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Atheism. Bentley, R., Lectures on. | Authority, Civil. Hickes, G., Sermon - Cudworth, Intel. Syst. of Universe.

on, 1682. - Origin of Atheism, 1684.

Mayhew, J., Of Non-resistance. Parker, S., Sermons of.

- Milbourne, Serm., Orig. of Civil Power. - Richards, W., French Atheism.

Nowell, T., Serm., Numb. xvi., 3. - See Natural Religion; Infidelity.

Revolution no Rebellion, 1709.

Rye, Sermon, Lu. xx., 25, 1714. Atlases. See Bibliography; Maps.

Sherlock, T., Serm. and Answer, 1718. Atterbury, F. Letter to, 1706.

Sherlock, W., Case of Allegiance, 1691. - Phipps, C., Defence of, 1723.

- Whaley, Sermon, Doctrine of Non-re

sistance. Auctions. Exposition of some of the Evils. - See Government; Oaths; Revolution; - Reasons why Present System, &c., 1828.

Great Britain, Pamphlets. Audenard. See Marlborough, Duke of. 1

of Authors. See Bibliography; Literary Pro

perty. Audubon, J. J. St. John, H., Adven- Autobiography. Best, Pers. and Lit. tures of.

Mem. Augsburg. See Bibliography.

- Buckingham, J. S., Pers. Memoirs. Austin, A. Hutchings, T., Sermon on. - Burroughs, S., Memoirs. Australia. Dampier, Voyage to, 1699.

- Caslo, A., Life of.

- Charke's, Mrs., Life, 1755. - Earl, Physical Geography of.

Cumberland Memoirs. - Martin, R. M., Brit. Col., Lib. V. 2. " Brit. Possessions, 1847.

Fitz James, Z., Autobiography.

Gordon, P. L., Personal Memoirs. . - Mundy, G. C., Our Antipodes.

Herbert, Edward, Lord. Sidney, S., The Three Colonies, 1854.

Jerdan, W., 1853. Austria. Cass, L., Speech on Relat. with. – Leslie, C. R., 1860. - Desprez, Les Peuples de l'Autriche.

Phases of Interior Life. - Peabody, E. P., Crimes of, 1852.

– Sampson, W., Memoir. - Recueil des Représentatives des Pays Shepard, T., Of Cambridge, N. E. Bas, 1787.

See Diaries ; Letters. - See Germany.

Autographs. Bangs, Merwin & Co., Cat.
Authority, Church. Authority of the
Church, 1718.

Bell, Cat. of, for sale, 1853.
Betty, Ch. Gov't, A Sermon, 1729.
Blackall, O., Answer to Hoadly.

Corwin's Cat., with prices, N. Y.

Crelle, Catalogue, Berlin, prices.
Bowen, N., Sermon, 1826, Phila.

Morse, Priced Catalogue, 1857.
Burnet, G., Answer to Law, 1717.

Norton, Cat. of, on sale, 1857.
Case of Compelling, 1684.

Renouard, Cat. de la Bibliot. de. Davisson, J., Prot. Ministers' Mission.

Soleinne, Bibliot. Dramatique, V. 3. Discourse Concerning a Guide, 1683.

Sotheby, Handwriting of Melanothon. Disc. Conc. Judge of Controversies.

" Autog. of M. Luther.
Du Moulin, A Replie, 1675.

Weigel, Verzeichniss.
Exam. of the Scheme of Power, 1736.

Avarice. Dancer, D., Anecdotes of.
Fitz Gerald, Appeal.. Canon Law.

Azores. Webster, J. W., Description of.
Hoadly, Reply to Bishop of Exeter.
Judgment and Doct. of the Clergy, 1687.

New Defence of Hoadly, (Hare).
- Religion of the Ch. of Eng., 1673.

Bacon, W. Clark, 0., Letter to, 1818. Remarks on Two Charges, 1738. .

Backus, I. Fish, J., Examiner Examined. Sherlock, W., Judge of Controversies. | Baden, Baden, Statistik, 1855.

Prot. Resolution, 1685. - Bingner, Literatur über. - Snape, Letters to Hoadly, 1717. - Vier briefe eines Demokraten, 1850. Sykes, Letters to Sherlock, 1715.

Bahama Islands. Martin, R. M., Brit. - Synge, Divine Authority of, 1710.

Col. Lib. V. 4.
Tindal, M., Defence of Rights.

| Baldwin, H. Memoirs of Distinguished See Toleration ; Conformity; Dissent.



