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On Line of Critique Excursion.

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done save in dire extremity. The grounds for this proposed ban is of a very doubtful nature; physicians are by no means agreed upon the contagious nature of the disease, and a quiet census of those who do not follow this new belief, which orig. inated in the bacteriological laboratory, will reveal the fact that the doubters will be found among the men with the largest practical, all-round experience with disease. Fifty times tho good to the public health could be gained by isolating every gonorrhæic or syphilitic, male or female, but none of the people who are bent on physically regenerating the world by isolating the sick ever say a word on that topic. Boards of Health should confine their attention to the sanitary affairs of a community and not seek to trench on the sphere of the physician. And, furthermore, they should remember that even the afflicted have rights under the law that are to be respected.”


A Doctors Grand Outing Tour Through the Rocky Mountains.


THE CRITIQUE has perfected arrangements for a personal. ly conducted excursion from Omaha to Salt Lake City and return, immediately after the adjournment of the American, Institute meeting next June.

This train will be special and first-class in all respects, consisting of new Pullman Sleepers, Dining Cars, Observation Cars and Baggage Cars, entirely at the disposal of the tourists. Leav. ing Omaha in the evening, Denver will be reached early the next morning, and an opportunity given to see the city. From Denver the route will be to Colorado Springs, Manitou, Gar. den of the Gods, etc., where time will be given to see all points of interest. Thence into the “Heart of the Rockies” and on to the celebrated Glenwood Springs, where the party will stay for a day to bathe in the great swimming pools of natural hot water. Then to Salt Lake City, Salt Air and the great inland Salt Sea. Plenty of time will here be given to view the won. ders of this wonderful land.

Returning, the party will stop at Ogdep and an opportunity given to view the greatest water power electric plant in the world, except Niagara Falls. Thence over the Union Pacific Railway to Omaha.

The trip will consume 6 or 7 days and furnishes a splendid opportunity to view the grandest scenery on the American Continent.


We are able to offer this magnificent tour for the nominal sum of $60.00 which includes transportation, sleeping car and dining car service for the entire time. No additional expense need be incurred. Everything desirable will be supplied on this train. It will be a doctor's outing from start to finish, and at such small cost that all can afford to go.

Now doctor, make up your mind to improve this opportunity and arrange for your vacation in the mountains this year. Bring your wife, your daughter, your friends and patients.

Each passenger will be entitled to a double berth and the baggage will always be accessable in the baggage car.

Nota bene: A deposit of $10.00 will be required from each passenger, in advance, which should be sent to the undersigned at the time application for space is made. Receipts will be given and your name entered on the list of passengers for this train. It is important to know at an early date who and how many will go.

Fraternally yours,
J. Wylie Anderson, M. D.,

16 Steele Block, Denver, Colorado.

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