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Sec. 2. That no detail shall be made under this Act to Schools to

pay extra cost. any school unless it shall pay the cost of commutation of quarters of the retired officers or noncommissioned officers detailed thereto and the extra-duty pay to which they may be entitled by law to receive for the performance of special duty: Provided, That no detail shall be made Provisos under the provisions of this Act unless the officers and compulsory. noncommissioned officers to be detailed are willing to accept such position: Provided further, That they shall receive no compensation from the Government other than Compensatheir retired pay.

Sec. 3. That the Secretary of War is authorized to ordnance, issue at his discretion, and under proper regulations to be thorized. prescribed by him, out of ordnance and ordnance stores belonging to the Government, and which can be spared for that purpose, upon the approval of the governors of the respective States and Territories, such number of the same as may be required for military instruction and practice by such school, and the Secretary shall require a bond in each case, for double the value of the property, Bond. for the care and safe-keeping thereof and for the return of the same when required.

Sec. 4. That this Act shall take effect immediately.


CHAP. 1404.-An Act To recognize and promote the efficiency Apr. 21, 1904. of army chaplains.

[S. 2424.)

[Public, No. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representa- 33 Stats. L., tives of the United States of America in Congress assem- pt. 1, p. 226. bled, That hereafter the President may, from time to time, Promotion of select from among the chaplains of the Army any chap- chaplains in. lains having not less than ten years' service, in the grade of captain, who shall have been commended as worthy of special distinction for exceptional efficiency by the regimental or district commanders with whose commands they may be serving as chaplains, approved through regular military channels, and may, with the advice and consent of the Senate, promote such regimental or artillery chaplains to be chaplains with the grade, pay, and allowances of major; every such promotion being made with a view to active service until the statutory age for the compulsory relinquishment thereof, except in cases of physical disability incurred in the line of duty: Provided, Provisos. That the total number in active service so promoted shall Limit, not at any time exceed fifteen, and that the remaining chaplains shall have the grade, pay, and allowances of captain, mounted, after they shall have completed seven years of service: And provided further, That all persons Grade of new who may hereafter be appointed as chaplains shall have appointees. the grade, pay, and allowances of first lieutenant, mounted, until they shall have completed seven years of service.

Official title.


Sec. 2. That all officers provided for in this Act shall have a uniform designation in official address as chaplains

of their respective regiments or of the Artillery Corps. Assignments, Sec. 3. That nothing in this Act shall be construed as

depriving any chaplain of his commission in the Army, or as interfering with existing law pertaining to regimental and corps assignments or transfers, and that nothing herein contained shall be held or construed to increase the number of chaplains, as now authorized by law, or to

reduce the grade of any now serving. Repeal.

Sec. 4. That all laws and parts of laws inconsistent with the provisions of this Act be, and the same are hereby, repealed.

Apr. 21, 1904.

CHAP. 1407.-An Act Making appropriations for fortifications (H. R. 12446.)

and other works of defense, for the armament thereof, for the [Public, No. procurement of heavy ordnance for trial and service, and for 130.]

other purposes. 33 Stats. L., pt. 1, p. 334.

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representa

tives of the United States of America in Congress asemFortifications bled, That the sums of money herein provided for be, and appropriations.

the same are hereby, appropriated, out of any moneys in the Treasury not otherwise appropriated, to be available until expended, namely:

[blocks in formation]

Seacoast batteries.



Seacoast guns.

For construction of seacoast batteries in the insular

possessions, seven hundred thousand dollars. sites,

For procurement of land needed as sites for the defenses of the Hawaiian Islands, two hundred thousand dollars.

For the purchase, manufacture, test, and issue, for the insular possessions, of seacoast guns and their mounts, including sights, implements, equipments, and the machinery necessary for their manufacture at the arsenals, one hundred and seventy-eight thousand nine hundred and twenty dollars.

For the purchase, manufacture, test, and issue, for the insular possessions, of seacoast mortars, with their mounts, including sights, implements, equipments, and the machinery necessary for their manufacture at the arsenals,

seventy-eight thousand dollars. Ra pid-fire For the purchase, manufacture, test, and issue of rapid

fire guns for coast defense for the insular possessions, including their carriages, sights, implements, equipments, and the machinery necessary for their manufacture at the arsenals, one hundred and sixty-two thousand dollars.

Seacoast mortars.



CHAP. 1485.–An Act Making appropriation for the support of Apr. 23, 1904. the Army for the fiscal year ending June thirtieth, nineteen hun- (H. R. 10670.] dred and five, and for other purposes.

(Public, No.

149.) Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representa- 33 Stats: L.,

pt1, . tives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That the following sums be, and they are hereby, priations.

Army approappropriated out of any money in the Treasury not otherwise appropriated, for the support of the Army for the year ending June thirtieth, nineteen hundred and five:

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formation divi.

For contingent expenses of the military information,

Military Indivision, General Staff Corps, including the purchase of Sion. law books, professional books of reference, professional and technical periodicals and newspapers, and of the military attachés at the United States embassies and legations abroad, and of the branch office of the Military Information Division at Manila, to be expended under the direction of the Secretary of War, ten thousand dollars: Provided, That section thirty-six hundred and forty- Proviso. eight, Revised Statutes, shall not apply to subscriptions Subscriptions for foreign and professional newspapers and periodicals to be paid for from this appropriation.

to papers.