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Baltimore. Baltimore Directories. | Banks in New York (continued). Citizen's Alm., 1845, 1850.

| – Merchants' Bank, Memor., 1804. - Exact Narrative of Events, 1812.

New York Ann. Reports. - Maryland, Report on Riots, 1813.

New York Clearing House.
Parker, Sir Peter, Memoir of.

Origin..Safety Fund Law, 1834.
Bank of England. Bank of England. Remarks on, 1858.
– Consid. on, 1800.

Report and Obs., Banks of N. Y. - Honest Scheme, 1729.

- Van Buren, M., Message, 1829. - Price, C., Forgeries on.

- Van Vechten, A., Speech, 1811. Bank of Maryland. Bank of Maryland, Banks, Savings. See Savings Banks. 1834, 1835.

Banks, Sir J. Letter to, 1802. - Johnson, R., Reply on, 1834.

Banyer, Mrs. Cooke, S., Biog. Mem. of. Poultney, Appeal, 1835.

- McVickar, Memorial of. Bank of the United States. Aegles, Letters, 1819.

Baptism. Academia Speculum, 1830. Bank of the U.S.

- Address to, Fakenham, 1825. Carey, M., Letters to Seybert.

Amer. Doct. Tract Soc. Gordon, T. T., The War on, 1834.

- Backus, Address, 1779. - Remarks on the Currency, 1840.

Batelier, De drie Getuygen.
Seward, W. H., Speech on, 1832.

Boerhave, Weder-dooperen.
Union Comm. Report, 1834.

“ Der Mennoniten, 1660. - U.S., Banks, Reports, 1819, 1830.

Carey, Vindication of Calcutta Miss.

Clark, P., Scripture Grounds of, 1735. Banks. Banker's Almanac, 1851.

Daniell, M., What is Baptism.
Banker's Magazine, 1857–59.

Dell, Doct. of Baptisms, 1759. - Bank of Tennessee.

Dore, Sermons on, 1829. - Commercial Bank of N. 0.

Fuller, A., Uses of. Day's Counterfeit Detector, 1848.

Greenfield, E., Publications. Dye, Note Plate Delineator, 1855.

Harris, D., Real Faets Stated, 1832. Girard Bank, 1836.

Harris, W., Pract. View of, 1816. Hübner, Die Banken.

Hascall, Definitions of Bapto, etc. Louisiana, New Free System.

Illustrations of Fonts. - Manufacturers' and Traders'.

Jones, J. A., Joseph Corrected, 1834. Mass., Comm’rs Reports.

Mitchell, D. M., Discourse on, 1839. Mechanics' Bank, N. 0.

Obs. on Matt. xxviii., 19, 20, 1849. Merch. and Banker's Almanac.

Pengilly, R., Scripture Guide to. Negreiros, De Operaçoes de Banco.

Platt, D., Foundations Exam., 1838. New Jersey Ann. Statements.

Rahusen, Hand-Boek over. 0'Callaghan, Usury and Banks.

Turney, E., The Command.
Penn'a Debates, 1786.

- Wayland, F., Principles of Baptists. Planters' Bank of Tennessee. Seropyan's Patent Notes.

Baptism of Infants. Bostwick, Vindi

cation of, 1790. Spencer, J. C., Speech on Private B.

|- Clinton, J., Household Baptism, 1838. Southern Bank, N. 0.

Clogc, J., Infant Baptism, 1803. Webster, N., Misc. Papers, 1802.

Goodwin, J., Kata-Baptism, 1655. Willcox, R., To the President.

Edwards, P., Antipædobaptism. Wisconsin, Banking Laws, oto.

- Presb. Church, Rep. on Bapt. Child. - Written for the Governor, Boston.

Sacrament of Responsibility (Newland). See Financial.

- Tyler, B., Christian Nurture. Banks in New York. Bank Conven

Wall, w., Conference on. tion, 1837.

- Whiston, W., Prim. Infant Baptism. - Bank of the Interior.

Witherell, On Subjects and Mode. Cheetham, On Merchants' Bank, 1804. | Baptismal Regeneration. Goode, W., Gibbon, Banks of N. Y., 1857.

Letter to Bishop of Exeter. Mechanics' Bank, N. Y.

- High-Church Theory, 1853. Memorial..On Merchants’ Bank. - Lindsay, Gorham v. Exeter.

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Baptismal Regeneration (continued). Barber, W. H. Stephen, Sir G., The - Phillpotts, Letter to Archb. of Canter.

Royal Pardon of, 1852. - Scott, J., Effect of Baptism.

