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BENNETT, John. Advantages of Sunday Schools. A Discourse : Mat.

IXV, 40. Manchester, Eng. Oct. 2, 1785. 4. Pam. v. 100% BENNETT, Rer. Joseph. Sermon, delivered at Woburn, Mass. Jan. 4,

1846....25th Anniversary of the Author's Ordination. Boston,

1816. 8°. Pam. v. 267. BENNETT, Philip. Two Sermons : Peace, Assize and Thanksgiving:

Ps. lxxxv, 10; 2 Thess. iii, 16. Cambridge, Eng. 1749. 8. Pan.

1.370. BENNETT, Titus. A New System of Practical Arithmetic..for the use

of schools... 7th edition. Philadelphia, 1818. 204 p. 12. For Key,

see M'Kenney, F. BENNETT, Wm. J. E. Distinctive Errors of Romanism. Sermon : Ads

xix, 32 - 34. London, 1812. Pam. v. 3:28. — A Pastoral Letter to his Parishioners. London, 1846. Pab. v.

328. - A Reply to a Statement of Facts made by Mr. A. Chirol....21

edition. London, 1817. Pam. v. 328. — The Church, the Crown and the State ... 2 Sermons ... 4th ed.

London, 1850. Pam. v. 328. - A First Letter to... Lord John Russell, on the present perse. cution of a portion of the English church. With a Sermon : Luke xxi, 17 – 19. London, 1850. Pam. v. 3:28. - Resignation of the Rev. W.J. E. Bennett. Correspondence....

London, 1850. Pam. v. 328. Bensont, Rer. Christopher. Contending for the Faith ; a Sermon : Jude üi. London, 1822. 89. Pam. v. 377.

Sermon : 1 Sam. ii, 24 – 25. Corp. of Trinity House, May 22, 1826. London. 4°. Pam. v. 1009. [Bexsont, Egbert]. See Vindication of Captors of André. 1817. BENSON (George), D.D. [Essays of :) in 1 v.8o. Contents:

The End and Design of Prayer... In a Letter. London, 1731. 36 p.
Two Letters to a Friend; the first concerning... Prayer .... The second,

the Doctrine of Predestination. 2d edition. London, 1737. 90 p. Second Thoughts concerning the Sufferings and Death of Christ. London,

1748. 36 p. A Summary View of the Evidence of Christ's Resurrection. London,

1754. 50 p. Bexson, Joseph. A Vindication of the People called Methodists....

London, 1800. 42 p. 8o. Pam. v. 314. Benson, Bp. Martin. Sermon, H. of Lords, Jan. 30, 1738 : Ps. lxviii,

5 - 8. 4th edition. London, 1805. 8o. Pam. v. 368, 375. - Sermon, Soc. Prop. the Gospel, Feb. 15, 1840. London. 4. Pam.

v. 362. [Benson, William). See Letter to Sir Jacob Banks, 1711. Best'st MONTHLY LITERARY ADVERTISER : Aug. 1846, July - Aug.

1848, Oct. 1849, Nov. 1852, March 1853. Cat. v. 1.- June 11, Sept. 10. London, 1854. 4o. Pam. v. 1015.

BENTHAM ( Edward ), D.D. An Introduction to Moral Philosophy.

*** Oxford, 1746. 117 p.— Reflexions upon the study of divinity. ... Heads of a course of lectures...2d edition. Oxford, 1774. 68 p. Pam. v. 399. - Sermon, H. of Commons, Jan. 30, 1750. Martyrdom of Charles

I:1 Tim. ii, 1, 2. London. 4o. Pam. v. 362. - De Vita et Moribus de Johannis Burtoni, S.T.P. Etonensis. R. Lowth... Oxonii, 1771. 34 p. Pam. v. 390. [-]. See Tumultibus ( De) Americanis, 1776. Cat. 1855. Bentham, Jeremy. Jeremy Bentham to his Fellow-citizens of France,

on houses of peers and senates. Lond. 1830. 45 p. 8o. Pam. v. 414. - Opinions on the Usury laws. 48 p. 8'. Pam. v. 290. — Jeremy Bentham and the Usury law. From the N.York Express.