[blocks in formation]

SIGNAL SERVICE OF THE ARMY: For expenses of the Sig- Expenses. nal Service of the Army, as follows: Purchase, equipment, and repair of field electric telegraphs, signal equipments and stores, binocular glasses, telescopes, heliostats, and other necessary instruments, including necessary meteorological instruments for use on target ranges; war balloons; telephone apparatus (exclusive of exchange service) and maintenance of the same; electrical installations and maintenance at military posts; maintenance and repair of military telegraph lines and cables, including salaries of civilian employees, supplies, and general repairs, and other expenses connected with the duty of collecting and transmitting information for the Army, by telegraph or otherwise, two hundred and eight thousand five hundred dollars; for completing the purchase, installation, operation, and maintenance of a submarine military cable from Sitka, Alaska, to Fort Liscum, Alaska, Alaska miliconnecting by an all-American route the headquarters of the Department of Columbia with the military garrisons in southeastern Alaska, as authorized by the Act of Congress approved March second, nineteen hundred and three, three hundred and twenty-one thousand five hundred and eighty dollars.

tary cable.

[blocks in formation]




ADJUTANT-GENERAL'S DEPARTMENT: For pay of officers General's Department. in the Adjutant-General's Department, eighty-three thou

sand five hundred dollars.

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ment and Rec-
ord and

Offices consolidated.


That the officers of the Adjutant-General's Department, retaranys se except the Adjutant-General, and the officers of the Rec

Secpartment. ord and Pension Office shall hereafter constitute one de

Merger of Adjutant-Gener-partment of the Army, to be known as the Military Sec

Depart: retary's Department; and the Adjutant-General's Office

Pen- and the Record and Pension Office, heretofore constision Office into. tuting bureaus of the War Department, shall hereafter

constitute a consolidated bureau to be known as the Mili

tary Secretary's Office of the War Department. The Promotion officers so consolidated shall be borne on one list in the

order of rank held by them, and those of them who hold permanent appointments as officers of the Adjutant-General's Department or of the Record and Pension Office shall be entitled to promotion below the grade of brigadier-general, as now provided by law and in the order of their standing on said list. Except as otherwise provided herein, the laws now in force shall continue to govern the appointment, promotion, and detail of all officers of the

consolidated department hereby created : Provided, That Provisos,

the officers of the said consolidated department shall be Under Chief subject to the supervision of the Chief of Staff in all

matters pertaining to the command, discipline, or admin

istration of the existing military establishment: ProReduction in vided further, That no appointments or details to the assistantadju; grade of assistant adjutant-general with the rank of

major shall be made until the number of officers of that grade shall be reduced to less than ten, and thereafter

the number of officers of said grade in the consolidated Military Sec. department shall be ten: Provided further, That of the

officers consolidated as hereinbefore provided the senior enerbe major in rank, who shall be chief of the consolidated depart

ment and the title of whose office is hereby changed to

that of the military secretary, shall hereafter have the to be brigadier rank of major-general, and the second senior of said general. officers shall hereafter have the rank of brigadier-gen

eral: Provided further, That when the office of Military Subsequent Secretary with the rank of major-general shall hereafter

become vacant, it shall not be filled with said rank, and thereafter the chief of the Military Secretary's Department shall have the rank of a brigadier-general with the title of The Military Secretary, and there shall be only one officer above the rank of colonel in the said department. Except as hereinafter provided, the remaining offices of the consolidated department shall

retain the titles that they now bear: Provided further, That when



Second officer


the office of Adjutant-General shall become vacant the Vacancy in vacancy so created on the active list of the Army shall eral not to be not be filled, and thereafter the several officers now desig- n Future titles nated by the title assistant adjutant-general and by the of officers. titles assistant chief of the Record and Pension Office shall be designated by the title Military Secretary: Provided further, That the chief of the Military Secretary's Soldiers' Department shall be a member of the Board of Commis- Home service. sioners of the United States Soldiers' Home.




That section twenty-two of the Act approved February second, nineteen hundred and one, entitled “An Act to increase the efficiency of the permanent military establishment of the United States," be, and the same is hereby, amended so that it shall read as follows:

“ SEC. 22. That the Corps of Engineers shall consist of Corps of Enone Chief of Engineers with the rank of brigadier-gen-Number of eral, of ten colonels, sixteen lieutenant-colonels, thirty-officers intwo majors, forty-three captains, forty-three first lieutenants, and forty-three second lieutenants. The enlisted force provided in section eleven of this Act, and the officers serving with the organized battalions thereof, shall constitute a part of the line of the Army: Provided, That Proviso. the Chief of Engineers shall be appointed as now pro- cies. vided by law, and hereafter vacancies in the Corps of Engineers in all other grades above that of second lieutenant shall be filled by promotion, according to seniority, from the Corps of Engineers. Any vacancies occurring at any time in the grade of second lieutenant shall be left for future promotions from the corps of cadets at the United States Military Academy."

Filling vacan

[blocks in formation]

For pay of officers on the retired list and for officers Officers. who may be placed thereon during the current year, one million nine hundred and forty-four thousand nine hun- Promotion for dred dollars and ninety-five cents. That any officer of ice." the Army below the grade of brigadier-general who served with credit as an officer or as an enlisted man in the regular or volunteer forces during the civil war prior to April ninth, eighteen hundred and sixty-five, otherwise than as a cadet, and whose name is borne on the official register of the Army, and who has heretofore been, or may hereafter be, retired on account of wounds or disability incident to the service, or on account of age or after forty years' service, may, in the discretion of the President, by and with the advice and consent of the Senate, be placed on the retired list of the Army with the rank and retired pay of one grade above that actually held by him

civil war sery


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