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VINDEX. Letters on the Prevention and Cure of Cholera morbus....

London, 1849. 16 p. 8o. Pam v. 405. VINDICATION (A) of a late Pamphlet, intitled, The Case of the Hanover

troops considered. ....By the Earl of Chesterfield. London, 1843.

56 p. 8o. Pam. v. 132. VINDICATION of an Undertaking, 1692. See [ Fowler, E.]. VINDICATION (A) of Dissenters, or Church Bigotry exposed, in a letter

addressed to the Rev. T. Howes..By Veritas. Lond. 1837. 46 p. 8o.

Pam. v. 320. VINDICATION of Liberty of Remarks on Dr. Middle

ton's Sermon. . May 29, 1730. London, 1734. 30 p. 89. Pam. v. 318. VINDICATION (A) of Mankind; or Free-will asserted : In answer to A

philosophical inquiry concerning human liberty, to which is added an examination of Mr. Lock's scheme of freedom. By Sol. Lowe?

London, 1717. 31 p. 8o. Pam. v. 399. VINDICATION (A) of New-England from the vile aspersions cast upon

that country by a late address of a faction there who denominate themselves of the Church of England in Boston. Printed with al

lowance. London (1692?). 27 p. sm. 4o. VINDICATION (A) of the Address to the inhabitants of the British set

tlements, on the slavery of the negroes in America, in answer to a pamphlet entitled “Slavery not forbidden by Scripture, etc."...By

à Pennsylvanian, i. e. Benj. Rush, M.D. Phil’a, 1773. 54 p. 8o. . VINDICATION of the Answer to the Popish address, 1688. See [ Wil

liams, J.). VINDICATION of the Bishop of London's Pastoral Letter, 1729. See

Gibson, E. VINDICATION of the Captors of Major André. By Egbert Benson. N.Y.

1817. 99 p. 8o. . VINDICATION of the Church of England, 1687. See [Altham, R.]. VINDICATION of the Divine Attributes : In some remarks on .... the

Abp. of Dublin's ( King's) sermon intituled Divine Predestination

...By A. Collins. London. 1710. 38 p. 8o. Pam. v. 340. VINDICATION (A) of the Measures of the present administration. By.

Algernon Sidney, i. e. G. Granger. Washington, 1803. 20 p. 8o.

Pam. v. 197.— Also see [ Granger, G.]. Cat. 1855. VINDICATION of the Protestant, established church of England, from

the misrepresentation...of the high church party... London, 1748.

34 p. 8o. Pam. v. 322. VINDICATION of the Public Faith of New-York and Pennsylvania, in

reply to the calumnies of the “Times.” Signed J. D.To which is appended a Report by G. C. Verplanck, made to the Senate of NewYork in relation to the debt, revenue, and financial policy of the

State. London, 1840. 55 p. 8o. Pam. v. 194. VINDICATION (A) of the Rt. Rev. the L’d Bp. of Exeter, Blackall, occa

sioned by Mr. B. Hoadly's Reflections on his Lordships two sermons on government. By William Oldisworth. London, 1709. 24 p. 8o. Pam. v. 319.

VINDICATION (A) of the Rt. Rev. the L’d Bp. of Winchester, Hoadly.

against the malicious aspersions of those who....ascribe... A plais account, s.c. to his Lordship. By Rev. P. Skelton. London, 173.

71 p. 89. Pam. v. 319. VINDICATION of...the Seminole War, 1819. See [ Overton, Judge

Cat. 1855. VINDICATION (A) of the separate system of Prison Discipline from the

misrepresentations of the North-American Review, July 1839. B;

F.A. Packard. Philadelphia. 56 p. 89. Pam. v. 164, 207. VINDICATION (A) of the Unitarians against a late reverend author o

the Trinity. London (1700?). 28 p. 4°. Pam. v. 358. VINET, A. L'Indifférentisme Religieux : Sermon.. Jean xviii, 37 - 38.

