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WINES, Rev. E.C. Address, Suffolk Co. Temp. Soc., Huntington, L.I.

New-York, 1852. 89. Pam. v. 234. WING, Halsey R. Essay on the Moral and Intellectual effects of stu

dying the mathematical and physical sciences... Albany, 1834. 33 p.

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.... Heb. xiii, 7. ...over 't...aftsterven van... David van Henghel

...Utrecht, 1711. 18o. Pam. v. 632. WINKLER, Johan Hendrik. Beginselen der Natuurkunde... Naar den

.....Hoogduitschen druk vertaald. Met koperen plaaten. Te Am

sterdam, 1768. 8o. WINONA ( City of ) AND SOUTHERN MINNESOTA : A Sketch of their

growth and prospects...D. Sinclair & Co. Pub. Winona, 1858. 36

p. 8o. Pam. v. 565. WINSLOW ( Charles F.), M.D. Cosmography; or Philosophical Views

of the Universe. Boston, 1853. 174 p. 18o. - The Preparation of the Earth for the Intellectual Races : a

Lecture, delivered at Sacramento, California, April 10, 1854.....

Boston, 1854. 59 p. 12o. [Winslow, Gov. Edward ]. Good Newes from New-England, 1624.

See Young's Chronicles ; Mass. Hist. Coll. S. 1, v. 8; S. 2, v. 9. 14 ] Brief Narrative of... the first planting of New-England, 1646.

See Young's Chronicles. — New-England's Salamander discovered. London, 1647. See

Mass. Hist. Soc. Coll. S. 3, v. 2. - The Glorious Progress of the Gospel amongst the Indians of

New-England. . London, 1649. See Mass. Hist. Soc. Coll. S. 3, v. 4. Winslowt (Hubbard ), D.D. The Best Method of cultivating the in

tellectual powers. 1838. See Lectures. [- ] See Examination of Dr. Tyler's Vindication, 1830. WINSLOW, Rev. Miron. Memoir of Mrs. Harriet L. Winslow, 13 years

a member of the American Mission in Ceylon. N.York. 480 p. 18o. WINTERBOTHAMT, W. An Historical, Geographical, Commercial, and

Philosophical View of the United States of America, and of the European settlements in America and the West-Indies. The 1st Am.

edition, with additions and corrections. New-York...1796. 4 v. 8o. WINTERFIELD, Capt. The Voyages, Distresses and Adventures of

Capt. Winterfield. Written by himself. Containing an account of his transactions in America during the war ; his disastrous voyage

to England, etc. A new edition. London, 1800. 48 p. 12o. WINTHROP (John), LL.D., F.R.S. Two Lectures on Comets, by Prof.

Winthrop; also an Essay on Comets by A. Oliver junior, esq. With

Sketches of the lives of :... Likewise, a Supplement relative to the • present comet of 1811. Boston, 1811. xxvi, 191. 18°. WINTHROPT (Robert C.), of Mass. An Address, Boston. Mer. Library

Ass'n, Oct. 15, 1845. Boston, 1845. 8o. Pam. v. 242.

WINTHROP (Robert C.): - Speech, U.S. House of R., on the Tariff. Washington, 1846. 8o.

Pam. v. 290. - Speech, U.S. H. of R., on the Mexican War. Washington, 1847.

16 p. 8o. Pam. v. 486.
- Speech, U.S. H. of Rep., Feb. 21, 1850, on the President's Mes-
sage. Washington. 16 p. 8o. Pam. v. 193.
- Speech, U.S. H. of R., May 8, 1850, on the Admission of Cali-
fornia. Washington. 28 p. 8o. Pam. v. 193.
- Oration, at the Inauguration of the Statue of Benjamin Frank.
lin, in his native city, Sept. 17, 1856. Boston, 1856. 8o. Pam. v. 242.

Address, Grand Musical Festival, Boston Music Hall, May 21, 1857. Boston, 1857. 8o. Pam. v. 287. - Mr. Winthrop's Vote on the War bill. [ Whig Meeting, March 9.

