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The Little Giant Blackboard Eraser Cleaner is simple in construction and efficient in every respect. Is non-breakable and is oper. ated by a Universal Motor adapted to any and all electric currents. It is provided with nine feet of Underwriter's Lamp Cord made fast to a Universal Plug ready to attach to any convenient lamp socket. Is complete and ready for use. Will be sent by Parcel Post to any part of the United States, packed in a neat carton box. Guaranteed against any and all mechanical defects and to clean blackboard erasers

to your entire satisfaction or money refunded. We are sure you will agree with us that every Successful and Modern School will not be without this little Aristocrat.

The New Simplex Hand Operated Eraser Cleaner is a thoroughly efficient device for cleaning blackboard erasers. Very convenient for those schocls which do not have electric current. Is guaranteed to give entire satisfaction in every respect.

Order sample now. Be convinced that these two machines will be satisfactory to you.


Distributor-C. F. WEBER & CO., 985 Market Street, San Francisco

14 E. Jackson Blvd.

Chicago, Illinois



whether traveling alone, or with members of their family, enjoy a sense of comfort and security at

If you

Conducted by Sylvia Starr Teachers are urged to contribute to this column. Any device that has been found to be practical and helpful in the school-room or in the yard, for entertainment or study, is desired. have a good idea PASS IT ON. Address Sylvia Starr, Idea and Device Editor, Western Journal of Education, 149 New Montgomery Street, San Francisco, California.

Dear Sylvia Starr: Tere is a suggestion sheets of drawing paper and add heads, for spring. Mounted and pressed fowers legs and tails with pencil. Using these used in nature study booklets may be kept buds as bodies, bears, cats, chickens, and in good condition by placing smooth tissue other animals may be made paper over them. The tissue paper may be I shall be glad if some teacher will exfastened at the corners with sections of change some of her devices with Dennison's labels. Lyndell Michener. through your column. Ella Morse


Los Angeles

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which is impossible in a cheap hotel. The difference in cost is infinitesimal the difference in surroundings, people and satisfaction, infinite.



Sylvia Star: One of your contributors asked for seat work devices a few months ago. As I teach a country school I have to have many devices on hand and am glad to “pass them on” if they will be of service.

Each month my little folk make sewing cards. Some of the month-by-month cards

Dear Sylvia Star: The children in my school are studying birds. In one of our windows we have placed a trough of bird feed, a small basin where the birds can take a bath and a small can of water. By a study of bird charts we are able to attract the kind of bird we wish to study by giving him the food he likes. The trees in our school yard are full of the little songsters as a result of our plan.

Marian Petersen.

H. J. TREMAIN, President F. B. HARRISON, Secretary


The Angelus GrillQuiet, Refined,

High-class, Moderate Prices

Professional placement

Discriminating Service for Progressive Teachers THE J. M. HAHN TEACHERS AGENCY

to School Officials Rests on a record of ten years of successful teacher--placement in Californ

Serves all Educational Institutions—Kindergartens, Elementary and Secondary Schools, Normal Schools, Colleges, and Universities.

No registration fee. Correspondence invited. J. M. HAHN, BLANCHE TUCKER,

Rooms 35-38, 2161 Shattuck Avenue, Managers

Berkeley, California. Phone Berkeley 811

Books That Stimulate Americanism—THE YOUNG AMERICAN

January-Eskimo House.

June—Watering-pot. When the children are learning the days of the week I have the children write sentences suggestive of their activities on each day. For instance: “I go to church on Sunday:;" "We study flowers, plants and birds in school on Monday;" “I take my music lesson on Tuesday," etc. The children are very much interested in having something on each day that no other child does, is possible.

Colored lentils are excellent to work with. I have squares of cardboard that fit the tops of the desks. These cards have holes punched in them in regular rows, each hole is large enough to hold lentil. I give directions to fill the to with yellow lentils, the next row with blue, etc. Sometimes it is a number game and perhaps four red lentils are to be placed in the top row; ten green ones in the next, etc.

