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On Line of Critique Excursion.

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On Line of Critique Excursion.

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On Line of Critique Escursion.

It is believed however, that the verdict was brought about more by unwarrantable testimony than by the facts in the case and that some medical experts were unduly influenced by an "industrious attornoy” who was conducting the defense.

Dr. Isaac G. Smedley of Pennsylvania considers cuprum arsenicosum a most valuable remedy in puerperal convulsions.

Our readers will be pleased to learn that a second (revised) edition of "American Resorts and Climates” by Bushrod W. James, A. M., M. D., is promised at an early date.

Doctor J. H. Morrow, has removed his residence to 771 So. 11th Street corner 8th Avenue. Residence Tolephone 1159.

Containing Matters of Import to all Members of the Profession.


Buffalo, February 10th, 1898. MY DEAR DOCTOR:—The Executive Committee, in whose care the Institute has placed its affairs for the year 1898, sends you hearty grooting.

With one exception, this is the first time the Institute has ventured further west than the great Mississippi. The recent rapid growth of Homeopathy in the West, and the interest in the western societies, promise much for the Omaha attendance. Indeed the whole present membership, and a large prospective one west of the median line are already so thor. oughly aroused and interested for the coming meeting, that their attend. ance in large numbers is fully assured. If any extra attraction were needed to induce our eastern men to make the slightly extended railroad trip, they can find it in the circular of the Trans-Mississippi Exposition with its beautiful illustrations showing a second edition of the "White City.". The buildings for the various industrial purposes, for the United States Government, and for eight different States, are planned on an elaborato scale of architecture.

Dr. Wood, as chairman, and his large local committoe of all the Homeopathic physicians of Nebraska and Western Iowa, have shown great activity and enterprise in already perfecting arrangements that we hope will induce you to place yourself and your family under their hospitablecare for at least one week. They have secured for headquarters "The Millard” Hotel, and assure us of abundant hotel room at prices to suit everyone. They have planned for attractive excursions to the Rocky Mountains, Yellowstone Park, etc., etc. Indeed, it would appear that this excellent committee, with the push of the West, is going beyond all precedent Moreover, the Transportation Committee will quite likely secure one-half faro on all railroads leading to Omaha.

The general interest manifested by our medical journals along the whole line, so early in the year, is decidedly encouraging. The discussion and criticism on Institute work will inevitably produce good results. Tho faithful critic is one's best friend.

You, doctor, should attend the Omaha meeting in June; first, because the American Institute of Homeopathy, standing as it does for the best in scientific and practical medicine, is eminently worthy of being sustained by every one of its members; second, because it needs your support in maintaining a high standing in the medical profession. You can contribute to such a desirable result by assisting in its deliberations and discussions. Hence we earnestly urge you to come prepared to discuss at least one of the subjects named in the programme which you will receive before the time of meeting. Scientific research is constantly making discoveries, some of which we find on investigation, affect the practice of both the physician and surgeon.

In the corridor and in the sessions of the Institute you can have face to face discussions on the adaptability of these adjuvants to your practices. But more than all, we want the grasp of fellowship in the common cause of humanity and a noble profession.

Fraternally yours, E. H. PORTER, M. D., Secretary. A. R. WRIGHT, M. D.. President.

New York, March 31, 1898. S.S. Smythe, M. D.,

Doar Editor:-The appual meeting of the American Institute of Homeopathy to be held at Omaha Neb., beginning on June 24th, 1898, bids fair to eclipso all previous gatherings of this vigorous association. The interest in the Institute has been stimulated and strengthened, and it is evident that an united effort will be made to advance the influence and power of the Institute in every possible way. There should be but one desire, one aim and ambition in common to all the members of the Institute, and that should be to aid by every endeavor to try and make this meeting of 1898 exceed all our former records. The various Chairmen of the Sections have prepared excellent programs, and they have made it a special point to consider, not quantity but quality in the papers presonted. Each paper will be definitely arranged for in the sectional programs, and will be well and ably discussed. Some of the Sections have in pre paration programs which will be entirely novel to most of the members of the Institute. Whatever changes are made will be made to increase the interest in sectional work. The local Committee at Omaba has been most thoroughly occupied since last Fall, and has done an immense amount of work. They are prepared to afford us a number of welcome surprises while we are their guests; in fact there seems to be no limit to their hospitality. There will be ample accommodations at Omaha so far as the hotels are concerned for all who attend the Omaha mooting, and the rates will be extremely reasonable. It will not be forgotten that the great International Exposition will be held at Omaba during the time of

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