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Sec. 14. The Legislature at its first session shall provide for the establishment, maintenance and management of such Normal Schools, not to exceed two, as the interests of publio educa. tion may demand.

Sec. 15. The compensation of all county school officers shall be paid from the school fund of their respective counties, and all other county officers receiving stated salaries shall be paid from the general funds of their respective counties.


Public Institutions. Section 1. Institutions for the benefit of the insane, blind and deaf, and such other benevolent institutions as the public good may require, shall be fostered and supported by the State, subject to such regulations as may be prescribed by law.

Sec. 2. A State prison shall be established and maintained in such manner as may be prescribed by law. Provision may be made by law for the establishment and maintenance of a house of refuge for juvenile offenders; and the Legislature shall have power to establish a home and work-house for common vagrants.

Sec. 3. The respective counties of the State shall provide in the manner prescribed by law for those of the inhabitants that, by reason of age, infirmity or misfortune, may have claims upon the aid and sympathy of society.

Sec. 4. The first Legislature that convenes after the adoption of this Constitution shall enact the necessary laws to carry into effect the provisions of this article.


Militia. Section 1. All able-bodied male inhabitants of the State, between the ages of eighteen and forty-five years, that are citizens of the United States, or have declared their intention to become citizens thereof, shall constitute the militia of the State; but no male citizen of whatever religious creed or opinion. shall be exempt from military duty, except upon such conditions as may be prescribed by law.

Sec. 2. The Legislature may provide by law for organizing and disciplining the militia of the State, for the encouragement of volunteer corps, the safe keeping of the public arms, and for a guard for the State prison.

Sec. 3. The Governor, by and with the consent of the Senate, shall appoint two Major-Generals and four Brigadier-Generals of Militia. They shall take rank according to the dates of their commissions. The officers and soldiers of the State militia, when uniformed, shall wear the uniform prescribed for the United States army: Provided, that volunteer companies may select their own uniforms.

Sec. 4. The Governor shall have power to call out the militia to preserve the public peace, to execute the laws of the State, to suppress insurrection, or to repel invasion.


Public Health. Section 1. The Legislature shall establish a State Board of Health and also County Boards of Health in all counties where it may be necessary.

Sec. 2. The State Board of Health shall have supervision of all matters relating to public health, with such duties, powers and responsibilities as may be prescribed by law.

Sec. 3. The County Boards of Health shall have such powers and be under the supervision of the State Board to such extent as the Legislature may prescribe.


Miscellaneous Provisions. Section 1. The seat of government shall be at the City of Tallahassee, in the county of Leon.

Sec. 2. Each and every officer of this State, including the members of the Legislature, shall, before entering upon the discharge of his official duties take the following oath of office: I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support, protect, and defend the Constitution and Government of the United States and of the State of Florida; that I am duly qualified to hold office under the Constitution of the State, and that I will well and faithfully perform the duties of

on which I am now about to enter. So help me God.

Sec. 3. The salary of each officer shall be payable quarterly upon his own requisition.

Sec. 4. All county officers shall hold their respective offices, and keep their official books and records, at the county seats of their counties; and the Clerk and Sheriff shall either reside or have a sworn deputy within two miles of the county seat.

Sec. 5. The Legislature may provide for the donation of the public lands to actual settlers, but such donation shall not exceed eighty acres to any one person.

Sec. 6. The Legislature shall provide for the speedy publication and distribution of all laws it may enact. All decisions of the Supreme Court and all laws and judicial decisions shall be free for publication by any person. But no judgment of the Supreme Court shall take effect until the opinion of the court in such case shall be filed with the Clerk of said Court.

Sec. 7. The Legislature shall not create any office, the term of which shall be longer than four years.

Sec. 8. A plurality of votes given at an election of officers shall constitute a choice when not otherwise provided by this Constitution.

Sec. 9. In all criminal cases prosecuted in the name of the State, where the defendant is insolvent or discharged, the State shall pay the legal costs and expenses, including the fees of officers, under such regulations as shall be prescribed by law.

