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-: MARATHI. The New Testament..translated from the original Greek into Marathi. Printed for the Ahmednugger Mission : American Mission Press, Bombay, 1851. 8o. -: MOHAWK. The Gospel of our Lord. .according to St.Matthew. Translated into the Mohawk language by H. A. Hill, and corrected by J. A. Wilkes ir. Grand River, U.C. New-York : Y. M. Bible Society of New-York, Auxiliary to the Bible Soc. of the Methodist Episcopal Church. 1836. 12'. With, in the same voluine and by the same translator mostly, the remain

der of the books of the New Testament except Mark and Luke; each with full titlepage generally. William Hess assisted on some of the

books. - :MPONGWE. The Gospel according to St.John, translated into

the Mpongwe language, by Missionaries of the A.B.C.F.M. Gaboon, West-Africa. New-York, Am. Bib. Society, 1852. 12o. -: OJIBWA. Iu Otoshki-kikindiuin au tebeniminung gaie bemajününg Jesus Christ, ima Ojibue inueuining Giizhitong. Testament. New-York, Am. Bib. Society, 1856. 12o. -: PERSIAN. [Old and New Testament. Translated into Persian, from the Hebrew, by Rev. William Glen, D.D., with the aid of Fadhil Khan of Hamadan, etc., by order of the United Associate Synod of Scotland.] V.1-5. Edinburgh, 1815, 46. In 3 v. 8o. The N. T. is at the expense of the Brit. & For. Bib. Society, and is the fifth

edition of H. Martyn's translation.

- [Psalms.] Kitab Zebour Daoud Peighamber... Brit.& For. Bīb. Society. London, 1830. 18o. - : POLISH. Norvy pana naszego Jezusa Chrystusa Testament przez X Jakuba Wuyka, Societatis Jesu na Polski Jezyk Przelozony. Ra Pozwoleniem Zwierzchnosci Przeorukowany. W Lipska, Tauchnica, 1832. 12o. -: PORTUGUESE. A Biblia Sagrada... Trad... pelo Padre Joao Ferreira A. D'Almeida.... Nova-York, Soc. Am. da Biblia, 1857. 12'.

- Novo Testamento de Jesu Christo, traduzido em Portuguez segundo a vulgata. Por Antonio Pereira de Figueiredo. Londres .. 1818. 12. - - O Novo Testamento.... Nova York, Soc. Am. da Biblia,

1858. 18o. -: ROUMANI. [New Testament in the Language of Moldavia and

Wallachia. Smyrna.] 1847. 8o. —: Russian. New Testament. Leipsic, 1850. 12o. —: SPANISH. La Biblia Sagrada.... Nueva York. Am. Bib. Soc. 1856.

- El Nuevo Testamento... The New Testament.. Parallel columns of English and Spanish. Nueva-York, Am. Biþ. Society, 1856. 12o.

- El Nuevo Testamento.. Nueva-York. Am. Bib. Society. 1857. 18o. - - See also under Hebrew. [SUPPL.)

12 .

columns of Engr

BIBLE : - : SWEDISH. Samla Testamentet. Nya Testamentet med staend:

stilar. På foranstaltande af Swenska Bibel-Sällskapet.. Stockholm, Rumstedt, 1815. 8o.

- Nya Testament ; med stäende stilar. Pa foranstaltande af Swenska Bibel Sällskapet. Stockholm, 1846. 12o. -: SYRIAC. Codex Syriaco-hexaplaris Ambrosiano Mediolanensis. Editus et latine versus a Matth. Norberg : Jeremiah ; Ezekiel. Londini Gothorum, 1787. Tom 1. 502 p. 4o.

- Novum Testamentum Syriacum, Peschito dictum. Londini, Bagster. See Lee, Samuel.

- [ The New Testament in the Syro-Chaldaic language, spoken by the Nestorians of Persia and Turkey. Printed by the American missionaries at Oroomiah,] Persia, 1855. 8o. -: Tamil. The Holy Bible, containing the Old and New Testaments, .in Tamil.... Under the auspices of the British and Foreign Bible Society. Madras, Amer. Miss. Press, 1850. 1 v. 8°.

