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Pacific Ocean,-Shoals, 52
Particulars of Lights Recently Established, 51, 111, 162, 215, 277,

334, 390, 443, 557, 614, 683
Port Clarence to San Francisco. By Captain Henry Trollope,

H.M.S.“ Rattlesnake," 449
Positions of Reefs and Towns on the Coast of Siam, 430
Proceedings in Japan, 632
Professor King's “ Preliminary Notice of the ‘Porcupine’s' Sonnd-

ings” Considered by Dr. Wallich, 26
Remarks on the Atoll of Ebon, in Micronesia. By the Rev. E. T.

Doane, 454
Remarks on the Straits of Magellan. By Captain M. Connolly,

H.M.S. “Sutlej,” 337
Reef off the S.E. End of Puerto Rico, 167
Reported Shoal in the Atlantic, 335
Report of the Committee Appointed to Examine the Fog Signal

Proposed by Mr. Daboll, 231
Report on Dahomey. By Commodore Wilmot, H.M.S. “Rattle-

snake,” 433
Rewards for Saving Life at Sea, 95, 197
Route through Torres Strait by Bligh Entrance: the Booby Island

Post-Office, 581

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SAIGON. Of Cambodia and its great port Saigon, little as yet has appeared in modern times. The tourist who now makes his voyage of circumnavigation (excepting M. Mounot*) is as yet silent on the Annamite capital. To the French, who are strengthening their hold on this great seat of Buddhism, we are indebted for the accounts we have recently received of it; from which it seems likely that another great emporium of commerce will be established between Singapore and Hongkong. In our volume for 1860 we gave an account of their first proceedings there, and we have given in our last number some instructions which the mariner who is about to proceed thither will find serviceable to him. These we now complete, and add to them the port regulations adopted there, dated in August last: to which we have prefixed the extract from a recent letter alluding in strong terms to the boundless resources of the country produce in articles of


The great river of Cambodia is separated into three. The first comes from the West, and forms a reservoir for overflowing and fertilising lower Cochin China.f The second is called by the natives the

* See Proceedings of Geographical Society of March last.

† Cochin China has scarcely been taken possession of by the French, when it is traversed by electric lines. One is at work regularly from Saigon to TonKeon, and another to Tran-bou. Letters state that as soon as the dry season sets in, other lines are to bc established between the principal towns.



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