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A Defence of the American Policy, as opposed to the encroachments of foreign influence, and especially to the interference of the paracy in the political interests and affairs of the U.States. New

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rique par :... 43 p. 8o. WIFE ( The) OF LEON, and other Poems. By two Sisters of the West.

By Catherine Warfield and Eleanor Les. N.York, 1844. 256 p. 17. WIGERI, Johan. See Maatschappij: Tot nut van 't Algemeen. WIGhr, Rer. William. Common Sense; a Word to those who do not

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of the Lancaster new or additional grant ...... Fitchburg, Mass.

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the project of a national railroad from the Atlantic to the Pacific

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and a philosophical language... London, 1668.... With An Alpha

betical Dictionary... London, 1668. Prelim. and 454, 159 p. fo. - Sermon before the King, Feb. 27, 1670 : Eccl. xii, 13. London.

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two collection sermons towards defraying the expence of the defendants in the late trials for high treason ... April 19, 1795 : 2 Kings

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of the courage, conduct and success of John C. Fremont .... New

York..1856. 12o. — Last Periods of American History..N.York, 1855. 469 - 528 p

8o. Pam. v. 502. - An Appeal to the Public...against ...M. Willson..on his Ame

rican History. New-York, 1847. 36 p. 12o. Pam. v.502. WILLARD, Joseph. Willard Memoir ; or Life and times of Maj. Simon

Willard ; with notices of three generations of his descendants and

two collateral branches... Boston, 1858. 471 p. 8°. WILLARD, Rev. Samuel. Brief Directions to a young scholar designing

the ministry, for the study of divinity. Boston, 1735. iv, 7 p. 18o.

Pam. v. 603. WILLARD, Rev. Samuel. An Address to the Christian Public, in two

parts : 1st, A correct view of the transactions of an Ecclesiastical council...Deerfield, 1807, for the purpose of ordaining Mr. S. Wil.

lard...etc. Greenfield, Mass. 1813. 22 p. 12'. Pam. v. 484. WILLARD (Samuel), D.D. The Grand Issue : An Ethico-political

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Biographical Memoirs of Physicians of Albany county : An Ad. dress, Med. Soc. of the Co. of Albany, June 9, 1857. Albany. 8o. - Eulogy on the Life and Character of Hiram A. Edmonds, M.D.

... Albany, 1857. 20 p. 8o. Pam. v.494. - Biographical Memoir of Thomas Spencer, M.D... Albany, 1858.

14 p. 8o. Pam. v. 494. - See also Med. Soc. of New-York, Transactions, 1858, 59.

eld, Mass. The purpose one of an Eolic, in

WILLATS, Thomas. A Monitory Address to the bishops and clergy of

England, as well as to the Roman-catholics and Unitarians in gene

ral... London, 1848. 32 p. 12°. Pam. v. 331. WILLATTs, Cha. Sermon, at York Assizes, Religion of Nature : Rom.

ii, 14, 15. 2d edition. London, 1756. 8°. Pam. v. 370. Willcox, Richard. To the President of the United States....on the

subject of the Tariff. New-York. 8 p. 8'. Pam. v. 290. WILLEMSEN, Jac. Een Graaggetrouw rentieester van Jezus Christus

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addressed to John Topham, esq.. ... Newcastle, S. Hodgson, 1820. 72 p. 12°. See also Soc. of Ant., Archæologia, V.xi. - Catalogue of Library of :... auction, London, 1813. 103 p. 8o.

Cat. v. 95. WILLEY, Rev. Benjamin G. Incidents in White Mountain History;

containing Facts relating to the discovery and accurate guide from New York and Boston...3d thousand. Boston...

1856. 12o. WILLIAM III of England. Their Highness the Prince and Princess of

Orange's opinion about a general liberty of conscience, &c.; being a collection of four select papers, viz.: 1, Mijn Heer Fagel's first let

ter to Mr. Stewart, foc. London, 1689. 36 p. 4o. Pam. v. 408. WILLIAM AUGUSTUS. See Cumberland, Duke of. WILLIAMS' CALENDAR, Utica, N.Y. See Farmers' Calendar. WILLIAMS, STEVENS, WILLIAMS & Co. : Catalogue of..engravings..

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state of Ireland...with a description of the navigation of the river Shannon... Westminster, 1831. 59 p. 8o. Pam. v. 423. - Remarks on the Proposed Asylum harbour at Holyhead, and the Chester and Holyhead Railway a letter... Liverpool, 1847. 46 p. 3 plans. 8°— Further remarks a second letter.

40 p. 3 plans. 8°. Pam. v. 426. WILLIAMS (Daniel), D.D. The Kingdom of God in power : A Ser

mon before the Lord Mayor, Nov. 20, 1687 : 1 Cor. iv, 20. London,

1688. 89. Pam. v. 361. - A Letter to the Author of a Discourse of Free-thinking.. Lond.

1713. 46 p. 8'. Pam. v. 332. — Bibliothecæ quam.. bono publico legavit Catalogus. Red Cross

street Library. Ed. secunda. Londini, 1801. 377 p. 8o. [ WILLIAMS, Rev. David). Letters on Political Liberty, 1782. Cat.

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