- The Gospel according to St.Luke, in Tamil and English. Christian Knowledge Society's Press for Madras Bib. Society, 1815.

12o. - : TURKISH. [ The Old Testament in Turkish, with Greek letters. Printed at Athens, Greece, 1810.) 1032 p. 8".

- [ The Old and New Testament in Turkish, with Armenian letters : A Version revised from the Hebrew, by Rev. W. Goodell,

at Constantinople.] Smyrna, Turkey, 1841 – 43. 3 v. 12o. - : WALLACHIAN. See Roumani. — : WELSH. Y Bibl cyssegr-lan, sef yr hen Destament a'r Newydd. Bibl Gymdeithas Amer., Caerefrog Newydd, 1858. 12o.

— Testament Newydd ein harglwydd a'n hiachawdr Jesu Christ**** Caer Grawnt.... Tros Gymdeithas Biblau Saesoneg ac

Ieithoedd Eraill. Cum Privilegio. 1816. 12o. BIBLE ( The) OF NATURE, and Substance of Virtue. Condensed from

the Scriptures of eminent cosmians, pantheists, and eminent physiphilanthropists of various ages and climes.*** .... Prepared by Julius R. Ames ? Albany, Ster. by C. Van Benthuysen, 1842. 1042 p. 180. Part i contains extracts from ancient and modern philosophers, 202 p.;

Part 11, the writings of John Stewart, with life, prefaces, etc. 25, 8, 126, 122, 74, 54 p.; Part ii, extracts from modern writers in prose

and poetry on the same themes, 479 p. BIBLE SOCIETY of Massachusetts. Report, 1815 ; Report, 45th anni

versary. Boston, 1854. 89. Pam. v. 468. BIBLE SOCIETY of Montgomery County, N.Y. First Report. Amster

dam, 1857. 8o. Pam. v. 468. BIBLE SOCIETY of the District of Columbia. First Report, 1816. 8o.

Pam. v. 468. BIBLE-UNION REPORTER. Vol. 5, Nos. 3 & 4, April and June 1855.

Am. Bible Union, New-York. 8". Pam. v. 231. BIBLIANDER, Theod. Machumetis. See Mohammed.


- 57. Philadelphia. 4 v. 8°. BIBLICAL (The) STUDENT'S ASSISTANT ; containing references to works

on doctrinal and practical theology, with occasional notes ; together with an index to four thousand texts of sermons by eminent divines.

By Clericus. Edinburgh, 1844. 12.2 p. 8'. BIBLIOGRAFIA ITALIANA; ossia Elenco generale delle Opere d'ogni

specie e d'ogni lingua stampate in Italia, e delle Italiane pubblicate

all'estero. Anno v, vi. Milano, 1839, 40. 2 y. 8°. BIBLIOGBAPHIA POETICA. English. See Ritson, J. BIBLIOGRAPHICAL (The) AND RETROSPECTIVE MISCELLANY; con

taining notices of, and extracts from curious and useful books in all languages ; abstracts from valuable manuscripts....By Mr. Poole.

London, J. Wilson, 1830. 160 p. 12o. BIBLIOGRAPHICAL MEMORANDA, 1816. See [Fry, J.]. BIBLIOGRAPHIET DE LA FRANCE ; ou Journal Générale de l'imprimerie

et de la librairie. Année 1820-10. Paris. 21 v.- IIe Série, T. 1,11. 1857 - 58. Paris. 2 v. 8°. 23 y. 8°. Each volume contains a Supplement : Tableau bibliographique....divisé

par table alphabétique des ouvrages, des auteurs, et table systématique. BIBLIOLOGUE (Le) DE LA BELGIQUE et du Nord de la France. Jour

nal de bibliologie, d'histoire littéraire, d'imprimerie et de librairie, publiée avec la coöperation de plusieurs bibliographes et hommes de lettres, par Fréd. Hennebert....*** Tome 1. Tournai, 1839. 248

p. 89. BIBLIOTHECA GRÆCA ET LATINA... quas usui meo paravi Periergus

Deltophilus. Count de Rericzky. Berolini, 1784. 100, 160, 8, 29,

64, 60, 23 p. 8o. . BIBLIOTHECAT SACRA AND THEOLOGICAL REVIEW. Vol. 12 - 16 :