Boston, Sept. 1846, Proceedings]. 12 p. 8o. Pam. v. 259. WINTHROP ( Tho. L.), LL.D.). Address. See. Greek Relief Com

mittee, 1823. . Wirtt, William. Introduction of Slaves into the country, 1822. See

United States : Slave trade. WISCONSINt : BANKS. An Act to authorize the business of banking.

Madison, 1853. 24 p.- The Banking laws of the State. Madison, 1858. 65 p.— Annual Report of the banking department for 1856. Madison, 1857. 103 p.- Ann. Report of the Bank Comptroller for 1857, 1858. Madison, 1858, 58 (97). 136, 130 p. In 1 v. 8o. -:- Annual Report of the Bank Comptroller .... for 1854. Madison, 1855. Pam. v. 252. -: EDUCATION. Annual Report of the State Superintendent of Public Instruction, Dec. 31, 1852. Madison, 1853. Pam. v. 172.Report for 1853. Madison. 1854. 8o. Pam. v. 190. -:— Tenth, Eleventh Annual Report on the condition and improvement of the common schools .... for 1858, 1859. By L. C. Draper, Sup't. Madison, 1858, 59. In 1 v. 8o. -:— Jaarlijksch Rapport van den Staats Opziener van openbaar Onderwijs, van den Staat Wisconsin, voor het jaar 1855. Sheboygan, 1856. 86 p. 8o. Pam. v. 269. -:- Report of the Comm’rs of School and University lands ...for 1856. Madison, 1857. 8o. Pam. v. 553. -: FINANCES. Annual Report of the Secretary of State, Dec. 31, 1856. Madison, 1857. 109 p. 8o. Pam. v. 269. -:- Report of Joint Select Committee. ..“to investigate the offices of the State Treasurer, the Secretary of State, and School and University land commissioners,” etc..... Madison, 1856. 175 p. 8o. Pam. v. 522. -: GEOLOGICAL SURVEY. Ann. Report of the Geological Survey : ... by James G. Percival. Madison, 1856. Pam. v. 274. -:- Jahres-Bericht der Geologischen Vermessung... von J.

G. Percival. ..Milwaukie, 1856. 103 p. 12°. Pam. v. 551. - :- Report on the Iron of Dodge and Washington counties.

Milwaukee, 1855. 8o. Pam. v. 274.

WISCONSIN (continued):

:- Report of the Judiciary relation to the removal of Prof. Edward Daniels, State Geologist. Also, the Report of the Select Committee upon the same subject.... Ripon, 1855. 8o. Pam. v. 274. -: LANDS. List of Lands in the counties of Brown, be offered at public sale by the Commissioners of School and University lands... Madison, 1857. 214. 8o. -: Prisons. Annual Report of the Prison Commissioner....for 1856. Madison, 1857. 21 p. 8o. Pam. v. 539. -: PUBLIC WORKS. Annual Report of Board of Public Works

for 1853. Madison. 56 p. 8o. Pam. v. 477, 192. WISConsent : General Description (1853). 16 p. 8o. Pam. v. 565, 192. WISCONSIN AND THE CITY OF RACINE, its advantages. ... Witbeck &

Rowley. Racine, 1856. 16 p. 8°, and map. Pam. v. 565. WISCONSIN ALMANAC and ANNUAL REGISTER, for the year 1856, No.

1 ; 1857, No.2... By J. W. Hunt, Asst. Sec. of State. Milwaukee.

96, 119 p. 2 v. 12o. WISCONSIN AND SUPERIOR RAILROAD COMPANY : Charter..together

with land grant to Wisconsin and Michigan... Chicago, 1856. 167,

65 p. 8o. Pam. v. 283. WISCONSIN FRUIT-GROWERS' ASSOCIATION : Transactions, 1855....

and the Report of the Convention, held at Whitewater... Sept. 12,

13. Milwaukee, 1856. 8o. Pam. v. 274. WISCONSINT STATE AGRICULTURAL SOCIETY : Transactions, Vol. 3,

1853; Vol.4, 1854, 55, 56, 57; Vol. 5, 1858, 59. Madison. 3 v. 8o.

