Observations on the late and present state of Ireland; in considerations on the correspondence of lords Redesdale and Fingal, and on the remonstrance of the rev. P. O'Neil [by sir R. Musgrave].


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Página 57 - I say these have no right to be tolerated by the magistrate; as neither those that will not own and teach the duty of tolerating all men in matters of mere religion.
Página 57 - These therefore, and the like, who attribute unto the faithful, religious, and orthodox, that is, in plain terms, unto themselves, any peculiar privilege or power above other mortals, in civil concernments ; or who upon pretence of religion do challenge any manner of authority over such as are not associated with them in their ecclesiastical communion, I say these have no right to be tolerated by the magistrate...
Página 94 - One of his Majefty's Juftices of the Peace for the County of...
Página 58 - Again, that church can have no right to be tolerated by the magistrate which is constituted upon such a bottom, that all those who enter into it do thereby ipso facto deliver themselves up to the protection and service of another prince.
Página 62 - that the mass of the people do not care a feather for Catholic emancipation ; neither did they care for parliamentary reform, till it was explained to them as leading to other objects which they did look to, particularly the abolition of tithes.
Página 57 - What else do they mean, who teach that faith is not to be kept with heretics? Their meaning, forsooth, is that the privilege of breaking faith belongs unto themselves. For they declare all that are not of their communion to be heretics, or at least may declare them so whensoever they think fit. What can be the meaning of their asserting that kings excommunicated forfeit their crowns and kingdoms?
Página 47 - Hugh, told him that the Irish had prepared men in all parts of the kingdom, to destroy all the English...
Página 56 - ... would be thereby endangered. Another more secret evil, but more dangerous to the commonwealth, is when men arrogate to themselves, and to those of their own sect, some peculiar prerogative, covered over with a specious show of deceitful words, but in effect opposite to the civil rights of the community.
Página 6 - ... execution of thofe in being, to fecure this nation againft the great number of papifts, whofe fpeculative errors would only deferve pity, if their pernicious influence upon civil fociety did not both require and authorize reftraint.
Página 47 - That all the lords and gentlemen in the kingdom that were papists, were engaged in the plot; that what was that day to be done in other parts of the country, was so far advanced by that time, as it was impossible for the wit of man to prevent it.

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