If a teacher is in a neighborhood where she can get pussy willows this spring, she kill find that much use can be made of them. As the buds drop off, glue them to

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Our Town and Civic Duty Community Interest Personal Duty

The idea of service is still and Public Spirit

the dominant note. A study Obedience, cleanliness, or is made of the public seri

The question of Safety and the policeman, post

the study of the Neighborderliness, truthfulness, and

man, fireman, street-cleaner, hood and the City Beautiful perseverance,


ash and rubbish collector—and afford inspiring and valuable the fundamental civic virtues those who, although employ

incentives to boys and girls which make for citizenship.

ed by private individuals, are
engaged in public service.

for good citizenship.

FOR GRADES 5 IND 6 These readers aim to make intelligent, interested, practical citizens, who will know what good government is, and how to co-operate with public officials to get it. The texts are alluring and profusely illustrated. Civic activities are suggested in the stories, poems, and questions at the close of the chapters. In each book the purpose is to understand the nature of the service rendered and that the acquiring of information is but incidental.

Your order or request for information will be given immediate attention
W. C. HARPER, 149 New Montgomery Street, San Francisco
Pacific Coast Representative, THE JOHN C. WINSTON CO.

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1. R. Clifton, Superintendent of Nonrovia city schools, won

a recent bond issue for $126,000 by a majority of 12 to 1. The money will be used to erect a twelveunit grammar school building. This will make five grammar school buildings in the Monrovia system. In the handling of mancal training and household arts Mr. Cliiton has excluded the duplicating of equipment by having pupils from the various schools go to one central school for this work. Of recent origin has been the inauguration of a monthly fire inspection trip by Mr. Clilton and the chief of the Monrovia fire department.

J. W. FRICKE, A LEADER AMONG ventions, a service department for school

officials, etc.

Interested in larger movements, Mr.

Fricke was one of the organizers of the NaJ. W. Fricke, president, F lleber &

tional School Supply Association and since Company, is one of the outstanding busi

its inception, some six years ago, he has ness executives of the city that knows

been one of the recognized leaders. His llow." A born optimist, always ready to

reports are business classics in their terse mect any emergency, he combines in a rare

statement and clear logic. An address he way in business building the qualities of

delivered at the 1921 convention in Chicago vision, tact and progressiveness with enough

on "Hour Vay Te Stabilize Business for of conservatism to secure that balance so

1922" was quoted among business periodnecessary for any successful business build

icals throughout the nation. He was electer to have. In along with these qualitiemed president of the association for 1923 and of real leadership he is a man who makes

presided over the convention held in Chifriends, even among his competitors.

cago on January 8, 9, 10 and 11 of the pres Following llorace Crecier's injunction to

ent year. "Go West, Joung man,

dr. Friche came Although a busy man, Mr. Fricke has to San Francisco in 1895. Since that time

alway's found time for other activities. He he has been associated with ( F. Weber

is a leader in fraternal life. He has been a
wide reader, especially along historical
lines. llis library contains many rare vol-
unes. llwalls a devoted follower of Izaak
Talton, le maintain a lodge in the Feath-
er Rives region in leadquarters for "limit
catches" among the streams of the high

Tinalis. ll. 11111st ace that he is an
thusiastic Californian. (nlivening his con-
versation and writing by it thorough know-
ledge of the resources, the climate, the
growth of luis chosen State. Certainly the
business he has helped to develop is a real
asset to San Francisco and to California. -
From January Pacific Stationer.


Cosgrave Cloak &

Suit Co.



Near Powell


Always a large stock to select from, and on

monthly payments if desired.



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Pico 1007



J. ll. Friche; the president of the Sa-
tional School Supply Issociation, and also
president of the cit. Weber & Company,
in his annual address before the associa-
11on at Chicago, touched upon many high

in progressive education. The adyo

the passage of the bill ciore Congress which will nationalize our education, showing that it would

1—The removal of illiteracy.