- Report, 1856. Pam. v. 461. WISCONSIN STATE HISTORICAL SOCIETY : Second, Third, Fourth

Annual Report and Collections of the State Historical Society of Wisconsin, for the year 1855, 1856, 1857 and 58 : Volume II, III,

iy. Madison, 1856, 57, 59. 548, 549, 508 p. 3 v. 8°. - Zweiter Jahres-Bericht und Sammlungen :..... Für das Jahr

1855. Zweiter band. Milwaukie, 1856. 501 p. 8o. WISCONSIN TEACHERS' ASSOCIATION : First Annual Report. Madi

son, 1854. 8o. Pam. v. 491. Wiset (H. A.), of Va. Speech, U.S. H. of R., on the subject of the

late Defalcations, Dec. 21, 1838. 32 p. 8°. Pam. v. 487. WISE, John. A Vindication of the Government of the New-England

churches.... By John Wise, A.M., Pastor to a Church in Ipswich. *** (1st edition, 1717). 2 ed. Boston, 1772. 271 p. 12°.... Embracing also, The Churches Quarrel espoused; or a Reply in Satyr,

etc., by the same : A Platform of Church discipline.. Cambridge, 1648;

Confession of Faith, Synod of 1680; and 1093 subscribers' names. WISELIUS, Sam. I. Adel en Mathilda, treuerspel.... 2de druk. Amst.

1817. 116 p. 18o. Pam. v. 633. Wisemant, Card. Nicholas. Remarks on a Letter of the Rev. W.

Palmer... London, 1841. 88 p. 89. Pam. v. 347.

on of the Go Pastor to 1 p. 12"..;

The Churches Pof Church discipline cribers' names.

WISEMAN, Card. Nicholas :

A Letter respectfully addressed to the Rev. J.H. Newman, upon some passages in his letter to the Rev. Dr. Jelf. 2d edition. London, 1841. 32 p. 8o. Pam. v. 347. - Words of Peace and Justice, addressed to the Catholic clergy and laity of the London district, on the subject of diplomatic rela

tions with the Holy See. . London, 1848. 20 p. 8o. Pam. v. 347. - An Appeal to the Reason and good feeling of the English people,

on the subject of the Catholic hierarchy... London, 1850. 32 p. 8o. Pam. v. 347.

Fabiola ; or, the Church of the Catacombs. N.York. .1855. 12o. - Recollections of the last four Popes, and of Rome in their times. London, 1858. 532 p. 8o.

Sermons. See Catholic Pulpit, No. 15, etc. WISNER (Benjamin B.), D.D. The History of the Old South Church

in Boston, in four sermons....a century from the first occupancy of

the present meeting-house. Boston, 1830. 122-p. 8o. [- ] See Review of a Pamphlet. Boston, 1828. WISNER ( William ), D.D. The Line of Demarcation between the se

cular kingdoms of the world and the spiritual kingdom... A Sermon

... Matt. xxii, 21. Ithaca, N.Y. 1844. 8o. Pam. v.557. WISWELL, George F. ...A Sermon on the Life and Character of the

late Rev. Jonathan Huntting, at Southold, Dec. 9, 1851. New-York,

1852. 12°. Pam. v. 238. WITHER, George. Hymns and Songs of the Church. With an intro

duction by Edward Farr. London, J. R. Smith, 1856. 18o. WITHERBY, William. Commentators..on the Prophecies of

Daniel and the Revelation of St. John. London, 1821. 54 p. 8°. Pam.

v. 310. WITHERELL ( Rev. George), Hartford, Washington County, N.Y. A

Sermon on the subjects and mode of Baptism...Plattsburgh, N.Y. 1817. 28 p. Pam. v. 466. - An Impartial Statement of the Facts in the Case of :... Boston,

1831. 8o. Pam. v. 262. WITHERS, John. A Vindication of the Dissenters from the charge of

rebellion... London, 1719. 78 p. 8o. Pam. v. 318. [ WITHERS, Dr. Philip]. See Philo-Theodosius...on E. Burke, 1790. WITHERSPOONT (John), D.D. A Serious Inquiry into the nature and

effects of the stage... Also a Sermon by Samuel Miller, D.D. New

York, 1812. 199 p. 12o. WITHINGTON ( Leonard), D.D. The Soul of Man : A Sermon, Taber

nacle Church in Salem, Mass., Ap. 22, 1832. Salem, 1832. 8o. Pam.

