's Printers, Plaintiff, and Henry Parson, stationer, defendant. Edinburgh : Printed by James Watson, one

of His Majesty's Printers, 1720. 35 p. and Appendix. 3 p. 4o. BasNAGE DE BEAUVAL, Jacques. Annales des Provinces-Unies

depuis les négociations pour la paix de Munster... La Haye, 1719. 842 p. f".

Dissertation Historique sur les Duels et les Ordres de chevalerie. Amsterdam, 1720. See Histoire des Ordres militaires. BASSET, N. Annuaire de l'Agriculteur Praticien. Almanach de la

ferme pour 1855. Paris. 108 p. 12o. Alm. v. 52. BATAAFSCHE MAATSCHAPPIJ. See Maatschappij : Tot nut, etc. BATCH ELDER (John P.), M.D. Second edition of “An Advertise

ment,” by C. B. Coventry, M.D., Prof. of Mat. Med. and Phar. in the Berkshire Med. Institution ; with a “ Candid Exposition of Facts,” by J. P. Batchelder, M.D., late Professor of Surveying in

the same. Utica, 1829. 8o. Pam. v. 89. BATE, James. Infidelity Scourged : or Christianity Vindicated. I,

from the scandalous aspersions of Mr. Thomas Chubb.... II, from ...a late book : Christianity not founded on argument... London, 1746. 248 p. 8o. Pam. y. 333.

Human Learning highly useful to... True Religion. A Sermon, Canterbury School, Sept. 13, 1753 : Prov. ii, 3, 4, 5. London. 4o.

Pam. v. 1007. BATE, Rev. Julius. The Use and Intent of Prophecy, and the History

of the Fall, cleared from the objections in Dr. C. Middleton's Ex

amination, &c... London, 1750. 118 p. 8o. Pam. v. 350. BATELIER (Jakob), Pred. Remon. Gemeynte. Korte end Bondighe

Verklaringh van de drie getuygen, de geest, het water en het bloet.

Hoorn, 1672. 96 p. 18o. Pam. v. 634. Bates, Isaac. Sermon : 2 Cor. v, 4. London, 1708. 8o. Pam. v. 364. BATEST (Isaac C.), Mass. Speech, U.S. Senate, in Defence of the Pro

tective System. Washington, 1844. 8o. Pam. v. 290. BATES, Joseph. A Vindication of the Seventh Day Sabbath...with a

further History of God's Peculiar People, from 1847 to 1848. New

Bedford, Mass. 1848. 116 p. 8o. Pam. v. 262. BATES (Joshua), jr. The Model Teacher. A Lecture on Dr. Thomas

Arnold...delivered before the American Institute of Instruction,

at Troy, N.Y., Aug. 1852. Boston, 1853. 12o. Pam. v. 100. Batu, Eng. Hunt's, late Gye's Original Bath Directory, to March

1821....121 p. 8o. Pam. v. 489. Bathurst+ (Henry), Bp. Norwich. Memoir. 4 p. 4o. Pam. v. 1004. BATTELT, Andries. De Gedenkwaardige Voyagie van Andries Battel

van Leigh in Essex, na Brasilien, en desselfs wonderlijke avon. tuuren, zijnde gevangen gebragt van de Portugijsen na Angola.... A° 1589 en vervolgens. Door hem selfs in het Engels beschreven

... Leyden, Vander Aa, 1706. 46 p. & register. 12o." BATTELLE, M. Premières Leçons sur les Animaux domestiques....

Paris, 1855.- Premières Leçons sur les animaux sauvages... Paris,

Hachette, 1857. In 1 v. 18o. BAUDOIN ( Mme Agathe). Rêveries sur les Bords du Cher : Poésies par.

Paris, 1841. 8°. BAUDRY's Catalogues of Books, 1845, 47, 49. Paris. Cat. v. 1, 22, 30. BAUER, J.S. Bibliotheca Librorum Rariorum Universalis ; oder voll

ständiges Verzeichniss rarer Bücher, aus den besten Schriftstellern, mit fleiss zusammen getragen, und aus eigener vieljährigen Erfahrung vermehret, von Johann Jacob Bauer, Arg. Buchhändler in Nürnberg. Theil 1-4, A - Z, 1770 – 72, 4 v.- Supplementband, 1, 2, A-Z, 1774, 2 v.-Dritter Supplementband, A-Z, 1791, 1 v.

Nürnberg. 7 v. 12o. BAUERN (Des), und Handwerksmannes Calender. Philadelphia, 1834.

4o. Alm. v. 46. BAVARIAŤ. Verzeichniss der Wissenschaftlichen Sammlungen des

Staates... Fr. Thiersch Gen. Conservator. 1848. 7 p. 4o. See Koen. Baier. Ak. Reden, v.5. - LIBRARY. Catalogus Cod. Manuscriptorum Bibliot. Regiæ Monacensis. Tomus vii: Cod. Gallicos, Hisp., Ital., Angl., Suec., Dan., Slav., Esth., Hungaricos complectens. Monachii, 1858. 420 p. 8o.

- Persian MSS. See Frank, 0.

ROYAL OBSERVATORY. Astronomische Beobachtungen angestellt auf der k. Sternwarte zu Bogenhausen, von..J. Soldner. Vol. 1-5, 1820 - 27.-Observationes Astronomicæ..a J. Lamont. Vol. 6, seu n. ser. V. 1-15. Monachii, 1841 – 47. 15 parts in 3 v. 4o.

- Annalen der Königlichen Sternwarte bei München, auf öffentliche kosten herausgegeben von Dr. J. Lamont...(xvi) I Band -(xxiii) IX Band. München, 1854 – 57. 9 v. 8o.

- Beobachtungen des Meteorologischen Observatoriums auf dem Hohenpeissenberg von 1792 – 1850, auf öffentliche kosten. .I.

Supplementband zu den Annalen der Münchener Sternwarte. — See Königlich Bayerische Akademie der Wissenschaften. BAVARIAN AGRICULTURAL SOCIETY. Haus-Landwirthschafts-Kalender

des landwirthschaftlichen Vereins für Bayern ... 1855, 56, 57, 58.

München. 4 v. 4°. BAXTER, Andrew. An Inquiry into the Nature of the Human Soul;

wherein the the immateriality of the soul is evinced from the prin

ciples of reason and philosophy. 3d edition. London, 1745. 2 v. 8°. BAXTERT, Richard. A Defence of the Principles of Love, which are

necessary to the unity and concord of Christians .... By Richard Baxter, one of the mourners for a self-dividing and self-a flicting land. *** London, 1671. 183 p. 18o. - Catholic Communion doubly defended by Dr. Owen's vindication and Richard Baxter... with a parallel of the case of using a faulty translation of Scripture, and a faulty liturgy.*** London, 1684 iv, 40 p. 4o. Pam. v. 356.

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