2-The Americanization of the foreign

born. }. W. Fricke, President C. F. Weber &

3—The promotion of physical education. Co., San Francisco, Calif.

7-The training of teachers. & Company and has been itrominent lac

New School Buildings in San Francistor in veseloping the school equipment and

co" is the title of article by Ruth supply Business 01 the Coast, He has watched the development of the company's

Thompson of the editorial staff of llestbusiness until now it is one of the big

ern Journal of Education, which will ap

pear in the Ipril number of the American scher: </lipment and supply houses of the nation and occupies a commanding posi

School Board Journal published in Vil

waukee by the Bruce Publishing Company. tion in the trade among the Pacific Coast

The article covers the disposal of the $12,and Ricky Mountain states. The company

C00.000 which is being spent in the Bay has il-.. developed a large export business

City on buildings and equipment. General principally with Jesico and the Hawaiian

plans and details of certain type buildings Islandi

are described in the article, which will be "Complete Service" and "Everything for illustrated with plans and photographs. the Schools" have always been hobbies with Mr. Fricke le bas taken a special pride The enrollment of the LOS Ingeles in seeking to supply practically every item schools, according to Superintendent Susan in the equipment of any school building

Dorsey; has increased from 154,16+ to 188,fror the Little Red Schoolhouise" in the

663, an increase of nearly 40,000 pupils in mollitat: or desert listricts to a high

vear. This increased enrollment will schuoi, pormal school or iuii ersity.

necessitate a bond issue for buildings and Ili ina- always been a leader in the new equipment of between twenty and thirty competition of "Quality and Service," hold- millions of dollars. ing thai no business can be successful witholit Lätistier customers. Know your Professor Rowell of Martinez Union Cost: has been another of his business High School has been elected principal of maxim. The Ileber company was among the Lancaster Union High School and Prothe first to install a complete cost account fessor Tarren ol Lancaster has been electing slutem. Among the forward-looking ed principal of the Marysville High School. policies developed by the company are a vice Farris, who has been promoted to an bonus system to employes; salesmen's con Oakland High School,

Weddings Gifts Holiday Presents

Birthday Remembrances
Should be purchased only from a well-

known, reliable Jeweler
This Journal has patronized tlie
J. G. HATCH CO. for fifteen years

They are reliable

Watchmakers and Jewelers 210 Phelan Bldg. (ircade Alvor), San Francisco, Cal.

Official watch inspectors for the United Railroads.

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Teachers Should Meet at


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HOME COOKED FOOD Daintily Served at Moderate Prices


Near Sutter
Phone Garfield 951


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For the Teaching of the Foreign-Born

By Ralph Philip Boas, Head of the Department of English, Central High School, and Director of

Evening Schools and Evening School Extension, Springfield. Mass., and Louise Schutz Boas.
216 Pages

Price $0.68
This new book, original in plan and rich in content, presents varied and interesting material for reading, composition, and conversation.
The lessons, also provide numerous opportunities for teaching simple history, geography; civics, hygiene, elementary science, economics, and biog-
raphy. Specific suggestions are given for teachers.

At the end of each lesson are "Topics for further Thought." While the book is primarily a reader for intermediate and advanced immigrant classes in English, it is also a means for helping students to a broad understanding of American life and ideals, both material and spiritual. A fund of information is given here which is stimulating and inspiring.


Bu lohn A. Long District Superintendent of Schools, Chicago, Illinois.
Book One, 224 Pages


Price: $.68
Book Two, 208 Pages



.68 erican life and provides much varied information which should be known young beginner, the matter is that of the adult and progresses rapidly. Al

adull constantly comes in contact in his home and community. Book Two to intelligent American citizenship. Here are given in varied order four and spelling, geography, and the English of arithmetic.

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