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BAXTER (W. E.), Esq. M.P. America and the Americans. London,

G. Routledge & Co. New York, 1855. 18o. BAYARDÍ (James A.), of Del. Speech, U.S. Senate, Feb. 1809, on

the Embargo act. Pam. v. 206. BAYARD, Rev. L.P. Memorial of the Rev. Lewis P. Bayard, D.D.;

containing a memoir....discourse... by Rt. Rev. Dr. Onderdonk..

Ed. by J. W. Brown... New-York, 1841. 272 p. 12o. BAYARD, Samuel J. A Short History of the Life and Services of Gen.

William Henry Harrison. 20 p. 8o. Pam. v. 222. [ BAYARD, William). See Comments on the Nebraska bill. BAYER, A. De. La Cathédrale de Strasbourg en XI planches lithogra

phiques, d'après les dessins d'Auguste de Bayer.. Paris. fo. BAYFIELD, Lake Superior, Wisconsin. The Early History of. Phila

delphia, May 1858. 14 p. 8o. Pam. v. 565. BAYLE-MOUILLARD, M. Éloge de Joseph-Marie Baron de Gérando.

Paris, 1846. 96 p. 8o. Pam. v. 238. BAYLY, Anselm. The Antiquity, Evidence and Certainty of Christia

nity canvassed on Dr. Middleton's examination of the .. Bishop of London's Discourse on... prophecy. *** London, 1751. xxxvii, 66

p. 8o. Pam. v. 350. BAYLY, T. H. Slavery in the Territories : Speech, U.S. H. of R.,

May 16, 1848. 15 p. 8o. Pam. v.561. BAYNE, W. M. Description of Bayne's Gigantic Panorama of a voyage

to Europe, comprising Views of Boston....Philadelphia, 1849. 16

p. 8o. Pam. v. 489. BAYXES, Paul. The Diocesans Tryall ; wherein all the sinnews of D.

Dorvnam's defence [of bishops) are brought unto three heads, and orderly dissolved. By M. Paul Baynes. Imprinted 1621. xii, 90 p.

sm. 4°. Pam. v. 600. BAZLEY, Thomas. A Lecture upon Cotton as an element of industry

... London, 1852. 70 p. 12°. Pam. v. 498. BEACH, W. ... Rise...of the N.Y. Medical Institution and Reformed

Med. Soc. of the U.S. New-York, 1830. 49 p. 12o. Pam. v. 614. BEAKLEY (Jacob), M.D. Valedictory Address .... Homøopathic

Medical College of Pennsylvania, March 1, 1854. Philadelphia,

1854. 8o. Pam. v. 286. BEAR, John. De Primævorum Patrium Auctoritate : Concio coram

Acad. Oxon. Oxonii, 1748. 8o. Pam. v.370. BEARCROFT (P.), D.D. Sermon, 1745. See Soc. Prop. the Gospel. BEARDSLEE, G. W. Rejection...of the Letters Patent to B. Langdon

...Planing machine. Albany, 1852. 39 p. 8°. Pam. v. 298. BEARDSLEY, Rer. E. E. An Historical Address.... Trinity College,

Hartford, July 30, 1851 : On occasion of the 25th Ann. Comm. of

the Institution. Hartford, 1851. 8o. Pam. v. 241. BEARDSLEYT, Samuel. Opinion....and Letter from Hon. William L.

Marcy, on the Canal bill. 8o. Albany, 1851. Pam. v. 223.

ford, 1857 occasion ddress.. am. v. 298. angdon

". Pam. the 25th Ainity College

BEARZI, J. B. De. Catalogue de... la Bibliothèque de feu M. l'Abbé

Jean Baptiste Chevalier de Bearzi .... dont la vente aura lieu 31 Mai 1855. Paris, 1855. 1re partie, 222 p. ; 2de partie, 192 p. In 1

v. 8°. BEASLEY ( Frederick), D.D., Trenton, N.J. A Vindication of the

fundamental principles of truth and order in the Church of Christ, from the allegations of the Rev. William E. Channing, D.D. Tren

ton (N.J.), 1830. 144 p. 8° Pam. v. 200. BEATSON, John. Sermon : Fast, Feb. 27, 1778; Duty of members of

civil society : Jer. xxix, 7. Hull, Eng. Pam. v. 373. - A Sermon, occasioned by that branch of British commerce which extends to the human species : Lu. x, 29. 1789. Hull, Eng. 64 p.

8o. Pam. v. 435. BEATTIET, James. The Poetical Works of Beattie, Blair and Falconer.

With lives, critical observations and explanatory notes, by the Rev.

