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Blind (continued).

| Boston (continued).
- New York Institution for.

- Robbins, History of Second Church.
Ohio, Report, 1850.

- Simonds, Hist. of South Boston.
Pennsylvania Institut. for, Reports. - Sumner, W. H., Hist. of East Boston.
Perkins Inst., Boston, Reports.

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Death of.

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Bodleian Library. See Bibliography.

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" Palms of India.
Bolton, Mass. Evangelical Church at.

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Bookbinding. Cundall, Ornament. Book Knight and Perry, Coniferous Plants.

Koen. Baier. Ak. (Gefässplanzen).
- Dibdin, Decameron, V. 2.

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Ray Society Publications.
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" Literatus Felicissimus.

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- See Bibliography, Libraries.

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See Physiology.
Booksellers. Dibdin, Bibliophobia.
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- Dupont, Hist. de l'imprimerie. Bowles, J. Thornton, J. W., Life of.
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Lackington, J., Memoirs of.

Death of.
- Nichols, Literary Anecdotes, V. 3.

Brabant. Cantillon, Vermakelijkheden
- Statist. Soc. Lond. III. Meidinger.

van, 1770.
- See Bibliography; Typography. Brackenridge, H. M. Craig, Exposure
Boone, D. Boone, D., Adventures.

of Mistakes.
- Hill, G..C., Biography of.

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- Metcalf, S. L., Narratives, 1821. . I mon of.
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- Ewbank, Life in, 1856.

- Kidder, D.P., Brazil.. portrayed, 1857.
Boston Common.
Boston, Munic. Register.

- Stewart, c. S., Brazil, 1856.
Clapp, Letter on Growth of.

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Hollis Street Society.

Jarvis, S. T., Or St. Paul's Church. Bremen. Delius, Statist. Almanack, 1844.
Palfrey, Brattle Street Ch. Hist. | Brewer, S. Ford, G., Sermon on, 1796.



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Brewing. Denneston, Frands of the Brew- Buckminster, J. Parker, N., Discourse,

Death of
- Discourse on... Malt Liquors, 1733.

Budgett, S. Arthur, W., Life of.
- Worth, W. Y., Art of, 1692.

| Buenos Ayres. Beaumont, J., Travels
Brewster, W. Steele, A., Life of, 1857.

in, 1828.
Bridge at Albany. New York, Bridgel - Rio de Janeiro, Almanack.
at Albany.

Buffalo, N. Y. Buffalo, Various publics-
- Seward, W. H., Argument, 1853.

- Van Santvoord, G., Speech, 1856. - First Presb. Church.

Van Valkenburgh, Speech, 1856. - Henderson's Trade of, 1853.
- Wheeler, 0. B., Speech, 1859,

Building Assoc. Building Soc. Dalhou-
Bridges. Ellet, Suspension Bridge, St.

sie, Canada.
Louis; Middletown, Conn. - Franklin, W., Buil. Assoc. Examined.
- Internat. Bridge Co., N. Y.

- Scratchley, Benefit B. Soci.
- Leutze, Brücken über d. Weichsel.

Soc. for Improving Dwellings of Poor.
Niagara Falls Suspension...Co., 1855.

- South Kensington Museum.
Theory of; Supp., 1853, Weale.

Bunker's Hill. Clarke, J., Narrative of
Whipple, S., On Bridge Building.

White, A., Wooden Susp. Bridge of. 1- Packard, Hist. of Monament.
Brimfield, Mass. - Morse, J., Annals of Bare, G. De. Rive, Chasse aux Bibliog.

the Church.
Bristol, Eng. Shierclif, Guide to, 1793. |

Shieraliff, Guide to. 1793. Burgoyne, J. Brief Examination, 1779.
British. See English; Great Britain ; Bib-

1 - Munsell's Hist. Series, No. 7.

Burke, E. Philo-Theodosius, Character of.
British Museum. Boyle, Curiosities of, – Priestley, Letters to, on France.

