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68 p. 80. Pam. by William Edenaces of the war in the

SOME REMARKs on the apparent circumstances of the war in the fourth

week of Oct. 1795. By William Eden, Lord Auckland. London,

1795. 68 p. 8o. Pam. v. 412. SOME Seasonable and Important Queries earnestly recommended to the

serious consideration of divines and lawyers, churchmen and dissen

ters. In a letter to Mr. Mist. London, 1719. 24 p. 8o. Pam. v. 318. SOME Seasonable Enquiries offered....for the establishment of the Re

formed Churches.....Printed in the year 1723. Boston? 12 p. 18o.

Pam. v. 603. Some Thoughts concerning religion. 1735. See [Forbes, D.]. SOMER, Bern. De Roepinge Abrahams..Predicatie. Amsterdam, 1673.

With De algenoegzaamheid der genade...Predicatie... Amsterdam,

1673. See Rulæus, H. [Somerst, John Lord). See Just and Modest vindication, 1681.

- The Security of Englishmen's Lives; or the trust, power and duty of grand juries of England explained. .1681. . London, Almon, 1771. 103 p. 8o. Pol. Tr. v. 2.

A Defence of the Constitution of Great Britain and Ireland.... against the...attempts of the friends of annual parliaments and uni

versal suffrage. Repr. Hereford, 1817. 95 p. 8o. Pam. v. 414. SOMERS MUTINY. Proceedings of the Court of Inquiry, appointed to

inquire into the intended mutiny on board the U.S. Brig of War

Somers... New-York, Tribune, 1843. 48 p. 8o. Pam. v. 195. SOMERVILLE, Mass. Annual Report of the School Committee, for

1855 – 6. Boston, 1856. 8o. Pam. v. 251. - Statement of the Expenditures; also, the Taxes assessed for

1853. 8o. Pam. v. 192. SONGS AND BALLADS NOT by the Rev. John M. Neale, B.A, of Trinity

College, Cambridge. London, 1843. 16 p. 12°. Pam. v. 398. SONNET, H. Leçons d'Arithmétique. Paris, 1857. 200 p. roy. 8°. See

Cours Complet. - Notions de Physique et de Chimie. Paris. See Cours Complet. Sons OF TEMPERANCE. Coeymans Division, No. 185 : Constitution..

Albany, 1848. 32 p. 12o. – Kinderhook Division, No. 164. Kinderhook, 1851. 35 p. 18o. - Mutual Alliance Division, No. 130 : Con

stitution... Albany, 1846. 18o. Pam. v. 630. SONS OF TEMPERANCE ALMANAC, Ballston Spa, N.Y. 1848. 12o. Alm.

v. 26. Sons OF THE CLERGY. See Society of the Sons of the Clergy. SONTAG (Henrietta), Countess De Rossi. Life.....with interesting

sketches by Scudo, Berlioz, Boerne, Adam, Aycard, J. De MargueSOPHOCLEST. Sophoclis quæ exstant omnia, cum veterum grammatico

ritte, Puckler-Muskau and Gautier. New York, 1852. 64 p. 8o. SONZENBACH, Dr. A. v. Darstellung der Handelsverhältnisse zwischen

der Schweiz und Frankreich während des jahres 1840. Bern, 1842. 155 p. With, Darstellung der Handelsverhältnisse zwischen der Schweiz und Oesterreich während der jahre 1840 und 1845, Bern, 1847. 200 p. In 2 v. 4o.

rum scholiis. Superstites Tragedias VII....versione et notis illustravit, deperditarum fragmenta collegit Rich. Franc. Phil. Brunck. • . . Accedunt excerpta ex varietate lectionis quam continet editio C. G. A. Erfurdt, Demetrii Triclinii scholia metrica et notæ ineditæ Caroli Burneii. Londini, 1819. 3 v. 8°. - Sophoclis Tragoediæ Septem :.... cum annotatione tantum non integra Brunckii et Schæferi et aliorum selecta. Accedunt deperditarum tragediarum fragmenta. Oxonii...1826. 2 v. 8°. - Scholia in Sophoclis tragoedias septem. E Codice MS. Laurenti

niano descripsit Petrus Elmsley S. T. P....Oxonii, 1825. 1 v. 8°. SOPHOCLES, E. A. Greek Lessons..for beginners. Hartford, 1843. 18o. · SORMANI, Napoleone M. Monografia sulle morti repentine.....1834.

