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at the time of retirement: Provided, That this Act shall not apply to any officer who received an advance of grade since the date of his retirement or who has been restored to the Army and placed on the retired list by virtue of

the provisions of a special Act of Congress; and the SecAssignments retary of War may assign retired officers of the Army, to active duty. with their consent, to active duty in recruiting, for serv

ice in connection with the organized militia in the several States and Territories upon the request of the governor thereof, as military attachés, upon courts-martial, courts

of inquiry and boards, and to staff duties not involving when 'assigned service with troops; and such officers while so assigned

shall receive the full pay and allowances of their respective grades.

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Enlisted men.


For pay of the enlisted men of the Army on the retired

list, eight hundred and two thousand four hundred and Allowance for ninety-eight dollars: Provided, That hereafter in comservice

puting the length of service for retirement, credit shall China, etc.

soldiers for double the time of their actual seryice in China, Cuba, the Philippine Islands, the Island

of Guam, Alaska, and Panama; but double credit shall Porto Rico ex

not be given for service hereafter rendered in Porto Rico cepted. or the Territory of Hawaii.

be given

Hawaii and

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Contract surgeons.



For two hundred and fifty contract surgeons, four hun

dred and fifty thousand dollars: Provided, That herepay, insular, after contract surgeons and contract dental surgeons on etc., duty.

duty in Alaska, Hawaii, the Philippine Islands, and Porto Rico may transfer or assign their pay accounts,

when due and payable, in the methods now provided by Authority. regulations for commissioned officers of the Ariny: Pro

vided, That when a contract surgeon is in charge of a hospital he shall have the same authority as a commis

sioned medical officer. Twenty per

For additional twenty per centum increase on pay of Ceistein frease, enlisted men serving in the Philippine Islands, the Island

of Guam, Alaska, China, and Panama, five hundred and thirty-three thousand four hundred and twelve dollars

and fifty-one cents. Ten per cent For additional ten per centum increase on pay of comincrease, offi- missioned officers serving in the Philippine Islands, the

Island of Guam, Alaska, China, and Panama, one hundred and sixty-seven thousand four hundred and twentysix dollars and thirty cents.

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Future vacancies.

For Porto Rico Provisional Regiment of Infantry, Porto Rico composed of two battalions of four companies each, to Regiment. include the enlisted men of the present regiment who may be in the service June thirtieth, nineteen hundred and four, and officers as herein provided. The field offi- . Field officers. cers shall be detailed from the officers of the Regular Army of the same grade and shall receive the pay and emoluments of their grade. The present officers of the Reappointregiment below the grade of field officers who are men- ent officers. tally, morally, and physically qualified and have proved efficient in their respective positions may be reappointed by the President, by and with the advice and consent of the Senate (and such officers shall be entitled to preference in such appointments) for a provisional term of four years. Officers so reappointed shall be eligible for motion in the regiment up to and including the rank of captain, upon examination as to their fitness for such promotion. Vacancies then existing or thereafter occurring in the grade of second lieutenant may be filled by the President, in his discretion, by and with the advice and consent of the Senate, by the appointment of citizens of Porto Rico for the provisional term of four years, whose qualifications for commissions shall be established by such examination as the President may prescribe, who shall also be eligible for promotion in the regiment up to and including the rank of captain, upon an examination as to their fitness. Vacancies not filled as hereinbefore provided by the reappointment or promotion of the present officers or by the appointment or promotion of citizens of Porto Rico, shall be filled by detail from the line of the infantry of the Army of the same grade with the vacancy to be filled. Men hereafter enlisted in the regiment shall Enlistments. be citizens of Porto Rico and shall be enlisted for a term of two years; and except in the case of noncommissioned officers shall not be reenlisted in time of peace. The names of all enlisted men who have served honorably in the regiment shall be kept at the headquarters of the regiment, and these men shall be regarded as a reserve, to be specially considered in time of war. The pay and allow- Pay, etc. ances of officers and enlisted men of the regiment shall be the same as authorized for like grades in the Regular Army.

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Pay of officers of the line: Fifty first lieutenants, eighty Philippine thousand dollars.

Fifty second lieutenants, seventy-five thousand dollars.

Noncommissioned officers and privates, fifty companies, four hundred and ninety-six thousand four hundred and

forty dollars. Pay accounts.

All the money herein before appropriated for pay of the Army and miscellaneous shall be disbursed and accounted for by officers of the Pay Department as pay

of the Army, and for that purpose shall constitute one fund: Provided, That hereafter all payments to the militia under the provisions of section fifteen of the Act of Congress approved January twenty-first, nineteen hundred and three, and all allowances for mileage shall be made

solely from the sums herein appropriated for such purRecord, etc; poses: And provided further, That all the accounts of Pa y master-individual paymasters shall be analyzed under the several

heads of the appropriation and recorded in detail by the Paymaster-General of the Army before said accounts are forwarded to the Treasury Department for final audit.


Militia expenses.



