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Charles I., Anniversary Sermons, Charles I., Anniversary Sermons,
Jan. 30th, Execution of (con-

Jan. 30th, Execution of (con-

Blackall, 0., John ix. 3, 1699, 1708.

- Trapp, J., Lopd., 1729.
Blackburne, L., Ig. 1. 10, 11, 1716.

- Trimnell, Prov. xvii. 14, 1712.
Bradford, S., Prov. iv. 25-27, 1711.

Tyler, J., Eccl. viii. 14, 1707.
Brydges, Acts vii., 1709.

- Wake, Abp., Matt. xxvi. 51, 52, 1707.
Burnet, G., 1681, 1695.

" Matt. xii. 25, 1715.
Cradock, J., 1752.

Ward, S., 2 Kings vi. 33, 1673.
Croxall, S., Prov. xxv. 5, 1729.

Watson, R., Lond., 1784.
Delaune, W., 1702.

Williams, J., Acts vii. 59, 60, 1701.
Ellys, A., Matt. xxii. 21, 1749. - Wodsworth, Prov. xxiv. 21, 1820.
- Eyre, 1708.

– Young, E., 1 Pet. ii. 17, 1729.
- Fleetwood, 1710.

See Authority; Great Britain.
Freind, R., Jer. iii. 25, 1710.

Charles II. Boscobel Tracts.
Gilbert, J., 1742.

- Horne, T., Serm., Death of.
- Gooch, T., 1712.

- Morley, G., Coronation Serm., 1661.
Hawkins, W., Jer. xii. 1, 1752. - Reply to the Answer, 1686.
Hay, T., Rom. xiii. 5, 1793.

- Withers, Vind. of Disgenters, 1719.
Hayler, T., 1750.

Charles II., Anniversary Sermons,
Hickes, G., 1682.

May 29th, Restoration of
Higden, W., La. xxii. 28, 1711.

Awbrey, T., 1715.
Hoadly, J., 1 Cor. x, 11, 1718.

Burscough, w., 1716.

Middleton, J., 1730.
Horsley, S., Rom. xiii. 1, 1793.

Pinnell, P.
- Jennings, Acts xxiv. 16, 1711.

- Smalridge, G., 1716.
Kennett, w., Jer. xliv. 23, 1704.

Snape, A., 1717.
" Gen. xlii. 21, 1706.

Tunstall, J., 1746.
Mark xiv. 19, 1720.

- Wynne, J., 1715.
Lancaster, W., 1697.
Lockier, 1726.

Charles V. Robertson W., History of.
Lowth, R., Prov. xxii. 21, 1767. Charles XII. Voltaire, Histoire de.

Markham, W., Is. iii. 3, 1774. Charleston, s. C. Fraser C., Reminis-
- Mangey, Is. Ivii. 1, 1720.

cences of.
- Maurice, H., Is. xxxvij. 3, 1681.

- Shecut, Essays, 1819.
Milbourne, Acts xxv. 10, Lond. Charlestown, Mass. Hist. of Ist church.
Moore, J., 1 Tim. ii. 12, 1697. Charlotte, Princess. Chalmers' Serinon,
Moss, R., Lam. v. 7, 1707.

Death of, 1819.
Nowell, Numb. xvi. 3, 1772.

- Gray, B., Sermon, 1817.
Pelling, J., Ex. xx. 5, 1709.

- Lewis, T., Sermon, 1817.
Porteus, Jer. iv. 14, 1778.

- Maltby, E., Sermon, 1817.
Reading, W., 1 Sam. xxiv. 5, 6, 1715.

1 - Thorpe, W., Sermon, 1818.
Reynell, 1729.

Charters. France : Doct's inéd. 35, 39.
Rutherforth, Is. lviii. 1, 1746.

Koen. Baier. Ak... Comm. dipl. crit.,
- St. John, P., Matt. xxii. 21, 1712.

Sermon, 1677 (March).

- Lauresham, Codex diplomaticus.
" 1710 (South),

Chartism. High, S., Appeal to the public,

Sharpe, J., Tit. iii. 1, 1700.
Sherlock, T., Prov. xxiv. 21, 1708. Chase, L. Beck, Address on.

" Mark iii. 24, 1744. Chase, S. Mattison, H., Sermon, death of.
Sherlock, W., Ps. xc. 15, 1692.

Chautauqua Co., N. Y, Warren, E. F.,
Smalridge, Gen. xlix. 5, 6, 1702.