208 p. See Lombard Institute. SOTHEBY, Samuel Leigh. Observations upon the Handwriting of Philip

Melancthon, illustrated with fac-similes.... Also a few specimens of the autograph of Martin Luther, with explanatory remarks : London, 1839. Introd., 33 plates with explanatory text. fo. - Principia Typographica : The Block Books, or Xylographic Delineations of Scripture History, issued in Holland, Flanders and Germany during the fifteenth century, exemplified and considered in connection with the origin of printing; to which is added an attempt to elucidate the character of the paper-marks of the period :... Vol. I, Holland and the Low Countries; Vol. II, Germany; Vol. III, Paper-marks. London, 1858. xvi, 200, 216, 192 p. 3 v. gr. 4°. - A Few Words by way of a the Crystal Palace Company... London, 1855. 24 p. 8o. Pam. v.518.

Catalogue of.... town library of a nobleman,, London, 1841.- Catalogue of collection of books..of a,

Jan. 17, 1855. London. 92 p. 8o. Cat. v. 95. SOTHEBY & Co. Catalogue of books and engravings....of an eminent

collector (Libri?), to be sold, London, 1850. 134 p. Cat. v.38. See

also Libri, M. SOULE, J. Science of Reproduction and Reproductive control. Cin

cinnati, O. (1856). 72 p. 18'. SOULÉ (Pierre), of La. Speech, U.S. Sen., On the American fisheries,

Aug. 12, 1852. 16 p. 8°. Pam. v. 529. - Speech, U.S. Sen., On Non-intervention, 1852. 16 p. 8o. Pam.

v. 487. SOUNDINGS ON AND OFF; or Tales of the Land and the Sea. New

York, 1846. 47 p. 8o. Pam. v.496. SOUPIRS (Les) D’EURIDICE aux Champs Elisées.... Par A. Sticotti.

A La Haye. .1770. 129 p. 8°. See Termin, P.- W. C. 358. [ South, Robert ], D.D. Comprehension and Toleration considered in

a Sermon : Gal. ii, 5. London, 1716. Pam. v. 366.— See also Ser

mon, Martyrdom of Charles I, 1710. SOUTH-AMERICA : A Letter on the present state of that country, ad

dressed to James Monroe, President of the United States, by an American, Washington, 1817. London, 1818. 72 p. 8o. Pam. v. 129.

SOUTHARDT (Samuel L.), LL.D. Address, Alumni Assoc. of Nassau

Hall...Sept. 26, 1832. Princeton, N.J. 1832. 8o. Pam. v. 287. - Discourse on the Professional character and virtues of the late

William Wirt. Washington, 1834. 8o. Pam. v. 204. SOUTHARD, Rev. Samuel L. The Virgin's Honor : A Sermon. Buffalo,

1855. 8o. Pam. v. 548. SOUTH-CAROLINAT. A Narrative of the Proceedings of the People of

South-Carolina in the year 1719.. Lond. 1726. See Force's Tr. v. 2. South-CAROLINA COLLEGE : Catalogue..Jan. 1847. Columbia. Pam.

v. 156.- Catalogue, Jan. 1851. 8o. Pam. v. 157. South-CAROLINA (The) JOCKEY CLUB. Charleston, S.C. 1857. 211

p. 8o.

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South-CAROLINA MEDICAL COLLEGE : Catalogue, Session 1837–38.

Charleston. 8o. Pam. v. 156. SOUTHERN AID SOCIETY : 1st – 4th Report. New-York, 1854-57. 8o.

Pam. y. 525.- 1st Report. Pam. v. 232. SOUTHERN BANK : Charter.., followed by the General Free Banking

Law. New-Orleans, 1853. 8o. Pam. v. 252, 464. SOUTHERN BUSINESS DIRECTORY and Commercial Advertiser : Rev.

John P. Campbell, editor, Nashville, Tenn. Charleston, 1854. 404,


L. Bankston, editors. Vol. 4, No. 6, Aug. 1854. Macon, Georgia. 8o.

Pam. v. 196. SOUTHERN METHODIST PULPIT : Ed. by C. F. Deems. Vol. 2, 1849–50.

