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aiter school play programs are held once a week.

The school project of which Pomona citizens are most proud is that of their new high school plant, for which $600,000 has been voted. Up to the present time $475,

COO have been spent in acquiring an 18-acre oor

site and in crecting the main building. Of $125,000 recently voted $50,000 is for a gymnasium, $25.000 for a mechanic arts building, and $50,000 for the equipment of the main plant. The plant will be ready for occupancy at the opening of the fall term.

Situated on the main highway through The New High School Building, Pomona

town, the new high school building, Tudor

Gothic in style, makes a vivid impression POMONA CITY SCHOOLS cational tendencies of the lay. The Po

as of being well proportioned and of solid By Wm. M. Culp

mona schools are used by the student teach construction. It is built of reinforced conThe measure of a town is in its schools. ers of Pomona College in their student

crete with brick veneer. The measure of the schools is in the men training. Mr. Whaley gives a course in

Mr. Whaley in determining the plan of school management and women who give their time in work

to these students at

the building has had it built with the viewPomona College.

point of eliminating every foot of waste in those schools. The pace those men and

space. The idea of future expansion has

In the management of these student women teachers can go is in direct ratio to

predominated also.

The plant is built to teachers Ir. Whaley has so organized the the support of the citizens whose children

care for from 1200 to 1500 students; the work that it is extremely beneficial to both

ultimate plan is to enlarge the plant when are being educated.

the student and the Pomona city schools. The measure of a town is also in its Miss ITinifred I. Williams of the l'omona

necessary so that it can accommodate from

2500 to 3000 students. streets, its houses, its lawns, its shade trees,

High School and Miss Phebe Sheldon of
the Kauffman Junior Iligh School give half

The building is T-shape in construction, its parks, its churches, its stores. of their time to these students.

of two main floors and basement. AddiThe measure of a town is what it aims

tional sections can be easily added by just

The students are given lesson plans; they extending the wings of the building. to accomplish in the future. The measure of a town is in its ideals. are assigned to live teachers in the system.

The l'omona High School has been made Instead of staying the whole term at one the community center of the city. The In measurement the small city of Poschool, they only stay one month. In this

high school auditorium has been built with mona ranks high. Its schools are in the

way they observe the methods of from that phase in mind. Seating 2010 people hands of an able administrator, G. V. Wha

three to five good teachers, and are able the new high school auditorium is the largley. Its schools are manned by alert prin

to form their own view's as

to the best cipals and energetic teachers. Its streets

est meeting place in Pomona. Already method of presenting their subjects. The are broad and well paved. Its shade trees

famous singers and musicians have given effect upon the Pomona teachers is to keep

concerts in the new auditorium. are in abundance. Its lawns are a healthy

them doubly alive to the best of modern green. Its churches

In construction the auditorium vies with numerous and

educational procedure. active. Its children are an optimistic group.

any first-class theatre in California. The Pomona claims a population of 19,000.

Oi particular interest at the present time acoustics are perfect, the tinting of the

has been the appointment of a It boasts of Genesha Park of 1200 acres,

walls soit and delicate of warm gray, with mittee to work on the organization of a trimmings highlighted with gold. There a beautiiully kept place, of trees and shrubs and wading pools, in which there lies a

nell course of study. A classroom teacher is an artistic proscenium arch. A $3,000 Greek theatre capable of holding 10,000

from each grade has been chosen as chair silk velour curtain fits into the setting. man of that grade group. Several princi

Several princi-The lighting effects are people. Pomona is the permanent home

most pleasing:

with glares on the side walls and lights of the Los Angeles County Fair. Seventy- pals have been added as ex-oificio members

of the committee. An intensive course on five acres are in the Fair grounds upon

curriculum building has been outlined. which improvements costing over a hun

Members of the representative grade comdred thousand dollars have been erected. A magnificent Y. M. C. A. building cost

mittee are lisses Elizabeth C. Eells, San

Intonio School, first grade; Agnes FOX, ing $300,000 has been built, giving Pomona

Garey Elementary, Second grade; Flora one of the best plants in California.