Bard, s. M'Vickar, Life of, 1822. Scriptural Rev. of Liturgy.

Barnard, F. J. Sprague, W. B., Sermon,

Death of. - Spurgin, Voice of Warning, 1843.

Barnard, T. Prince, J., Serm., Death of. See Tractarianism.

Barnes, A. Presb. Ch., An Address, 1836. Baptist Communion. Hall, R., Terms of Communion.

Barnstable, Mass. Palfrey, Hist. Disc. - Robinson, R., On Free Communion. Barr, J. W. Swift, E. P., Mem. of, 1833. Smith, J. H., Close Communion.

Bartels, J. H. Redslob, In Memoriam, Wright, R., Open Communion, 1809.

1853. Baptist Church Associations, Min

Basle. Eclaircissements sur, 1833. utes of. Abington Bapt. A., Pa. Batavia. Gibson, Prison of Weltevreden. Berkshire, Mass., 1857.

Bath, Eng. Bath Directory, 1824. Berkshire, N. Y., 1826–28.

- Venner, T., Via Recta. Black River, N. Y., 1820-1859.

Battles. Creasy, The Fifteen Decisive.
Bridgewater, Pa., 1827.
Canada Bapt. Ass'n.

Bausch, J. G. Peterson, In Memoriam. Cattaraugus Ass'n, N. Y.

Bavaria. Bavaria, Publications. - Cayuga Ass'n, N. Y.

- Mann, Ludwig IV., u. Maxim. I. Chemung Ass’n, 1824, 30.

- Maurer, Die Bayrischen Städte. Chenango Ass'n, N. Y.

Nagel, A., Origines domus Boicæ. Dane Bapt. Ass'n, Wis.

- Schmitt, Rechtspflege...der Pfalz. Eastern New Brunswick, 1856.

Sendtner, Veget. Verhältnisse, 1854. * Essex Bapt. Ass'n, N. Y.

- Seuffert, Getreide u. Viktualien-HanFranklin, Del. Co., N. Y.

dels im. Holland Purchase Ass'n, N. Y. Bavarian Academy of Sciences. BadHudson River Bapt. Ass'n.

der, Rede, 1783.

- Königl. Ak. der Wiss. Abhandlungen. Illinois Pastoral Union.

- Thiersch, Stiftung der, 1849. Madison Bapt. Ass'n, N. Y.

- Westenrieder, Geschichte der. New London Ass'n, 1820. N. Y. Bapt. Ass'n, 1820.

Beauchene, R. Le Sage, Adventures of. Oneida Bapt. Ass'n, N. Y., 1821. Beaumarchais, P. A. De. Loménie, Onondaga Ass'n, 1825.

His Times. Ontario Bapt. Ass'n, 1815.

Becket, T. a. Berington, Vindication of. Otsego, N. Y., 1796.

Beckwourth, J. P. Bonner, Life of. Rensselaerville, N. Y.

Bedfordshire, Eng. Fisher, T., Hietor. St. Lawrence Bapt. Asg’n, N. Y.

Collections. Saratoga, N. Y.

Bees. Weeks, Management of. Stephentown Bapt. Ass'n, N. Y.

Belgium. Belgium, Documents. Warren Bapt. Ass'n, R. I., 1847.

- Gibson, W., Belgian Surgeong. - Windham Co., Vt., 1848.

- Papendrecht, Hist. Eccl. Ultrajectinæ. Worcester, N. Y., 1834.

- Trollope, Belgium since 1830. Baptist Churches, United States. Bap-| Belief. See Opinions ; Creede.

tist Almanac, 1846–59. – Baptist Churches.

Belleisle. Impartial Narrative, 1761.
Cone, S. H., Life of.

Bellows, B. Bellows, H. W., Sketch of. - Free Will Baptists.

Benecke, C. D. Lehmann, In Memoriam. - Haynes, D. C., Baptist Denomination.

Benevolent Societies. See Charities. Haynes, T. W., Dict. of Bapt. Biog. - Hiscox, Church Directory.

Benezet, A. Vaux, R., Memoirs of. - Sprague, Annals of Am. Pulpit. Bennet, Mr. Featley, D., Sermon on. - U.S. Bapt. Ann. Reg., 1832.

Bennet, T. Atterbury, Sermon on. - Stanton St. Church, N. Y.

Bentley, R. Middleton, C., Proceedings . Barbados. Short History of, 1768.


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Bentley, W.gRogers, J., Serm., Death of. Bible: On the Old Testament. Bon

net, Solomon's Prediger. Berbice. Marryatt, J., Ans. to Comm’rs.