History of.
Snape, A., 1 Ki. xxi. 9, 10, 1710. Chaunceys, Thę. Fowler, Memorials of,
Sprat, T., Serm., Character of, Matt. 1858.
v. 10, 1678.

Cheever, E. Barnard, H., Biography of.
- Stephens, J., Lam. v. 6, 1694.
- Terry, I., Prov. xxiv. 21, 1723.

Chemistry. Berzelius, Inorganic Bodies.

of the blow.pipe.

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Chemistry (continued).

| Chili. Gilliss, U.S. N. Astron. Exped.
Bolley, Technical Analysis.

- Johnson, S. B., Three years in, 1816.
Brard, Dictionnaire, 1855.

- U.S. Naval Exped., 1849–52.
- Chandler, Misc. Researches.

China. Address to the People...commerce
Columbian Chem. Soc., Phil'a.

with, 1836.
- Cooke, J., Chemical Physics.

- Anglo-Chinese Calendar, 1839.
Croockewit, Specimen Chemicum, 1848. Chinese Collection, N. Y.
Draper, J. W., Introd. Lect., 1836. Fortune, Residence with the Chinese,
Ewell, T., Plain Discourses, 1806.

Fownes, G., Rudimentary Chem., 1848. – Livres Classiques.
Fuchs, Einfluss der Chemie.

Oriental, Newspaper, 1855.
Gerhardt, Chimie Organique.

- Perry, Narr. of Expedition.
Gibbs, Ammonia Cobalt Bases,

Staunton, British Relations with, 1836.
Gmelin, Handbook of Chemistry.

Chloroform. See Etherization.
- Macquer, Elements of, 1775.

Miller, W. A., Elements of, 1856. Choate, R. Parker, E. G., Reminiscences
Orfila, Pract. Chemistry, 1818.

Porter, J. A., First Book of, 1857. Cholera. Adamson, J., Cure of, 1851.
Regnault, Elements of, 1856.

- Allen, T., Treatment of, 1848.
Rose, H., Chemical Analysis.

Asiatic Cholera, 1848.
Scoffern, Elem. Chemistry.

Ayre, J., Letter on, 1854.
Silliman, Elements of, 1830.

Boddy, Diet and Cholera, 1848.
Stockhard, Chem. of Agric.

Bryson, Origin of, 1851.
Vogel, Laboratorium, München.

Hamilton, F. H., Vegetable Malaria.
Der Vegetation.

Hawthorne, G. S., Pathol. Nature of.
- Woehler, Anal. Chem. Assistant.

Heidler, Die Epidemische Cholera, 1848.
Chenango Co., N. Y. Clark, H. C., - Knapp, M. L., Cure of, 1855.
History of.

- MacLoughlin, Premon. Diarrhoea.
Cherokees. Bell, J., Report, 1840. I Providence, R. I., Statistics, 1355.
Cherry Valley, N. Y. Hogmer, H. P.,

Ralph, J., Treatise, 1849.
Kate Clayton.

Reicoert, Cause of, 1855.
Chess. Carrera, Treatise on, 1822.

Richmond, R. B., Prevention of, 1849.
- Chess Monthly, 1857.

Rochester, Health Report, 1852.
- Vogt, Letters on Chess.

Skiers, Treatment for, 1849.

Sherrill, H., Temperance Method.
Cheverus, Abp. De. Doubourg, Life of.

Snow, E. M. Cholera, Providence, R. I.
Chicago. Chicago, History, Commerce, - Spencer, T., on Nature of, 1833.
etc , 1853–57.

Stephens, H., Character of, 1854.
- Geschichte von, 1854.

Verrollot, Du Cholera, 1845-49.
Chicory. Seymour, Chicory in Ireland. - Vindex, Prevention of, 1849.
Children. Barrau, Devoirs des Enfants.

Choules, J. 0. Haguo, W., Discourse on.
Channing, Sermon on.

Christ. Bonfield, Pre-existent Soul of.
- Cooper, A. A., Labor in Factories.

|- Carne, Origin of Manhood of.
Fox, W. J., Factory Education.

" Sinlessness of.
Gaskell, P., Manuf. Labor of Children.

Kidson, Human Spirit of.
Gastrell, F., Religious Education of

Ludolphus, Vita.
Gedanken von der Kinder-Zucht.

Nottingham, Eternity of, 1721.
- Gerard Coll. for Orphans.

Tyrwhitt, Creation by.
Jardin de l'enfance.

- Usher, J., Immanuel.
Leonard, Relation of to Church.

Watmuff, Anti-pre-existerians.
Motte, Sermon, A happy child.