Sec. 10. The Governor, Supreme Court and all the administrative officers of the Executive Department shall keep their offices at the seat of government. But in case of invasion or violent epidemics, the Governor may direct that the offices of the government be removed temporarily to some other place. The sessions of the Legislature may be adjourned for the same cause to some other place, but in case of such removal, all the departments of the government shall be removed to one place. But such removal shall not continue longer than the necessity for the same shall continue.

Sec. 11. No extra compensation shall be made to any officer, agent, employe, or contractor, after the service shall have been rendered, or the contract made; nor shall any money be appropriated or paid on any claim, the subject matter of which shall not have been provided for by pre-existing laws, unless such compensation or claim be allowed by bill passed by two-thirds of the members elected to each house of the Legislature.

Sec. 12. The present seal of the State shall be and remain the seal of the State of Florida; and the present State emblem shall be and remain the emblem of the State of Florida.

Sec. 13. The sureties upon the official bonds of all the State officers shall be residents of, and have sufficient visible property unencumbered within the State, not exempt from sale under legal process, to make good their bonds; and the sureties upon the official bonds of all county officers shall reside within the counties where such county officers reside and have sufficient visible property therein unencumbered and not exempt from sale under legal process to make good their bonds.

Sec. 14. All State, county and municipal officers shall continue in office after the expiration of their official terms until their successors are duly qualified.

Sec. 15. No person holding or exercising the functions of any office under any foreign government, under the government of the United States, or under any other State, shall hold any office of honor or profit under the government of this State; and no person shall hold, or perform the functions of, more than one office under the government of this State at the same time: Provided, Notaries Public, militia officers, county school officers and Commissioners of Deeds may be elected or appointed to fill any legislative, executive or judicial office.

Sec. 16. The property of all corporations, except the property of a corporation which shall construct a ship or barge canal across the peninsula of Florida, if the Legislature should so enact, whether heretofore or hereafter incorporated, shall be subject to taxation, unless such property be held and used exclusively for religious, scientific, municipal, educational, liter. ary or charitable purposes.

Sec. 17. No person shall hold any office of trust or profit under the laws of this State without devoting his personal attention to the duties of the same.

Sec. 18. The Legislaure shall provide for deductions from the salaries of public oflicers who neglect the performance of any duty assigned them by law.

Sec. 19. No convention nor Legislature of this State shall act apon any amendment of the Constitution of the United States proposed by Congress to the several States, unless such convention or Legislature shall have been elected after such amendment is submitted.

Sec. 20. The Governor and every State officer are hereby prohibited from giving certificates of election or other credentials to any person as having been elected to the House of Representatives of the United States Congress, or the United States Senate, who has not been five years a citizen of the State and ten years a citizen of the United States, and a qualified voter.

Sec. 21. Deeds and mortgages which have been proved for record and recorded according to law, shall be taken as prima facie evidence in the courts of this State, without requiring proof of the execution. A certified copy of the record of any deed or mortgage that has been or shall be duly recorded according to law, shall be admitted as prima facie evidence thereof, and of its due execution with like effect as the original duly proved: Provided, it be made to appear that the original is not within the custody or control of the party offering such copy.

Sec. 22. The Legislature shall provide for giving to me. chanics and laborers an adequate lien on the subject matter of their labor.

Sec. 23. No soldier shall, in time of peace, be quartered in any house without the consent of the owner, nor in time of war except in the manner prescribed by law.

Sec. 24. All marriages between a white person and a negro, or between a white person and a person of negro descent to the fourth generation, inclusive, are hereby forever prohibited.

Sec. 25. The term felony, whenever it may occur in this constitution, or in the laws of the State, shall be construed to mean any criminal offense punishable with death or imprisonment in the State penitentiary.

Sec. 26. The Legislature may make provision for the proper adjustment and settlement of the claim of the citizens of Ocala against the State for certain aid given by the town of Ocala for the establishment of the East Florida Seminary in 1852, and conditional upon its location at the said town.

Sec. 27. The Legislature shall appropriate at least five hundred dollars each year for the purchase of such books for the Supreme Court library as the court may direct.

Sec. 28. The Legislature may provide for the drainage of the land of one person over or through that of another, upon just compensation therefor to the owner of the land over which such drainage is had.

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