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shall be to divide and lay off said county of Scott into civil districts; designate the place for holding elections therein, and do and perform all the duties relative thereto, which by the laws of the State, such commissioners are authorised or required to do.

Sec. 15. That the county of Scott shall form one ReMilitary organi

giment, which shall be known and designated as the 163rd Regiment, and shall be attached to the first Division and fourth Brigade; the military officer or officers highest in command included in said county of Scott, shall at such time and place as he or they may determine upon, call all the commissioned officers together, and such of them as shall attend, are hereby authorized and empowered to lay off said county into Battalions and companies, and provide for holding said elections for the purpose of electing all officers in said Regiment, in the manner provided by law.

Sec. 16. Should the boundary line of Scott county mitt not to be as designated in the second section of this act, approach violated. nearer to the county seat of either of the old counties,

from which the territory constituting the county of Scott is taken, than is prescribed by the constitution, it shall be the duty of the commissioners herein appointed to appoint some

surveyor who shall re-run and re-mark such line or lines, so as not to violate the constitutional limits of said old county, and said surveyor shall make a report to the county court of Scott county, which report so made shall be recorded by the clerk of said court, and such line so run shall be the established line of said county.

Sec. 17. That the commissioners of Scott county, be and they are hereby authorized to exercise all the powers conferred in this act, and such other powers as may be necessary and proper to the complete organization of said county of Scott.

Sec. 18. That before the said county shall be established, said commissioners shall be satisfied from an actual survey, that said county contains not less than three hundred and fifty square miles, and a population of four hundred and fifty qualified voters, and that said counties of Anderson, Campbell, Morgan and Fentress, will not be reduced below the constitutional limits; Provided, That the .survey ordered by this Act may be dispensed with if there is no opposition to the organization of the county, and all alleged reduction of the county or counties below their constitutional limits from which said county of Scott is stricken.

Sec. 19. That if the new county of Scott shall fail to Orgaaization organize against the first Saturday in March next, and

consequently fail to elect necessary county officers as
prescribed in the 7th Section of this act, they shall pro-
oeed to elect their county officers on the first Saturday
in July next, thereafter, under the same rules and regu-
lations as is now prescribed by law, and such officers
so elected shall hold their offices until the regular time
of electing county officers in this State and no longer.

Speaker of the House of Representatives.

Speaker of the Senate.
Passed December 17th, 1849.


An Act supplemental to an act entitled An Act to incorporate the Mutual

Protection Insurance Company of Nashville.

Section 1. Be it enacted by the General Assembly of the Capital stock. State of Tennessee, That the Trustees of the Mutual Protection Insurance Company of Nashville, shall be authorized, in addition to the powers and privileges heretofore granted,) to obtain subscriptions to a Guaranty Capital Stock, not exceeding one hundred thousand dollars, to be divided into shares of fifty dollars each, one fifth part of which, or ten dollars per share, shall be paid at the time of subscribing, and the balance may be called for by the Trustees in such instalments as they may deem necessary or expedient; and shall be paid by the holders of the stock, which shall stand pledged to the company, until each and every instalment is paid; Provided, that said company pay one fourth of one per cent. per annum. on the said one hundred thousand dollars for the use of Common Schools.

Sec. 2. That every Stockholder owning ten shares of said stock, shall be eligible to the office of Trustee, and that each share of said stock shall entitle the holder to one vote in the election of Trustees.

Sec. 3. That whenever the nett surplus receipts of Dividends. the company over and above their losses and expenditures, and after providing for risks, shall be sufficient for the purpose, the stockholders shall be entitled to an annual dividend not exceeding eight per cent., and in case such dividend shall not be made in any year, it shall be made good at a subsequent period, when the



and Trust Co.

nett resources of the company shall be sufficient for the same.

Sec. 4. That after providing for risks, losses, expenses and dividends, aforesaid, the Trustees shall divide the surplus, if any, amongst the members of the company, in proportion to the amount received from each, and issue certificates for the same, as provided for in section 13, of the act of incorporation.

Sec. 5. That whenever, at the end of any year, the Redemption of amount of certificates issued shall exceed ten thousand

dollars, the Trustees shall apply such sum as they may deem expedient, to the redemption of Guaranty Capital Stock, and shall continue in like manner, from time to time, to apply the future profits of the company to the redemption of said stock, until the whole shall be redeemed; after which, the company shall be purely mutual, and the nett profits shall be annually distributed, in accordance with the act of incorporation.

Sec. 6. Be it enacted, That an act passed January Knoxville Ma. 19, 1838, to incorporate the Knoxville Marine Fire Inance, and Life surance and Life and Trust Company, be and the same

is hereby renewed, except so much of the same as may conflict with this act, which is intended to amend the same.