Basle, 1833. 8o. Pam. v.559. VINK, H. Lessen over de Herkauwing der Runderen en tans Woeden

de Veeziekte. Rotterdam, 1770. 128 p. & plates. 8°. Pam. v. 196. Vinton (Francis), D.D. Address, Inauguration of the Hunt Botanical

Garden, Ap. 1855. 8o. Brooklyn, N.Y. Pam. v. 505. - Address. See Packer Institute. Vinton, John A. Genealogical Sketches of the descendants of Joha

Vinton of Lynn, 1618; and of several allied families, namely, those bearing the names of Alden, Adams, Allen, Boylston, Faxon, French, Hayden, Holbrook, Mills, Niles, Penniman, Thayer, White, Richardson, Baldwin and Green. Interspersed with notices of other ancient families. With an Appendix containing a history of the

Braintree iron-works... Boston, 1858. 236 p. 8°. VIOLLET-LE-DUC. Essai sur l'Architecture militaire au moyen age...

Extrait du Dictionnaire Raisonné. . Paris, 1854. 8o. 153 wood euts. VIRGILIUST (Pub.) Maro. .. Opera cum integris commentariis Serrii,

Philargyrii, Pierii ; accedunt Scaligeri et Lindenbrogii notæ ad Culicem, Cirin, Catalecta. Ad. cod. Ms. Regium Parisiensem recensuit P. Masvicius... Leovardiæ, 1717. 2. v. 4o. - .. Bucolicorum Eclogæ decem : The Bucolicks of Virgil, with an English translation and notes. By John Martyn, F.R.S. With life of Virgil. London, 1749. lxv, 280, 6 p. & index. 1 v. 4o. - ..Georgicorum libri quatuor : The Georgics of Virgil, with an English translation and notes. By John Martyn...Prof. Botany... London, 1741. xxii, 403, 3 p. & index. 1 v. 4o.

P. Virgilius Maro. Nouvelle édition, publiée avec des arguments . et des notes en français, par E. Sommer. Paris, Hachette, 1858. 12o. VIRGINIAT : EDUCATION. Abstract of the Laws relating to School

commissioners and their officers, etc. 4th edition. Richmond, 181%. 89. Pam. v. 190. -: INSANE. Report of the Eastern Asylum, Williamsburgh, 184 Richmond, 1849. Pam. v. 201. - Report. 1852–3. Pam. v. 166.Report, 1853-1 & 1854-5. Williamsburgh, 1856. 8°. Pam. v. 235. -: STATISTICS. Statement of the White Population of each county of the State for 1810....also the population of 1846... Leg. Doct. Jan. 14, 1848. 7 p. 89:— Statement of White titheables and revenue of 1819...1850. 9 p. 8o. Pam. v.565.

VIRGINIA Richly Valued; by the description of the main land of

Florida... Trans. out of Portuguese by R. Hakluyt. London, 1609.
See Force's Tracts, v. 4.
-: A True Declaration of the Estate of the Colonie in Virginia...
Pub. by...the Councell of Virginia ... London, 1610. See Force's
Tracts, v. 3.
- Virginia : More especially the south part thereof, richly and truly
valued..2d edition, with addition of the discovery of silk-worms..

By E. W. London, 1650. See Force's Tracts, v. 3. - Virginia and Maryland; or the Lord Baltimore's printed case,

uncased and answered. . London, 1655. See Force's Tracts, v. 2. - Virginia's Cure ; or an Advisive Narrative concerning Virginia

...By R. G.... London, 1662. See Force's Tracts, v. 3. · VIRGINIAT & North-CAROLINA ALMANACK, Petersburg, 1802. Alm.

v. 18.— Virginia Almanack, Richmond, 1803.- Good Old Virginia

Almanack, 1803. 12o. Alm. v. 17. VIRGINIA DIRECTORY : The Virginia State Directory and Business

Register : Elliott f. Nye's. Richmond, 1853. 8o. VIRGINIA MILITARY INSTITUTE : Regulations... With an Appendix.

Richmond, 1854. 110 p. 12o. VIRGINIA STATE AGRICULTURAL SOCIETY : Journal of the Transac

tions :... from its organization to the close of the first annual exhi

bition of 1853 : Vol. 1. Richmond. .1853. 8o. VISION (The) OF RUBETA ; an Epic Story of the Island of Manhattan.

With illustrations. By Laughton Osborne. Boston, 1838. xii, 424

p. 8o.