- Bonomi, Nineveh. Bergen, N. J. Taylor, B., History of. – Broadley, Evid. of Relig. of Moses. Berkshire Co., Mass. Allen, T., Hist. of. — D'Oyly, Letters to Drummond. Bermudas Islands. Martin, R. M., Brit.

Ens, Aanmerkingen over Iesaias XI., Col. Lib. V. 6.

XII. - Plaine Description, 1609.

- Houte, Van Ps. cxlvi. Bernadotte. Phillippart, Memoirs of.

Lach, Van Iesaias, Cap. vi.

Lettres de Quelques Juifs. Bethlehem Female Seminary. Rei- _

Levi, Defence of 0. T. chel, History of.

Mulder, Letteryvruchten. Bewick T. Bell, Cat. of Books relating to. –

Muntinghe, De Psalmen. Bible, Holy. Boucher, L'homme en face – Musculus, Commentarii, 1578-1623. de.

- Newcome, W., On Ezekiel. - Concise Examinations, 1856.

Outrein, Over Psalm cxix. Eastman, J. W., The Bible Excellent. - Pintus, In Pro. Jeremiæ, 1581. Excellence of, (Hughes), 1803.

Reply to the Letter to Dr. Waterland, Fleming, Scripture Gazetteer.

1732. Furness, W. H., Bible in Schools.

Sharpe, G., On Merrick's Annotations. - Halsey, Literary Attractions of.

Stebbing, H., Hist. of Abraham. - Higginson, T. W., Scripture Idolatry. Sherlock, T., Case of Abraham, ete. How, T. Y., Address, N. Y., 1817.

Warburton, Defence of Div. Legation. Letter to a Friend, 1700.

Webber, F., Jewish Dispensation. Lewis, T., Bible and Science. Bible : On the New Testament. AdManual of Reflections, 1801.

ams, H., Letters on Gospels. Nelson, H. A., Bible for the People. - Blomfield, Use of Jewish Tradition. Payson, E., Oracles of God.

Bosch, De Magis ab Oriente.
Spring, G., The Rule of Faith.

Brink, Over den 1 Joannes.
Taylor, I., Transmission of Books.

Carpenter, D., Supp. to Harm. of Four Wadsworth, B., Sermon on, 1815.


Chrysostom, On Galatians. Bible, Commentaries on, Critical –

Crandall, A. L., Expl. of Revelation. and Practical. Bundel van... Oeffeningen.

Curtenius, Brieven v. Paulus aan Corin. Coccius, Opera.

Eyton, Sermon on the Mount. Critical Notes, Mann, 1747.

Elsnerus, Brief aan de Romeiden. - Eichhorn, On “Word” and “Spirit.”

Erasmus, In Evan. Joannis. Emdre, Bybels Huis Boek.

Fleetwood, On Rom. xiii.
Green, W. H., Inaug. Disc., 1851.

Haas, Openbaaring van Johannes.
Hamelsveld, Exercitatio in Scrip. Sac.

Haldane, R., On Rom. i.-».
Hare, F., The Difficnlties, etc., 1769.

Heinsius, Exerc, ad Nov. Test.
Hulsius, Verkl. der... Liederen in.

- Hollman, Ad. C. iii. et xiii. Paul ad

1 Cor. Haas, Exero. Philologica.

Jones, J., Canon of the N. Testament.
Lee, S., Prolegomena in Bib. Sac.

Koning, Corinth. Isten Sendbrief.
Lightfoot, Opera.

- Martin, D., Upon 1st John v. 7. Lowth, R., Letter to Warburton.

Nabuys, Over d. brief v. Paulus aan de Ouboter, Verklaaring, 1791.

Picus Mirandula, Heptaplus, 1479. Newton, Sir I., On 1st John v. 7.
Poole, M., Synopsis Criticorum.

Owen, H., Obs. on Four Gospels.
Reineccius, Manuale Biblicum.

Plevier, Paulas, aan de Galateren.
Rynink, Exerc. in Scr. Sac.

Sharp, G., Greek Defin. Article.
Schutte, Heilige Jaarboeken, 1779. - Sykes, Ep. to Hebrews.
Theodoretus, Opera.

Tregelles, Lang. of Matthew's Gosp.
Vermeer, Over Verscheide Plaatsen. - Turner, S. H., Notes on Romans.
Webster, N., Errors of the English. - Whitby, Last Thoughts of.
Yates, J., Letter to Vice Chancellor. - White, J., Diatessaron, 1800.