Cross, Washington School, third grade; Its school population numbers nearly

Ruth Carothers, San Antonio, fourth grade; 4000. A half million dollars is spent an

Cara Lamma, Central School, fifth grade: nually in the maintenance of its school sy's

Minnie Vellahon, sixth grade; Emmett tem. Six hundred thousand dollars have been voted for the building of a new high School, seventh grade; R. V. Coverdale,

Clark, principal of Kaufman Junior High school plant. One hundred and forty-seven principal of the Garey Junior High School, teachers are in the system, apportioned be

eighth grade; and 1. 1. Reynolds, princitween one junior college, one senior high pal of The high school, ninth grade. The school, two junior high schools, seven cle

following principals are ex-officio members mentary schools and two kindergartens.

of the committee: Misses Edith E. BlakeThe superintendent, G. V. Whaley, is a more, Lincoln School; Lucy B. Green, Hamschool executive of wide experience. Pre ilton School; Ann R. Burnam, San Anvious to coming to California in 1911 he tonio School; and Alice Blanchard, Ilashhad eleven years of supervisory work in ington School. lowa schools. In California he has held

One of the things that has proven very the superintendencies of Antioch, Vallejo, successiul this last year has been the after San Diego, and for the last five years that of Pomona. He received his A. B. degree rated at the Washington Elementary School

school play program

which was inaugufrom Stanford and his Master's from Cali

successful was the movement that it has fornia. He has nearly finished his require- been taken up in the other schools of the ments for his Doctor's degree from the

city. High Y boys are assigned to each G. V. Whaley, Superintendent of Pomona, who University of California. school and they are the arbiters and direc

has carried forward an economical and wise A keen student of educational finance, tors of the various games played. They

building program and is engaged in the

reorganization of a course of study Mr. Whaley is also awake to the best edu enforce the rules of right playing. These

to meet present day needs











SON now.




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of Tudor Gothic design in the ceilings. located under stairways. In the building of

In constructing the stage its continuous this high school building Mr. Whaley has use has been considered. It is of of 35-foot brought into play his experiences in the A lady from old Tipperary depth and 66-foot width. Storage of scen construction line. This is the ninth build Has a daughter whose first name is Mary. ery is effected in balconies on each side. ing that Mr. Whaley has helped build cost

She's a wise little lass, Scenery can be handled from the foor. ing more than $200,000. It is due to Mr.

The best in her class, Instead of the usual dressing rooms Whaley's aggressiveness and far-sightedeach wing, there are two rooms designed ness and his ability to see things educa

For she uses BANK STOCK stationery. for both class-room and dressing room pur tionally that the Pomona school system poses. An iron frame work has been erect ranks high. ed in these rooms on which curtains can be hung in order to make it a dressing

"Rhyme and Reason in BOOK REVIEWS In day time these curtains can be

Bank Stock School The Life of Pasteur, by R. Vallery-Radot; removed and the rooms equipped with

Stationery” Doubleday, Page & Co. blackboards and chairs can be used as a regular class-room. Windows are cut in

Creative Chemistry, by Edwin E. Slosson; the back of the stage wall so that it will

Century Company. not be necessary to use artificial light. Discovery, The Spirit and Service of Sci

There is a jaunty swing to a limerick; you Gymnasium classes can be conducted on ence, by Sir Richard Gregory; Mac Milthe stage floor if necessary. The illumi

lan Company

are sure to be pleasantly entertained when nation of the stage can be of 500 watt if

The Future Independence and Progress of you read one. At times they are necessary

The auditorium is equipped American Medicine in the Age of Chem jingles but those in the booklet are with a fine motion picture outfit.

istry; a report by The Chemical Foun

much more they were submitted by teachThe administrative offices of both the dation, Inc., New York City.

ers from all over California. If you have superintendent and the high school prin- The Riddle of the Rhine, by Victor Lefe

not already done so, we suggest you send cipal are designed for the economical hand bure; The Chemical Foundation, Inc., ling of business. The two suites occupy the New York.

for your copy of RHYME AND REAtwo sides of the main entrance.