George Gilfillan. Edinburgh, 1854. 8o. [ BEAUCHAMP, Viscount]. See Letter to the First Belfast Company

of Volunteers. Cat. 1855. BEAUCLERK, Topham. A Catalogue of the Library of T. B. of 30,000

volumes.... Auction, April 9, 1781. London, xiv, 231, 137 p. In 1

v. 8o. BEAUFOY† (Col. Mark), F.R.S. Nautical and Hydraulic Experiments,

with numerous scientific miscellanies. *** In three volumes, with plates. Vol. 1, London, printed at the private press of Henry Beau

foy, F.R.S. Published May 1834. cxix, 688 p. 4o. BEAULIEU, Luke. Sermon before the Lord Mayor, Dec. 27, 1685 :

Jude v, 3. London. 4°. Pam. v. 361. BEAUMARCHAIS, Emélie Eugénie. The Daughter of Pierre Augustin

de Beaumarchais, to the Hon. the members of the S. and H. of R. of the United States. Paris, Oct. 20, 1822. 4 p. 4o. Pam. v. 488. - Report of the Committee on Claims, on the Petition of E. E.

Beaumarchais, March 10, 1806. Cong. Doc. 113 p. 8o. Pam. v. 488. BEAUMARCHAISt, P. A. Caron De. Notice sur Beaumarchais.- Le

Barbier de Séville . . Comédie. Paris. 8o. 52, 353 – 525 p. imp. 8o.

Pam. v. 523. BEAUMELLE. Vie de Maupertuis. See Anglieviel de la Beaumelle, L. BEAUMONTỦ and FLETCHER. The Chances : A Comedy .. from the

Manager's book at the Theatre Royal, Covent Garden. London. 12o.

Pam. v. 396. BEAUMONTT, Gustave De. Marie ; ou l’Esclavage aux États-Unis :

Tableaux des Mæurs américains. 4e édition. Paris, 1840. 12o. BEAUMONT, J. A. B. Travels in Buenos-Ayres and the adjacent Pro

vinces of the Rio de la Plata ; with Observations intended for the use of persons who contemplate emigrating to that country ...... · London .. 1828. 8°. BEAUMONT ( William), M.D., Asst. Surg. U.S. A. Rights and Disabi

lities of Brevet rank, 1825. 14 p. 8'.— With a Circular, from the same, dated Fort Niagara, N.Y., May 8, 1826. 10 p. 120. Pam. v.

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- Experiments and Observations on the gastric juice, and the

physiology of digestion... Plattsburgh [ N.Y.], 1833. 8o. BEAUVAIS (J. B. C. M. de), Bishop. Oraison funebre de. .Louis XV,

Roi de France.... Saint Denis, 27 Juillet 1774. Paris, 1774. 81 p.

12°. Pam. v. 612. BEAUVAIS, Servant. Manuel Classique de Philosophie. Paris, 1832. 8o. Beckt ( Theodric R.), M.D. Statistics of Med. Coll. in U.S. 1839. 8o.

Pam. v.517. 2d copy. - Biographical Notices of Dr. T. Romeyn Beck. Reprinted from the Amer. Jour. of Insanity, Oct. 1855. Utica, 1555. 8o. Pam. v.

237. BECKER, Abraham. Address, Worcester, N.Y.... on the occasion of

the Burial of Capt. Leslie Chase, U.S.A....And a R. F.

Queal. Albany, 1852. 23 p. 8o. Pam. v. 494. BECKER (A. C.), M.D. Allopathy, Hahnemannism, and Rational

Homeopathy. Compiled from the German of Dr. Griesselich. New

York, 1848. 24 p. 8°. Pam. v. 271. BECKFORDI, William. The Valuable Library of Books of Fonthill

Abbey : A Catalogue of....(20,000 volumes)... also of the books of prints, galleries of art....which will be sold by auction, Sept.,

Oct. 1823. London. 391 p. 8o. BECKWOORTH, James P. Life. See Bonner, T. D. BÉCLARD ( P. A.), d'Angers. Éléments d’Anatomie générale : De

scription de tous les tissus ou systèmes organiques qui composent

le corps humain. 3° édition.... Paris, 1852. 676 p. 8o. BECMANTS, Joh. Christ. Historia Orbis Terrarum, geographica et.

civilis, de variis negotiis nostri potiss. et superioris seculi aliisve rebus selectioribus. Editio tertia correctior. Francfurti ad Oderam.