Richmond, Va. 8o. SOUTHERN PACIFIC RAILROAD, of Texas. Report of Col. A. B. Gray;

Railroad Record extra. Cincinnati, 1855. 36 p. 4°. Pam. v, 1014.

First Annual Report. New-York, 1856. 8o. Pam. v. 257, SOUTHERNT QUARTERLY REVIEW : Vol. 12 (28), New Series, July,

Oct. 1855; New Series, Vol. 1, Ap., Aug. 1856. Charleston. 2 v. 8o. SOUTHERN RAILROAD COMPANY : Report of Comm.... of Vicksburg

(1846?). 24 p. 8o. Pam. v. 545. [SOUTheyt, Robert, LL.D.]. Wat Tyler : A Dramatic poem. London, • 1817. 12o. Pam. v. 396.

Catalogue of the valuable Library of.... Auction, May 8, 1844.
London. 208 p. 8°. With prices and purchasers in Ms.
SOUTH-KENSINGTON MUSEUM. [Catalogues of its divisions]. London,

1860. In 1 v. 8o. Contents :
Inventory...of the Museum of Ornamental art. 127 p.
Catalogue of the pictures, drawings, etchings, etc. Sheepshanks gift. 103 p.
Inventory of British water-colour paintings. 20 p.
Catalogue of the Educational division. Books, Apparatus, etc. xx, 286 p.
Guide to the Food collection. 103 p.
Collection illustrating construction and building material. 1859. 111 p.
Price List of Reproductions of works of art by means of photography...

casting, etc. 42 p.


154 p. 8o. Pam. v. 467. SOUTHWELL, Rev. Robert. Poetical Works .... Now first completely

edited, by W. B. Turnbull... London, J. R. Smith, 1856. 18o. SOUTHWESTERN BIBLE SOCIETY of New-Orleans : 7th Report, 1856.

New-Orleans. 12°. Pam. v. 604. SouthwICKT, Solomon. Two Letters, by :... Anti-caucus candidate

for Senator for the Middle District, at the ensuing election. Albany, 1819. 16 p. 8o. Pam. v. 197. — Oration on Free Masonry. Albany, 1829. 31 p. 12o. Title wanting. Pam. v. 550.

A Solemn Warning against Freemasonry, addressed to the young men of the United States. . With an appendix. .3d edition. Albany,

1829. 132 p. 12o. [- ] A Layman's Apology for the appointment of Clerical Chaplains

...letters to T. Herttell...By Sherlock. To which are added Notes

and Illustrations by the author. Albany, 1834. xxxvii, 314 p. 12°. 1- Sherlock's Letter extra, to Thomas Herttell, Member of the

House of Assembly for 1834. Albany, 1834. 24 p. 8°. Pam. v. 528. SOUTHWORTH, Emma D. E. Nevitt. The Deserted Wife. New York,

1850. 176 p. 8o. Pam. v. 497. SOUVENIRS NUMISMATIQUES de la Révolution de 1848. 1-20 Livrai

sons. By F. De Saulcy. Paris, 1853. 60 plates and text. 4o. SOWERBY (George B.), jr. The Conchological Illustrations, by : Lon

don, 1841. Catalogues and 200 plates. 8°. - Popular History of the Aquarium of marine and fresh-water

animals and plants. London, Reeve, 1857. sm. 4o. SOWERBY, John E. The Ferns of Great Britain, illustrated by:...

The Descriptions, synonyms, etc. by C. Johnson, esq.. ... London,

Sowerby, 1855. 8°. SOYER, L. Ch. Modèles d'orfévrerie choisis aux expositions des pro

duits de l'industrie française..contenant plus de 200 objets d'usage

...augmentée de 12 planches. Paris, Bance ainé, 1839. fo. SoYouti, Jellaluddin Abd er Rahman Es. Specimen e letteris orien

talibus, exhibens Sojutii librum de interpretibus Korani ( Tabakati El Moufessirin), ex MSS. Cod. Bibl. Leidensis editum et annotatione illustratum.... proponit Albertus Meursinge.... Lugd. Batav. 1839. 192, 43 p. 4o.

