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Página 287 - Secretary McNamara and General Taylor reported their judgment that the major part of the US military task can be completed by the end of 1965, although there may be a continuing requirement for a limited number of US training personnel.
Página 422 - In enacting this legislation, it Is therefore the intention of the Congress to promote the peace of the world and the foreign policy, security, and general welfare of the United States...
Página 54 - This Alliance is established on the basic principle that free men working through the institution of representative democracy can best satisfy man's aspirations, including those for work, home and land, health and schools. No system can guarantee true progress unless it affirms the dignity of the individual which is the foundation of our civilization.
Página 502 - Programs for the sale or exchange of defense articles shall be administered so as to encourage regional arms control and disarmament agreements and so as to discourage arms races.
Página 33 - STATE OF CALIFORNIA, County of San Diego, ss: I Helen Kleckner, clerk of the Board of Supervisors of the County of San Diego, State of California...
Página 77 - States to refrain from any action which would assist and encourage the illegal regime and, in particular, to desist from providing it with arms, equipment and military material, and to do their utmost in order to break all economic relations with Southern Rhodesia, including an embargo on oil and petroleum products; 9.
Página 292 - ... Vietnam." It was evident that the Government had seized the initiative in most areas from the insurgents. But this progress was interrupted in 1963 by the political crises arising from troubles between the Government and the Buddhists, students, and other non-Communist oppositionists. President Diem lost the confidence and loyalty of his people; there were accusations of maladministration and injustice.
Página 512 - Agency's response to the report of the Advisory Committee on Private Enterprise in Foreign Aid.
Página 78 - Whenever and to the extent that the President finds that the establishment or continuation of a quota or any part thereof for any foreign country would be contrary to the national interest of the United States, such quota or part thereof shall be withheld or suspended, and such importation shall not be permitted.

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