Albany, 1827. 32 p. 8'. Pam. v. 290. BENTLEYT ( Richard ), D.D. [ Writings of, collected.] 4° & 8°. In 1 v.

Contents : Folly of Atheism : First Boyle's Lecture. 2d edition. London, 1692.• Matter and Motion cannot think, Acts xvii, 7 : Second Boyle's Lect.

1692.- Confutation of Atheism: 7th and 8th Boyle's Lect. Acts xiv,

15. London, 1693. Sermon upon Popery, Univ. of Cambridge : 2 Cor. ii, 17. Camb. 1715. Sermon before King George, Feb.3, 1717 : Rom. xiv, 7. London. Remarks upon a late Discourse of Free-thinking, in a Letter to N. N. By

Phileleutherus Lipsiensis. 7th edition. London, 1737. Anon.

[ BENTLEY ( Richard ), the younger.] See Considerations on public

affairs, 1796. [- ]. See Few cursory remarks upon... parties, 1803. BENTLEY ( William), A.M. Sermon, Massachusetts general election :

Dzut. xxxiii, 3. Boston, 1807. 8o. Pam. v. 557. - A Funeral Discourse....Death of Maj. Gen. John Fiske, who

died Sept. 28, 1797... Salem, 1797. 8'. Pam. v. 214. Benton, Nathaniel S. A History of Herkimer County, including the

Upper Mohawk valley, from the earliest period to the present time; with a Bricf Notice of the Iroquois Indians, the early German -tribes, the Palatine immigrations....the Patentees of Burnetsfield

in the year 1725. Albany..1856. 8o. Bentont ( Thomas H.), of Missouri. Remarks, U.S. Senate, On the

annual expenditures, May 17, 1840. Pam. v. 487. - Admission of California : Speech, U.S. Senate, April 8, 1850, on the Compromise resolutions of Mr. Bell of Tennessee, &c. Pam. v. 193. - Speech, U.S. Senate, on the adjudication of land titles, and sale of gold mines in New-Mexico and California, Jan. 15, 1849. Pam. v. 486. - The Mexican Treaty : Speech, H. of R., on the bill to appro

priate ten millions. Washington, 1854. 14 p. Pam. v. 486. - Thirty Years' View .. Vol. 11. New-York, 1856. 8".


wol Examination of that part of the Decision
# the United States in the Dred Scot Case,

wtitutionality of the Missouri Compromise
dix... By the Author of the “ Thirty Years'

Westpoint. Library sold, New-York, 1818. Cat. v. t.

D. Farewell Words to the First German Re.
Race-street, Philadelphia. Phil’a, 1852. 8". Pam.

- Historical and Legal Examination
of the Supreme Court of the United s
which declares the unconstitutionality of
det... with an appendix... By the A

View." New-York, 1858. 193 p. 8o.
BERARD (P.of.), Westpoint. Library sola.
BERG ( Joseph F.), D.D. Farewell I

formed Church, Race-street, Philado

1. 267.
- See Moravian Church.


HTTENVÄNNER. Bericht über die erste Allgemeine Ver

son Berg- und Hüttenmännern zu Wien, 1858. Wien,
1859. 8°.

ger. Mohammed Ben Pir Ali el. See Tassy, Garcin de.
BERGA. Hendrik. De Gezegende Nagedagtenis van een waardig regent

en rader des Vader-lands, den onstervlyken ritter en menschen-
vriend...J. Derk Baron van der Capellen... Amsterdam, 1784. 33

p. 8". Pam. v. 56.
BERGOMAS, J. P. Novissime Historiarum Omnium Repercussiones :

Voviter a reverendissimo patre Jacobo Philippo Bergomense ordinis
Heremiterus edite ; .que Supplementum Supplimenti Cronica. um
nuncupantur. Incipiendo ab exordio mundi usque in apnum salutis
M.cccccvI. Cum gratia et privilegio. Colophon. Explicit.. Venetiis
impressum opere et impensa Georgii de Rusconibus... M.D.VI....