The American Chemical Society is unThe principal's suite is so arranged that dertaking a Prize Essay Contest in order the main office can be under the direct eye to interest the boys and girls of today in of either the principal or the girls' or boys' the bearing of chemistry on every-day life. vice-principal. The principal's office is on The above-named five reference books are one side of the main room, while the other being sent to every accredited high school two offices are on the other. Of interest is in the country. Further information of the the emergency hospital room for the girls contest may be obtained from the Committhat is adjacent to the girls' vice-principal's Prize Essays, Munson Building,

Bank Suck office and opens also out into the main cor New York. ridor.

These reference books are all distinctive. The various classrooms for the numerous Their style is free and interesting, not didepartments have all been planned with

dactic or too formal. It is to be presumed the idea of expansion in mind. The chem

that no person would enter such a contest istry, physics, biology and agriculture de

unless he were deeply interested in the partments have been carefully worked and subject. How much, therefore, the student 32 Clay St., San Francisco are being well equipped. Each department will glean from these books which interpret occupies several laboratories. Lecture chemistry so interestingly into terms of

Please send me the booklet “Rhyme and Reason

in Bank Stock School Stationery.rooms for the three subjects have been life! The books are not texts in the usual furnished. Storage rooms have been eco sense of the word. They are fascinating nomically placed.

stories in actual fact and contain an abunThe chemistry rooms are exhausted by

are exhausted by dance of material which is an astonishing separate motors.

revelation to the layman. In the biology and agriculture departments is a herbarium extremely well thought out.

Music Appreciation With the Victrola

for Children: "Designed to meet the needs The cooking department is adjacent to a

of the child mind during the sensory and large cafeteria room and kitchen, spotlessly associative period of development from first white. The cafeteria will seat 400 at

to sixth grade, inclusive. Learning to Listime. The sewing department has been

ten and Listening to Learn." Nearly every taken care of adequately. school today has a phonograph, but it is

The Gray Book of Favorite Songs: New The commercial department of three not known in every school how to corre

edition of Uncle Sam's Favorite Song Book. rooms of typing, bookkeeping and stenog late studies with the machine. The Victor This glee and chorus book contains almost raphy are so arranged that they can be

Company has compiled this book on music two hundred choruses, readings, songs and under the control of one teacher or three. appreciation which every teacher should

rounds which have been popular for years The library department consists of three possess if she wishes to make the best use

past. The book is strongly bound in the rooms—a library room capable of holding of the music period. The volume contains 70,000 titles, a stock room and repair room. lesson outlines on a basis of one lesson per

“H. & M. Wear-Well Covers” with a hard Of unique interest is the situation of the week for each of the first six school years;

finish in gray. It is neatly printed, well band and orchestra room. It is literally

edited and a convenient size for use. (Hall the correlation of music with other subfive of

& McCreary Co., Chicago. Price 20c.) central corridor of the building on the roof. jects, geography, reading, physical educa

tion, is handled; informational notes, proAboce the walls are so insulated one in

An interesting convention will be held at side the building can scarcely hear thejects, special day music, the childhood of

Sacramento April 3, 4, 5, 6. It will be the music. Outside in looking at the building some of the great musicians and an alpha

fifty-seventh annual convention of Sunday the orchestra room blends in with the set betical index of appropriate records are School Council of Religious Education. It ting.

some of the features of the book. This vol is of special interest to teachers at this time The heating system is of the hot air type.

ume caters to every phase of elementary on account of a discussion of week day Huge air intakes are on the roof. The vari

school life where music can be introduced Sunday schools for religious and moral inous offices and auditoriums are on separate

struction. Superintendent Will C. Wood, units. The auditorium can be filled with in work and play. It is beautifully illus

Dr. H. B. Wilson of Berkeley, Dr. E. W. new air in two minutes. trated with reproductions of well known

Hauck of Reedley and others will speak In the whole plant not a foot of space is paintings. (Published by Victor Talking April 5, and President E. P. Clark of State wasted. Janitor rooms and store rooms are Machine Company, Camden, New Jersey.) Board of Education will preside.