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Philippine Is- BARRACKS AND QUARTERS, PHILIPPINE ISLANDS: Conlands. Bulidings, etc. tinuing the work of providing for the proper shelter and

protection of officers and enlisted men of the Army of the United States lawfully on duty in the Philippine Islands, including the acquisition of title to building sites when necessary, and including also shelter for the animals and supplies, and all other buildings necessary for post administration purposes, three hundred and sixty-five thousand five hundred and ninety dollars.

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Sale of trans- TRANSPORTATION OF THE ARMY AND ITS SUPPLIES : ports restricted.

(no steamship in the transport service of the United States shall be sold or disposed of without the consent of Congress having been first had or obtained);

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Trail between Yukon River


For a survey and estimate of cost of a wagon road from Road, Valdez to Fort Egbert. Valdez to Fort Egbert on the Yukon River, to be made

under the direction of the Secretary of War, twenty-five thousand dollars, to be immediately available; said survey and estimate, herein provided, shall be submitted to Congress at the earliest practicable day.

For surveying and locating a military trail, under the and Coldfoot." direction of the Secretary of War, by the shortest and

most practicable route, between the Yukon River and Coldfoot, on the Koyukuk River, twenty-five hundred dollars, to be immediately available, and a report and estimate upon said trail to be submitted to Congress at the earliest practicable day.

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Funds from stores trans

All funds received as the value of military stores transferred by the several staff departments of the Army to ferred to Philthe Insular Department of the Philippines shall be depos

ippines. ited in the Treasury of the United States and remain available during the fiscal year nineteen hundred and five for the procurement of like military stores to replace those so transferred.

for launches trans

The Secretary of War is authorized, if in his judgment Settlement the conclusion be an equitable one, to declare the existing pine govern open accounts between the civil government of the Phil-munches ippine Islands and the Government of the United States ferred. to be settled and satisfied and to direct the transfer of the title of the following launches: The Lexington, Leader, Frankfort, San Antonio, Guy Howard, Ogden, Sultana, Troy, Philadelphia, Johnny, Q. M. D., Julia Suerte, and Pittsburg to the Philippine government, and to direct that the same be dropped from the returns of the Quartermaster's Department. The order of the Secretary of Closing of acWar in this behalf, with respect to the accounts of the Ordnance, the Subsistence, the Quartermaster's, and the Signal Corps shall be taken as a balancing and final adjustment and settlement of such accounts.


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CHAP. 1622.-An Act Making appropriations for the naval Apr. 27, 1904. service for the fiscal year ending June thirtieth, nineteen hun- (H. R. 12220.] dred and five, and for other purposes.

[Public, No.

181.] Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representa- pt. 1, p. 324."

33. Stats. L., tives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That the following sums be, and they are hereby, appropriations. appropriated, to be paid out of any money in the Treasury not otherwise appropriated, for the naval service of the Government for the year ending June thirtieth, nineteen hundred and five, and for other purposes.


Naval station, Cavite, Philippine Islands: One master Cavite, P. I. electrician, at six dollars per diem (in lieu of one electrician, at five dollars and four cents per diem, now appropriated for), one thousand eight hundred and seventy

eight dollars; one clerk, one thousand dollars; in all, two thousand eight hundred and seventy-eight dollars;

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San Juan, Naval station, San Juan, Porto Rico: One clerk, one P. R.

thousand two hundred dollars; one writer, commandant's office, nine hundred and sixty dollars; one mail messenger, four hundred and twenty dollars; one foreman, one thousand one hundred dollars; in all, three thousand six hundred and eighty dollars;

Naval station, Hawaii: One writer, at one thousand and seventeen dollars and twenty-five cents per annum; one messenger, at two dollars per diem, including Sundays; in all, one thousand seven hundred and forty-seven

dollars and twenty-five cents; Cavite, P. I.

Naval station, Cavite, Philippine Islands: One clerk, one thousand two hundred dollars; one time clerk, four hundred and eighty dollars; one writer, three hundred and sixty dollars; one messenger, two hundred and forty dollars; one messenger, one hundred and eighty dollars; one clerk, commandant's office, seven hundred and twenty dollars; one messenger, commandant's office, one hundred and eighty dollars; in all, three thousand three hundred and sixty dollars;

Naval station, Guam: One clerk, one thousand six hundred dollars; one foreman machinist, one thousand six hundred dollars; one messenger and janitor, six hundred dollars; in all, three thousand eight hundred dollars;


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Guantanamo, NAVAL STATION, GUANTANAMO, CUBA: Dry dock, two Cuba.

hundred thousand dollars; dredging at Toro Key, forty thousand dollars; sea wall at Toro Key, seventy-five thousand dollars; reservoir and water system, fifty thousand dollars; clearing and grading, twenty thousand dollars; in all, three hundred and eighty-five thousand dollars.

NAVAL STATION, TUTUILA: New deck for wharf, five thousand dollars; in all, naval station, Tutuila, five thou

sand dollars. Cavite, P. I. NAVAL STATION, CAVITE, PHILIPPINE ISLANDS: Floating

steel dry dock, to continue, seven hundred and twentyfive thousand dollars; for improving and enlarging naval


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