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More than 25,000 page references to the official utterances
of the Presidents, interspersed with some eight hundred ency-
clopedic articles on American history and politics, elaborating
and going into the details of every subject discussed by the
A summary history and description of every branch of the
Government Executive, Legislative and Judicial-outlining the
development of each department from its beginning to the present
time, together with all bureaus and special commissions.
An analysis of each administration written by competent con-
temporaneous authority.
Definition and summary of the treaties between the United States
and all foreign countries.
The growth of the Army and Navy, with the latest official facts
of organization, strength and equipment.
History of each State from original territory to present time.
A brief description and history of every country in the world,
and the trade and treaty relations of each with the United States.
Synopsis of all political parties, their platforms, growth and
achievements. Leaders in all the great political movements since
the organization of the government, together with their votes, are
given in detail

, as well as the origin of popular nicknames and
campaign cries.
Accounts of the wars engaged in by the United States, together
with a recital of the causes thereof and a brief account of each
battle fought by American soldiers; also important foreign wars.
List of Federal courts and commissions and digests of such lead-
ing supreme court decisions as tend to interpret the constitution.
Discussions of public questions of national policy, such as Monroe
Doctrine, Panama Canal, Interstate Commerce, Banking, Agri-
culture, Exports, Imports, Mining, Slavery, Woman Suffrage,
Trusts, Prohibition, Labor, Tariff, etc.
Aboriginal inhabitants, characteristics and early home of each
tribe and nation, their wars with the white settlers and decline
before advancing civilization.
More than a thousand selected biographical sketches of eminent
American statesmen and leaders in the country's development.


Assuming that the user is reading a Presidential
Message,—the Index provides him with data on every
question mentioned, and, by the page citations, enables
him to compare the views of various Chief Magistrates
on the same subject.

See the analysis of each Administration under the same of the
Executive. These analyses are paragraphed under subheadings (such as
“ Slavery "), so that one may readily trace the development of a question
through many Administrations, and find the narrative continuous.

See the biographies of men famous in American Statecraft, Warfare

and Diplomacy, as well as the biographies of present Cabinet Ministers,

Senators, and Congressmen, which appear under their respective names.






g The collection of pictures appearing in the several volumes of this set can safely be said to be the best ever collected for the purpose of illustrating the history and progress of our country from every viewpoint.

g The pictures themselves almost tell the story of the development of this Nation. They appear in about equal number in each volume, and in direct connection with the text matter, therefore in chronological order.

g On the back of each of the historical illustration plates there is found descriptive matter which adds value to the illustrations and important historical data supple



menting the

g In the forepart of each volume will be found a list of the illustrations therein.


Adams, John, Coinage Proclamation,

288. Adams, John Quincy, Proclamation of

Tonnage Duties (first and last

pages), 868. Buchanan's Note to Senate Relating

to Mormon Troubles, 3071. Clayton-Bulwer Treaty, of Taylor's

Administration (final page), 2549. Cleveland's Proclamation on Utah's

Admission to Union, 5982. Cleveland's Signature to Proclama

tion Admitting Utah into Union,

5983. Declaration of Independence (Origi

nal Draft of), 4 Declaration of War against Spain,

6421. Declaration of War against Mexico,

2083. Fillmore's Proclamation against Re

sistance to Federal Authority, 2638. Fillmore's Fugitive Slave Proclama

tion, 2639. Garfield's Note to the Senate, 4602. Grant's Centennial Proclamation,

4200. Grant's Signature to Centennial Proc

lamation, 4201. Grant's Proclamation Calling for an

Extra Session of the Senate, 4296. Harrison's (Benjamin) Proclamation

Admitting Washington to Union,

5477. Harrison's (Benjamin) Signature to

Proclamation Admitting Washing

ton to Union, 5478. Hay-Pauncefote Treaty, 7084. Hayes' Proclamation, Maryland Rail

road Strike (first page), 4418. Hayes' Signature to Proclamation,

Maryland Railroad Strike (last

page), 4419. Jackson's Proclamation about Public

Lands in Alabama, 1051. Jackson's Signature on a State Doc.

ument, 1179. Jefferson's Neutrality Proclamation,

446. Johnson's Thanksgiving Proclama

tion, 3760. Johnson's Signature to Thanksgiving

Proclamation, 3761.

Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation

(first, last and intermediate pages),

3274. Lincoln's Gettysburg Address, 3401. Lincoln's Letter to Mrs. Bixby, 3479. Lincoln's Signature to Emancipation

Proclamation, 3275. Lincoln's Proclamation Admitting

West Virginia into the Union, 3257. Lincoln's Signature to Proclamation Admitting West

Virginia into Union, 3258. Monroe Doctrine (page from Mon

roe's Seventh Annual Message),

619. Monroe's Letter to a Friend Explain

ing National Policy, 747. Pierce's Proclamation against Cuban

Filibusters (first page), 2823. Pierce's Proclamation against Cuban

Filibusters (second page), 2824. Roosevelt's Proclamation of Special

Holiday for Celebration of Centen

nial of Lincoln's Birth, 6956. Roosevelt's Announcement of Centen

nial of Lincoln's Birth, Last Page

and Signature, 6957. South Carolina's Secession Ordinance,

3103. Taft's Proclamation of the Death of

Vice-President Sherman, 7460. Taft's and Secretary Knox's Signa

ture to Announcement of Death of

Vice-President Sherman, 7461. Taylor's Signature on a State Docu

ment, 2548. Tyler's Signature on the Ratification of the Webster-Ashburton Treaty,

1988. Van Buren's Proclamation Revoking

Tonnage Duties, 1553. Washington's First Thanksgiving

Proclamation, 224. Webster-Ashburton Treaty, Ratified

in Tyler's administration, 1987. Wilson's Engagement Book, Page

from, 8092. Wilson's Neutrality Proclamation at

the Outbreak of the World War in

1914, 7996. Wilson's Neutrality Proclamation,

last page, with Signature of Secretary Bryan, 7997.

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