Second Thoughts on Letters to Bristol.
- Great Britain, Brit. Mus.

| Burlington Coll. Doane, G. W., Lee-
- See Bibliography.

ture on.
Brock, Gen. Correspondence on, 1841. | Burmah. Griffith, W., Travels in.
Brodhead, J. Sermon, Death of. Burnet, Bp. Edwards, J., On an Exposi-
Brodie, H. Mathieson, A., Sermon, Death

tion by.

- Gregory, Preface to History (Swift.)
Bronte, C. Gaskell, E. C., Life of. Burnet, Jacob. Fisher, S. W., Sermon
Brookline, Mass. Pierce, J., Century

Discourse, 1818.

Burr, A. Adams, J. Q., Report on J.

– Pierce, J., Hist. Diso., 1837.

- Parton, J., Life of.
Brooklyn, N. Y. Brooklyn Directory,

Burns, A. Sterens, C. E., History of.
- Brooklyn Record, 1855.

Burton, J. Bentham, E., De Vita.
Brummell, G. Jesse, Life of, 1844. - Bultoel, Reply to, 1813.
Brunswick-Lunenburg. Bytermeister, Butchers. See Cattle.
Comment. Historicus de.

Butler, C. Nightingale, Funeral Serm. of.
Brunswick Theatre. Smith, G. C., De- Ruron. C. N. Blessington. Conversations.
struction of.

- Trelawny, Recollections, 1858.
Brown, Miss A. Loo, L., Ordination

Brown, James. Hillard, G. S., Mom. of.

Brown, J. Redpath, J., Life of. Cairo, Ill. Long, H. C., Prospects of,

Brute, s. G. Mount St. Mary's, Life of.
Bruys, F. Bower, A., Life of.

Calamy, B. Sherlock, W., Serm. Fun. of.

California. Benton, T. H., Speech, 1849.
Bry, T. De. See Bibliography.

- California Gold Regions.
Buchanan, C. Pearson, H., Memoirs of. California State Register, 1859.
Buchanan, J. Horton, R. G., Life of, — Fremont, Notes of Travel in.

Golden Dreams, 1853.

õ | | | | | |

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California (continued).

Canada (continued).
- Hughes, J. T., Acconnt of, 1848.

Canadian Tourist, 1856.
Murieta, Life of.

Caroline Almanac, 1840.
- Mysteries of California, 1850.

Climax of Protection, 1836.
- Randolph, E. Add., History of, 1860. Consid. on the importance of, 1759.
Stockton, R. F., Life of.

Dessaulles, L'Annexion aux Etats Unis.
Taylor, W., Life in, 1858.

Drew, Colored fugitives in.
U.S., Pacific R. R. Reports.

Duane, W., and Continental Congress.
- Venegas, Noticia de la Cal., 1739.

Dunkin, C., Address of, Seignories.
California, Congression. Debates on.

Everett, Journey through, 1855.
Alston, W.J., Speech, 1850.

Exposition de 1855, Paris.
Baldwin, R. S., Speech, 1850.

Gazetteer of Upper C., 1813.
Bennett, H., Speech, 1850.

Great Britain : Canada.
- Benton, T. H., Speeches, 1849, 50. Gréce, Facts respecting, 1819.
Clarke, C., Speech on, 1850.

Hogan, J. S., Canada, An Essay, 1855.
Hall, W. P., Speech on, 1850.

Hough, Statist. of Population.
King, J. A., Speech, 1850.

How I came to be Governor in. :
McLane, R. M., Speech, 1850.

Hunter, W. S., Ottawa Scenery.
Morse, I. E., Speech, 1850.

" East. Townships Scen.
Mullin, J., Speech, 1849.

- Journal Exped. du St. Laurent, 1759.
Spaulding, Speech on, 1850.

Justice and Policy of Parl't, 1774.
Thurston, S. R., Speech, 1852.