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Bible : On the New Testament (con- Bible Societies : British (continued). tinued).

- Burn, A., Success of B. & F. B. S. 1812. - Zigabonus, Comm. in Evang., 1547.

- Cambridge, Eng., Auxiliary. Bible History. Chevreau, Premières Le- – Dealtry, Letter on Brit. and For. B.S. çons.

" Rev. of Norris's Attack, 1815. - Duruy, Histoire Sainte.

- Dublin Naval and Military, 1824. - Mulder, Bijbel v. d. Israel. Jeugd.

- Edinburgh, 1814–24. - Stackhouse, New History of, 1742.

Gurney, J. J., Terms of Union. Bible, Inspiration of. Gaussen, Thé Hibernian Society, 1823, 24. opneustie, 1840.

Lister, Speech, 1812. - Le Clerc, Disquis. concerning.

Letter to the S. for Pro. C. K. Middleton, P., Case of Abraham.

Marsh, H., Letters on. Parry, W., Insp. of the Apostles.

Naval and Military, 1824. Potter, J., Authority of, 1742.

North London and Islington. - Rennell, Proofs of, 1822.

Owen, On French Bible of B. & F. B. S. Smith, H. B., Inspiration of, 1855.

Pinkerton, R., Letters, 1817. - Wakefield, G., Essay on, 1781.

Powys, Appeal to Clergy, 1830. Sec Christianity, Evidences of.

Simeon, Dr. Marsh's Fact, 1813. Bible, Versions of. Amer. Bible Union. Southwark Auxiliary. - Baptist Miss. Soc.

Stokes, G., Remarks, 1826. Bible, Various Languages.

Vansittart, Letter to Marsh, 1811. Bible Union Reporter, 1855.

Wordsworth, C., Letter to Teignmouth. - Brief Sketch of, in Irish, 1818. Bibliography. Platt, Facts on Versions, 1829.

ACAD. DES SCIENCES. Camusat, Hist. des - Question Truly Stated, 1751.

Journaux. - See Bibliography.

- See Societies. Bible Societies: American. Albany

AFRICAN LANGUAGES. Astor Lib. Oriental Co. Bib. Soc.

Lang. - Amer. Bible Soc. Reports.

- See Oriental.

AGRICULTURAL. Bæbmer, Bib. Script. Hist. - Amer. Bible Union.

Amer. and For. Bible Soc.

- Weston, Cat. of Eng. Authors on.
Aux. Bible Soc., Fulton Co., N. Y.

- See Horticultural. - Bible Soc. of Mass.

Aix. Rouard, Sur la Bibliographie d'.
Bible Soc. of Montgomery, N. Y.

ALDINE Editions. Amoretti, Lettere.
Canada Bible Soc., 1841.

- Bearzi, Cat. de Livres Rares. Emerson, B., Sermon, Salem, 1819.

- Bibliog. de la France, 1820.
Hobart, J. H., Letter on, 1815.

Bohn, Cat. of books printed by.
Long Island Bible Soc.

Boutourlin, Cat, de la Bibliot.
New Hampshire Bible Soc., 1848-49.

Renouard, Annales.
N. Y. Bible and Prayer Book Soc.

Serie dell'edizioni Aldine.
N. Y. Bible Soc.

ALMANACs. See Almanacs.
Pennsylvania Bible Soc. Rep.

A lost. Gand, Recherches Historiques.
Philadelphia Bible Soc., 1813, 35.

- Iseghem, Biog. de Martens. Rely to an Answer (Hobart).

ALTDORF. Murr, Memor. Bibl. Altdorfina. Southwestern, N. Orleans.

AMERICAN AUCTION SALES. Sce Auctions. Strickland, W. P., Hist. of Am. B. Soc.

AMERICAN Books, AUTHORS, ETC. AmerToronto Bible Soc., 1840.

ican Publishers' Circular, 1855-57. - Vermont Bible Soc.

Duyckinck, Cycl. of Amer. Literature. Washington Co., N. Y., 1853, 54. - Handbook of Amer. Literature. Bible Societies : British. Address to – Low, Amer. Cat., 1800-56. Teignmouth (Sikes).

Norton's Literary Gazette, etc. - Bible Soc. Constantinople.

Reuss, Reg. of Authors of N. America, - British and For. Bible Soc.


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• Other titles under this heading may be found in the "Catalogue of the Books on Bibliography, Typography and Engraving, in the New York State Library, Albany, 1858," pp. 143, 89. The references in italics denote headings under Bibliography.

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