Index and 449 leaves. f'.
BERINGTOxt, Rev. Joseph. The History of the Reign of Henry the

Second, and of Richard and Johu his sons; with the Events of the
period, from 1154 to 1216 : In which the character of Thomas A
Becket is vindicated from the attacks of George, Lord Lyttelton.

* Birmingham, 1790. xxxvi, 673 p. and index. 4".
BERKENHOUT ( John), M.D. Biographia Literaria ; or a Biographical

Ilistory of Literature : Containing the Lives of English, Scotch
and Irish authors, from the dawn of letters in these kingdoms, to
the present time... Vol. 1 : From the beginning of the fifth, to the

end of the sixteenth century. London, Dodsley, 1777. 1 v. 4°.
BERKELEYT (George), Bp. The Theory of Vision ; or Visual Lan-

guage, shewing the inimediate presence and providence of a deity..

London, 1733. 64 p. 8". Pam. v. 236.
1 . See Gaudentio di Lucca's Memoirs.

- Sermon, 1732. Spe Soc. Prop. the Gospel.

- A Letter to Sir John James, on the Roman Catholic controversy, for the first time extracted from the imperfect remains of the Bishop's mss., and edited by the Rev. J.S. M. Anderson.

London, 1850. 89. inperfect. Pam. v. 348.
BERKELEY (George), Dean. The English Revolution Vindicated..A.

Discourse : Ps. xxi, 1, 2. Accession to the Throne, Oct. 25, 1789.
London. 4°. Pam. v. 1008.

A Caution against Socinianism ... A Discourse... Canterbury
Good Friday, 1707. Pam. v. 302.


BERKELEY, Hon. G. F. A Pamphlet in Defence of the game laws...

and on their effects upon the morals of the poor. London, 1845. 78

p. 8o. Pam. v. 403. BERKELEY Divinity School, Middletown, Conn. Catalogue, 1856.

89. Pam. v 294. BERKSHIRE BAPTIST ASSOCIATION, Mass. 30th Anniversary at Egre

mont, 1857... North-Adams, 1857. Pam. v. 466. BERKSHIRE BAPTIST AssocIATION ( N.Y.). Minutes, 1826 : Cortland

village, 1826 ; for 1827 : Homer, 1827; for 1828 : Owego, 1828.

Pam. v. 466. BERKSHIRE MEDICAL INSTITUTION. Catalogue, 184, 34, 36 (and

Graduates from 1823), 37, 40. Pittsfield, Mass. 8o. Pam. v.517.For 1838, Pam. v. 156.— 32d Annual Commencement...Pittsfield,

1854. Pam. v. 196. BERLINT: ROYAL LIBRARY. Verzeichniss von Incunabeln, Aldinen,

Etiennes, Elzeviren und andern werthvollen werken.. welche in der K. Bibliothek... verkauft werden sollen. Berlin, 1851. 126 p. Cat.

v. 48. BERNAL, Ralph. Catalogue of the Collection of works of art formed

by, 1855. See Bohn, H. G. BERNARDT, Auguste. De l'Origine et des Débuts de l'Imprimerie en

Europe. Paris, à l’mprimerie impériale, 1853. 313, 452 p. 2 v.8o. BERNARD, David. Tekel : Materialism, Annihilation and Universalism

weighed in the balance, and found wanting. Jamestown, N.Y. 1853.

54 p. 8°. Pam. v. 558. [ BERNARD, Francis]. See Causes of present distractions, 1774. BERNAYS ( A.), Prof. of German. An Introductory Lecture, King's

College, London, 1831. 8o. Pam. v. 395. BERNIT, Francesco. The Enchanted Lake of the Fairy Morgana :

From the Orlando Inamorato of F. Berni, by R 'Alsop. N.York,

1806. vii, 67 p. 8o. BERRIANT ( William), D.D. Recollections of Departed Friends. 2d

edition. New-York, 1850. 219 p. 12o. - Facts against Fancy. See Trinity Ch. Pam. v. 3. BERRIEN (John M.P.), of Georgia. Speech, on the subject of slavery

in the territories, U.S. Senate, Feb. 11 & 12, 1850. Pam. v. 193. BERRIMAN. Rev. William. Sermon, Univ. of Oxford : Matt. vii, 6.