VISIT (A) to Dublin, in March and April 1825 ; containing a Report of

...the annual meetings... Dublin, 1825. 28 p. 8o. Pam. v. 472. VISIT (A) to Texas; being the Journal of a Traveller. With descrip

tions... New-York..1834. 12o. VISMARA, Giuseppe. Della Cementazione e della fusione dell'acciajo:

Esperimenti di :... 1825. See Lombard Institute. VISSER, J. Lyst der Boeken, in de Nederlanden gedrukt voor’t jaar

MD. See Meerman, G. VISSER, W.C. A. See Maatschappij, Tot nut van't algemeen. VITALIST, Ordericus. The Ecclesiastical History of England and Nor

mandy. Vol. 4. London, Bohn, 1856. 12o. VITRAY, A. Linguarum Orientalium, Hebraicæ, Rabinicæ, Samari.

tanæ, Syriacæ, Græcæ, Arabicæ, Turcicæ, Armenicæ, Alphabeta.

Parisiis, apud A. Vitray..1636. 55 p. sm. 4o. VITRINGA, Anne Johan. Disquisitio de Protagoræ vita et philosophia gradu doctoris...submittit. Groningæ, 1852. xvi, 200 p. 8o. VITRINGA, Campegius. Korte Verklaringe van het gelove der algemeene

Kercke... Franeker, 1691. 60 p. 4o. Pam. v. 569. Vives, Joannes Ludovicus. Opera Omnia distributa et ordinata in

argumentorum classes præcipuas a G. Majansio.... Item Vita Vivis ab eodem. ... Valentiæ Edetanorum, 1782-90. 8 v. in 7. 4o.

VIVIAND, J. B. Thesis Medica. [An Solo.... regimine, absque medi

corum....auxilio.... vita et sanitas prorogari possunt?]....1762.

Vesuntione. 23 p. 12o. Pam. v. 612. VLIET, L. Van. Engelands Wereldhandel. See Great Britain : Com

merce, 1849. VOET, Joan. E. Uitzicht van Nebo ..... den zeer geleerden taal- en

dichtkundigen heere Rutger Schutte.....Tweede druk. Dordrecht,

1753. 38 p. 8o. Pam. v. 110. VOGDES, William. The United States Arithmetic.. Philadelphia, 1847.

264 p.— With, Key. Philadelphia, 1847. 46 p. In 1 v. 8o. VOGEL ( Dr. A.) jun. Das Chemische Laboratorium des K. General München. München, 1851. 19 p. 12°. Pam. V. 609.

Ueber den Chemismus der Vegetation, 1852. 29 p. See Koen. Baier. Ak. Reden, v. 5. Vogt, C. F. Letters on Chess; containing an Account of some of the

principal works on that celebrated game. With copious extracts...

Trans, from the German, by U. Ewell. London, 1848. 134 p. 18o. Vogt, Johannes. Catalogvs Historico-criticus librorum rariorum, jam

curis tertiis recognitus et copiosa accessione ex symbolis et collatione Bibliophilorum per Germaniam doctissimorum adauctis. Hamburgi,

1747. 736 p. 120. VOICE (A) from America, to England. By an American Gentleman.

London, 1839. 321 p. 8°. VOICE (A) from the South ; comprising Letters from Georgia to Mas

sachusetts, and to the Southern States. With an appendix... Balti

more, 1847. 72 p. 8o. Pam. v. 562. VOICE (A) from Windsor. No.1: A Letter to the Queen ; relating to

the state apartments.... restrictions imposed upon the public. By

Veritas. London, 1847. 44 p. 12o. Pam. v. 610. VOICE (A) in New Hampshire ; or Reflections on the Rev. J. Ward's

“Brief Remarks on Miller's Lectures." By a Female. Exeter, N.H.