Sec. 7. That said company may commence its opeCapital Stock.

rations with a capital stock of fifty thousand dollars, with the privilege of increasing the stock to one hundred and fifty thousand dollars, to be divided in shares of fifty dollars each, which body politic shall have perpetual succession by the name and style of the Knoxville Marine Fire Insurance and Life and Trust Company.

Sec. 8. Be it enacted, That William H. Sneed, HorCommissioners. ace Maynard, D. P. Armstrong, William Williams, and

S. D. Jacobs, or any three of them, are hereby authorized to open subscription in Knoxville for the capital stock of said company, on the first Monday of April next, and to keep them open the whole of said week, unless the stock shall be sooner subscribed. If within the time here specified, two thousand shares shall have been subscribed for, it shall be lawful for the stockholders to meet and choose five directors, three of whom shall constitute a quorum sufficient to transact business.

Sec. 9. That the word April is hereby substituted for the word March, and the figures 1851 for 1839, where the same occurs in the last line but one of sec. 15 of the act which is hereby amended; and wherever the word March occurs in said act, the word April is hereby substituted, and the word October is hereby substi

tuted for the word September wherever the same oc
curs in said act.

Speaker of the House of Representatives.

Speaker of the Senate.
Passed, Feb. 7, 1850.


An Act to authorize John Scribner of Maury county, to raise his Mill Dam

to such a height as to enable him to do efficient grinding.

SECTION 1. Be it enacted by the General Assembly of the State of Tennessee, That John Scribner of Maury county, be authorized to build his Mill Dam on Fountain Creek, to a height sufficient to enable him to do efficient grinding; Provided, In raising said Mill Dam, he shall not raise it to a height sufficient to drown or injure the next mill on the creek above his; And provided further, That he be liable for any damage that may accrue to any and all persons who may be injured by the raising of said Mill Dam.

Sec. 2. Be it enacted, That William Horseley be and Wm. Horse ley's he is hereby authorized to erect a dam above his mill Mill. in Haywood county, at the upper end of the slough on which his mill is situated, and across that part of Forked Deer river, running on the opposite side of the island from his mill in Haywood county; Provided, That said dam shall not be higher than low water mark and shall not obstruct or impede the navigation of said river.

Sec. 3. The said William Horseley in erecting said dam may be permitted to raise the wings at each end of his dam higher than low water mark, but shall leave sufficient space between said wings to admit any boat or other water craft running on said river to pass through with safety, and without being obstructed.

Speaker of the House of Representatives.

Speaker of the Senate.
Passed, January 10, 1850.

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An Act to incorporate Clear Spring Academy in Greene county.



Section 1. Be it enacted by the General Assembly of the
Incorporation. State of Tennessee, That George M. D. Parry, E. F.

Messer, Abraham Naff, A. W. Brabson, J. H. Russell,
Joseph B. Dobson, James H. Dinwiddie, John Crabtree,
John Crawford, Jacob L. Millburn, Joseph Kennedy, J.
P. Crawford and John Olinger, be and they are hereby
constituted and appointed a body politic and corporate,
by the name and style of the President and Trustees
of Clear Spring Academy, in Greene county; and by
that name may sue and be sued, plead and be implead-
ed, and shall have perpetual succession, and a common
seal, and shall have, hold and acquire all property, both
real and personal, which may be necessary for the pur-
poses of the Academy, and shall have, exercise and
enjoy all such rights, powers and privileges as are
usually possessed and exercised by the Trustees
of other incorporated Academies, and may ask, de-
mand and sue for any monies to which said Academy
may be entitled under any law of this State for the
benfit of Academies.

SEC. 2. Any five of said Trustees shall constitute a
quorum for the transaction of business, and upon the
death, resignation, removal or refusal to act, such va-
cancy may be filled by a quorum of the Board.

Sec. 3. The Trustees are authorized to elect a Pres-
Oficers and By. ident and all other officers necessary for the manage-

ment of the institution, and may make such by-laws,
as they may deem necessary, not inconsistent with the
laws of the land.

Sec. 4. That L. S. Lavender, S. Y. Caldwell, W. Y.
Apollonian So Houston, D. J. Towson, J. B. Clarke, J. C. Roberts,

Franklin W. M. King, S. G. Sanders, W.R. Cox, D. Galbraith,

J. B. Weyman, J. P. Houston, J. A. Warren and those
others associated, and their successors be, and they are
hereby incorporated and constituted a body politic by
the name and style of the Apollonian Society of Frank-
lin College, for the purpose of mutual improvement in
the arts and sciences, with full power and authority to
form and adopt such a constitution and by-laws as may
be thought proper for its government; Provided, that
the same be not inconsistent with the constitution or
laws of the United States, the State of Tennessee, or
of Franklin College.

Sec. 5. That said corporation may have and use a
common seal, may sue and be sued, plead and be im-


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