Kingston, W. H. G., Western Wander-
Winthrop, R. C., Speech, 1850.

See Compromise Measures.

Laroche-Heron, Communautés Relig.

des Femmes.
Calvert, L. Burnap, Life of.

Liste des Evêques.
Calvinism. Horsley, S., Polit. Principles – Mackay, C., Life in America.

Mackenzie, E., Descr. View of, 1819.
- Hunter, J., Calvinism of Ch. of Eng.

Martin, R. M., Brit. Col. Lib., V. 1.
- Remarks on Two Particulars, 1811.

Morris, A., Can. and Resources, 1855.
Cambridge, Eng. Cambridge Univ., Murray, A., Letters from, 1856.
1790, etc.

Narrative of Occurrences, 1817.
- Cooke's Topog. Lib.

N. Y. Hist. Soc. Coll., § 2, V. 3.
- Cooper, Athenæ Cantab. .

Oliphant, Minnesota and, 1855.
Cambridgeport, Mass. Stearns, W. A., Present State of, 1787.

Rameau, La France aux Colonies.
Camden, Me. Chase's Hist. Discourse, Relations des Jésuites, 1611-72.

Roger, C., Rise of... to Wealth, 1856.
- Locke, J. J., History of.

St. Valier, Eglise de la Nouv. France.
Camel. Marsh, G. P., The Camel.

Sarrasin, M., Notes sur.
Campbell, A. Sprague, W. B., Sermon, -

Short, Gesta Americana.
death of.

Siege of Quebec, 1759.
Campbell, D. Sprague, W. B., Sermon,

Sillery, Etudes Biog. sur..
death of.

Sketches for Settling, 1822.
Campbellism. Rice, N. L., Its Riso, eto. - Smith, D. W., Gazetteer, 1813.
Canada. Barnard, D. D., or the Caroline, – Stewart, C., Eastern Townships, 1815.

Taylor, H., Journal of a Tour, 1840.
- Barthe, Canada Reconquis.

Tunis, Guide, 1859.
- British American League, 1849. Canals. Armroyd, View of, 1826.
Brooks, J., Speech, Reciprocity, 1850.

- Belgium, Canal Navigation.
Boucher, P., Productions de la Nouvelle - Canada Public Works, reports on.
France, 1663.

- Canada, St. Lawrence Navigation, 1856.
Brown, J. B., Views of, 1851.

Carey, M., Brief view of system of
Canada, Various Pub. Documents.

Penn'a, 1831.
Canada Directory, 1857.

- Chesapeake and Del. Co.
Canadian Almanac, 1855.

1- Clinton, Hampshire Canal, Mass.
[ Suppl.]


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Canals (continued).

| Capital Punishment (continued).
– Delaware and Raritan, N. J.

- Boston, Exec. of Magee, 1859.
- Fox and Wisconsin Impr. Co.

- Christmas, H., C.P. unsanetioned, 1846.
Fulton, R., Canal Navigation, 1796.

Cuyler, C. C., Sermon on, 1842.
Illinois and Michigan.

- Mayo, A. D., Death Penalty, 1855.
Kennebec Locks Co., Me.

New York, Rep. on Abolition of.
Lachine Canal, Docks.

Objections to, 1835.
Letter to the Proprietors, 1785, Lond. - Ohio, Report by Ward, 1853.
Memorial, Welland and Oswego.

Richmond, J., Petition on, 1844.
New Jersey, Reports on.

Romilly, Observations on, 1813.
Ohio, Documents, 1828, 48.

Sawyer, Appeal on, to Ohio.
Penn'a, Reports.

Strang, Execution of, 1827.
Schuylkill Nav. Comp.

Strong, N., Serm. Execution of R. D.
Stuart, C. B., Niagara Ship Canal. Thayer, I., Execution of.
- Susquehanna Comp.