Waring, G. Sermon, Isaiah liv. 17.
N. Y. Juvenile Asylum.

Christ, Atonement by. Adams, N., Let-
Northern Home, Phil'a.

ter to Gannett.
Roman Catholic Orphan Asylum, N. Y. – Balguy, Essay on Redemption.
- See Education of Children; Industrial - Benson, G., Second Thoughts, 1747.
Schools; Orphang.

- Disc. conc. Priesthood of, 1748.

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Christ, Atonement by (continued). | Christ, Second Advent of continued).
Eltinge, Atonement of.

- Miller, W., Evidence of, 1840.
Emerson, B., Right Views of, Sermon. – Spalding, J., Sentiments concerning.
Few Remarks of ... 1835.

Voice in New Hampshire, 1842.
Hardy, S., Answer to Chubb.

Christian Associations. See Young
Kimedoncius, De Redemptione, 1592.

Men's C. A.
Scripture doctrine of, 1761.
Short defence of, 1774.

Christian Union. Bacon, L., Sermon on.
Smith, J. P., Sacrifice of, Serm.

Chalmers on the Evan. Alliance.
Taylor, J., Scrip. Doct. of.

- Christian Alliance, N. Y.
- Tillotson, Sermon, Heb. ix. 26.

Conference on, Liverpool, 1846.
Townsend, G., On Tract No. 80.

M'Master, G., Thoughts on, 1846.
- Whitefield, Letter to Wesley.

- Randey, The Erangelical Chureh, 1849.
- Wbiteley, J., Necessity of.

Sectarianism the Law, etc., 1846.

- Shepherd, R., No False Alarm, 1808.
Christ, Divinity of. Brunskill, Thoughts –

Sherlock, W., Discourse on, 1688.
on, 1815.

Tabaraud, Histoire des Projets.
- Edwards, J., Exposition of Bp. Burnet.

Tracts on Catholic Unity, 1852.
Hind, T., Sermon, John i. 14.

Turkey... Evang. Alliance.
Horne, G., Christ God, a Sermon.

Tyng, S. H., Plea for.
Hughes, T. S., St. Paul's Doctrine.

Wainright, Plea for Unity, 1850.
Ibbetson, Sermon, 1 Tim., iii. 16.
Kennicott, Sermon, Immanuel. Christianity. Molyneux, What is a Chris.
Lardner, of the Logos.

tian, 1853.

- Powell, Chr. without Judaism.
- Law, E., A defence of, 1816.

- Superville, Elémens du, 1734.
- MacWhorter, Yahveh Christ.
- Robinson, R., Plea for, 1776.

Townley,... In the 19th Century.
Sharp, G., Divine dignity of, 1806. Christianity, Evidences and De-
Stephens, W., Sermon of, 1722.

tences of. Aboab, Introduction to.
Supreme deity of, 1757 (Burr). - Apthorp, Letters on, 1778.
- Wilson, S., Deity of, Asserted.

Arthur, Church of the Catacombs.
- Wynpersse, Godhead of.

Bayly, Certainty of, 1751.
See Trinity.

Blackall, 0., Boyle Lectures (8).
Christ, Resurrection of. Benson, G.,

Broughton, Christianity revealed.
Evidence of, 1754.

Carson, Truth of the Gospel,
- Brief defence, 1710.

Christianity and Deism, 1753.
- Evidence for, 1730.

Christianity and Free Thinking, 1727.
Evidence of, 1744.

Clayton, R., Histories of the 0. T.,

Holdsworth, Locke examined, 1720.
Impartial Examination, 1730.

Cooper, A., Inspiratlon of the Proph.
Resurrection of Jesus (Annet).

Cradock, J., Principal objections.
Sermon, 1 Cor. xv. 35, 1757.

Davis, Exam. of Gibbon's Chaps. 15,

Sherlock, Trial of the Witnesses.

Defence of Scripture Hist., 1730.
Sykes, Enquiry on, 1757.

Discourse on Providence, 1747.
- Tilly, Serm., Phil. iii, 10.

Dissertations upon...Josephus, 1749.
Tyrwhitt, Resurr. through.

Doddridge, Writings of.
- Wilson, T., Serm., Matt. vi, 21.

Durham, J. G., Outworks of Chris-
Christ, Second Advent of. Bates, J.,

7th day Sabbath.

Enquiry into the evidence, 1728.
- Churchill, Midnight Cry, 1858.

Evans, J., Address on Trial of R. Car-
Cumming, J., Lecture on.

Dissertation on the Millenium, 1792.

Full Answer (H. Taylor), 1777.