Gregg Typewriting Service

The Gregg Publishing Company

Political Action, by Seba Eldridge: "The book presents a careful and analytic statement of the obstacles that oppose the suiccess of democracy. . The method of the book contributes toward the growth of the realization that in sociology, as in any

Gregg typewriting service is more than a book-it is a complete, other field of research, scientific explanation is nothing less than a description and

scientific and modern program that includes evaluation and correlation of all the factors,

1. Five basic "Rational” texts, adapted to every type of course that is, of all the conditioning phenomena,

or school. that affect the result to be explained.” Conditions are explained in detail and this is

2. Supplementary books one of the merits of the book, as it deals

(a) Typewriting Speed Studies, by Hakes. with social problems in need of readjust

(b) Seven Speed Secrets, by Smith and Wiese. ment. This is one of the Lippincott Series

3. Monographs on the teaching of typewriting. in Sociology and is edited by E. C. Hayes.

4. Extension courses. (Lippincott Company, Philadelphia.)

5. Copy holders for typewriting books. The Homemaker Trained by Kitchengar

6. Students' record cards. den Methods, by Mabel Louise Keech.

7. Rational Rhythm Phonograph Records. This is a revised edition of The Mome

(A set of 6 discs, containing 12 records.) maker which was originally published in 1912. Besides a two-year course and an

8. A system of prizes and awards. advanced course in homemaking, an addi

9. A complete service headed by expert writers and teachers. tional chapter has been incorporated which is designed especially for vacation schools.

The Gregg typewriting program also includes the only book writThis latter course consists of twenty les

ten from the non-vocational viewpoint for junior high schools. sons outlined. Mothers, teachers and all who are interested in homemaking will find

ADAMS' JUNIOR TYPEWRITING hints that will lighten the work and add interest to it, either in practice, or in training young girls. The lessons are attrac

written especially for junior high schools, is also used extensively as tive with the lesson itself, songs, games

a foundation course in all types of schools. and chats which add to the value of the

Check the books or branches of the service in which you are interested, work. There are some changes necessary

write your name and address on the margin of this advertisement, and in adapting the book to various city classes

send it to Western Journal of Education. perhaps, for old-fashioned equipment such as coal stoves and lamps are used in illustration of the care of the home. Housekeepers will find some short-cuts to their PHELAN BUILDING

SAN FRANCISCO duties; teachers of domestic science will find the arrangement and courses of service. (J. B. Lippincott Co., Philadelphia.)

cient to say that it is distinctive. On the THE BEACH SCHOOL, CORONADO It is with pleasure that we take up a

contrary, it is so wholly unlike any other BEACH - MRS. JANET D. book written and edited by a Californian. The statistics on oil, wheat, fruit and minreader in aim, scope and use that it may


Of all the schools in California the Beach eral production impress the California de not be compared with the ordinary first and velopment abroad, but the production of second readers. It is not a "reader” at all School held on the beach at Coronado, Hobooks by Californians, even though pub

tel Del Coronado is the most inviting to in the sense in which that term is com

both child and adult. Think of a school lished in New York, Boston or London, monly used; it is rather the initial step in have a cultural value far beyond the mate

in an open bungalow on white sands lookrial and temporary life of the state. Alice teaching children how to make us of first

ing out upon the blue Pacific with the white

caps breaking peacefully, with the air warm Cecelia Cooper, supervisor of Senior Eng- grade material after they have learned to lish, University High School, Oakland, Cal "read" an ordinary first reader.

and balmy, with Point Loma and the Coro

It is the ifornia, has edited Poems of Today—a col- inauguration of a far-reaching scheme for

nado Islands in a blue haze, with park

shrubbery in the background, with army lection of the contemporary verse of Amer- the creation of proper silent reading habits.

hydroplanes humming overhead, with no ica and Great Britain, Ginn & Company It is, therefore, a silent reader, pure and rattle or bang of street car or auto, no huge publishers. The great value of this volume unalloyed, and puts into practice the prin- stutly building, and you have the setting is that the author has, with a fine educa ciples that Dr. Horn has so forcibly and of the Beach School on a February day. tional approach, selected from the poetry so widely explained from the platform. This school is in the capable hands of written since 1900, material that students The caption, Learn to Read indicates the

Director Mrs. Janet D. Owen. A comin the high schools should know. The Cal nature of this series. Book One is the first bined Montessori and kindergarten course ifornians represented in the list are Edwin step in the development of those silent

is given.