1842. 44 p. 18o. Pam. v. 261. VOICE ( The) of the People. Newsp. Albany. Nos. 1-6. 1858. Pam.

v. 1104. VOICE (The) of Truth ; or, Thoughts on the affair between the Leopard

and the Chesapeake. In a Letter from a Gentleman at New-York, to

his friend. New-York, 1807. 55 p. 8o. Pam. v. 195. Voisin, Auguste. Bibliotheca Gandavensis : Catalogue méthodique

de la Bibliothèque de l'Université de Gand; précédé d'une histoire

de cette bibliothèque... Gand, 1839. lxxxii, 394 p. 8°. - Documents pour servir à l'Histoire des Bibliothèques en Belgique,

et de leurs principales curiosités littéraires. Gand, 1840. 350 p. 8o. VOLKS-LETTERKUNDE, uitgegeven door de Vriend van armen en rijken

..Eerste deel. Amsterdam, 1852. 12o. VOLLENHOVEN, H. Broeders Gevangenisse : Dagboek van Willem De

Groot, betreffende het verblijf van zijnen broeder Hugo op Loevestein ; uit echte bescheiden aangevuld en opgehelderd door Mr. H. Vollenhoven. Met facsimile's. Gravenhage. . 1842. 302 p. 8o.

VOLTAIRET, F. M. Arouet de. Vie de Molière. . Amst. 1739. 92 p. 8o. - Histoire de Charles XII... avec des Notes... par E. Brochard

Dauteuille. Paris, Hachette, 1857. 12o. - Réponse à l'Épître du Diable, par Monsieur De Voltaire, Comte

de Tournay, près Genève. Aux Délices. 1761.— With, Épître du Diable à M. De Voltaire. Seconde édition, revue et corrigée. Paris, 1760. 15, 16 p. 8o. Pam. v. 110.

The Henriade; an Epic Poem, in ten cantos. Trans...... into English rhyme, with large historical and critical notes, By P. L. London, 1797. 238 p. 4o. Pam. v. 1013.

Romances, Tales, and smaller pieces. London, 1794. 2 v. 12o. Contents : Vol. 1. Zadig; The World as it goes; Micromegas; The White Bull; Tra

vels of Scarmentado; How far we ought to impose upon the people; The Two Comforters; Princess of Babylon; Memnon;

Plato's Dream; Bababec; The Black and the White, etc. VOL. 2. Candid, or the Optimist; The Huron; Jeannot and Colin; What

pleases the ladies; The Education of a Prince; The Education of a Daughter; The Three Manners; Thelema and Macareus;

Azolan; and the Origin of Trades. — Zaire of de Koninglyke Slavin : Treuerspel. ... Gevolgt na het

Fransch...door G. Klinkhamer. See Treuerspelen. Cat. 1855. VON RECK, Mr. Extract of Journals of : who conducted the .....

Saltzburgers to Georgia. . . London, 1734. See Force's Tracts, v. 4. VON STEINWEHR, A. Specifications and Contracts for a State Arsenal.

Albany, N.Y. 1858. 46 p. 12o. Pam. v. 618. VOORST (D. C. Van), & J. J. Van. Catalogue de la Bibliothèque de

Théologie... Vente 14 Mars 1859. Amsterdam. 314 p. 8o. VOPISCUS, Flavius. Historiæ Romanæ. See Pollio, T. VOSE & Co. Illustrated Book of Stoves manufactured by :.. Albany,

1856. 41 plates. 4o. VOSE, George L. Hand-Book of Railroad Construction ; for the use

of American Engineers... With 158 illustrations. Boston and Cam-.

bridge, 1857. xx, 480 p. 8o. Vox POPULI : Or the People's claim to their Parliaments sitting, to

redress grievances and provide for the common safety.... London,

1681. 16 p. 4o. Pam. v. 407. Vox STELLARUM, F. Moore, London, 1705, 15, 26, 29, 32, 51, 59, 72,

78. Alm. v.3 - 12. VOYAGE LITTÉRAIRE de deux Religieux Benedictins de la Congrégation

de St. Maur. Où l'on trouvera : 1, Quantité de pièces, d'inscriptions, et d'epitaphes.....; II, Plusieurs usages des églises cathédrales et des monastères..des Gaules; III, Les fondations des monastères...

By D. Marténe et D. Durand. Paris, 1717, 1724. 2 v. 4o. VOYAGE EN ISLANDE, fait par ordre de S. M. Danoise, par MM. Olafsen

et Povelsen....avec un Atlas. Traduit du Danois par G. de Lapey..

ronie. Paris, 1802. 5 v. 8o. Atlas wanting. VOYAGE (A) to Mexico and Havana, including some general observations on the United States. By an Italian. N.York. .1841, 139 p. 8o. [SUPPL.]


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