1855 – 59. Conducted by E. A. Park, S. H. Taylor, etc. Andover,

Mass. 5 y. 8°. BIBLIOTHECA SPLENDIDISSIMA. Cat. of.... Library consigned from

the Continent...will be sold by auction by Leigh & Sotheby, May

1816. Prince Talleyrand's. London. 198 p. 8o. BIBLIOTHÈQUE (La) CANADIENNE; ou Miscellani es historiques, scien

tifiques et litti raires. Tome 8, No. 1, Dec. M. Bibaud, Ed. Mont

rtal, 1828. 8o. Pam. v. 266. BIBLIOTHÈQUE d'un Homme de gout. See [ Chaudon, Louis M.]. ΒΙΒΛΟΣ καλουμενη ΕΥΤΕΡΠΗ. Περιέχουσα συλλογήν εκ των νεω

τέρων και δυτερων εξωτερικών μελών, με προσθήκην εν τω τέλει καί τινων ρωμαϊκών τραγωδίων είς μέλος οθωμανικών και ευρωπαϊκον

.... etc. Galata (Constantinople), Turkey, 1830. 259 p. sm. 4o. BichexOT, J. A Glance at the History of Christianity, and of English

nonconformity. 2d ed. Newbury, Eng. 1798. 18 p. 8o. Pam. v. 323. - The Signs of the Times; or the Overthrow of the papal tyranny in France, the prelude of destruction to popery and despotism, but

of peace to mankind. Albany (1800?). 70 p. 120. Pam. v. 231. BICKERSTAFF's Boston ALMANACK. Boston, J. Fleeming, 1768. Alm.

v. 16.– For 1772 ; for 1791, '92 : E. Russell. Alm. v. 19.

BICKERSTETH, Rev. Ed. The Divine Warning to the Church. Sermon,

Prot. Assoc. : Rev. xvi ; with notes. London, 1842.—The National Fast of 1817. London. 12 p.— A Discourse on justification by faith :

Rom. iii, 28. London, 1827. Pam. v. 378. BICKNELL'S CALENDAR. Otsego, Morrisville, N.Y. 1832. 12o. Alm.

v. 37. BIDDLE, C. J. Washington and André. {A paper read before the

Hist. Society of Pennsylvania, May 11, 1857 ; with slips from the

“City Item”). Philadelphia. May 30, 31, 1857. Bound in 1 v. 8o. BIDDLE (John B.), M.D. Address, Med. Department of Pennsylvania

College ; with a list of the graduates. Phil'a, 1856. Pam. v. 286. BIERMAN, Joh. Heilige Keurstoffe. .kerkredenen. Utrecht, 1714. 18o. BIGELOW, Andrew. Sermon, at the Annual election, on Wednesday,

Jan. 6, 1836. Boston, 1836. 8o. Pam. v. 270. BIGELOW, Asahel. Sermon, Aux. Educ. Society of Norfolk county,

Weymouth, June 12, 1833. Boston, 1833. 8°. Pam. v. 288. BIGELowt (Jacob), M.D. A History of the Cemetery of Mt. Auburn.

Boston, 1860. 263 p. 12° [ BIGELOW , John). See Constitutional Reform. Cat. 1855.

- Memoir of the Life and Public Services of Jolin Charles Fremont ; including an account of his explorations....selections from his....correspondence ; his defence before the court martial ....

Ņew-York, 1856. 12o. BIGELOW, J. P. Mayor's Address. See Boston. BIGELOWt, Timothy. Oration... City of Boston, July 4, 1853... with

the Speeches. Fanueil Hall. Boston, 1853. 80 p. 8o. Pam. v.