– Evans, F. W., The Second Appearing.

Gibson, E., Pastoral Letters, 1730.

Grotius, De Veritate.
Fessenden, C. P., The Second Advent.

Hall, C., Sermon, Matt. xxviii, 20.
Folsom, N., Dissertation on.

- Hincks, T. D., Letters on Age of Rea-
Marsh, W., Thoughts on.


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Christianity, Evidences and De- Church (continued).
fences of (continued).

Lacordaire, Of an Instructive Church.
- Hollis, J., on Scepticism, 1796.

Johnson, T., Letter to Chandler, 1734.
- Hughes, T. S., Defence of St. Paul.

Morell, The Catholic Church.
- Jackson, J., Address to Deists, 1762.

Orthodox Preacher, 1846.
Jacob, Jew turned Christian.

- Piales, Réparations des Eglises.
Jortin, Truth of Chr. Religion.

– Priestley, Free Address.
Lavington, Nature of a Type.

Reverence due Holy Places.
Lectures on... Prut. Ep. Ch., 1855.

Roy, Le Fabricien Comptable.
Loeke, Serm., Acts vii. 37.

Turning to the East.
Leland, J., Reflections on Bolingbroke. –

- Where is the True Church, 1839.
Remarks, 1744. ·
Leslie, Deism Refuted.

Church and state. Allen J., Associations

against, 1773.
Locke, Reasonableness of.

- Bricknell, On Church Rates, 1837.
- Lyttelton, Conversion of Paul.

- Brief Statement, 1849.
Moral Demonstration, 1775.

– Cunningham, Church Establishments.
Onderdonk, On Objections to.

Establishment Vindicated, 1730.
Plain Discourse, 1752.

Fox, W.J., Church Establishment.
Randolph, T., Propagation of.

Gisborne, Permanent Security of, 1829.
- Rawlins, On Heretical Opinions.

Gladstone, J. E., Defence of Union,
Remarks on additional Letters, 1814.

Richardson, W., four Sermons, 1730. Hall, w., Church Establishments.
- Rotheram, Arg. from Prophecy. | – National (On) Property, 1835.
" The one Argument.

Penson, Voluntary Churches.
- Sharpe, G., Rise and Fall of Jerusalem. – Potter, H., Remarks on Free Churches.

" Want of Universality of. Revenues of the Church of Eng., 1830.
Southwick, S., Letter to Herttell.

Rotheram, On Establishments, 1767.
" Layman's Apology.

Sacheverell, Political Union, 1702.
Stebbing, H., Miscellanies.

State Church inconsistent, 1836.
Stillingfleet, Mysteries Vindicated. State preferable to the Ch., 1748.
Swain, Levi answered, 1787.

- Stebbing, H., Support of Christianity.
- Trollope, Gentile Opposition.

Warburton, Alliance between, 1742.
Weller, J., Ancient Authors on.

Wilks, s. C., Establishments lawful.
- Williams, T., Reasons for Faith. 1 - Wrangham, Serm. Relig. Estab., 1814.
- See Miracles; Warburton; Prophecy; - See Tithes.
Natural Theology.

Church Authority. See Authority.
Christians. N.Y. Eastern Chr. Conference

Church Extension. Chrysostom, Serm.
Chronology. Belsham, George III, IV,

on Extension of.
and General.

Church Extension, Lond., 1853.
Blair's Chron. Tables, 1856.

Church Pastoral Aid Soc.
- Chron. Tables, Oxford, 1840.

Claim of Ch. Building Soc.
Dryss, Chron. Universelle, 1858.

Presb. Ch., Reports on.
Hadyn, Dict. of Dates.

- Rivington, Extension in St. Pancras.
- Helvicus, Theatrum Historicum. - Wordsworth, C., Church Extension.
Mulder, Chron. Handboekje.

- See Missions, Home.
- Munsell, Every-day Book.

Church Fathers. Athanasius, Opera.
Rosse, Index of Dates.
Putnam, G. P., World's Progress.

Augustinus, Les Confessions.

Bear, J., De Patrium Auctoritate.
Seyffarth, Discov. in Chron.
- Valerot, Journal de la France, 1722.

- Blunt, J.J., Lectures on.
Wills, J., Julian & Gregor. years.

Cyrillus Alexand., Opera.

Dyonisius, Opera.
Church. Chalmers, Sermon on Patronage. Epiphanius, Contra 80 Hæreses.
- Discourse of... Polysynody, 1728. - Gregorius Nazianzenus, Opera.
- Disputation... New Eng. Divines, 1657. -

- Ecclesia est in Republica.