Primary, grammar and high Markham, Ina Coolbrith, Herbert Bash reading habits suggested by the use of the school pupils are enrolled. Individual work ford and Harry Noyes Pratt. The book Horn-Shields Flash Cards, so widely and is the practical end of the school. Eight has a definite place in the high school cur- satisfactorily used.

teachers handle some eighty pupils. Five riculum in English. The pages devoted to In the Teachers' Edition, the text is pre open bungalows are situated on the beach ; “The Form of Poetry,” “The Enjoyment of ceded by a full manual of directions for unequalled opportunities for nature study Poetry” and Biographical Notes are espe the treatment of each lesson, and contains are given. Foreign languages are begun in cially valuable.

an introduction by Laura Zirbes, which in the younger classes by means of games and

itself is an extremely valuable contribution songs and all the activities and interests of Learn to Study Reader, Book One, by to the literature on silent reading.

the child. Out-of-doors dancing is given Ernest Horn and Grace Shields: This book The place of this book is in high first and dramatics has its part. is an educational innovation and bids fair grade or low second grade, depending upon It is of interest to note that Miss Estelle to revolutionize the teaching of reading. It the abilities of the children. (Ginn & Com Adams is writing a Beach primer which is not just another reader, nor is it sulfi pany. Price 64 cents.)

will be published shortly.

Maps to Fit All Budgets




Rand M.Nally & Company

Irene McKenzie
of the Franklin
school. Mrs. Su-
san E. Conrad of
the Kingsbury

Rand Mę Nally & Company publishes six series of
school, Miss Beu-
lah Paul of the high-grade wall maps to suit all needs and conditions.
Lincoln school,
Miss Leta Scott

of the Lugonia

Political and Physical
school, and Miss
Emma L. Jack-

of the Mc-

Classical and Historical
Kinley school.

These maps meet the most exacting standards of accuracy, legi-


bility, appearance, and size. They are constantly revised and repervisors of pen

edited. Each map is hand mounted on cloth.
manship, music
and nature study.

Miss Lenore Con-

Political and Physical
rad is supervisor
of penmanship,

Miss Fredericka

South worth of
music, and Miss

If you must secure the greatest number of maps with a limited
Sophie L. Cum-

fund, we recommend one of these series. Saving in processes of ings and Hubert

manufacture makes it possible to offer these accurate and satisfacHenry G. Clement, the efficient Superintendent

E. Barnes of na

tory maps at low prices. of Schools, Redlands, Calif.

ture study. Miss



maps and is invaluable for United States history classes in the grade ton is the school

schools. Henry G. Clement, Superintendent By Wm. M. Culp

Send for descriptive booklets

Of particular inFor a Down Easter to come West is con

terest is the residered quite a compliment to the West by

port of the United other Down Easters who remain steadfast

States Chamber on the rock-clad shores or pine-clad wastes

of Commerce of

Publishers of Goode's School Atlas of our northern eastermost state. What

a year or so ago Maine lost California gained when fifteen

(Dept. C-111)

New York that stated that years ago Henry G. Clement, a Yankee

Redlands ranked

559 MISSION STREET, SAN FRANCISCO schoolmaster, came to Redlands as prin

number one in the cipal of the high school.

efficiency of its For nine years as principal of the high system. The Redschool and these last six years as superinlands elementary district is practically from

same age. tendent of Redlands city schools, Mr. Clem

bonded debt—a feature unique in these Mr. Clement and his principals recognize ent has been the dominating factor that has

the great difference in ability by dividing made his school system one of the best in

Another item bringing out the efficiency cach elementary grade into several groups California. A genial kindness, a Yankee

of the system is the fact that the high and assigning work to each group accordshrewdness, an unbounding well of good

school last year graduated 130 pupils, while ing to its ability. The junior high school humor, a love of school teaching, a liking

the largest enrollment of any one class in classes are similarly divided and in addifor boys and girls, have been those things

the system was not over 200. Over 50 per tion each grade in that school has a special that have made for his success.