- Wells, P., Execution of.
- Union Canal of Phila.

Caraccas. Depons' Travels, 1801-04.
U. S., Canal at Panama.

Carausius. De Peyster, History of.
Canals of New York. Beardsley, S.,
Opinion, 1851.

Cards, Playing. Chatto, Facts on Hist.

Campbell, A., Report on Erie, 1836.

- Jansen, Origine de la Gravure.
Clark, L., Speech, 1846.

1 – Leber, Cat. de la Bibliothèque de.
Considerations against continuing, 1819.
- Delaware and Hudson.

Peignot, Recherches sur,
Evening Post, Hist. of Policy, 1849.

– See Engraving; Typography.
Foote, J. J., Chenango Canal, 1859. Carlyle, T. Blackwood v. Carlyle.
Genesee Valley Canal.

Caron, R. E. Draper, W. H., Corres-
- Hatch, I., Canal Contracts, 1852.

pondence with.
– Hawley, J., Enlargement of Erie C. Carpentry. Bury, Modèles de.
- Internal improvements of (Flagg). – Nicholson, P., Carpenter's Ass't.
- McMurray, W. Completion of, 1843. Carroll, C. Sergeant, J., Eulogy on.

Memorial, Canal Enlargement, 1857.
Memorial, Welland and Oswego, 1845.

Carson, C. Peters, Adventures of.
New York, Reports, etc., 1817-60. Carthagena. New Granada Canal Co.,

Pamphlets, V. 223.
Van Horn, B., Speech, 1859.

Cary, A. Haight, B. I., On Ordination of.
- West, The, vindicated, 1842.

Caspian Sea. Holmes, W. B., Sketches of.
- Western and N. J. Lock Nav. Comp.,

Nav. Comp., Cass, L. Jarvis, R., Facts and Arguments,

- Western Inland Lock Nav. Co., 1792.

1- Smith, W. L. G., Life of, 1856.
- Williams, J. B., Speech, 1853.

Cassano, Duke of. Dibdin, Bib. Spence-
Candia, N. H. Eaton, F. B., History of.
Canning, G. Grand Vizier Unmasked.

Casuistry. Casus Conscientiæ, 1749.
Cape Cod, Mass. Mass., Harbor of, 1857.

Catalogues of Books. See Bibliograpby.
– Palfrey, Hist. Discourse.

Catechisms. Chatel, Catechisme, 1833.
Cape of Good Hope. Adderley, State - Emdre, Catechismus, 1787.
ment, 1851.

Evan. Luth. Ch. Cat.
- Cape of Good Hope, 1851.

Haeghoort, Keten der Waarheden.
- Keith, G. M., Voyage to, 1819. - Henry, M., Scripture Cat., 1714.
- Thunberg, Voyages, 1796.

Molenaar, Melk uit de Catech.
Capellen, J. v. d. Bergh., Nagedagtenis, –

Nature of Catechizing, 1746.

Reddingius, Over den Heidelberg Cat.
- Van Der Kemp, Der Admissie, 1785. 1 Rom. Cath. Ch. Catechism.
Capital Punishment. Bond, et al. — Short (A) Catechism, 1738.
Speeches, 1849.

Stanford, Catech. for Almshouse.
- Anti-Draco...of Forgery, 1830.

Westminster Assembly Cat., 1658.


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Cattle. Azyr, Sur la Contagion, 1774. Central America Steamer. Mayo, A.
Bardonnet, Zojtechnie.

D., A Discourse, 1857.
Bellamy, Vache Brétonne.

- Rogers, E. P., Discourse, 1857.
Bushnan, Cent. Market Lond. Century Club. Century Club, N. Y.
Camper, P., Lessen over de Veesterfte. — Gourlie, J. H., Origin of.
Delafond, 0., Typhus de, 1856.

Cervantes, M. de. Pellicer, Ensayo.
- France, Agriculture, Concours.
- Great Britain, Smithfield Market.