- Isidorianæ Collationes.

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Church Fathers (continued).

Church of England (continued).
- Tertullianus, Opera.

- Grueber, the One Faith, 1850.
- Theodoretus, Opera.

Hamilton, W. R., Cathedral Commis-

Church History. Duykerius, Korte Ver- - Hill, Sir R., an Apology for.

- Fleury, Meurs des Chrétiens.

Hickes, G., Vindication of, 1687.
Haweis, Reply to Dean of Carlisle.

John Search's Last Words, 1839.
Maitland, The Dark Ages.

Kingscote, Wants of the Church, 1846.
Martine, Staatsreligion durch Constan-

Le Grice, Sermon, Matt. xiii. 18.

- Letter, resp'fully addressed, ete., 1835.
- Papendrecht, Eccl. Ultrajectina. - Letter to the Rt. Hon. Sir R. Peel.
- Priestley, J., Gen. Hist. of the Church. Letters on Church Matters, 1851, 2.

Schaff, Hist. of the Church, 1-311. Madan, Upon the 39 Articles.
- Scott, T., Synod of Dort.

- Miller, J., Claims on Estates, 1831.
Sleidan, De Statu Religionis, 1785. Morres, Duty of Communion with, 1817.
- Smith, H. B., Science of C. H., 1851. Muscatt, Hist, of Lands of, 1851.

Turrettin, J. A., Different fates of. - Pelling, E., Good Old Way, 1680.
- Valeret, Journ. de la France, 1722. - Peril of being zeal. affected.
- See Great Britain, Church History; – Persuasive to Comm. with, 1683.

Plan for the Cooperation, 1848.
Church Missionary Society. Church Puritan Discipline Tracts.
her own Enemy, 1818.

Questions and Answers, 1723.
- Terrot, Bp., Correspondence, 1844.

- Real Advantages, (Welles,) 1762.
Church of England. Address to the — Reply to the reasons of... clergy... 1687.
Bishops, (Disney), 1790.

– Robinson, M., Letter to Beverley, 1851.
- Advice to Confuter of Bellarmin, 1687. – Sanderson, Biog. of Obsolete Church-
Altham, Vindication of, 1687.

Andrews, T., Vindication of.

- Scott, T., Evils of Separation, 1817.
- Apology for, in Canada, 1826.

Short defence of, 1681.
Appeal to Common Reason, (Jones), Short view of the Conduct, 1737.

Spencer, T., the Pillars of the, 1840.
Bedford, Blazon of Episcopacy.

Stanley, W.0., Union of Sees, 1843.
- Best, S., Deans and Chapters.

Strictures on Subjects, 1807.
Beverley, Corrupt state of, 1831.

Stubbes, Censure of the Royal Society,
Blandford, Episc. Property.

Brand, Philanth. Society, 1906.

Sturges, Considerations on, 1772.
Burges, G., Address to Stanley, 1838. Sulpicius, Letter to nobody, 1775.
Case of Ch. of Eng., 1834.

Sweet, J. B., Discipline in, 1847.
Cave, Discourse concerning, 1684.

Tucker, J., an Apology for, 1772.
Church of England, vind., 1739.

Vanity of...ceremonies, 1690.
Church Questions, 1855.

Vindication of, 1748.
Church Reviewed, Lond., 1835. - Wake, Abp., Charge, Patronage, 1709.
Claims of, Lond., 1815.

Wordsworth, Sermons, 1850.
Coming Conflict, 1851.

Sec Tractarianisın; Hampden.
Considerations of present use, 1682.
Cunningham, Missions of, 1814.

Church of England, Clergy of. Apol-
Davys, G., On the Doctrines of.

ogy for, 1734.
Dilemmas of a Churchman, 1838.

- Campbell, A., Rights of, 1823.

- Church of Eng. vindicated, 1739.
- Do not be Duped, 1850.
Ecclesiast. Almanack, 1842.

- Clarke, J., Reply to Chandler.
Evils of the Policy, 1849.-

Curate's appeal, 1819.
Falkland, Speech on Episcopasie, 1641. —

Defence of the Soc. of the Sons of.
Forby, R., Letter to Bp. of Norwich,

Extraordinary claims of, 1735.

Gutteridge, On Corruptions, 1846.
- Gresley, W., Short Treatise on.

Hale, W. 1., Duties of Priests, 1850.
Grey, J., the Capitular Commission. – Harrowby, Speech, Relief of, 1810.
- Grey, W. H., Church Leases. 1 - Hickes, G., Catechism, 1710.

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