v. 106. - Puritan Morals Defended : A Discourse.... Dedication of the

Crombie-street Church in Salem, and installation of W. Williams,

Nov. 22, 1832. Salem, 1832. 8o. Pam. v. 106. [- ] See Penitential Tears, 1845. Cat. 1855.

Sermon, 20th Anniversary of the standing of the First Church in Newbury,..Oct. 20, 1846. Newburyport, 1846. 8o. Pam. v. 106. WITTENBERG COLLEGE, Springfield, Ohio. Catalogue, 1854. Springfield, 1855. 8o. Pam. v. 480.

A Circular addressed to the members of the Evang. Lutheran Church. 11 p. 8o. Pam. v. 490. WITZLEBEN, Frid. Sig., Editor. See Jablonovius, Bibliotheca. WIVELL, Abr. An Historical Account of the Bust of W. Shakspeare Stratford-upon-Avon... London, 1827. 28 p. 8o. Pam. v.400. Wix, Rev. Samuel. Plain Reasons why Political power should not be

granted to Papists. London, 1822. 16 p. 8o. Pam. v. 345. WIZARD (The). Union College, 1838. 28 p. 8o. Pam. v. 497. WODROW SOCIETY : Select Biographies. Edited for the Wodrow So.

ciety, chiefly from manuscripts in the library of the Faculty of Ad

vocates. By the Rev. W. K. Tweedie. Edinburgh, 1845, 47. 2 v. 8°. WODSWORTH, Rev. William. Religion the Basis of Loyalty : A Ser.

mon : Prov. xxiv, 21 ; Jan. 30, 1820. London. 8°. Þam. v. 376. WOEHLER, Friederich. The Analytical Chemist's Assistant. . To which

are appended the rules for detecting arsenic in a case of poisoning. Trans. from the German; with...additions, by Oscar M. Lieber...

Philadelphia. ..1852. 12o. [Wolcott (John), M.D.). The Works of Peter Pindar, esq. Lond.

1794. 3 v. 8o. [- ] The Poetical Works of Peter Pindar, esq... To which are pre

fixed, Memoirs and Anecdotes of the author. Newburyport, Mass. (1800?). 18o. - More Money! or Odes of instruction to Mr. Pitt....By Peter

Pindar, esq.***. London, 1792. 59 p. 4o. Pam. v. 1016. [ Wolcottt (Oliver) jr.). See British Influence, 1804. WOLCOTT, Roger. Brief Account of the Agency of Hon. John Win

throp...when he obtained a charter for.... Connecticut : A Poem.

See Mass. Hist. Soc. Collections, S. 1, v.4. WOLCOTT, Samuel. Sermon, Massachusetts Annual Election, Jan. 5 :

Rev. xi, 17. Boston, 1853. 8o. Pam. v.557. WOLF, Christian.... Elementa Matheseos Universæ.. Editio nova...

correctior. Genevæ, 1732–41. 5 v. 4o. Wolft, Joh. Christ. : Translator, etc. See Aprosio, A., Bibliotheca. WOLFE, U. Schiedam Aromatic Schnapps. N.York, 1853. 12o. Pam. .

v. 89.- Elucidation of ... Holland and English gin. N.York, 1857.

89. Pam. v. 298. WOLFF, Elizabeth Bekker weduwe A. De Natuur is mijne Zanggodin:

Dichtstuk. Hage, 1784. 128 p. 8o. Pam. v. 110. - Economische Liedjes, uitgegeven door E. Bekker en A. Dekken.

Tweede druk. In S'Graavenhage, 1791. 18o. WOLFFt (Joseph), DD. Researches and Missionary labours among the

Jews, Mohammedans, and other seots...during his travels...183134. Philadelphia, 1837. 12o. ( SUPPL.]

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