cent of the high school graduates during class for those pupils who require an exRedlands is an ideal place to work in. It the last 15 years have continued their traordinary amount of personal instruction. is a suburban town lying against the San school work. The majority have attended Children are changed rapidly from one Bernardino mountains amid the orange the University of Redlands, situated in

group to another and regardless of ability groves. It is peopled with a well-to-do Redlands.

they are put through the junior high school class of citizens, pleasant homes predom

An unusual amount of student govern in three years. It is considered the rule, inate, children are of a high type. The citi ment in the high school has worked suc subject to exceptions, that no boy or girl

should be retained in the first eight grades zens favor good education and educational cessfully. During the last cight years the

students have had charge of the study halls beyond the age of fifteen. Intelligence tests facilities. and have run them efficiently.

are given to all pupils from the fourth The population of Redlands is now around Mr. Clement's handling of educational grade through the high school. These tests 13,000. The school enrollment is nearing tests has given him the name of knowing are used rather as indications for a modifithe 3000 mark. The senior high school en more about the practical side of that phase cation or enrichment of a particular course rolls around 700 students. The junior high

of education than any other school superin than as a basis for promotion. The weaktendent in Southern California.

nesses revealed are systematically attacked. school, recently housed in a new $185,000

According to Mr. Clement it is not the

Opportunities are being given more and plant, numbers 450. There are 1600 pupils test that counts, but how you follow it up.

to the classroom teachers for the in six elementary schools and 200 pupils And that is why the Redlands system is

giving and the correction of the tests. The enrolled in the kindergarten.

different. Each elementary principal is re teachers are found far more critical of any In carrying out his school program Mr. garded as holding an office of real dignity

poor showing in that particular room than and importance. Each principal is relieved Clement has gathered together an excellent

the principal or superintendent would think of classroom instruction so that time can of being corps of executives and teachers. There are

be given to supervision and instruction to Mr. Clement is prepared to accept the 104 teachers in the system. groups of children found needing it.

dictum that each child has a definite limit The high school is under the guidance of Whatever the merits of classifying by to his possible achievements, but he is less A. Haven Smith, who has made a great

mental age may be Mr. Clement has found and less ready to believe that that limit

it wise and expedient to keep children, can be defined. In any case, it is known success during his three years of principal

where possible, in their natural age group. that every child has abilities to be realized, ship. C. E. Latham is principal of the

The children are educated largely by their for all practical purposes, only through the junior high school. ·Miss Marjorie F. Burr social contacts. These contacts are most utmost use of the teacher's sympathies and is principal of the Crofton school, Miss natural and potent between children of the intelligence.


queer times.


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It economizes time and effort by testing first and then providing for the study of the words misspelled. The distribution of the words in the various grades is based on 1150, not on difficulty. It contains the best method for the teacher to folloir and the best presentation of that method. It organizes the work around the viewpoint of interest. Each lesson has a purpose; it is not just a list of words.

d three-book scries for grades three to cight

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SCHOOL DEPARTMENT Mr. L. P. Farris has left the principalship of the Marysville high school to accept that of the Alexander Ilamilton junior high in Oakland. Mr. Farris has been four years in Marysville, where he has built up a splendid union high school with several thriving branches. His townsmen especially sorry to lose him, not only because of his efficient and up-to-date management of his school and its affairs, but because of his activities in the community. He has been an energetic member of his various lodges and has contributed in every possible way both to the social and educational life of the community in which he lived. Mr. Farris was last year president of the Northern California Teachers' Association and has a statewide reputation as one of our most successful high school principals. When the Alexander Hamilton junior high needed a principal, Mr. Farris was invited to take the position. This is one of the large new junior high schools of Oakland, having nearly 1200 students and approximately forty teachers. The larger school will give Mr. Farris a splendid opportunity and Oakland will profit greatly by having a man of Mr. Farris' vigor and ability among its school officials.

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