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Hope, will in time Christianize a considerable portion of that ill-peopled division of the globe. Australasia will be all Christian. The immense portion of Asia held by Russia, though as yet so thinly peopled, will be Christian also; and should certain not improbable events take place in Turkey, Christianity, under the auspices of Britain, and aided by British civilization, will find it a less difficult task to extend her benevolent sway among the unreasoning bigots of the East, in whose minds mystic fancy and savage prejudices usurp too generally the place of sober sense and manly feeling.

“Christianity is fitted to be the religion of the world ; and of the world in the highest state of civilization. With the peculiar tenets of her sects I do not intermeddle. I leave these sects to adjust their peculiar creeds, each for itself, as well as they can. I speak of the doctrines held in common by all her sects: the grand catholic doctrines of men being all the sons of one God, all brethren, and all accountable to their Divine Father. Such a religion is suited for being the religion equally of the philosopher and of the peasant;-the religion of mankind.

"It is alike favourable to the progress of reason and of liberty. The Christian spirit and Christian morality are calculated to make men what they should be. Even the statistician, who may view Christianity merely as a system, tending powerfully to promote the happiness of mankind, without any reference to authority, will ardently wish to see it universally adopted."-/Gray versus Malthus, pp. 157-160.)

G. SMALLFIELD, Printer, Hackney.

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