Lipsiæ .. 1685. 4o. BEDDOES ( Thomas), M.I. Essay on some of the Disorders commonly

called nervous. Part Ii, containing Observations on insanity; Essay

tenth in V. 3 of Hygeia. London, 1801 – 02. 95 p. 8'. Pam. v. 404. BEDFORD, Rer. W. K. R. The Blazon of Episcopacy. London, 1858.

144 p. 61 plates. 8o. BEECHERT, Catharine E. An Essay on the Education of female teachers

... New-York, 1835. 22 p. 8o. Pam. v.491. - See Hartford Female Seminary, Prospectus. BEECHER, Charles. The Bible a Sufficient Creed : Two Discourses..

at .. dedication. Providence, R.I. 1854. 8°. Pam. v. 558. BEECHERT, ( Edward ), D.D. Narrative of Riots at Alton; in con

nection with the death of Rev. Elijah P. Lovejoy. Alton . . 1838.

159 p. 12. — The Papal Conspiracy Exposed... Boston, 1855. 12o. BEECHERİ, Henry Ward. Industry and Idleness, with causes of dis

honesty ; to which are appended, Six Warnings. With an Introduction, by Rev. H. B. Taylor, of Evans, Erie county, N.Y. Philadelphia, 1850. 107 p. 18o. Pam. y. 215. - Defence of Kansas. Washington, 1856. 8 p. 8o. Pam. v. 560.

BEECHER, Henry Ward : - Addresses on Mental Culture for women, by H. W. B. and J.T.

Brady. ( Pulpit and Rostrum, No. 2.) N.York, 1859. Pam. v. 226. — Life Thoughts, gathered from the extemporaneous discourses of

.... Boston, 1858. 299 p. 12o. BEECHERT (Lyman), D.D. The Design, Rights and Duties of local

churches : A Sermon, Installation of the Rev. Elias Cornelius. Tabernacle Church, Salem, July 21, 1819. Andover, 1819. 8o. Pam. v. 105. - Six Sermons on the nature, occasions, signs, evils, and remedy of intemperance. Boston, 1827. 107 p. 12o. Pam. v. 629. - The Bible a Code of Laws : A Sermon, Park-street Church, 1817, Ordination of S. E. Dwight, and of E. P. Swift, etc. as mis

sionaries to the heathen. Andover, 1827. 43 p. 8o. Pam. v. 556. [- ]. See Rights of Congregational Churches. BEECHEYT, F. W. The Zoology of Capt. Beechey's the

Pacific and Behring's Straits... in the years 1825 – 28... London,

1839. 179 p. 50 plates. 4°. BEELDSNIJDER, Yonkheer G. J. Verbond en Smeekschriften der Ne

derlandsch Edelen (1567), van den hoog wel geb. Heer Baron M. D'Yvoy van Mijdrecht. Vermeerderd met eenige aanteekeningen en

verrijkt met bijna alle de facsimilés.... 86 p. and plates. 8°. BEELS, Leonard. 'S Menschen Uittersten, overdacht en aangedrongen

tot betragtinge van Godtzaligheidt. Amsterdam, 1748. 4o. — Jubel-preek, by ene uitbreiding van Asafs betuiginge. Amster

dam, 1749. 4o. BEERS'S ( A.) ALMANAC, Hartford, 1798. Alm. v. 19.- Beers's Calen

dar, or Southwick's Almanack, Albany, 1813, 14, 15, 17 (imp.): Alm. v. 21 ; 1813, 15 : Alm, v. 23; .... or Hosford's Almanack, 1818, 19, 20, 22, 23, 24 : Alm. v. 21 ; 1821, Alm. v. 23; 1823, 24,

Alm. v. 33 ; 1825, Alm. v. 22, 33. BEESON, John. A Plea for the Indians ; with facts and features of the

late war in Oregon. New-York, 1857. 143 p. 12°. Pam. v. 508. BEKKER, E. See Wolff, E. Bekker. BEKNOPTE EN ZAKELYKE BESCHRYVING der voornaamste Engelsche

Volk-plantingen in Noord-Amerika ; neffens Aanmerkingen over den oorsprong en voortgang der tegenwoordige geschillen, en des oorlogs, tusschen Groot-Brittanie en deszelfs kolonisten. Tweede

stuk. Te Amsterdam .. 1776. 8°. BELCHERT, Sir E. The Last of the Arctic Voyages ; being a Narra

tive of the Expedition in H.M.S. Assistance, under the command of Capt. Sir Edward Belcher, C.B., in search of Sir John Franklin, during the years 1852 - 54. With Notes on the natural history....

London, 1855. Admiralty edition. 2 v. 8°. BELCHER'S (H. C.) FARMER'S ALMANACK for 1846. Alm. y. 28.