Ceylon. Farrington, Speech on, 1851.
- Mass., On Pleuro-pneumonia, 1860. Chandler, A. Lord, N., Discourse on.
- Vink, Lessen over de Herkauwing. Chandler, s. Amory, T., Serm., Death of.
See Animals.

Chapin, c. Sprague, W. B., Sermon,
Caucasus. Potocki, Voyage, 1829.

Death of.
- See Russia; Armenians.

Chaplains. Johnson, L. D., Chaplains,

U.S. A.
Cavaliere, B. Piola, Elogio di, 1844.

Chapman, N. Pattison, G. S., Ref. of
Cements. Sandusky Manufacturing Comp.

- Simms, F. W., Mastic of Seyssel. Charities. Belgium, Statist. des Libéral-
Cemeteries. Albany Cemetery Ass’n.

- Bigelow, J., Hist. Mt. Auburn.

- Albany Guardian Soc., 1851-55.
Boston Rural Cemetery.

Amer. Female Guard. Soc.
Clinton, N. Y., Addresses.

- Belgium : Humane Institutions.
Cocket, La Normandie Souterraine.

Benev. Fraternity, Boston.
Forest Hills, Roxbury.

Brougham, Abuses of, 1818.
Forest Lawn, Buffalo.

Childrens' Aid Soc., N. Y.
Godwin, W., Essay on Sepulchres.

Church Char. Foundation, N. Y.
- Great Britain: Cemeteries.

Griscom, Memoirs of N. Y. Inst.
Green Mount, Baltimore.

Harris, S., Zaccheus.
Mayo, A. D., American Cem., A Disc.

- Ohio, Rep. of Benev. Inst.
Mount Auburn Cem.

New York, Report on, 1857.
Mount Vernon, Abingdon.

Price, E. K., Speech, Penn'a Leg.
Muret, Rites of Funeral.

- Penit. Females' Refuge.
Oakwood Cem., Syracuse.

- Temporary Home, Boston.
- Putnam, Add., Forest Hill Cem.

See Humane Societies; Orphans; Dig-

pensaries; Hospitals.
River-side Cem., Gouverneur, N. Y.
- Roxbury, Report on, 1847, 56.

Charity Schools. Chandler, S., Sermon,
- Walker, H. D., Address, Mount Ver-

2 Cor. ix. 12, 1748.
non, 1853.

- Soc. Pro. Chr. Knowledge, Sermons be-
- Woodlawn Cemetery, Chelsea.'

fore, and Reports of.

- Wake, Account of, 1715.
Censuses. See Statistics.

- Watts, I., Essay on, 1728.
Central America. Douglas, S. A., Speech - See Industrial Schools; Children.
on Treaty, 1853.

Charlatanry. Mencke, De la Charlat. des
- Cockburn, Journey from Honduras.

Gisborne, The Isthmus in 1852.

Charlemont, N. H. White, J., Hist.
Greytown, Bombardment of.

Hughes, G. W., Intermarine Communi-

Charles I. Birch, T., Times of.
- Proposed Oceanic Commun.

- Broughton, Eikon Basilike.
Seward, W. H., Speech, 1856.

- Halford, H., Opening Tomb of.
- Squier, The States of.

Charles I., Anniversary Sermons,
" Authors on, 1861.

Jan. 30th, Execution of. Ba-

ker, W., Jude v. 11, 1726.
United States, Documents, 1854.
Velasquez, Mem. of an Expedition,

– Benson, M., Ps. lxxviii. 5-8, 1805.

- Bentham, E., 1 Tim. ii. 1, 2, 1750.
- Wells, W. V., Cent. Am. War, 1855. – Beveridge, W., Acts xxii. 20, 1706, 08.
“ History of, 1857.

os 1 Pet. ii. 13, 1710.
- See Nicaragua.

| – Birch, P., 2 Sam. i. 21, 1694.

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