Oxford, 1722. 8o. Pam. v. 367. - Sermon, Society for Protestant Schools in Ireland, 1742 : Lam.

iii, 27. London. 4°. Pam. v. 1010. BERRUYER ( Père Isaac J.). Histoire du Peuple de Dieu... Tirée des

seuls livres saints...7me édition. Paris, 1738. 7 v. in 8. 4o. BERRY (L.W.), D.D. Address. See Iowa Wesleyan University. BERRY, William. The History of the Island of Guernsey ... to the

year 1814...with particulars of the neighboring islands of Alder: · ney, Serk and Jersey ; compiled from the valuable collections of the late Henry Budd, esq.... Illustrated.. ... London....1815. 4°.

M. Traité de l'Imprimerie*** Paris, an vii.

Bertuet, Élie. La Garde-Chasse. 1 v.- Les

York, Semaine Litteraire, 1000, 1054. In 1 v. 8.

280 p. and plates. .
Berzelirs, J.J. The Analysis of Ino

from the French edition, by J. O. Rees. L.

of Inorganic Bodies ... Translated edition, by J. O. Rees. London, 1833. 164 p. 18oof the Blowpipe in chemistry and mineralogy... Transthe 4th enlarged and corrected edition, by J. D. Whit

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ner. Boston, 1845. 237 p. 12o.


kenners de

DER STADT DELFT.... Door verscheide liefhebbers en

ler Nederlandsche Oudheden. Delft, R. Boitet, 1729.
804 p. f.
ome IG. De. An Essay on the Eloquence of the pulpit. Trans-
Totod hv Viles Martindale. London, 1790? xiv, 228 p. 18°. Pam.

Beeson F. D. Thesis Medica... [ An ex partium corporis æquilibrio

pendeat sanitas? | 1759. Vesuntione. 6 p. 12°. Pam. v. 612.
Best Henry). Personal and Literary Memorials : by the Author of

"Four Years in France.”... *** London, 1829. 8°.
BEST. Hon & Rer. Samuel. Case of the Deans and Chapters consid-

ered in answer to the Rev. W. L. Bowles. London, 1837. 48 p. 8°.

Pam. v. 327.
BEST (The) ANSWER ever was made; and to which no Answer ever

will be made (not to be behind Mr. Hoadley in assurance), in
answer to his bill of complaint exhibited against the Lord Bishop

of Exeter, &c. : By C. Leslie. London, 1709. 28 p. 8o. Pam. v. 319.
BESTE, J. Richard. The Wabash; or Adventures of an English gen-

tleman's family in the interior of America.*** London, 1855. 2 v.

BETHUNET (George W.), D.D. The Prospects of Art in the U.S.

An Address before the Artists' Fund Society of Philadelphia....
Philadelphia, 1840. 8o. Pam. v. 204.
- Services at the Funeral of the Rev. Jacob Brodhead, D.D.....
with Resolutions of the General Synod of the R. P. D. Church...
and a Discourse on the occasion of the decease. New York, 1855.
89. Pam. v. 214.
- Sermon, American Board of Comm. for For. Miss. Forty-seventh

Annual Meeting. Boston, 1856. 8°. Pam. y. 80.
BETHUNE, J. E. D. Specimens of Swedish and German Poetry..

Part I: Poems of Esaias Tegner. Part II : Schiller's Maid of Or

leans, London, 1848. xii, 167, xxiii, 2.22 p. 1 y. 8°. BETTELHEIM (B. J.), M.D. of Lewchew. Letter from .... giving an

Account of his labors during the last three years. Canton...1850.

69 p. 8o.
BETTY, Joseph. The Ministry and Church Government; a Sermon :

Gal. i, 1. 2d edition. Oxford, 1729. 8". Pam. v. 379.
BEUBCHER, Lieut. W.F. Handleiding voor Onderofficieren tot de

kennis.... der artillerie. Erste, Tweede, Derde Stukje, 1836 - 34
247, 436, 168 p., with plates. In 1 v. 12°,..

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