For 1852, 55, 56, 59. Halifax, Nova Scotia. 4 v. 12o. BELDEN, L. W. An Account of Jane C. Ryder, the Springfield som

nambulist; the substance of which was delivered as a lecture before the Springfield Lyceum, Jan. 22, 1834. Springfield, 1834. 18'.


to devoted to agriculture, com

Ed. by H. H. Belding : monthly. or. 1858. Keokuk, Iowa. 8'. Pam.

FIRST SUPPLEMENT. BELDING'S NORTHWESTERN REVIEW, devoted to an merce .... and general statistics. Ed. by H. H. Beld Vol.I, Nov. 1857; Jan., Feb., Apr. 1858. Keokuk 1 7.533.

soignement élémentaire, mise à la estionnaires. Paris, J. Delalain, 1855

BELEZE. G. Nouveau Cours d'Enseignement élémentaire

portée des enfans, avec questionnaires. Paris, J. Delo
59. In 22 v. 18. Contents :
La Cosmographie. 1856.
La Géographie. Ime édition. 1858.
Petite G ographie pour le premier age.

Petite Histoire sainte, pour le premier

age. 1858.
L'Histoire Sainte. 18me édition. 1858.
L Histoire docienne. 19e édition. 1858.
L Histoire Romaine. 12e édition. 1858.
L Histoire du Moyen age. 5e id. 1856.
L Histoire Moderne, 5e id. 1858.
Petite Histoire de France, pour le pre-

mier age. 5e éd. 1856.
L Histoire de France. 19e éd. 1858.
L Histoire d'Angleterre. 1856.

La Mythologie. 5e éd. 1859.
L'Histoire Naturelle. 19e éd. 1857.
La Physique et la Chimie. 4e éd. 1858.
Petite Grammaire française. 5e éd. 1855.
Grammaire Française. 8e éd. 1856.
Syllabaire et premieres lectures. 4e éd.

Exercices de mémoire et de style. 17e éd.

Petite Arithmetique. 2e éd. 1957.
Livre de lecture courante des deroirs des

enfants. 3e éd. 1856.
Petit Dictionnaire de la langue française.



BELGICut. Manuel, renfermant la Constitution de la Belgique, les

Reglements de la Chambre des Representants et du Sénat ; les Lois
électorales, provinciale et communale; celles sur l'instruction su.
périeure et sur l'instruction primaire... Bruxelles, 1818. 592 p.-
With Manuel à l'usage des membres de la Chambre des Represen-
tants. 301 p. In 1 v. 18'.
-: AGRICULTURE. Ecoles d'Agriculture : Rapport adressé à M.
le Ministre de l'Intérieur, sur la situation des écoles pendant l'année
scolaire 1850 - 51. Bruxelles, 1851. 135 p. and plates. f'.
-: CHURCHES. Extrait du Rapport décennal sur la situation ad..
ministrative du royaume (1841 - 50). — Cultes. 44 p. gr. 4°.

- Statistique des Libéralités au profit des établissements
religieux et charitables, pendant les années 1831 à 1819. 11 p. 4o.
-: Colony de Santo-Tomas. Enquête de M. Blondeel van Cuele-
brouk.... deposé sur le Bureau de la Chambre des Representants,
le 10 Juin 1816. Bruxelles, 1816.— With, Suite de l'Enquête de M.
Blondeel. 25 Nov. 1846. 240 p., & maps, 136 p. in 1 v. f'.
-: EDICATION, PRIMARY. État de l'Instruction primaire en Bel.
gique, 1830 – 40 : Rapport décennal presenté aux Chambres légis.
latives le 28 Jan. 1812.... Précédé d'un Exposé de la législation
antérieure à 1830. et suivi du texte des lois .... de 1814 à 1810.
Bruxelles, 1840. 279 p. f'.

- Session de 1814.- Compte rendu par le Minstre de l'In-
Tuetion publique.- Compte définitif des dépenses de l'exercice,
1842. Paris, 1811. 108 p. gr. 4°.

— Rapport Triennal sur la Situation de l'Instruction prire en Belgique, et sur l'exécution de la loi organique du 23 Sep.

i présente aux Chambres législatives par M. le Min. de l'Int. cov. 1846. Première période triennale, 1813, 44, 45 : Première artie, Texte du rapport; Seconde partie, Tableaux statistiques et

ces justificatives. Bruxelles, 1816. 319, 587 p. f':-With, Deuelne rapport triennal, 1846, 47, 48 : 1re - 3ue partie. Bruxelles ce, cclxxii, 111 p. f', In 2 v. f'.

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1813; présente
20 Nov. 1846. Prem



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