Specimen e litteris orientalibus exhibens majorem partem libri As-Sojutii De nominibus relativis, inscripti Lubb Ellubật, Arabice editam e duobus Codicibus MSS., cum annotatione critica ; quod... proponit Petrus Johannes Veth..... Lugd. Bat. 1840. xx, 17 p.Pars Reliqua libri As-Sojutii De nominibus relativis. . Lugd. Batav. 1842. 173 - 283 p.— Supplement. annotationis.. continens novorum codicum collationem et excerpta ex As Sam'anii libro Fil Ensab et Ibno ’l-Athiri El lebab. Scripsit P. J. Veth. Lugd. Bat. 1851. iv,

220 p.— In 2 v. 4°. SPADEMAN, John. Sermon, Thanksgiving for victory in Brabant, &c.

June 27, 1706 : Jud. v, 13. London. 8o. Pam. v. 363.

SPAFFORDÍ, Horatio G. General Geography and Rudiments of useful

knowledge, in nine sections... Hudson:..1809. 12o. Spaint. See Assiento que se tomó con A. F. DELBAS. - España dividida en provincias é intendencias, y subdividida en

partidos, corregimientos, alcaldias mayores, gobiernos politicos y militares, asi realengos como de ordenes, abadengo y señorio. Obra formada por las relaciones originales de los respectivos intendentes del reyno... Madrid, Impr. real, 1789. 591, 816 p. 2 v. fo. - Galerie du Musée du Roi. Explication des tableaux....Madrid

(1830 ?). 235 p. 18o. Pam. v. 607. SPALDING, Rev. Joshua. Sentiments concerning the coming and king

dom of Christ...Salem, 1796. 273 p. 12o. - A Sermon.....Salem Female Charitable Society, Sept. 7, 1808.

Salem, 1808. 8o. Pam. v. 106. SPALDING (M. J.), D.D., Bp. Sketches of the early Catholic missions

of Kentucky, from...1787 to... 1826–7.... Louisville (1844). xvi, 308 p. 12o.

Sketches of the Life, Times and Character of the Rt. Rev. Benedict Joseph Flaget, First Bishop of Louisville. Louisville, Ky. 1852. 120 – The History of the Protestant Reformation in Germany and Switzerland ; and in..... Europe. In a series of essays, reviewing D'Aubigné, Menzel, Hallam .... and others. Louisville, Ky. 1860.

2 v. 8o. SPANHEMIUS, Ezechiel.. Dissertatio de Præstantia et usu numisma

tum antiqorum. Editio noua... Tomus primus. Londini, R. Smith, 1706. - Same title. Volumen alterum : In quod relatum est, quidquid pertinet ad illustrationem rerum romanorum. Opus posthu

mum... Ed. .I. Verburgio. Amstelædami, 1717. 2 v. fo. SPANHEMIUS, Fred. Introductio ad Geographiam sacram....cum per

Romanum omne Imp. antè et post Constantinum M.:.. tum per provincias barbaricas...ed. tertia. Ultrajecti, 1686. 18o. - Versameling van Predikaatsien. Uit het Frans... Leiden, 1688.

656 p. 12o. SPARROW, Joseph. Ecclesiastical Reform : A Vindication of the Church

of England and the clergy thereof...and three letters on..Catholie

emancipation. London, 1833. 52 p. 8o. Pam. v. 326. SPAULDINGI (E. G.), of N.Y. Speech, U.S. H. of R., on Gen. Taylor's

Plan for admitting California and New-Mexico, 1850. 16 p. Pam.

v. 486. SPEAR, Mr. f. Mrs. Charles. Missionary Labors. Boston, 1859. 8 p. 8o.

Pam. v. 525.. SPEAR, Rev. Samuel T. Sermon, Brooklyn, N.Y., on Thanksgiving

day, Dec. 12, 1844. New York, 1845. 8o. Pam. v. 270. - The Law-abiding Conscience; with Remarks on the fugitive

slave question : A Sermon... Brooklyn, Dec. 12, 1850. New York, 1850. 8°. Pam. v. 213.

SPEAB, Beo. Samnele Tie Sernon, Brooklyn pw.V., on Thanksgiving

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