109, 532. - Address, Opening of Williams Hall. Boston, 1853. 8o. Pam.

v 514. Bigot, R. P. Jacques. Relation de ce qui s'est passé de plus remar

quable dans la Mission Abnaquise de Sainct Joseph de Sillery et.. de Sainct François de Sales, l'année 1684, 85... À Manate ( N.Y), de la Presse Cramoisy de Jean-Marie Shea, 1857, 58. 61, 21 p. 2 v. 12o. - Copie d'une Lettre escrite par le Père Jacques Bigot de la Compagnie de Jésus, l'an 1681 ; pour accompagner un collier pour- .

celaine.... Manate, J. M. Shea, 1858. 9 p. 12o. Bigot, V. Relation de ce qui s'est passé de plus remarquable dans la

Mission des Abnaquis à l'Acadie, l'année 1701. Par le Pere Vincent Bigot, de la Compagnie de Jésus. À Manate, de la Presse Cramoisy

de Jean Marie Shea, 1858. 34 p. 12o. BIJDRAGEN tot de Kennis der Nederlandsche en Vreemde Koloniën,

bijzonder betrekkelijk de vrijlating der slaven, 1844. N°1 – 6.

Utrecht, 1844. 8o. [ BILLINGSLEY, J.]. See Brief Discourse of schism, 1714. BINDLEY, J. Catalogue of Library of .... Auction. London, 1818.

Part I, II, IV. 71, 96, 62 p. Cat. v. 94. Prices.

Binghant, Caleb. An Astronomical and Geographical Catechism for

the use of children...llth edition. Boston, 1810. 36 p. 18o. Pam. V. 605.

The American Preceptor ; being a new selection of lessons for reading and speaking... 228 p. 12o. Imperfect. BINGHAM's (J.F.) CLASSICAL GYMNASIUM. N.York, 1834. Pam. v.

456. BINGHAM, Wm. Will and Codicils of...Philadelphia, June 16, 1856.

40 p. 8o. Pam. v. 492. BINGLEYİ, Ret. William. Travels in North America from modern

writers, with remarks and observations .... for the use of young

persons. London, 1821. 12o. BINGNER, A. Literatur über das Grossherzogthum Baden in allen

seinen staatlichen beziehungen, von ca. 1750 – 51.... Karlsruhe...

1854. 115 p. 8o. Bixneyt, Horace. Correspondence and Remarks in regard to Bishop

Doane's signature of the name of H. Binney as a subscriber to the new church edifice in Burlington. Philadelphia, 1849. 87 p. 8o. Pam. v. 504. - An Inquiry into the formation of Washington's Farewell Ad

dress. Philadelphia, 1859. 250 p. 8o. - ). The Leaders of the Old Bar of Philadelphia. Signed, H. B.

Philadelphia, 1859. 120 p. 8o. BINNEY, Tho. Calamity Improved, a Sermon : Job i, 20 – 22. 1839.

London. 8o. Pam. v. 378. [-].. See John Search's Last Words, 1839. BIOGRAPHICAL (The) MAGAZINE ; or Complete Historical Library.

A work replete with instruction and entertainment...By a Society

of gentlemen. Volume 1. London...1776. 4°. BIOREN'S Town and CountRY ALMANAC. Philadelphia, 1820. Alm.

v. 13. BIRCH, Peter. Sermon, H. of Commons, Jan. 30, 1694 : 2 Sam. i, 21.

London. 4°. Pam. y. 361. Bircht (Thomas), D.D. The Court and Times of Charles the First,

containing a series of historical and confidential letters .... Tran• scribed from the originals in the British Museum... London, 1848 –

19. 2 v.8°. - The Wisdom and Goodness of God..from the... Constitution of Man. A Sermon, before College of Physicians, Sept. 18, 1749 : Ps.

cxxxix, 14. London..4o. Pam. v. 1006. - Remarks upon the Life of..Dr. John Tillotson....3d edition,

with additions. London, 1755. 112 p. 8o. Pam. v. 390. BIRD (Golding), M.D. Lectures on the Infiuence of Researches in

organic chemistry on therapeutics, especially in relation to the depuration of the blood. From London Med. Gaz. London, 1848.

44 p. 8o. Pam. v. 402. — Catalogue of Library of.... Auction. London, 1856. 42 p. 8'.

Cat. v. 94.

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